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Complete Guide on Doordash Clone App Development: Benefits and Features

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The world is moving these days quickly, so people are looking for solutions to deal with specific day-to-day duties, allowing us to devote more time to higher priority matters. Household chores seem to be rather tense and hectic to you? You can take advantage of today’s sophisticated technologies to fulfil your needs.

The use of food delivery apps is quite common, particularly among individuals. One of the things about food ordering and delivery apps is that they allow users to check menus for the particular restaurant, order food online, have food delivered to wherever needed, if one cannot pick it up at the shop, and so on. Food-providing apps significantly improve the lives of their users in many different ways.

Almost a quarter of American consumers order their food online, which is surprising. However, the market is expanding rapidly and will continue to do so. Forbes said that the online food delivery market will soon reach $200 billion by 2023. With this shift in shopping habits, there has been an increase in the demand for food delivery businesses and mobile app development solutions, leading to lucrative business opportunities for startups, traditional restaurants, and tech companies.

UberEats, Doordash, Zomato, etc., are popular food delivery apps, but Doordash holds more than 38% of the US food delivery market and has gained immense popularity. This post aims to help you get started with developing apps like Doordash. Before diving into details, let’s review what Doordash is, how COVID-19 affected the industry, and how the food delivery process changed due to the epidemic.

What is Doordash and Its Clone App?

Doordash is a restaurant discovery and food delivery company that serves the needs of customers, restaurants, and delivery providers by connecting them on a single platform. 

It is a digital platform where people browse various restaurants, view menus, check ratings and reviews, order food, and get it delivered at their doorsteps with real-time tracking features. Moreover, restaurants get the opportunity to boost their visibility and presence and engage customers while getting a widespread and trusted delivery partner at the same time. 

Jaw-dropping Statistics that Proves to Develop an App Like Doordash 

Today, creating a delivery app could be a very profitable investment since there are a number of lucrative market niches. Approximately 123 million US dollars in revenue will be generated by the online food delivery segment in 2020, according to Statista data. As a result of a 7.5% annual growth rate, the market is expected to reach a value of US$164 million by 2024.

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More than 35% of American consumers order food online, and this trend has also stood the test of time amid the peak of the Corona pandemic. As a result, several food businesses have shifted to the online market and opted for Doordash clone for enhanced results. So, if you have already zeroed in upon launching an online food delivery business but are still wondering why to develop an app like Doordash, the following reasons and facts will change your mind. 

Facts About Doordash App

  • Doordash is the most popular US-based food delivery app that connects restaurants, customers, and delivery providers on a single platform and is now available in over 4000 North American cities. 
  • DoorDash increased its revenue by 241 percent in 2020 and reached $2.9 billion from only $850 million.
  • The platform boasts 18 million users, and the majority of them are from the USA.
  • According to Edison Trends, Doordash holds more than 42% of the US food delivery market 
  • In the previous year, Doordash went public on the New York Stock Exchange at a $72 billion valuation 

Solid Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in App Similar to Doordash

Increasing customer usability of online services has led to the prevalence of on-demand delivery apps in recent years. According to studies, food app downloads have risen dramatically. As a result, businesses can benefit from food delivery app development by launching their apps.

Rapid Boost in Sales

In the past year, the restaurant business has increased by 20-25% due to on-demand food delivery apps. Additionally, the growth of online food delivery has been recorded at 300% since 2014, which is three times faster than the growth of dine-in traffic.

Adoption of Cloud Kitchen

Food delivery applications are a perfect solution for businesses looking to set up a virtual restaurant or commissary kitchen. This company helps food entrepreneurs establish virtual restaurants by connecting them with commercial kitchens. Before digital food delivery tech innovation, traditional kitchens did not consider the concept of cloud kitchens, but now food businesses are concentrating on facilitating seamless online delivery services.

Increased Demand for Doorstep Delivery

It is becoming increasingly apparent that COVID-19 is spreading worldwide. Everyone’s life is becoming increasingly digital. Online services are an essential part of many people’s everyday lives. Online food delivery services were suddenly in high demand in the food industry. Owners of food businesses must cater to a wider audience now than ever before. The time to launch your restaurant delivery apps and serve the growing market demand is now if you work in the food industry.

App Like Doordash Has Potential to Thrive in Future

Change is a constant thing, and the restaurant industry is proving this. From social media to online ordering to the cloud kitchen business model, there is much more happening, and people are welcoming this trend with open arms. There’s nothing wrong with expecting changes in technology and the food market.

The market trends suggest that the food market is likely to mature with an overall growth rate of about 3.5% next year. So you can see how the online food delivery industry will grow exponentially in the future by watching this. Therefore, you will be able to sustain your food enterprise in the future by creating a Doordash clone.

Increasing Market Share

Approximately 10% of the market share is attributed to on-demand food delivery applications. In order to achieve this milestone, they introduced innovative and exciting offers to boost their sales. As a result, with millions of app downloads and satisfied customers, food delivery apps have grown faster than other segments.

These are the strong reasons why more and more entrepreneurs want to enter the food delivery market because customers’ preferences keep changing, and they want to access services at their fingertips. However, to achieve business success, startups and restaurant business owners must invest in custom app development as it is the only option to reach a wide array of audiences. 

How to Enter and Win the Food Delivery Market 

The market for food delivery applications may be at a satiety threshold. As we begin our study of how to make a food ordering app, we will start with market research and discovery. Understanding how to capitalize on an idea is the first step to creating a food ordering app. Researching the market carefully and thoroughly should be done at the beginning. Making your own food delivery app will help you develop a deep understanding of the process.

You need to perform various steps such as:

  • Conduct market analysis
  • Focus on close rivals
  • Choose the perfect business model 
  • Work on revenue streams
  • Fill the gap 
  • Come up with a unique and robust solution

Right now, the food delivery sector is the hottest industry to enter. The entire concept of Doordash has proved to be a huge success. It is one of the leading tech startups that covers most US nations and cities across the globe. 

Top Features to Add in App Like Doordash

These are the most pivotal steps to perform when developing an app similar to Doordash because the features of the app make you unique and popular among users. Here we can consider how Domino’s pizza delivery app allows users to place Messenger and a smartwatch

While getting your app developed, here are a few things that you should keep in mind : 

  • Easy navigation
  • Appealing UI/UX designs
  • Smooth functionality 
  • Integrate features your users want 

To make sure your app integrates even the most complex features, you need to hire food delivery app developers who have expertise in this field. Because there would be different people using your app, it should include all the features required by each of them. Here’s a list of all the features which you must include in your app

Customer App

  • Registration
  • Social media sign in
  • Add to cart
  • Search Menu
  • Payment integration
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Review and ratings

Restaurant App

  • Login option
  • Profile creation
  • Menu management
  • Push notifications
  • Oversee reviews and ratings
  • Deals and offerings 

Delivery Provider App

  • Registration
  • Dashboard
  • Order management
  • GPS tracking
  • Order update status
  • Push notifications

Admin Panel

  • Registration
  • Single click dashboard
  • Manage customers
  • Review management
  • Managing dues and payments
  • Manage restaurants and delivery providers
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Campaign management

These are the mandatory features; however, they can be modified as per the business’s requirements. Now, considering the emerging technology stack is also essential. After all, it would help if you used the latest technology stack to deliver a seamless customer experience. 

App Like Doordash Clone Technology Stack

Having a question like “how much does Doordash cost” depends largely on your choice of food delivery app development company and your project’s technology. Therefore, here are some of the most popular technologies and frameworks for developing food delivery apps. You can also select between iOS app development and Android app development for this technology.

  • For iOS Development: Swift and Objective-C
  • For Android Development: Java and Kotlin
  • For Cross-platform: React Native and Flutter 
  • Back-end development: Node.js
  • Push notification: FCM, Twilio,
  • Social media integration: Facebook SDK
  • Maps: Google Maps 

So here we have understood the features, technology stack, and what the Doordash app is. On-demand food delivery apps such as Doordash, UberEats, and Zomato are exceedingly popular and used by millions of users every day. With innovative ideas and a stable app similar to Doordash, your vision can win millions of hearts and become a successful venture in no time. 

Final Thoughts

People always look out for what will make their lives more comfortable and convenient.

It is important to understand which niche of the food delivery market you intend to target, what challenges you will encounter, and how to accomplish your goal before starting an online food delivery application. The success of a food delivery app is determined by the user-friendly features, the freedom of choice it gives end users, and its contribution to the rise of restaurant businesses. 

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