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Top 20 Transcribe Mp3 to Text Online Free | Convert Voice Recording to Word Document

We have created the list of websites and software that allow to transcribe audio to text automatically right in your web browser....

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Transcribe Mp3 to Text Online Free
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How often have you been assigned a task to listen to something and then put it down into text? Or has it happened to you that you were listening to an Audiobook and badly wanted to put it all down on paper but couldn’t? 

How to Video on Audio to Text Converter

Here’s a solution that will help you convert voice recording to a word document.  Here we have listed the best audio to text online converter apps & websites! Yes! Something like this exists; crazy, right? 

In Detail Speech Recognition, Natural & Technical Language Processing

This Blog will help you go through the details of these websites and give a list of websites to convert mp3 to text.

Before the list, let’s answer a few of the most asked questions for these apps and websites; this will help you understand the processing and help you choose the online tool to convert mp3 to text for yourself. 

Best 20 Online Audio to Text Converters or Websites

Do you want to translate your audio, mp3, and voice notes into a word document? Now, you can do it more easily by using online transcribe audio to text converters that is listed below. Using the below tools, you can transcribe voice recordings, podcasts, speeches, dialogues, etc. Much powerful text to audio converter can automatically detect any language in your audio files and transcribe it to text in a single click. You just need to signup and upload your audio file. If you have a video file, convert it to audio and upload it.

Let’s see the list of best online sites to convert text to mp3.

  1. Notta – Notta is a speech to text converter
  2. GGLOT – Quickly transcribe audio to text online
  3. – Voice Meeting Notes & Real-time Transcription.
  4. – Automated translation in 35+ languages
  5. Trint Software – Turn audio and video into searchable, editable and shareable content.
  6. Amberscript – Transform your audio and video to text and subtitles
  7. Sound Transcription – Transcription software for automated audio and video transcription
  8. Ebby – Convert video and audio to text in minutes
  9. Happy Scribe – Transcription & Subtitles all-in-one platform
  10. Sponken Data – Your Speech-to-Text all in Cloud
  11. VocalMatic – Automatically Transcribe Your Audio and Video into Text
  12. Transcribe – Customized Data Transcription for a Variety of Industries
  13. Go Transcribe – Fast, simple and affordable transcription
  14. Descript – Video editing, as easy as a doc
  15. Sonnant – Meet your content creation secret advantage
  16. Resemble AI – Generate AI Voices that sound real
  17. isLucid – From transcription to tasks.
  18. Awaken Translate – Real-time translations and transcriptions.
  19. – Automatically record, take notes and share highlights.
  20. Grain – Turn video meetings into a library of knowledge.
  21. Maestra – Automatic Transcripts, Subtitles, and Voiceovers.
  22. Rewatch – Search all your video content.

What does an Audio to Text Converter or convert voice recording to a word document do? 

A transcribe audio to text is an online tool that will grab your audio and translate it into a text itself, with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition. It has become possible for online websites to do this incredibly quickly. So, from your Legal Transcripts to your general Audiobook Transcripts, an Audio Text Converter can manage it all and boost your productivity, leaving you the time that you probably would have wasted constantly listening to the audio and putting every single word manually. Seems tough now. 

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Does an Audio to Text Converter come for free or paid? 

An Audio to Text Converter is available both Free and Paid on multiple platforms. There is plenty of software that provides access to the cloud and gives additional services when paid for, but there is also plenty of audio to text converters that are Free of cost.

Free online audio to text converter is preferable when your requirement is for a short audio clip or if you want to get a feel and experience of the software for your perusal. 

But if you’re someone who needs this service at a wider scale, then the paid option makes much more sense and becomes the favorable one. A Paid audio to text converter gives a plethora of features and modifications that help you use this particular technology to the fullest. A paid software can translate multiple languages in one place instead of roaming about through multiple free software. It also makes it possible for you to edit your script, such as; text editing, speaker identification, etc. 

Now that you know about these transcribe audio converters, let’s begin with the list of this website. Many online tools with paid plans provide a free converter service with limited services. We will be walking you through the entire list: 

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1. Notta – Speech to text converter

Notta is a speech to text converter. You can access it from popular browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox. Or download the mobile app to access it anywhere.

2. Supported features fo Notta

  • Record ongoing conversations and transcribe.
  • Transcribe audio/video files.
  • Transcribe online Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams Meeting.

3. Supported languages: 104.

4. Features:

  • Supports translating 42 languages on mobile.
  • Automatically skip silence when playing back the audio file.
  • Can export the transcription to srt, txt, docx, pdf and xlxs format.
  • Can export the audio.
  • Can share to others via copying and pasting the sharing link.
  • Up to 98.86% transcribing accuracy.

2. GGLOT – Multilingual Transcription Service is here to help you save time spent in transcribing audio and video files.

Transcribe Audio to Text:

Quickly transcribe audio to text online in any language. Gglot’s multilingual transcription service is perfect for interviews, content marketing, video production, and academic research. Whatever audio you have, our AI audio to text transcription technology will convert it for you.

GGLOT - Multilingual Transcription Service
GGLOT – Multilingual Transcription Service

How It Works?

  • Designed with simplicity and speed in mind, converts audio to text in over 50 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Korean for one low price.
GGLOT - Multilingual Transcription Service


Low, Flat Prices:  Gglot has a free plan.  Paid plans start at $9,90/ month.

Facts about GGLOT:

  • 100+ languages are supported and growing
  • Multiple speaker recognition
  • Online text editor to make transcript changes
  • Export to TXT, PDF, DOCS, XLSX, VVT, SBV, and SRT formats
  • Credit card and PayPal payment support
  • Low, low, low prices!

3. – Transcribe Audio to Text Free Online

An AI-powered enterprise-ready solution; Otter, as a software, very smartly picks out the relevant and important data from your conversation and creates notes from it that the team can further utilize. Otter business is one of the smartest solutions that one can integrate in their regular operations and enjoy the benefits that it comes with.

4. -Translate Voice to Text

Headquartered in San Francisco, Sonix is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company founded in 2017.
It automatically provides the user with access to upload their Audio and Video files to text. It even allows you to edit the transcribe, highlight it and even add time-stamps.
Sonix’s free services allow you to translate 30 minutes of audio and a video of 3 to 4 Minutes.
Sonix has an option for opting in 2 types of payment options. One is paid as you go for 10 US Dollars (USD) per hour of audio to text conversion, and then there is an option to switch to a Premium plan where the charge is 5 USD per hour, but with a charge of 22 USD per user.

5. Trint Software – Convert Audio to Text Online

convert voice recording to word document
convert voice recording to word document

Trint is another Audio converter that has its web-based and IOS Software. It uses Artificial Intelligence to translate audio to text and gives you the features of editing, time stamping, searching for specific texts, sharing files, and even exporting these files into multiple formats.
The founder of this is a Reporter/Journalist himself, and this software was created once he realized the need for it. Thus, it is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use software that gives you hoards of services in one single spot. 

It gives you a free trial option, and paid services start at 40USD a month. The best part for Trint is that all of its payment plans have the option of unlimited audio transcriptions, making it a much more favorable option for users. 

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6. Amberscript – Transcribe Audio to Text Free

Amberscript – Transcribe Audio to Text Free

Amberscript is a young startup based out of Amsterdam. It has a SaaS-based software that helps in the audio to text translation and uses its Speech Recognition software to make it more smooth and more flexible. Their model is claimed to have the highest level of accuracy and has been widely accepted by multiple users. It has multiple languages to provide translation, time-stamping, editing, etc. 

It offers hourly plans at 10 USD, a monthly plan at 40 USD, and a 1 USD per minute plan. There are enough options to choose from and adapt to as per the budget and overall requirements. 

7. Sound Transcription – Mp4 to Text Converter Online Free

A new and very simple to use SaaS software has made work extremely easy and simple for the users. This software translates audio to text in minutes and sends it to you over mail. 

It also has an Interactive Editing Tool that helps with reviews, editing, tagging, and categorizing the transcripts.  This is one of the most costly Friendly tools you will encounter. 

8. Ebby – Audio to Text Online Converter

transcribe audio to text free online
transcribe audio to text free online

Headquartered in Israel and founded in 2018. It provides the Automated Transcription, Voice Recognition, and Online Editing facility. It is a highly secure method of conversion and a budget-friendly option. They charge only 10 Cents for a Minute and provide all of its features in totality within the same plan. Surely a great choice. As for the Paid services, it has the feature of giving 3 trials of the entire service for free. 

9. Happy Scribe – Transcribe Mp3 to Text

Created by 2 Irish Entrepreneurs, this company works and further curates the basis of the Problem and Solution technique. It was founded when they realized a need through a survey on Academic projects and have been modifying and curating through similar learnings. It is available in 119 languages and accepts multiple formats of files. Even though it is a completely software-based solution, it provides a feature of a “Human Proofreading” of the transcribes created. It gives you multiple options to edit, manage files, and even create individual dashboards. 

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Happy Scribe Audio and Video to Text Online offers a pay-as-you-go plan for 12 Euros per hour of the conversion. Subscription plans start at 3 hours a month for 30 Euro, and they also offer a free trial for the first 30 minutes. It also has a few Referral plans as well. 

10. Sponken Data – Online Audio to Text Converter

Sponken data is created by Replaywell, a well-known company based in the Czech Republic. Sponken is a secure and highly trusted brand for audio to text conversion. Even though the scope of services is more or less similar across multiple convertors, it provides the facility to customize the services.

The payment mechanism for this is as followers; First 60 minutes for free. Then a charge of 0.1 Euro a minute. 

11. VocalMatic – Convert Voice Recording to Word Document

A product of Enactic Inc, a Canadian company, VocalMatic helps record audios online and transcribe and edit them. With VocalMatic, you can transcribe more than 110 languages and add variations. 

Vocalmatic has a pay-as-you-go package that starts at 30 Minutes for 8 USD. It also has an Hourly paid plan starting at 3 hours for 36 USD and The first 30 minutes of its auto-transcription are free of cost. 

12. Transcribe – Convert Audio to Text Online

A widely used and accepted software, this is a go-to for Journalists, Lawyers, Students and any other person you can think of who would need software like this. It is quick, easy, and adaptable to users’ needs, thus making it one of the topmost liked online tools. 

It has a one-week free preview, and then it has a single plan at 20 USD per year with an addition of 6 USD for each hour of automatic audio to text conversion. You can also subscribe to the editor without automatic transcriptions at 20 USD on a yearly basis. 

13. Go Transcribe – Text to Mp3 Free Online

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Go transcribe is highly supported. The software works on any device and gives access to 17 different languages. 

It also provides Team Management solutions as well within the same space. 

Go Transcribe has a pay-as-you-go plan at 22 cents (USD) a minute. It also has a monthly subscription plan starting at 48 USD for 4 hours a month.
They also offer Free services for Audio and Video Translations for trial purposes. 

14. Descript – Translate Voice to Text Online

Descrip is one of the most recommended and widely used tools for this. An all-in-one editor lets you record and translates smoothly under the same umbrella. It has a high rating and is widely used as well. 

15. Sonnant – Convert Mp3 to Text

A SaaS Voice Content Management System Software is the perfect platform for Audio and Video Creators and Translators. Its AI helps in fast and appropriate Content planning, Voicing, Editing etc. With its SEO Embedding and recommendations, it makes the process of Content planning also very simple for the Creators, thus, making it a more likeable software by the users.

16. Resemble AI – Transcribe Audio to Text Free Online

Resemble AI is a Voice Technology company that has built a Niche in the Synthetic Voice space. Its real-time APIs and speech-to-text generators create a highly rewarding and good experience for the users. Making it a favorable software to use. The System helps you generate voices that sound Real and can be further customized.

17. isLucid – Audio to Text Converter Online

Another great tool that is widely used, isLucid is a personal AI software that works great with Microsoft Teams. With access to 20+ Languages and Dialects, it creates impressive and quick transcriptions for you. You can add tasks, including meetings, and keep bookmarks all in one space.

18. Awaken Translate – Free Audio to Text Converter 

This is much different and unique software that allows you to enable your Customer services with the software. Through this, clients can communicate in their preferred language. This makes it a very smooth experience for the users, and as for the company, it also keeps track of the audio tracks, thus making it convenient for managers to audit and maintain the work.

19. – Text to Audio Converter

Your one-stop solution is to record, transcribe, take notes, and even share key highlights for the calls. Their AI is so smart that it automatically takes notes of your conversations, analyses the important notes, and keeps track of them.

20. Grain – Transcribe Audio to Text Free

A software specifically helps you create short video highlight clips of Zoom recordings, transcribe calls, and take time-stamped notes. It takes time-stamped notes during meetings – Share the best parts of your meetings in bite-sized highlights and combine highlights into shareable stories. 

21. Maestra – Convert Voice Recording to Word Document

Maestra is an automatic transcription, captioning, and voiceover platform for your daily needs. Its automatic AI processor will transcribe, caption, or voiceover your files and deliver the output in minutes. Even allows you to edit and modify your files at the same platform.

22. Rewatch – Text to Mp3 Free Online

Rewatch enables you to securely share, organize, and search your recordings and videos. Rewatch comprises and delivers the right information to you and your team, from all-hands meetings to project updates, making your meetings more fruitful and relevant for discussions and decision-making.

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