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50+ Best Apps for College Students – 2023

The 40+ Best Apps for College Students. Here are the 50+ educational apps that will make your college life easier.

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best apps for college students
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There is practically an app for anything and everything that you can think of. So, if you are a college student there are 100+ apps that can boost your academic results. Here are some apps that can adorn your phones and make your college life a bit easier.

So in today’s article, I’m going to be telling you all of the apps that you need to be productive and successful in college.

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All of us sometimes like to spend time on our smartphones. Have you ever had a situation where you were willing to devote your time to an exciting game on the phone rather than meeting up with friends, enjoying an interesting hobby, a book, or learning something useful? We all do it. Since smartphones and tablets have long occupied a special place in the daily life of people, it is not surprising that whenever it is convenient, or we have free time in between studies, work, and daily stuff, we dive into our gadgets. Therefore, they are always at hand.

But the Apple Store and Play Market today are places where you can find fascinating games and useful apps that will be convenient for everyday life, simplify the educational process and help you spend your free time effectively. Opportunities are endless — from essay writing apps to applications that help you train to do surgeries. We selected the best ones for you.

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Let’s See The Must-Have Apps For College Students

1. Plainmath – Collecting all Math questions and answers in one place.

Plainmath offers a wide range of mathematical ideas, including algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and many more. The same as the other applications on our list, all you have to do to get the answer and an explanation from Mathway is to scan the math problem or type it by hand.
It makes sense that math is one of the most difficult topics you can take on. Whether you’re strong at it or not, trigonometry and calculus topics might be difficult to solve complex math problems. And occasionally, even the most basic math issues can be challenging. And I’m an engineer, so I’m in a lot of higher math classes.

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2. EasyBib

When writing an essay, compiling a bibliography, a list of used sources, is one of the most unpleasant kinds of work. The EasyBib app does the job for you. You just have to enter the source’s name and get a properly formatted citation. But remember, you still need to know MLA or APA style for proper formulation.

3. Quizlet

This is an excellent app for improving general knowledge. Although Quizlet is not designed to teach a specific discipline, the information that can be learned through it is quite fundamental. First, the application allows you to redefine your skills in learning through a wide range of available tools. 

Quizlet offers flashcards for learning languages and vocabulary. Educational material is available in 18 languages. In addition, there is a possibility to supplement the study material with audiovisual files and images. Thus, you can upload your own information and study.

4. Evernote

Are you looking for an app to help you create, collect, and organize your notes? What about deadlines? Evernote has been recognized as one of the best applications for students in 2023.

With Evernote, you will no longer have difficulties with note-taking! You can create them in text format, with pictures, photos, web content, and even audio recordings. After creation, notes are stored in electronic notebooks, which can be edited, searched through, labelled, and exported for use on other devices. 

The basic version of the app is available for all operating systems and is free of charge. And those who want to get access to the expanded functionality are offered pricing plans.

5. MyScript Calculator

This calculator recognizes handwriting, replaces the written word with characters, and solves written problems. If you are not a fan of complex scientific calculators and generally do everything in a more complete and faster way, this app will suit you.

6. Mint

Students don’t stand out for their financial stability. If you have expenses problems or you can’t always manage to keep an eye on your budget, this app is for you. It will not let your money go to waste. Thanks to Mint, you can control your expenses and analyze what you spend the most. With the help of this analysis, you will be able to manage your budget more rationally and not be left without money for the first necessities. 

7. SelfControl

If you’re one of those students who gets easily distracted by social media and find it hard to stay focused, this app is for you. SelfControl blocks certain websites on your device for a certain time. And you can easily write an essay or listen to a lecture without being distracted by notifications. 

8. ABBYY FineScanner AI

ABBYY FineScanner AI is a highly specialized program for recognizing texts, pages, lectures, notes, books, tutorials, etc. The program helps you to create any text or handwritten page in any format in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, JPG, and other popular formats. There is also a system of text recognition in 193 languages of the world, as well as downloading the finished results via mail, cloud storage, on other smartphones, etc. You can use ABBYY FineScanner AI and its BookScan feature to scan books or magazines in a full-featured form with automatic flipping, removing page defects, and creating an edited copy of each page.


This app allows you to study human anatomy. The 3D model features 12 systems of the human body. You can lay one on top of the other or look at them separately. When a certain structural element of the system is identified, there is a strict description of its characteristics and functions. It should be noted that COMPLETE ANATOMY won the Apple Design Awards 2016 for the best design. The app is in English and is available on various operating systems.

10. Grammarly

This application will be a useful tool for students who are perfectionists in terms of texts. With its help, you will be able to check your articles and essays for grammatical, lexical, punctuation, and stylistic errors and plagiarism. The app not only detects errors in your work but also offers explanatory rules, which will help you to avoid such errors in the future.  

We hope that these applications can enhance your academic performance and help you prosper in your studies! 

11. TomatoTimer

Do you put everything on hold for the last minute? TomatoTimer is a must for procrastinators. It will help you control your free time, allowing you to postpone unnecessary activities and get to study. 

TomatoTimer uses the Pomodoro Technique. It sets the timer for 25 minutes, so you can concentrate fully on the task at hand during this time. Then the app tells you to take a short break to rest, and after that, it signals you to go back to work. 

Thus, you are not overworked, performing complex or long assignments, and do not procrastinate, putting off important things for later.

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50+ More Best Apps for College Students in 2023

So we’re going to start off with the first college app, which is organization. And these are all the apps that are going to keep you productive and organized throughout the semester. So the first app that I have is My Study Life.

1. My Study Life – To Organize Class Schedules

Best Apps for College Students in 2022

When it comes to organizing your college, there are no apps that can beat the flexibility and functionalities offered by My Study Life. This app allows you to have your class schedule make notes of your deadlines for assignments, exams, and more. The app will remind you when a paper is due so that you will no longer have to rush through at the last minute.

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2. WritePaper – To Help With College Assignments

Although not technically an app, this academic platform can be the best partner you can have during your college days. If you are having a tough time handling the rising stack of assignments, you can get professional paper help by WritePaper at highly affordable rates. The website connects you to expert writers across all niches and provides you with a plagiarism-free paper in your preferable format.

3. Trello – One of the Best Apps for College Students

This is probably one of my favorite apps from college life. That I more recently started using. So basically, with Trello, it’s essentially one cool collaborative to-do list. And you can start off with these personal boards, which is what I’ve been doing. And I can make all of these different lists within that board. For example, my thing to do today is write this article. And then I can write whatever notes I want there, I have my due date for when this video is going up. It’s a great app to manage, schedule, and college life using a mobile app.

4. Quizlet – To Memorize Challenging Topics

If you like to learn with the help of flashcards, Quizlet is one of the best apps to rely on. This tool allows you to create your own flashcards or explore a vast library of the ones designed by other students. In addition to this, you can also keep track of your progress, and the app’s AI will repeat the cards in a way that is optimal to help you retain long-term memory.

5. Homework – Best College App of 2022

best apps for college students
Homework – Best College App of 2022

So the next best app for college students I’m gonna recommend is homework. Now, I use this a ton in high school. So basically, I added all my classes in for the fall. So you can go ahead and add your course, and pick the color and the period, which is obviously more helpful in high school than in college. And you can add a homework assignment like let’s say we do reading, and it’s for this class, and it’s a reading assignment, you pick the due date, you can set a reminder if you’d like and when they should do it and any notes that you have. So if you go over to Tuesday, you can see oh, I have this reading assignment, and it’s due on that day

6. LitChart – Best for Literature Students

Are you taking a literature class? Then LitChart can make studying much easier for you. This app will offer you a synopsis, literary analysis, themes, and more. The website already features hundreds of literary guides that you can refer to when learning or writing an essay.

7. Wolfram |Alpha – Best Computational Knowledge Engine

Although the app doesn’t come free, it is often the top choice for students keen to excel in their academics. In simple terms, this tool comes with a computational knowledge engine that can churn out answers to your questions. It supports a variety of subjects and topics, from chemistry and engineering to geography and literature.

8. Google Calander – Must have app for every college student.

Google Calander - Must have app for every college student.
Google Calander – Must have app for every college student.

Okay, the next app I’m going to recommend is Google Calendar. And I haven’t using Google Calendar religiously for the longest time. So I’m going to scroll back a bit to when I was busier, this was like a typical month for me. And basically, I use Google Calendar for everything. What’s great about Google calendars, you can have a bunch of different calendars in one.

9. Alarmy – To Wake up On Time

If you struggle with getting up in the morning, Alarmy might be the perfect partner you need. When using this app, you will need to complete certain missions to turn off the alarm. For instance, you might have to get up and take a picture of a registered place or scan a code. You can even set the option to do ten squats to wake up in order to turn the ringing off. The options are plenty, and one thing is guaranteed, you will be out of your bed and will not be late to show up for your internship or classes.

10. Blackboard App – Classroom and Learning Application for Students

Welcome to Blackboard’s mobile app, which keeps students informed, connected, and up to date. Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience is included in this software, which is an asynchronous web conferencing solution for high-quality virtual classes and meetings.

List of 10 More Best educational apps for college students

College is difficult, but there’s an app for that. We have more college apps available to ease your study. Simplify your transition to college and campus life with these 10 college applications for managing everything from coursework to personal health to money management.

11. Forest – Pomodoro Timer for Study Sessions

Do you find yourself getting distracted by notifications on your phone? Use Forest as a Pomodoro timer to split your work sessions. Moreover, this app will also block other distractions, so you will have no other choice but to focus on the task at hand and avoid procrastinating. The best part is that if you are willing to spare a few bucks for the premium version, the app will also contribute to planting real trees on your behalf based on your progress.

12. Google Docs – To Write Your College Term Papers

If you are still using Microsoft Word to type up your college papers, it is time to make a big change. Google Docs’s interface is not so different from Word, but since you will be working online, all the changes you make will be saved in real-time. Moreover, the document will be accessible from anywhere and anytime. No more forgetting your pen drive or even laptop. If needed, you can turn on the offline version or share the document in your preferred format. The app also makes it easier for others to leave comments and suggestions.

13. Grammarly – For Your Grammar

Grammarly is the ultimate writing tool that you can find online. At first glance, this app does a basic spelling and grammar check of your writing. But it has upgraded features that take a closer look at the writing style and the clarity offered. If you stick by the suggestions, you will have no problem writing a concise paper that is compelling and persuasive. Moreover, the premium version also comes with a plagiarism tool that can be handy.

14. RealCal – Scientific Calculator

Don’t spend money on expensive calculators when you can get an easier and cheaper version on your mobile. This study app supports all kinds of algebraic operations and different display modes. You can also store your previous calculations and access them later. There are also a few customization options that we particularly like about this calculator.

15. Asana Rebel – Personalized Fitness Program

Getting through college also requires you to have a good grasp of your health and avoid burnout. And Asana Rebel is an excellent app in this category. You can get tailored exercise plans that combine yoga and HIIT. In addition, you can also get inputs on how to balance your nutrition and offer guided meditations to help you get through stressful days at college.

16. Boomerang – Great App for Students in Any Class

Okay, and then next we have Boomerang, which is another app that I more recently discovered. But once again, I’m kind of obsessed with it. Basically, how it works is you connect it to your email account.
And then let’s say I wanted to write an email. So I’m just gonna write an email to myself. Just say hey, right, hey, in the bottom, okay, so you can send it right now or you can click on the little paper airplane with the time next to it and you can pick when it should be sent at a specific time at a random time, whatever you want. This is great if like let’s say it’s really late at night and you’re thinking about something you need to email your professor, but you don’t want to email them at like one in the morning because that might look weird.

17. Zotero – A Powerful Research Assistant

If you are about to start your final year, then you might want to download Zotero for when you start with your thesis or dissertation. This is one of the best research assistant tools available as an app for your laptop. You can save the articles you find, organize them, and cite them with ease. When writing a single paper, you can also collaborate with others and share the resources.

18. SplitWise – For Managing your Expenses

Needless to say, managing your finances is one of the challenging aspects of being a student. It can get trickier when you are sharing expenses. To avoid any misunderstandings later, use Splitwise. The app simply splots the expenses however you want so that everything you spend as a group is clear. You can even use it to track your individual expenditures.

19. Duolingo – App for Multi-Language Learning and Translation

now we’re going to go into apps that will help you with studying. So first of all, I’m going to recommend Duolingo, which I know everyone recommends. I was using this before I went to study abroad, and my mom has been using this nonstop, she’s obsessed, she’s trying to learn French, it’s a really great app, it’s really great if you’re just trying to learn a language if you want it to help with the language that you’re currently learning in college, I really recommend just taking this on the side. That way you can kind of pick up something new.

20. Unidays

Lastly, being a student also comes with several perks, one of which is getting discounts. And Unidays will help you find that. Get details of subscriptions, sales, and other offers curated especially for students. You can find great deals on learning apps, technology, food and drink, travel, fashion, and more.

So, there you have it! These apps cover almost every aspect of your student life. All you need to do is decide which areas you want to focus on and maybe clear some storage space in your phone. 

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21. Chegg – Get 24/7 Homework Help | Rent Textbooks

Next, we have Chegg and I am not telling you to check all of your homework. But check me really, really helpful if you need a solutions guide or you’re stuck on something or just need a little bit of help here, they’re just really easy to navigate that you can just like click on the chapter and then go through at the bottom here, they have all of the problems and all of the chapters.

22. EasyBib – To Generate Citations for College Papers

Citing the references for your paper can be even more time-consuming than writing the actual paper. EasyBib is a handy tool that can help with that. The app supports a few different citation styles, including APA, Chicago, and MLA. The app will even check the grammar of your writing and make sure that it is devoid of any spelling errors.

23. Symbolab – One of the best apps for college students

best apps for college students 2022
best apps for college students 2022

Next up we have Simba lab and I will admit I like Simba lab as a website more than as an app. But I’m going to suggest as an app to for times when you’re in a crunch. Basically, it’s the same as any other math calculators website app that you’ve seen before. I like this one because I feel like I can do a lot more complicated math than other ones that I’ve seen. And I’m an engineer, so I’m in a lot of higher math classes. And it’s pretty good with like summations and integrals and derivatives. It’s great for like step by step. So for example, I just did this really simple one.

Few More Educational Apps for College Students in 2022

S No.College Apps NamePriceAvailable on 
1My Study LifeFreeAndroid and iOS
2Brainscapeupgraded subscriptions availableAndroid and iOS
3CliffsNotes Study GuidesFree to download; $1.99 for each in-app purchaseiOS
4Oxford DictionaryFree Android and iOS
5EvernoteFree (upgraded plans available)Android and iOS
6Microsoft Office MobileFree to download; requires Office 365 subscriptionAndroid and iOS
7Sleepzy Sleep Cycle TrackerFreeAndroid and iOS
8iStudiez ProOffers in-app purchasesAndroid and iOS
9OFFTIMEFree for Android; $0.99 for iOSAndroid and iOS
10SchollyFree to downloadAndroid and iOS

Okay guys, so that’s all for today, I really recommend being a student or being in college. If you guys have any other apps that you would like to recommend for me please let me know I’m always very very excited about getting new things to be more productive in school.

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