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How Many NFT Marketplace are There and Its List

How many NFT users are there? How many nfts are there in the world? How many NFT blockchains are there 2023

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NFT Marketplace for Fashion

Nonfungible tokens is simply known as NFT. And its increasingly popular and receiving a lot of hype lately. In March 2021, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, sold his first over-tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million. The tweet was bought by CNES Dowdy, a Malaysian-based CEO of a blockchain company called Bridge Oracle.

In today’s article, we will discuss how many NFT marketplaces are there to buy and sell NFTs. NFTs are traded on NFT marketplaces, enabling users to buy, sell and trade digital collectibles. These marketplaces seek to ensure that NFTS are not easily available by making room for scarcity in order to maintain the value of NFT’s. These platforms leverage blockchain technology to prove the authenticity of digital collectibles.

In order to ensure that a given digital asset is indeed an original and not a replica, without further ado, here are the best NFT marketplaces for trading your digital assets.

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How Many NFT Marketplaces are There?

There are 28+ nft marketplaces are there in 2022 – 2023. So, if you are seeking to know how many NFT platforms are there? The answer is there are approximately fifty NFT marketplaces, in which these marketplaces are the most popular ones. 

1. OpenSea 

It is one of the most popular marketplaces to kick-start your NFT trade. As such, you’re undoubtedly already aware that OpenSea is primarily an NFT marketplace.

Opensea NFT Marketplace
Opensea NFT Marketplace

You can consider it an eCommerce marketplace similar to eBay, except that you can only sell items in the form of NFTs. 

At its core, OpenSea focuses on NFTs’ interesting new properties like probably scarce, tradeable, and applicable to a wide range of applications. On the marketplace, you can do whatever you want with them, just like you do with tangible products. It permits and saves you from tossing the NFTs away, giving them to someone unknown worldwide, or selling them on an open market. But, unlike physical things, they have all the fully programmable digital goods, so you have to join the marketplace to trade your NFTs, and there is now a better place, the OpenSea.

Features that OpenSea Provides: 

Once your NFT is featured on Opensea, it means it will appear in one of the more categories on Opensea’s homepage as well as other unique parts of the OpenSea marketplace. Among the specific parts include, but other benefits are as follows:

  • Visual Access to the most popular NFTs on OpenSea.
  • Best collections in the last 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.
  • Page of Activities.
  • Significant Drops.
  • Page of Exploration.
  • Trending in several categories.

The biggest advantage of being featured on OpenSea is that it enables you to gain views and trust, increasing your sales. Also, the costs charged by OpenSea are tiered & based on the overall amount of your sale. The fee is 3% for sales under $1,000. The fee is 2% for sales between $1,000 and $10,000.

2. Abyss 

How many NFT platforms are there? There are many but this marketplace holds its importance. 

The Abyss, an online video game digital distribution platform, has collaborated with the Waves Platform. It provides an open network & decentralized environment for Web 3.0 applications, developing a more blockchain-powered marketplace of digital products and in-game items.

Abyss became the first game platform to use Waves’ blockchain technology by its collaboration announcement. With the power of the blockchain, it creates a global marketplace for all marketable products and in-game gives power. On the marketplace, users can use Abyss Tokens to purchase any available NFTs and sell it to other users, regardless of whatever supported game this was purchased from. As a result, game developers can have another revenue stream for their work on The Abyss.

Features that the Abyss Deliver

  • The one major benefit that Abyss delivers is that its tokens will connect with the Waves network, allowing developers to integrate Abyss Token activities directly into Waves-based games. It makes the process easy for developers. 
  • Furthermore, Waves-based game projects will gain access to The Abyss distribution network. Developers can release the game projects on/via the Abyss platform, which makes it easy for the developers to reach a wider gaming audience.

3. Crypto.Com is one of the most recent forthcoming crypto exchanges to introduce its own NFT marketplace, enabling its traders to purchase and sell NFTs and buy crypto and trading. This article will go over the NFT collections and how the marketplace network operates.

Features that the Crypto.Com Offers 

  • It permits you to read and change your profile under ‘Profile’ along with your account activity status, including the purchase, sales history, and bids. Simply pick “Account Activity” from the profile menu to view these.
  • You can discover information on current drops and upcoming and completed NFT drops.
  • You can check your digital assets in the ‘My NFTs’ section for easy access. It will also display the NFTs you have for sale and those you have just created.
  • On each successful transaction, trading costs are charged (positive fee%) or rebated (negative fee%).

4. Sorare

Launched in 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain network, Sorare Marketplace is a global NFT marketplace dedicated to football fans and fans. You can use digital collectibles to develop and manage your squad in the worldwide fantasy football NFT collection. The best part of Sorare Marketplace is that you get points based on how well players perform on the field. It serves as an ideal link between fantasy football leagues and lives on-field action.

Features that the Sorare Venture

  • One of the few marketplaces, the Sorare Marketplace, takes card payments for NFT transactions (but not PayPal).
  • Also, compared to other marketplaces, Sorare wins because of this easy and appealing UI/UX for football fans. 

5. Axie Infinity 

Unlike many other NFT Marketplaces, the Axie Infinity Marketplace only sells characters and stuff from the Axie Infinity environment. As a player. You can own the entire Axie Infinity ecosystem. These players can trade in-game assets or NFTs for digital cash. The game is similar to a digital pet universe because it revolves around imagined creatures. Each player must start with at least three Axis. As the game evolves, the players earn the NFT, which they can trade further. 

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Benefits that Axie Infinity Provides You 

  • On a P2P marketplace, gamers can also purchase or rent their Axis to other players. Axie Infinity functions well since most of the items that players can obtain and acquire can be transferred to Ethereum and subsequently to any fiat currency. Players can also evolve their creatures with in-game tokens.
  • Plus the fees for trading on the Axie Infinity marketplace are very low. 

These were the five most popular NFT marketplaces. Moving on, let’s find out how many NFT users are there. 

Binance NFT.

The Binance NFT marketplace was launched on the 24th of June 2021. It offers a platform for digital creators to trade a variety of digital artworks and collectibles. It is powered by Binance infrastructure, blockchain and community. Finance leverages on its ecosystem, which consists of a large community of users, including. Name artists. It provides a simple and less complicated process for creating NFTS. And they are distinctly categorized into premium art, sports, entertainment, gaming, collectibles and Esports. Each category only supports NFT’s related to it. For instance, the sports category supports only sports and NFT’s on Binance and NFT’s can either be sold on auction or at fixed prices by users.

How Many NFT Users are There? An Overview stated that overall 2.8% of American internet users presently own a non-fungible token, indicating that the United States ranked third bottom in NFT adoption.

However, while only 2.8%, an additional 3.9% of users plan to purchase an NFT. So, according to a rough estimate, NFT adoption in the United States may soon reach 6.7%.

The Country With Most NFT Users:

Regarding the number of users, the Philippines has the highest percentage of NFTs owners, which equates to 32%. Followed by the Philippines, the second spot is secured by Thailand with 27%. And similarly, Malaysia, UAE, and Vietnam stand third fourth fifth with 24%, 23%, and 17%, respectively.

But, here are some of the truths about the number of wages. According to’s analysis, the countries with higher levels of adoption often have a lower average wage for working inhabitants.

People often leave their jobs to make money by trading NFTs or participating in NFTs play-to-earn activities. Furthermore, NFTs may be a gateway into the bitcoin business. However, accounting on exchanges remains tough despite these numbers.

How Many People Are Aware of NFTs?

While NFT uses venture constant in rising, many individuals have not become known to NFTs. Most of the possible NFT users now completely don’t know what NFTs are. Currently, the highest percentage of persons unaware of NFTs overall turns 90%. Followed by Germany with 83%, and the United Kingdom with 79%. And surprisingly, the Philippines has the lowest rate at 49%, joined by Nigeria (52%), and Thailand (53%).

Stats From 2017 to 2022- Analyzing The Numbers

Determining the number of unique wallets that bought or sold an NFT between July and August 2022, can tell how many NFT users there are. And for good, NFT trading activity more than doubled. An increasing number of 185,000 unique wallets makes 280,000 unique buyers or sellers.

After December 2017 and March 2022, August 2022 will be another period of rapid expansion in the embryonic NFT business. The first, in 2017, was associated with the popularity of collectible CryptoKitties.

Activity in August 2022 was most likely driven by purchases of Axie Infinity, which the guide discussed earlier.

How Many NFTs Are There In The World as of 2022?

How Many NFTs Are There In The World? This is a challenging topic to answer because the environment where anyone may easily obtain free NFTs is so fresh and ever-changing. Yet, according to the reports, there are currently over 11 million NFTs in use.

How Many NFT Blockchains Are There?

NFT and blockchain have a great relationship. Previously, blockchains mostly worked for cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets. They have become an important part of the non-fungible token ecosystem. The majority of NFTs live on a blockchain, which is a record of all financial transactions involving a specific coin. But, How Many NFT Blockchains Are There? The answer is 6. 6 blockchains support and store NFTs. 


Founded in 2015. It has now become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, as well as the most often utilized blockchain for creating non-fungible tokens. Ethereum also has a large developer community that works hard to repair any flaws that may arise during its use. Along with that, it has a higher transaction cost than many other crypto blockchains, ranging between $20 and $70. However, the blockchain provides a speed limit of 13 – 15 transactions per second.


Given the significant advantages of Polygon over Ethereum, many NFT developers have shifted to this unique alternative. As a result, minting and exchanging non-fungible tokens on the Polygon blockchain are much quicker and more convenient, cutting most of the costs.

15 Top NFT Marketplaces on Polygon Matic

Binance Smart Chain

With BNB as its native token, it is one of the most used on the Binance Chain. Because of its reduced transaction cost and rapid processing speed, the Binance Smart Chain has grown in popularity. On top of that, this blockchain can handle 55 to 60 transactions per second. Furthermore, just to mention, Binance Smart Chain has its token standard known as BEP-721.


Solana already has several remarkable NFT projects under his belt. The most well-known is Degenerate Ape Academy. Solana has become one of the crypto space’s quickest programmable blockchains. It provides you with numerous outstanding features that let it compete with Ethereum and Cardano. Solana has expanded significantly and currently has a market value of $65 million.

How Many NFT Marketplace are There
How Many NFT Marketplace are There


The Cardano blockchain contains the ability to conduct native crypto (ADA) transactions and develop an ecosystem that supports Cardano-based apps. Cardano has an incredible transaction rate of more than 250 transactions per second. However, it has a layer-2 protocol called Hydra, which claims to increase Cardano’s performance and scale it up to 2 million TPS. However, transaction charges may range from 0.16-0.17 ADA. 


Introduced in 2020, the Flow is a comparatively new blockchain compared to other blockchains. It has, however, swiftly piqued the interest of many specialists, and crypto fans have described it as a viable alternative to Ethereum. Flow commits to making this blockchain the best for clients in terms of user experience, scalability, & composability.

That was all about the NFT marketplace, the number of users, and the number of blockchains. Hope you find this guide helpful. 

How many nft marketplaces are there?

There are 28+ NFT marketplaces are in worldwide. See the list of these Blockchain NFT marketplaces.

What is the largest NFT marketplace?

Binance NFT and Opensea are the largest NFT marketplaces.

What NFT markets are there?

There are 28+ NFT markets are in worldwide. See the list of these Blockchain NFT marketplaces.

Can I list my NFT on multiple marketplaces?

Yes, you are allowed to sell NFT on multiple marketplaces.

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