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50+ Axie Infinity Alternatives and Competitors | Games Similar to Axie Infinity

Are you looking for the best alternative to Axie Infinity, the NFT based game that can help you earn money? Here are...

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NFT based games like Axie Infinity and IGOs (initial game offerings) are the next big things of 2022! Today, In this article, we will take a look at 20+ exciting NFT gaming apps like Axie Infinity which could potentially be the next Axie Infinity.

Are you looking for the best alternative to Axie Infinity, the NFT based game that can help you earn money? Here are 50+ gaming apps like Axie Infinity you should try in 2022.

How to Buy Property in Metaverse

What if I told you that you can make nearly $5,000 per month by playing games on Axie Infinity-like platforms or apps. What if I told you that there are many best Axie Infinity alternatives. As a result, you can earn over $10,000 per month by investing the same amount of time on NFT gaming apps. This article is all about how to make money by playing NFT games similar to Axie Infinity.

Alternatives of Axie Infinity Game of this Week

  1. My Defi Pet
  2. Cryptokitties
  3. Blockchain Cuties
  4. Townstar
  5. Blockchain Monster Hunt
  6. Binamon
  7. Chainmonsters
  8. Monsta Infinite
  9. StarMon
  10. Faraland

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Alternatives of Axie Infinity Game of the Week
Alternatives of Axie Infinity Game of the Week

Let Back to Best Games Similar to Axie Infinity

  1. Trade Race Manager
  2. My Defi Pet
  3. Townstar
  4. Cryptokitties
  5. Binamon

So, there are a lot of NFT Games like Axie Infinity out there in the cryptocurrency space. From my perspective, it comes down to whether or not they’re worthwhile as far as pursuing and what’s getting all the rage right now in terms of Buzz is Axi infinity.

5 Ways to Run Axie Infinity on Mobile Device

Top 5 Alternative to Axie Infinity

S. NoAlternative to Axie InfinityShort Description of Similar to Axie Infinity
1Trade Race ManagerThe First Crypto NFT Trading Game
2My Defi PetGames Similar to Axie Infinity
3BinamonTop App Like Axie Infinity For NFT Gaming
4CryptokittiesNFT Games Platform Similar to Axie Infinity
5Town starThe Best Gaming App Similar to Axie Infinity

1. Trade Race Manager | The First Crypto NFT Trading Game

games similar to axie infinity

We have Invested the same number of hours in Trade Race Manager that we invested in Axie Infinity. And we found that you can double, triple, even quintuple your revenue. This gives you much more bang for your buck in terms of the time you’re investing into the gameplay. This is the best alternative to Axie infinity.

How to Make Money in the Metaverse

Even after the launch of the TRM in 2018. The NFT based platform that is Axie Infinity is still one of the best and most popular crypto games in the world today. Here’s a quick rundown of what Axi Infinity is. TRM works similarly to Pokémon. In this game, the gamer uses creatures to earn money and fight with other creatures.

Axie Infinity is an NFT based online gaming platform and developed on the Ethereum blockchain network. This Axie Infinity is compatible with Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Macintosh operating systems.

2. My Defi Pet – Games Similar to Axie Infinity

axie infinity play store

My Defi Pet is a virtual pet game that incorporates science fiction, collectibles, and your personality. My Defi Pet runs on the Binance Smart Chain, and KardiaChain supported networks. The main in-game currency is the DPET token. During the first phase, it will primarily be utilized for trading, exchanging, and enhancing Pets and their particular abilities.

MyDeFiPet, the best apps like Axie Infinity, brings a unique gaming experience by combining standard game architecture, NFT, and MyDeFi features. Players can gather, breed, and introduce pets into the MyDeFiPet universe to help them combat enemies and earn money with Play2Earn features. The quality of a pet is determined by its genes and attributes. MyDeFi Pet is available on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain right now.

3. Binamon – Apps Like Axie Infinity For NFT Gaming

binamon is the games similar to axie infinity

A COMPLETE METAVERSE OF DIGITAL MONSTERS IN GAMING. Battle the most impressive monsters in the new Play to Earn game!
Ascend the Binamon ranks and earn a berth in the World Rankings! Gaming projects based on the Blockchain Binamon are on a mission to change the way people play online games. Binamon just announced the launch date of its first play-to-earn game. Imagine being able to earn money while playing a game you adore. This is unquestionably paving the way for the next generation of gaming. The Best Alternative to Axie Infinity Binamon will start its play-to-earn game for the entire public to participate in on August 28, 2021. Gamers will be able to play, enjoy, and earn money in an easy and gratifying manner. The play-to-earn game is coming out at the opportune time, with Binamon NFTs already selling for $50,000.

4. Cryptokitties – NFT Games Platform Similar to Axie Infinity

CryptoKitties is a game about CryptoKitties, which are breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures. Each cat is unique and belongs to you entirely; No one can duplicate it, take away, or destroy it. You may breed and adopt Kitties of all colors and shapes in CryptoKitties. Create and share collections of your favorite cats with our breeding community. These two adorable Kitty kittens will join you in class and then depart when the last bell rings. Learn how to play CryptoKitties by watching this video! It’s a different take on Axie Infinite.

5. Townstar – The Best Gaming App Similar to Axie Infinity

Townstar - The Best Gaming App Similar to Axie Infinity

Town Star is a competitive agricultural game. It was created by Zynga’s co-founders, who also created Farmville. Players complete challenges to unlock and receive TownCoin play-to-earn rewards every day, and the top players on the leaderboard win major prizes every week! The best alternative to Axie Infinity’s goal is to develop the most efficient and productive town possible through growing, gathering, and crafting. Will you become a local celebrity?

Town Star is blockchain power NFT Games. And It’s built on Gala’s decentralized network and uses the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs owned by players that provide in-game benefits can be acquired and traded on secondary marketplaces!

Top 20 NFT Games Like Axie Infinity Alternatives 2022

1CryptoKittiesCryptoKitties allows users to gather and breed cute critters known as CryptoKitties. Each kitten has its genome, which determines its appearance and personality. Breeding cats will enable players to make new furry pals and gain access to unique attributes.
2CryptoFightersCryptoFighters is a game based on the Ethereum blockchain that features cryptographically unique collectible combatants. To win new fighters, collect, battle, and level up your warriors!
3CryptoCelebrityUsing Ethereum, CryptoCelebrity allows you to buy and sell intelligent celebrity contracts. Each celebrity has only one smart contract, and once you have it, you are the only one in the world who has it.
4CryptoAlpacaCryptoAlpaca is a decentralized pet-raising simulation game where you can adopt and breed your alpacas. Furthermore, feeding alpacas daily can earn you incentives. It’s a well-designed 2.0 crypto game to push crypto game frontiers. More information is available on our Medium blog.
5CryptoPunksOn the Ethereum blockchain, you can own unique characters.
6CryptocatsOn the Ethereum Blockchain, Crytopcats are adorable little 8-bit cats. Each of these cats’ ownership is recorded on Ethereum. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that powers CryptoCat ownership through intelligent contracts. On Ethereum, applications function exactly as planned, with no chance of censorship or third-party influence.
7CryptoTulipCollectible abstract art based on the Blockchain that you may breed and give to friends.
8Crypto LamboOn the Blockchain, there is only one Crypto-Lambo. Take it from the present owner and claim it for yourself. Put your name and message on the Blockchain, brag about the Lambo on social media, and profit simultaneously!
9PandaEarthPandaEarth is an ERC-721-based social simulation application. Players will be able to obtain pandas from a marketplace, breed pandas, or trade ERC-721 assets in this virtual environment, which has been approved by the China Conservation and Research Research Center for Giant Pandas.
10DuskbreakersDuskbreakers is a blockchain-powered interactive world-building experience and it is the best Axie Infinity Alternatives. The decisions we make as a group will forever affect the path of history in an exciting new parallel reality.
11PAY.GAMEOn the Ethereum blockchain, Pay Game is the ultimate pay-to-play game. That is your score, regardless of how much you pay. It’s a decentralized and verifiably fair re-imagination of my earlier idea high score.
12CryptoDoggies, from BaiduBaidu’s CryptoDoggies are collectible canines based on the Ethereum blockchain, comparable to the summer’s popular CryptoKitties.
13CryptovoxelsLand ownership is stored as an ethereum token in this web-based multiplayer environment, and parcel owners can create using simple in-world Minecraft-style editing blocks.
14HedgieThe Hedgie Game is a blockchain game that is available for free. Use the riches and Curio coins found on your Hedgie’s excursions through the four Curiopia Kingdoms to help it rebuild its civilization! Spend your Curio on armor, equipment, and other goodies to improve your Hedgie’s powers, or spend it at Hedgie-Approved companies in the real world.
15FishbankFishbank is a blockchain-based crypto-collectible game that allows users to breed various fish species, much to how Cryptokitties does with cats.
16EtherTulipsEtherTulips brings Tulip Mania into the twenty-first century with virtual Tulips that can be bought, exchanged, and battled on the Ethereum Blockchain. Unique tulips can be sent on Valentine’s Day, with 25% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross. Tulips come in a variety of colors and looks, and their prices are rising by the day.
17MetacantinaThe metacantina enhances the scholarship process in the play to earn the universe, such as Axie Infinity. You may sign up to be a scholarship manager and start posting scholarships. The applicant can apply for your scholarship by creating an account and a player profile.
18EthmojiEthmoji is ethereum-based emoji baked into the Blockchain, ensuring that yours is mathematically unique.
19EtheremonEtheremon, a blockchain game built on the Ethereum network, ushers in a new era of Game 3.0 in which players have complete control over their game assets. It mixes Blockchain and virtual reality technology to provide players with a fantastic gaming experience. Join Etheremon to collect, train, evolve, and combat other players in exciting battles!
20PandariumPandarium is the pandorable location on the Blockchain. Users can breed and challenge one-of-a-kind pandas. Each panda has a distinct genotype that determines how it looks, behaves, and performs. Users can breed their pandas to produce superior offspring to compete in The Bamboo Valley Tournament and win.


First of all, who are entirely new to the crypto gaming space, Axie Infinity similar games do a great job to provide the right platform to play NFT games, earn money by playing games, and many more. So, If anyone spends near 8 hours a day, they can consider NFT games a career option.

So this does present an excellent on-ramp for that more casual kind of crypto agnostic online gamer. It’s also an exciting way to enter the booming world of NFT’s non-fungible tokens. Suppose you’re serious about making money from Axie Infinity alternative or similar games. There is more potential than you’re already making by playing a game on Axie Infinity, whether full-time or part-time.

We wish you all the very best of luck if you embark on an NFT gaming career with apps like Axie infinity. Best of luck, readers of the Make An App Like.

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