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25 Free Tools to Create Animated Videos in 2024

The world is switching towards digitalization. There are plenty of animation makers that are serving businessmen to create animations. Thus, you can...

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It has become common to bring new ideas and concepts in today’s world. Innovations and new changes play a great role in one’s work and become a bridge toward success. Similarly, in the business field, people prefer to promote and add new concepts to enhance their prosperity. 

Animation has a huge space in the business field, and now people are using animation in their presentations and many other works. 

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Top 10 Tools to Create Animated Videos in 2024

  1. Movavi Video Editor
  2. Doratoon
  3. Renderforest
  4. Moovly
  5. Animaker
  6. MotionDen
  7. Biteable
  8. Toonator
  9. Powtoon
  10. Vyond
  11. FlipAnim

Creating animated videos without having much editing skill is easier than in 2023. Using the next-generation video editor tools or software listed below, anyone can create attractive animated or whiteboard videos for businesses. These editing tools make it easy for you to make explainer or training videos using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

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1. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is widely recognized not only as a video editing software but also as a capable tool for creating animated videos. It stands out for its ease of use, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced editors. The software offers a rich selection of editable animated templates, simplifying the process of creating engaging and dynamic animations.

The integration of AI capabilities in Movavi Video Editor enhances its appeal. These AI features, like motion tracking and advanced color correction, allow users to add a professional flair to their videos effortlessly. The intuitive interface of Movavi is a key highlight, ensuring that even those new to video editing can navigate and utilize the software effectively. This ease of use, combined with the ability to create animated content, makes Movavi Video Editor a versatile choice for various video editing projects, from crafting quick social media posts to developing intricate animated stories.

2- Doratoon – Motionden alternatives

Doratoon is now considered an amazing tool because of its amazing features and versatility. The main difference that we will find after comparing Doratoon with rivals is the shortage of templates. 

But by using Doratoon for animation purposes, we are sure that you will be satisfied after coming across all the templates required for animation purposes. The fact that forces the users to consider Doratoon for animation is its best quality specifications. 

Duration plays a vital role in the business field and is now very famous and popular among businessmen. Businessmen are now using the templates and tools defined in Doratoon to make their working masterpieces. Hence, it is suggested that you try Doratoon to benefit.

animated video maker 2022

It provides users with a great facility to create all types of animated videos for their presentation by using its tools and templates that are available for users for free. 

But still, some people are unaware of this advantage and don’t know the whole procedure of making animated videos on Doratoon.  In the animation field, we will come across free animated video makers like Doratoon that are available for people for free. In the given article, we are going to discuss the basic information about the best animation tools.

Creating animated video on Doratoon

If you are willing to create an animated video by using Doratoon tools for your business work but don’t know the way to do so then we are here with all the basic steps for creating an animation video on Doratoon :

How to create an animated video using the Doratoon tool

  • Step 1: The first step involves having access to Doratoon and then signing up here.
  • Step 2: The main page of the website will appear, we have to select the option named ‘Workbench’.
  • Step 3: Then we have to move to the ‘Create a new video’ option and then choose the method according to our desire.
  • Step 4: We will be moved to the main interface of the website, where we can create our desired animated video. We also have the facility to choose different options for our work. 

3- FlipAnim – Tool to Create Animated Videos

Finally, we are going to discuss the amazing video maker FlipAnim. There are a lot of animated video makers, but the main thing that is kept in mind while creating this website is the ease of use for users. Hence, all the tools defined in the website are very easy to use.

But before using this website a person must have to keep in mind that the services and tools defined in this website are very limited compared to other rival video platforms. 

software to create animated videos 2022

4- Renderforest – best-animated video maker software for high-quality videos

tools to create animated videos

The animation tool that contains the cloud-based tool is referred to as Renderforest. All the tools defined in this video maker are of great importance as we can easily choose the scene of video according to our desire and can also choose to save them online. This platform is playing a great role in making business work easy. 

But before using Renderforest for animation purposes, a person should know that, based on visualization, there is a loophole in this video maker. It means the user will not be able to view the resultant video on some other devices because of some technical bug.

animated video maker software

5- Moovly – Easy Animated video creation for you

There is an amazing animation maker tool that is only available for users related to business, and that video maker is ‘Moovly’. All the tools and features that are required for the creation of animated videos are present in Moovly for all users.

The main advantage of this video maker is that once we have created a video, we can not only save that video on our device but also share it on other social media accounts. This advantage has helped businessmen a lot as they can now easily share their created videos with their partners. 

create animated video for business

6- Animaker – free video maker animation

Because of having multiple animation styles, Animaker is now famous and popular among all businessmen. It’s a fact that we can make our work a masterpiece by using different animation styles.

Animaker contains all the animation styles that are important for making animated videos. By using its tools we can easily create any type of animated video to use in our business work. We can also create videos related to our presentation.

software to create animated videos 2022

7- MotionDen – Create Animated Wwesome Videos Instantly

While creating a video, users have to face some issues related to text alignment and management. But by using Motionden animated video maker, all our issues will totally resolved because it provides us with all the text styles required in creating a video. 

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Moreover, Motionden suggests using hundreds of available templates and we can get more by using this website. All the customers that have used Motionden for creating videos give reliable feedback and consider it the best tool for animation purposes. 

top software to create animated videos

8- Biteable – free video maker animation

One of the most amazing and professional animation makers is Biteable. The main reason for its popularity is its quick service and easy working. By using this service, users enjoy a lot by coming across informative and enjoyable information.

Once we have created the video then we have options to save the video on a device as well as to share the same content with our business partners. But before using Biteable, a person must know that he has to pay charges per month to create animation videos online.

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tools to create animated videos

9- Toonator – Online Cartoon Editing Tool

Now we are going to discuss an amazing animation video maker that is available for all users for making entertaining animated videos. Users can choose to select any templates that are defined in the donator. 

But there is a drawback of this platform, and that is that it does not contain any type of advanced-level tools. But the website has been updated and now users find it fun to use the new tools for creating different animated videos. Moreover, this platform plays a great role in the business field also.

top tools to create animated videos in 2022

10- Powtoon – Make Videos and Animations Online

If you want to prepare a presentation and want to add some kind of video then it is suggested to consider using Powtoon in this regard. This is because the centre of attention of the PowerPoint is the presentation. Hence all the tools and features in this platform are related to presentation work. 

Powtoon is preferred a lot by the business community and the coming innovations in the website also revolve around presentation stuff. The main drawback of Powtoon is that we cannot create any type of 3D animation video. 

top 10 tools to create animated videos

11- Vyond – Video Animation Software Tool for Businesses

The most expensive animation video maker is considered to be Vyond. Most of the feedback from existing users also shows that this platform is not budget-friendly. By using the tools and features of Vyond we can create videos like whiteboard animation, marketing videos, or sales videos. 

There are many animation video makers that are available in the market but don’t provide templates to the user. But this platform contains templates that users can use after availing of a premium plan. Moreover, we can also use this platform for business work.

best tools to create animated videos 2022

Best 5 Free Tools to Create Animated Videos

  1. Powtoon.
  2. Animaker.
  3. Biteable.
  4. GoAnimate.
  5. Animatron.

Best Motionden Alternatives 2024

#Tool NameFeatures of animated video maker
1WideoOne of the best motionden alternatives. You can build amazing animated videos effortlessly.
2MoovlyYou don’t need to install it, as it can directly be done on your desktop
3PowtoonA high-quality video can be created on PowToon in only 20 minutes.
4Piehole.tvThey have a simple and stress-free process to create an animation.
5Blender3D painting using textured brushes and masking allows crisper outcomes.


While considering the best tools for the business field, we have mentioned a list of the 10 best animation video makers. All the platforms discussed above have amazing tools that are important for creating animation videos. 

In short, the main purpose of all the above video makers is to provide users with great ease for animation. But Doratoon is among the best of all, which fits in any situation and is accessible by anyone. 

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