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15 Top NFT Marketplaces on Polygon Matic | Best NFT Polygon Marketplace

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List of best Best Polygon NFT Marketplace of this month

  1. Opensea
  2. NFTically
  3. PlaydApp
  4. Aavegotchi
  5. MegaCryptoPolis 3D
  6. NFTTrade
  7. AirNFT
  8. Neon District
  9. Rarible
  10. Refinable
  11. ZestyMarket
  12. Treasureland
  13. Coinvise
  14. tofuNFT
  15. Venly Market

Blockchain has taken the world by storm, with its myriad applications and tremendous potential across industries. For the uninitiated, blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that streamlines the process of recording transactions and tracking assets. To put it simply, anything of value – either tangible or intangible – can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network.

It has paved the way for the creation of an altogether new form of intellectual property: non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs leverage blockchain for storage in the form of a non-interchangeable unit of data, which can be traded or sold. Digital media such as photographs, videos, and audio are among the several types of NFT data units.

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What is Polygon Matics?

Polygon is a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that allows developers to create scalable, user-friendly dApps with minimal transaction fees while maintaining security. Ethereum has become the go-to ecosystem for creating dApps, which are autonomous applications that make use of “smart contracts”, running on the blockchain system. 

dApps are currently present across 17 categories: exchanges, games, finance, gambling, development, storage, high-risk, wallet, governance, property, identity, media, social, security, energy, insurance, and health.

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In this article, we will discuss the top 15 NFT marketplaces on Polygon. 

1. Opensea – Popular Polygon NFT Marketplace

OpenSea tops our list for having the distinction of being the first and largest NFT marketplace. Its collection of NFTs cover a wide range of categories including Art, Collectibles, Domain Names, Music, Photography, Sports, Trading Cards, Utility and Virtual Worlds.

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Notable NFTs have been submitted by personalities such as DeadMau5 and even institutions like Rhode Island School of Design.

Their website landing page has a live tracker of the top 7 collections across 7 days, creating demand for similar NFTs or those belonging to the same creator. 

The payment wallets support popular options such as Metamask and Coinbase, along with other options such as Autherium, Portis and Torus.

Opensea vs. Solsea vs. Rarible NFT Marketplace

2. NFTically – Polygon Marketplace NFT

NFTically is a Polygon-powered NFT marketplace where you can buy, sell and mint NFTs which are in the form of digital images. These vary from having from simple 8-bit animated characters for your personal ownership to sophisticated paintings submitted by artists for full ownership as NFTs. The various categories include Art, Virtual Worlds, Trading Cards, Collectibles and Utility.

The payment wallets supported for transactions are MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase and Formatic. 

3. PlaydApp – Top NFT Marketplace on Polygon

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As the name would suggest, PlayDapp is a Polygon-based NFT marketplace specialising in video games and purchase of the in-game microtransactions pertaining to them. 

The highlight of their marketplace is the Android-based game “Along with the Gods”. They offer AWTG P2E, a dedicated server that allows players to enjoy AWTG while also earning incentives other than in-game items by completing certain conditions.

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On the P2E server, players can earn rewards by completing daily objectives or participating in weekly PVP tournaments. Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn P2E allows you to earn PLA, PlayDapp’s native token that can be traded on major exchanges including Coinbase, Upbit, and

Other popular dApp games supported are PLAYDAPP Town, Cometh, Playdapp Dragon and League of Kingdoms.

4. Aavegotchi – Best NFT Polygon Marketplace

A screenshot of a video game

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Aavegotchi is an open-source, community-owned NFT gaming protocol, which enables true asset ownership for gamers. This marketplace lets you own an Aavegotchi, which is a yield generating NFT that doubles up as a digital pet. 

The digital pet is a part of a larger NFT-based game known as The Gotchiverse. The Gotchiverse is an open-world, Play-to-Earn role-playing game. The description for the game is to “harvest Alchemica, craft Installations and battle Liquidators to lead your Avvegotchi to victory”.

As of now, the blockchain protocol for the game is based on the GHST governance token, with upcoming support for Gotchus Alchemica and GLTR token.

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5. MegaCryptoPolis 3D – Polygon Matic NFT Marketplace

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MegaCryptoPolis is a decentralised city-building strategy game that runs on multiple blockchains as a dApp (decentralised application). Every action in the game is a transaction completed by the smart contract and signed by the player.

Every item in the MegaCryptoPolis is an algorithmically unique ERC-721 token that is maintained in a player’s wallet. The game’s logic is entirely based on smart contracts, with each action resulting in a verifiable blockchain transaction.

MegaCryptoPolis is based on a decentralised approach, with smart contracts verifying all in-game transactions and all player activity being logged on the Ethereum blockchain.

MegaCryptoPolis 3D allows users to rent properties, create new generations of residents, give services to other players, display adverts, and drive cars, to name a few things.

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Another interesting point about this marketplace is the introduction of MegaVerse. Mega World is the metaverse that will be constructed on top of MegaCryptoPolis, the 3D city-building strategy game. The game is played across multiple networks, with new land plots being created with each new District.

6. NFTTrade – NFT Marketplace Polygon

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NFTTrade is an aggregator platform for all NFTs and also includes a list of crypto farming that allows you to earn crypto-currency via play-2-earn. NFTrade is the first cross-chain and blockchain NFT platform. They are a network for all NFT marketplaces and host the entire NFT lifecycle, allowing everyone to create, buy, trade, exchange, farm, and leverage NFTs in real-time across several blockchains.

NFTTrade also allows you to create NFTs through the purchase of $NFTD, the native governance and utility token of NFTrade.

NFTTrade also provides a sort of barter system that allows you to propose a swap of NFTs based on the perceived value of each of the items.

An important plus point of NFTTrade is that it charges zero transaction processing fees, at the time of publishing this article.

7. AirNFT – Popular Polygon Marketplace

AirNFT is another popular marketplace that can be used to create Polygon NFT and earn Matic, the cryptocurrency used by Polygon. It allows you to mint Polygon NFTs for under a dollar, then trade, mint, and earn Matic with them. ‍

There are various advantages to putting up a Polygon NFT marketplace on AirNFTs, besides from the user-friendly setup.

  1.  Increased reach: for creators, putting their Polygon NFTs on a cross-chain marketplace expands their reach and, as a result, their chances of selling. Collectors who acquire NFTs on a marketplace that supports various blockchains have a better chance of meeting other collectors who are willing to buy their NFTs. Also, as strange as it may seem, any NFTs built on the Polygon network will display instantly on the Opensea polygon dashboard for greater visibility!
  2.  Quickness and Low Cost: Because of its low cost and speed, Polygon has been a popular Ethereum alternative. It’s 1000 times less expensive than Ethereum. You get Ethereum benefits without having to pay for gas.
  3.  Get MATIC: Every NFT collector on the Polygon network earns MATIC (Polygon’s utility token), just like BSC-based users earn BNB.

8. Rarible – NFT Polygon Blockchain Marketplace

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Rarible is a piece of software that allows digital artists and creators to create and sell bespoke crypto assets that represent ownership of their work. Rarible is noteworthy because it is both a marketplace for such assets and a distributed network based on Ethereum that allows them to be traded without the use of an intermediary.

Protocol for the NFT marketplace Rarible announced that it had added support for NFT assets generated on Polygon to its multi-chain extension.

Rarible makes money by taking a 2.5 percent commission on each sale. The company’s business plan is based on an online marketplace. Rarible, which was founded in 2019, has evolved to become one of the world’s most popular NFT marketplaces. It has a total funding of $16 million.

9. Neon District – Best Polygon Blockchain Marketplace

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Blockade Games’ Neon District is a cyberpunk role-playing adventure and the company’s flagship franchise. Players battle to progress through a sci-fi dystopia and gain in-game stuff using the latest in decentralised technologies.

Players collect characters and equipment, build and level up fully-equipped teams, and compete against other players in competitive multiplayer missions or real-time turn-based warfare in Neon Pizza.

Players in Neon Pizza send their pizza delivery teams out to earn more NEON, Juice, and Parts, which they can use to buy loot boxes and level up their characters and equip. You can either be law-abiding citizens of Neon District who deliver pizzas to hungry citizens, or you can take advantage of the system by ambushing other players and stealing their money. Alternately, do both! Whatever path you take, you’ll earn a lot of NEON and badges while rising the ranks of Neon District notoriety.

10. Refinable – Best Polygon NFT Marketplace

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Refinable is a marketplace for next-generation NFTs. It enables you to buy, sell, trade, collect, and produce any form of digital content at a very little cost and in a very short amount of time. Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana are all supported by Refinable.

The goal of Refinable is to create a reliable platform. You can trade valuable and limited pieces of digital art, collectibles, game equipment, and many other digital assets.

The $FINE coin is used by Refinable as a utility and governance token. On Binance Smart Chain, $FINE is a BEP20 token. You will receive additional benefits if you hold verified amounts of $FINE.

Not only can you develop NFTs with Refinable, but you can also trade them using leverage.

11. ZestyMarket – Polygon Matic NFT Marketplace

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Zesty Market is a monetization platform based on the MATIC (Polygon) network. Zesty Market allows you to tokenize digital ad spots and turn them into a non-fungible token.

You can rent those NFTs as ad space to marketers and benefit from the rental. Fees are how Zesty makes money.

Zesty Market promises to provide a way for producers and advertisers to connect without the use of centralised platforms. Advertisers can construct ad campaigns and hire available ad slots that content creators have generated. 

Zesty Market is a public marketplace for the purchase and sale of banner spots in WebXR and virtual environments such as Crypto Voxels.

Banner spaces are represented as NFTs, and the renter has the right to modify the space to display their own banners if they control the NFT.

12. Treasureland – Top NFT Marketplace Polygon

Treasureland is a one-of-a-kind multi-chain NFT exchange. Gas prices are lower, and transactions are faster, thanks to the latest integration with the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon network. You may mint (convert a digital file into a digital asset or crypto collectable) your artwork with Treasureland and sell it on the BSC.

Treasureland’s objective is to develop the blockchain equivalent of eBay by connecting NFT users (creators and customers) in a decentralised manner. Categories include Others, Game, Art, Defi, Utility, Collectibles, Trading Cards, Virtual Worlds and Domain Names.

When you trade at Treasureland Marketplace, you will almost certainly be charged a fee. On the Treasureland, we couldn’t locate any information about fees. Metamask, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, Token Pocket, and more wallets are supported by Treasureland.

13. Coinvise – Most Popular Polygon NFT Website

Coinvise is an open platform where anyone can develop a token and a tokenized community or decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) around it. Their key focus is on developing tools that not only assist in the launch of a token but also provide incentives for contributors.

You may generate, collect, and earn social tokens and NFTs using the Coinvise platform. It allows you to create and trade virtual coins based on their inherent value.

WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet are the two wallets that Coinvise supports.

14. tofuNFT – One of the Polygon NFT marketplaces

Among the Polygon NFT marketplaces, tofuNFT is an intriguing one. is a rebranded version of SCV’s NFT market that focuses on GameFi and collectibles.

They have not only created a clean and beautiful user interface, but they also support a large variety of blockchains.

It’s truly incredible since no other marketplace has ever supported so many diverse chains.

BNB, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Astar, Fantom, Optimism, Cronos, Klaytn, Celo, and many others are among the blockchains they support.

They also have a ranking for collections as well as a Discover feature for new NFTs.

15. Venly Market – Multi-Blockchain NFT Marketplace

Venly is a full-service provider of a suite of solutions that assist the integration of NFTs into existing products, comparable to NFTically. Venly also has a Polygon NFT marketplace, which is still in testing.

Venly wishes to make NFTs more widely available. As a result, they created a marketplace where you can make purchases without using cryptocurrency. You can use a credit card or stable money to pay.

From your Venly Wallet or Metamask, you can then sell your NFTs.

It has all of the fundamental features you’d expect from an NFT marketplace, with the exception of the high transaction fee of 2%.

Venly also created the Venly Wallet, which is one of the many MetaMask alternatives available.

Best NFT Marketplace on Polygon Matics: Top NFT Sites!

NameFoundedBlockchainFeesToken SupportWallet Support
Binance2021Ethereum1% fee for transacting on the Binance NFT MarketplaceBinance tokenTrust Wallet, MathWallet, MetaMask, and Binance Chain Wallet Chain15% Primary Listing FeeAllSupports major payment methods
Rarible2019Polygon5% fee to the buyer and the seller.AllSupports major payment methods
OpenSea2017Ethereum and PolygonLazy minting (no upfront fee) + 2.5% marketplace fee for each saleERC-1155, ERC-721MetaMask, and WalletConnect
Nifty Gateway2018Ethereum20% marketplace feeProprietaryFiat only
Which is the best NFT Marketplace on Polygon?

1. Opensea and Raribile and best and most popular NFT marketplace of Polygon matics.

What are the list of best 5 Polygon NFT marketplaces right now are?

1. OpenSea.
2. Refinable.
3. NFTrade.
4. tofuNFT.
5. Treasureland.

Which is more affordable to sell NFT, Solana or Polygon?

Solana has less gas fees.

Is polygon blockchain good for NFT?

Yes, polygon is most trusted platform for NFTs and blockchain based products.

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