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How to Open Password Protected PDF Without Password & Convert PDF to Word

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how to save pdf without password

Do you have a confidential document or a crucial professional presentation you don’t want others to see?

By password-protecting the file, you may keep confidential and sensitive information safe in Word or PDF documents. This makes the file’s content encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to access it or any application to read it without entering the password. The next thing comes to mind how to password protect a pdf?

Adobe password protection is often one of the first things that come to mind when considering “document security.” Protecting a PDF file with a password is an easy way to ensure that a sent file is protected.


What if you forget the credentials?

A protected PDF is almost impossible to edit unless the user knows the password. So, for the user to open a secured PDF, there are two kinds of passwords: open passwords and permission passwords. Any authorized users can use one of these two methods to open the PDF. However, there are certain situations where sometimes you either forget a password or don’t receive it at all. 

In these scenarios, some web application software users can use to unlock the protected PDF. This guide will look through some of these applications while listing the steps for converting a PDF to a word. So, let’s know how to open password protect pdf without a password.

There are many tools to remove passwords in PDF

Wondershare PDF password remover can abolish the password easily and effectively from the PDF. So, if you wonder how to save pdf without a password on desktops like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and Vista, it is one of the best tools to try on. 

The tool helps the users to remove the security from the tool by decrypting the PDF. Once the security is removed, the users can use the PDF as they want. They can edit, scan, and also convert it. All of this becomes possible as the PDF is simple and a user-friendly tool supports password-protection to editing with either an open password or a permission password if you know it. 

Furthermore, it provides a wide range of editing options, including the ability to edit PDF text and images, add pages, highlight text, and comment on a PDF. It includes OCR functionality, which digitizes scanned PDFs and makes them editable and searchable.

How to Remove PDF Password Protection Using PDF Password Remover

The steps to break the password protect pdf with the Wondershare tool are the followings: 

Loading The File

On your computer, launch PDF Password Remover. Then, by clicking the “Add Files” button, you must add the encrypted PDF file you want to decrypt. 

Remove The Restrictions

Choose your output folder. Simply click the “Start” button to begin decrypting. PDF Password Remover will immediately delete the restrictions on copying, editing, and printing from the PDF. You can edit PDF with either Wondershare or another PDF editor for the additional features. If you decide to edit the PDF with Wondershare here are some options for copying a secured PDF.

  • Saving The File- Go to the “Add File” section and click on the add files and select the “Save target file on the source folder,” then click on the “Start.” the options will let you save the file before editing it. 
  • Editing The File- Go to the “Add file,” select the “Customized” options, then open and select the saved file to start editing it.

The Wondershare is a smart tool that lets you have full access to your PDF before editing it. The tool provides a free trial for new users who haven’t tried the tool yet. The ones who have already purchased the tool can use the tool on a monthly price basis.

AJoySoft Password Remover

The tool helps you remove the open password from your PDFs to make them more accessible for viewing. With the Remove Password operation, you only need to submit the password once to remove the restriction permanently. 

So, with AJoySoft password remover, no further annoying password prompts – unlock your PDFs completely. The tool is one of the best answers to the quest “how to open pdf file without password.” 

The tool aims at simple copy and edit operations on a protected PDF file. You can unlock the full prospects of PDF by unlocking & unprotecting encrypted files as well as removing all restrictions on copying, editing, and printing. You only need to import files into this PDF Password Remover and use a single click to remove all restrictions.

The tools offer you easy and simple steps to edit both the permissions and the password on the PDF. Further, the guide will look more into these two options. 

How to Remove PDF Password Protection Using AJoySoft

It’s not that difficult to remove password protection from PDF with AJoySoft. Here are the steps to easily break the password.

Uploading The File

After you launch this tool, you’ll notice an “Add Files” button, which, when clicked, will import the PDF files. In the alternative, there will be a “Or drop file here” option where the user can drag and drop the desired PDF files into the interface.

For the ease of its user and with its headway solution, PDF Password Remover also offers users the “Batch uploading” option. Users may upload as many PDF files as they want to unlock simultaneously.

Removing The Permission Password

A PDF document protected with “Permission Password” will not require a lock or password to open. Even though the PDF file will still have constraints on copying, editing, and printing commands.

In this case, the user can disable the PDF constraints directly by clicking the “Remove Password” button.

Removing The open Password For The PDF-

With this tool. You can also break the open passwords on the PDF. So, let’s know how to open pdf without password. 

An encrypted PDF document X with “Open Password” will prompt you with the message “To unlock it, you must enter the password “. To open the PDF file, the user will press the “lock” icon and enter this same required password key.

Removing the open password for the PDF

Right after you click “Open Password” on your password-protected PDF, a pop-up window will appear stating, “The document has an open password.” To unlock it, you must enter the password “. To open the PDF file, the user will click the “lock” icon and enter the necessary password key.

Google Drive 

One another major tool that can remove the password easily is Google Drive. Google Drive is well-known for being excellent storage, updating, and conversion tool for a wide range of documents. And it is also one of the easiest tools to allow password removal from the PDF. 

How to Remove PDF Password Protection Using Google Drive

With Google Drive, you only need to follow these simple steps to remove password protection from your PDF with Google Drive.

Start With Uploading The Document

You can find the Google Drive option in your Gmail account; open “My Drive” and click “Upload Files” to upload your secured PDF. By completing the uploading of the file you are already halfway through. Now, move to the next step, which is one of the crucial parts of removing the password with Google drive. 

Then, Open The File With The Google Docs.

Once you have uploaded the file, now track it in your Drive. With the right click and menu, the list will appear. Select the “Open With” options and then select the Google Doc option. 

Lastly, Download The Google Doc File To Get Rid Of The Password. 

Finally, go to the “File” option and select “Download” and then click on the “PDF document(.pdf)” to download your PDF document for password removal as well as dimming functions.

The “Print” Option

Wondering what is the print option and what it has to do with your question “how to edit secured pdf without password.” Well, it is the most common option available for all the users to remove the password. All you need is Google Chrome and you are good to go. This method for removing PDF password protection is quite simple to accomplish. You can print it to a new PDF file after opening it.

How to Remove PDF Password Protection Using “Print” Option

Here are the detailed steps for removing password protection from PDF using the “print to PDF” function.

Open The PDF In Google Chrome

The process starts with opening the PDF in Google Chrome. Click on the file, select the “Open With” options, and then select Google Chrome.

Select the “Print” Option In the Upper Right Corner of The Chrome

Once you open the file in Chrome, you will see the print icon in the upper right corner of Chrome. Click on it. 

Once you click it a drag box will appear. Name the PDF file in the new and then select the location on the system for the unlocked PDF file. This is how you remove passwords from PDF files using the print to PDF feature.

However, the method will only operate if the PDF has no printing restrictions. If the PDF has an open password, please first enter the open password.

How To Convert Password Protected Pdf To Word

To change a secured PDF into a word document, you first have to shun the permission and associated passwords. You can use any of the four methods such as, 

  • Wondershare PDF Password Remover
  • AJoySoft Password Remover
  • Google Drive 
  • Print Method

Once you have successfully laid off the passwords on the file you can easily convert the PDF file into word documents. However, always remember, There is always a good reason after the password protection. So, before deciding to remove the password, always give priority to obtaining the credentials.

Converting the PDF To The Word Documents

When the document is not password secured, converting PDF to word online becomes easy.

There are several conversion methods, but one of the easiest and less time-consuming ways is converting through iLovePDF. So, let’s find out more about how to convert password-protected PDF to word online with iLovePDF.

What Is iLovePDF:

iLovePDF is the best web app for easily editing PDFs. Take advantage of your tools to work efficiently with pdfs while keeping your data safe and secure. It is free to use, unlike any other converter. And you can access it through your browser so no need to download the app on your phone or desktop.

PDF To Word Using The PDF:

To begin, go to the iLovePDF’s official website. Then, go to the convert option and then select “PDF to Word.” When the conversion is completed, ensure to download the file and check its permission. 

How To Again Password Protect A PDF?

The most common query from the users regarding password protection is “how to password protect a pdf file without acrobat.”You don’t need acrobat to password protect your PDF file. You can do it simply with the help of Smallpdf. Smallpdf is one of the amazing tools to apply passwords on PDF.

Wrapping Up: 

Passwords are necessary to keep your sensitive information safe from unauthorized users. So only consider removing the password unless you don’t have any other options. In this guide, we have discussed four methods on how to open password-protected pdf without a password. These four methods include 2 third-party tools and 2 easily available tools on your phone. Wondershare and AJoySoft are third-party tools and can effectively remove the password. While all of these ensure data security, Google Drive and Google Chrome offer a much easier and more reliable way to remove the password. At the same time, when it comes to editing the documents, you may find Wondershare and AJoySoft much more compatible with the users’ needs. 

Last but not least, the guide has covered how to convert the secured PDF into word documents. You might need to remove the password, for which you can use any of the methods mentioned above and then convert it using the iLovePDF. However, you can also use any of your preferred methods.

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