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The Best 3 Apps That Allow 24/7 WhatsApp and SMS Spying

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whatsapp spying apps free

You’re not alone if you’re looking for monitoring software that can get through WhatsApp’s encryption. WhatsYou’re not alone if you’re looking for monitoring software that can get through WhatsApp’s encryption. WhatsApp has been operating since 2009 and is one of the most popular messaging programs on the planet. It’s an easy way to send texts, audio, and video communications to billions of people who use it. The fact that WhatsApp is both free and encrypted makes it a popular choice among many.

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Despite technological advancements in social media and other forms of communication technology, teens are not only using WhatsApp as their daily communication tool. They are fond of texting as well. However, there are situations when it is vital to break WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption. It can be to protect a company’s data or ensure children do not get cyberbullied. Businesses need a solution to track employees’ WhatsApp messages and SMS to ensure they do not share trade secrets with their competitors.

Whatever the case may be, we are here to help you. Today we will look at three apps that allow complete WhatsApp and SMS spying solutions for parents and businesses. 

List of Best Messaging & Whatsapp Spying Apps

1. XNSPY – Whatsapp & Messaging Spy Tool

1. XNSPY - Whatsapp & Messaging Spy Tools
XNSPY – Whatsapp & Messaging Spy Tools

One of the solutions to hack someone’s phone to read their text messages is XNSPY: The program begins uploading data to the user’s account, also known as the dashboard, as soon as it is installed on the target device. This web portal allows users to track the gadgets they want to keep an eye on. All the features, including WhatsApp and SMS tracking, are available in the dashboard. And all the conversations and shared files get automatically uploaded to the user’s account. Just make sure the app and dashboard sync by clearing the browser cache before logging on. 

It’s simple to set up and works in stealth mode, so the owner won’t even realize their phone is being tracked. Because discretion is required, this highly sought-after function in remote monitoring apps becomes a must-have. Remotely hacking someone’s phone to read their text messages or WhatsApp conversations is pretty convenient because of the stealth feature found in XNSPY.

By remotely turning on the target device’s screen recording feature, the app captures screenshots from other instant chat apps, like Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and Signal. The screenshots get stored on the user’s dashboard even if the device owner deletes their chat history from each app or SMS thread. 

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XNSPY circumvents instant messaging apps’ end-to-end encryption by taking screenshots instead of extracting the text strings. It allows the app to keep a photographic record of all messaging threads. The app’s latest update allows the screen recorder feature to slow down the target device less than before, so it consumes less battery allowing longer recordings. 

Although the software provides updates every 5 minutes, which is regular, it is not real-time monitoring. So you might be viewing non-refreshed data that is not up to date and may to wait up to 24 hours to get the latest data. You can visit this page to learn more about how to hack someone’s phone to read their text messages – all from a remote location.

EarthWeb says that you might be viewing non-refreshed data that is not up to date and may have to wait up to 24 hours to get the latest data.

The screen recording and instant messaging app surveillance tools stated before get included with the premium subscription costing $7.5 per month, whereas SMS tracking is available in the basic version for 5 USD a month. 

Talking about customer service, the company assists 24/7. I found their customer service to be the most suitable during my tests. They can even help with the installation process, remotely installing the app if you’re having trouble. The app is also updated frequently, introducing new features and improving detection prevention algorithms and bug fixes.

2. uMobix – Whatsapp spyware for Android

whatsapp spying apps free ios

uMobix is a free-to-use Android spy app that does not require rooting. So the uMobix app works seamlessly with both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. During my testing, I installed it quickly, within a few seconds, since the setup file was just 6 MB. To put it another way, it will have no impact on the productivity or performance of your Android device.

The app shines when users want to keep track of multiple devices. uMobix is the go-to monitoring tool in this scenario, as it can link and unlink several smartphone devices to track them. The only caveat is they can monitor only one device at a time.

Like every other spy app, all of the information is provided to a user’s account, which they may view using their login credentials from any device online.

The app doesn’t have Geofencing or call recording features but it provides instant updates on instant messaging apps. uMobix displays the program name, the message, and the time the keystrokes got made.

It has great customer service since you do not have to wait for their email response but rather chat with the customer service representatives. I was facing some issues while testing the message recording feature and the team was able to resolve my query within a few minutes.

uMobix offers three subscription plans based on the timeframe of use. They are monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. The plans are priced at $49.99 per month, $27.99 per month, and $11.66 per month. It requires a single upfront payment which totals $49.99. And for the quarterly and annual subscriptions, users have to pay $83.79 and $139.92 respectively.

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3. Spyzie – Spy app for whatsapp

Spyzie is yet another popular surveillance program that combines parental control and remote monitoring into one package. It gets utilized by parents who wish to keep a tight eye on their children without directly meddling in their personal affairs. The app’s remote and covert functionality makes it simple for parents to do so.

Many firms can use the app to watch their workers’ work behavior because it includes a browser history and messaging app tracker. Spyzie lets you monitor iOS and Android phones, making it a reliable cross-platform solution.

The dashboard’s user interface contains a significant white space, making it difficult to read in the dark. For those with sensitive eyes, it might be annoying.

Spyzie takes up very little space when installed on a device, around 2 MB approximately. Thus the download and installation process is significantly faster than other spy apps. In the background, the software records everything that happens on the phone.

Spyzie for Android monitoring does not require rooting, making it simple to use even for inexperienced users. It allows you to use the majority of Spyzie’s features even if you don’t have root access. You’ll only need to visit the target Android phone once you get it to work because of the auto-updates.

Users can use stealth mode after installing Spyzie if necessary. The app icon vanishes if it is selected. It will then run in the background, wasting no power or slowing down the phone, making it almost invisible. 

So these are the apps you have to have in your arsenal if you’re planning on hacking someone’s phone to read their text messages.

Best 5 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps

whatsapp spying apps free
whatsapp spying apps free
NameSupported PlatformsHiddenRequires RootFree Trial
XNSPYiOS and AndroidYesNoYes
uMobixiPhone and AndroidYesNoYes
ClevGuardWindows, iOS, and AndroidYesNoYes
HoverwatchMS Windows and Mac.YesNoYes
FlexiSPYAndroid, iPhone, iPad, and PC.YesNoYes

Now we have Mobile apps spy to spy the WhatsApp to see. Whether you are a loving spouse or a caring partner. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point where proof can now go beyond looking for lipstick on one’s shirt or listening through keyholes.

Here is list of few more popular WhatsApp spy tools:

  1. uMobix
  2. Hoverwatch
  4. Cocospy
  5. eyeZy
  6. ClevGuard
  7. XNSPY
  8. Spyzzz
  9. FlexiSPY
  10. SpyBubble
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