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20 Top Metaverse Game Development Companies WorldWide

Looking for the best Metaverse game development companies in the US, UK Canada, and Australia? We have listed the Metaverse Game developers

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There has been a massive hype around metaverse gaming in recent years. It has completely transformed the gaming world by elevating the gaming domain’s stature. Before this, there was the craze of video games and play stations. But now, everything has just taken a 360-degree turn. The game enthusiasts have found a new source of joy while playing. It’s entirely different from the typical ones.

The players are taken into a different world that is most commonly known as the virtual world. The characters are created to look real to the users. There is the utilization of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).

This technology has been successful in uplifting the aesthetics of the gaming room. The software used has the potential to transform the platform into a three-dimensional space. Top-class graphics and special effects are immersed in giving a larger-than-life experience to the users.

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Looking for the best-known VR game developers? Metaverse gaming solutions use top-notch technology to provide various activities for more user participation. Go through this handpicked list of top 20 metaverse game development companies who are counted as the technology partners in creating well-known metaverse games. 

How big is the metaverse gaming market?

The global metaverse market size is projected to reach $28 billion by 2028

Best tools and technologies is used to develop metaverse games.

There are many tools like Unity engine, Unreal Engine, VR effect, blockchain frameworks, and C family languages are the main technology to develop metaverse games. Read in detail

List of Top 20 Metaverse Game Development Firms

1. Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is at the top of our list of well-known metaverse game development companies because of their high metaverse experience in building high-quality web3 and metaverse games. Established as the leading metaverse development company, Suffescom can deliver custom game development services in technologies like blockchain, AR/VR, Web3, and the metaverse. The blockchain experts at Suffescom provide comprehensive knowledge of gaming tools and technologies.  

With a dedicated team of 200+ developers and designers, they facilitate their clients with high-end solutions to create a best-in-industry gaming platform. The company has successfully completed 150+ blockchain projects with more than 2k happy clients. With no negative feedback and 5-star ratings on popular review platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms, they are recognized as the best metaverse game development company worldwide.  

2. RisingMax

The development team at the fastest-growing metaverse and NFT game development company, RisingMax, is considered the best to manage all blockchain and metaverse gaming solutions. With 11+ years of industry experience, they provide complete gaming solutions, including consultancy, development & design, maintenance, upgrades, etc. 

The company transforms its client’s business ideas into a unique approachable reality. The company mainly focuses on creating robust gaming platforms with top-class functionality that provides a smooth performance on any device. Apart from NFT and metaverse game development, the company strives to offer 24*7 technical and maintenance support. 

3. Terasol Technologies

Terasol, a P2E game development company, is capable of providing end-to-end metaverse game development and P2E game outsourcing services. Their industry veterans development team builds a gaming project from scratch to provide a release and post-release support. The company helps its clients thrive in this competitive digital gaming market. 

The company headquarter is located in India with a global presence in 10+ countries and 200+ brands as a customer base. Terasol can solve complex business woes with modern solutions and diverse technologies. Their development services include product design, IT support, and digital transformation maintenance. The company does not just build applications, but they build businesses. 

4. Sellbitbuy

Sellbitbuy is a top provider of enterprise blockchain, metaverse gaming solutions & development services, assisting businesses and startups in streamlining operations. The leading NFT game development company enables its customers to introduce their first metaverse game in visually appealing 3D environments. The skilled team combines top technology, like blockchain, AI, and VR, to create metaverse games, a marketplace, and other things. The business offers cutting-edge technology solutions to help its customers break into the market and keep up with emerging trends.

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5. BestBlockchainDevs

The company has more than 15 years of experience offering distinctive and useful solutions to organizations worldwide. The business is well-versed in the requirements of modern gaming technology. Virtual worlds for the industrial, workplace, and enterprise is the example of how they aid clients in understanding and profiting from the next great wave influencing business and society.

The experts build the most cutting-edge computing infrastructure for the clients using today’s technologies, including AI, blockchain, IoT, and the metaverse. The firm helps its customers improve their operations and grow into new industries by providing unique metaverse platform development services.

6. Osiz Technologies

On the list of companies that create games for the metaverse, Osiz Technologies is a household name. The firm began offering its services in 2009 and is now a renowned IT organization offering its clients end-to-end solutions. The company has over 900 satisfied customers globally. To meet client expectations, the team uses fresh ideas.

The metaverse 3d virtual environments, live game streaming, crypto value exchange, P2E (play to earn) gaming with NFTs minting, and other elements for players to enjoy are all included in their metaverse game development services. By fusing blockchain technology with augmented and virtual reality, they build single and multiplayer Metaverse games, marketplaces, and more to create Metaverse environments that are prepared for the future.

7. BestWeb3Development

BestWeb3Development is an emerging NFT gaming and blockchain development company providing the best gaming solutions. The company has delivered its clients with more than 50 blockchain projects in a short time span. 

They provide solutions like AR/VR development, metaverse game development, and other future tech development that caters to various industries. Their team strives for their development expertise in Web3 technologies, including crypto wallets, dApps, blockchain projects, and NFT gaming. The company’s online reviews and customer ratings will give you an idea about its metaverse gaming development services.  

8. Hivelance

Hivelance is a mobile app development, web development & metaverse game development company, delivering the best-suited solutions at minimal costs. The company creates digital ideas to present them to its clients to grow their online gaming business. They provide capable ideas with the evolving trends and modern techniques. 

The company provides the best metaverse gaming experience to clients of all sizes and platforms. They offer custom metaverse game development with full-cycle services, from business analysis and design to maintenance, without outside resources. 

9. Epic Games

American video game and software firm Epic Games was established in 1991. The publisher has some incredible video games, including Fortnite, Unreal Engine 4, and Unreal. Epic Games is currently imagining the idea of meeting people digitally yet having a real-life encounter.

People will socialize in The Epic Space through discussions rather than emoticons. This platform will be more thrilling, thanks to the virtual gaming, retail, and dining experiences. People will be able to build animated, lifelike beings with the help of the metahuman creator tool.

10. ITechArt Group

Custom metaverse game developers from the United Kingdom at iTechArt, with offices in Marietta, Georgia, and Iselin, New Jersey. Since 2002, iTechArt has assisted startups and rapidly expanding IT companies in bridging talent gaps and creating user-friendly web and mobile gaming solutions. Over 3500 developers who are all experts in cutting-edge technology are currently employed by iTechArt.

The metaverse game development company iTechArt, focuses on app development, IoT, big data, and BI consulting. Their team, established in 2009 and based in Manchester, UK, is exceptional at assisting businesses in utilizing technology to get a competitive advantage.

11. Sara Technologies

P2E game development company, Sara Technologies, was established in the US in 2007. It has locations in San Diego, Oakland, and Albuquerque. It focuses on offering software, mobile, and game development services for metaverse and web3 platforms to clients worldwide. The business has begun focusing on cutting-edge technology and has a lot of expertise in effectively building metaverse projects.

Throughout the successful decade-long journey, they have catered technologically advanced solutions to a diverse range of small businesses to fortune 500 organizations with the unmatched collaborative work environment and business approaches specifically developed for a client’s business need. Their continual capacity to offer affordable and timely services is attested to by their quick expansion and an increasing number of satisfied customers.

12. Sofster

Sofster is a reliable NFT game development company for SMEs, startups, and big businesses everywhere in the world. They have experience of more than 12 years in various industries. The web3 platform, sports and fitness, metaverse, autonomous driving, and blockchain are some of the most important endeavours.

The company’s duties include creating distributed systems at scale, designing and implementing metaverse applications, and modernizing current products with cutting-edge ideas and concepts. With little worker turnover, they have small teams with senior software generalists. 

13. HashStudioz Technologies

HashStudioz is a digital transformation consulting and software development company that provides cutting-edge engineering solutions to help companies and enterprises solve the complex problems that invariably arise during their journey toward digital evolution. 

The metaverse game development company- HashStudioz caters to all of the demands of its clients, including consultation, UX/UI design, application design and development, IoT solutions, industrial automation solutions, and blockchain application development. They developed over 200 mobile apps, web apps, and cloud IoT systems with a 50-person team.

14. Innosoft Group

A well-known Metaverse game development company, Innosoft Group, offers comprehensive NFT gaming services for your business. It is a global software development company that collaborates with customers from all over the world. They provide cutting-edge and efficient software solutions for small enterprises to large corporations. The P2E game development company is renowned for using user experience to create strong brand recognition. The business offers customizable and scalable blockchain Metaverse development services.

They build an engaging Metaverse because of their blockchain expertise, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other cutting-edge technologies. A group of committed experts value each idea and work hard to develop it into a potential business.

15. Tencent

Chinese multinational metaverse game development firm Tencent offers digital goods and services to enhance people’s quality of life. In 1998, it was founded. Tencent currently offers internet, payment, and e-commerce services. The multiservice provider game development studio, TiMi Studio Group, also concentrates on the metaverse. 

Tencent will concentrate on the metaverse plan specifically through its game production division, “Tencent Games,” as it has several prestigious enterprises in its portfolio. Roblox and Epic Games will face direct opposition from Tencent Games. Tencent currently has high hopes for metaverse gaming technology. It will create a network for open collaboration, social networking, gaming, and search marketing.

16. Utah Tech Labs

A well-known company, Utah Tech Labs, delivers profitable solutions for its clients worldwide, including virtual assets and metaverse game development. The company uses various technologies, including cloud computing, web development, digital marketing, and AI solutions, to help clients reach their business goals. In addition, the firm develops cutting-edge virtual reality gaming solutions using cutting-edge technology.

The company has already assisted many organizations in experiencing considerable growth, and it now provides solutions that use analytical approaches to increase client productivity.

17. Innowise Group

Custom software development company “Innowise Group” is located in Belarus, in the heart of Eastern Europe. They have over 20 years of expertise in the IT industry, completed over 700 successful projects for hundreds of clients worldwide, and have over 250 highly skilled developers. The business provides outsourcing services and is an expert in creating software products and applications using .NET Java, PHP, C/C++, and other technologies.

Since 2000, they have been developing specialized solutions for IT firms, e-commerce corporations, logistics firms, academic institutions, and healthcare organizations. Additionally, they provide bespoke metaverse development for augmented, virtual, and IoT reality. Without outside resources, Innowise Group provides full-cycle metaverse game development services, from business analysis and design to QA testing, deployment, maintenance, and support.

18. XenonStack

A multinational firm, Xenonstack focuses on outsourcing, professional services, technology, consulting, and other areas. To interact with the Metaverse platform more conveniently, clients employ their metaverse game development services to create user-friendly apps with blockchain-specific features like automation, privacy, transparency, and user sovereignty.

Additionally, Xenonstack helps clients build and create virtual worlds so that they may interact with customers. They work with nearly every industry and have expertise in AI, cloud, SAP, app development, blockchain, and the Metaverse.

19. Talentica

Talentica is an offshore NFT game development company that places a major focus on startups. Over the past 18 years, they have successfully helped 170+ startups write their success tales. They have received funding from renowned VCs, including Accel, Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures, and others. Their clients’ average tenure with them is 2.5 years, a sign of trust and happiness to create ground-breaking innovations from scratch and scale engineering to meet expanding customer demand.

Digital evaluation services such as web development, app development, cloud development, data science, and Metaverse game development are offered by Talentica’s 450+ developers, QA engineers, business analysts, and other software development specialists. 

20. Quytech


Quytech is a reliable Blockchain and metaverse game development company with 10+ years of experience. The company leverages high-quality UI/UX, design, and functionalities with the latest technology to help startups shape their ideas in the right direction. They are providing success by catering to different industries and services like Android/IOS development, Flutter app development, blockchain development, and NFT game development. They help clients to meet their project expectations and raise funds to create a robust and scalable gaming application by providing a business-oriented approach. 


NFT and metaverse Gaming is an advanced technology ruling the blockchain world. Metaverse provides futuristic P2E game development opportunities that change how games are played online. Our list of top 20 metaverse game development companies can help if you plan to create your metaverse gaming platform.  

Choose the best firm that suits your business needs. Take your gaming business to the next level with the best metaverse game development service provider. 

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