10 Perfect Video Game Project Ideas & Tips to plan a video game project

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Whether you want to design, create, and develop your very first video game or have some experience behind you, one of the hardest parts of the project is coming up with some fantastic, fresh ideas.

I’m here today to talk to you about brilliant video game concepts that no one has the balls to make. When you look across the current video game industry, it’s all starting to look the same.

If you’re hitting an inspirational brick wall, don’t worry, we can help. Use the tips, hints, and hacks below to get the creative juices flowing and have you up and running designing your new game in no time!

These are the ten perfect video game ideas that everyone is ignoring.

Marvel versus DC fighting game.

We’ve seen quite a few fighting game crossovers over the years with the likes of Tekken squaring off against Street Fighter, DC taking on Mortal Kombat, and of course, the all time smash hit series of Marvel vs. Capcom.

Adapt an Existing Formula

While making a carbon copy of an already existing game isn’t the way to go, thinking about what some of the newest and most popular games do well (and what they could improve) could act as a useful springboard to help you come up with some good ideas of your own.

For example, could you incorporate some of the great strategy elements of one particular game with the action components of another? Could you turn the basis of an adventure game into something creepier? Do any of the support characters in your favorite game inspire you – could their stories be developed into a standalone story?

Think about adding unusual elements, such as interactive audio or a cutting-edge soundtrack – using royalty-free music is a cost-effective way to add ambiance and depth to your game and promote the mood you’re aiming for. Great sound also makes for a more professional end product, and incorporating it is a valuable way of gaining experience – vital if you’re interested in going into game design professionally.

Open World Spy Game

There are plenty of games out there that feature spies, and the likes of Solid Snake and Sam Fisher are tied intrinsically with the stealth genre. But it’s a section of the industry that simply needs more love than it’s getting. So why not give fans a realistic spy game, maybe even set it during the Cold War for extra tension, and apply it to the open world genre?

Adopt an Open World Game Approach

The idea of virtual open worlds is not new, but the concept provides ample opportunity for game designers to run with it, creating new realms that have never been seen before. Even the sky isn’t the limit when it comes to open worlds.

Starting with an open-world idea could also be a good way to develop a more linear game: think of it as akin to a 3D brainstorm! Consider ways to encourage players to explore the world you’ve created without needing a guide and avoid filler or repetitive content to deliver a high-value experience.

A zombie

While online zombie slang did have a brief moment in the sun with 2000 and three’s Resident Evil outbreak, this is but the tip of the iceberg to what I’m proposing. Imagine this for a moment. You buy a new MMO, which pitches itself as a simple second lifestyle experience. It’s not an RPG or a persistent shooter, but just a place to enjoy yourself without the troubles of PvP or Hordes.

Get Historic

If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for your next gaming project, why not turn to history for inspiration? Both the near and distant past – and all the centuries in between – are packed full of interesting characters, thrilling battles, and despicable villains

Create game characters, scenarios, or a plot based around, or inspired by, real events from the past, or merge these events into a contemporary or futuristic setting. The Spanish Armada in space – why not? Your imagination only limits you.

Justice League the game

These days, superhero games are better than they’ve ever been. Gone are the times of Superman 64. Sorry, I almost threw up in my mouth then, because now it is a place where we have the Arkham series, the Spider Man games, and gosh dang it, we’ve got the Injustice.

Change Up the Viewpoint

Another effective strategy is to think about the player’s viewpoint. There’s no need to be restricted in this: why not have the player take in the action from the point of view of a bird, a child, or even an inanimate object?

This is a great way to start thinking from a different perspective, in terms of your game and from a different viewpoint.

Be Inspired by Tech

Still, scratching your head for a great idea for a game? Think about some of the most recent gaming tech innovations, and see if you can develop new ways to deploy these devices or concepts. Think virtual reality, cloud gaming, and the idea of the metaverse – and that’s just for starters!

‘Play to earn’ games are huge right now: players earn cryptocurrency just for participating in a game, with some players earning around the $250 a day mark. Consider whether you could incorporate some element of this into a game in a new way.

Break the Rules

…not in an illegal way! Consider games and the general rules they seem to have in common or abide by. What would happen if the rulebook was thrown out the window? For example, how about if players have to face the big boss at the start of a level rather than at the end? Or what if points were allocated based on how many NPCs you DON’T shoot, rather than how many you do?

Permitting yourself to think outside the box can open the door to some innovative new concepts.

Create a Mash-Up!

Finally, a fun way to easily generate some new ideas is to mash up some of your previous game concepts. Dig out the notes, files, or designs for games that, for whatever reason, you didn’t develop. Alone, each may not be viable, but could two or more ideas be blended to create something special?

Pick out the best bits from these former or abandoned projects and – Frankenstein-like – fuse them together to see what happens. You may end up with a fabulous monster on your hands…

Use the ideas above to help you generate and develop the concept for your next gaming project. Take inspiration from the world around you, the latest tech, gaming trends, and your own unique personality and style to have fun creating a truly unique game.

Whatever ideas you’ve got, whatever plans and aspirations you have, I hope that you achieve them, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. So go out there and absolutely smash it, okay? Big love from me to you.

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