How to Buy Blockchain, Crypto and NFT Domain. 10 Website to Buy Eth Domain

10 Website to Buy Blockchain Domain? How to buy a crypto domain? Buy free decentralized NFT domains. How do I buy an...

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Hello everybody. Today we’re gonna be doing something interesting. We’re going to try a new. Domain name, a crypto domain name.

Should you rush to buy blockchain or crypto domains? If so, tell me the one reason why? Well, today in this article we will discuss “How to buy Crypto Domains” and what are the benefits of blockchain or crypto domains. I’ll share with you the top reasons why you should consider buying a blockchain domain.

If you haven’t heard yet, NFT domains are the newest kid on the blockchain. Blockchain and Crypto domains has the power to change what we do over the Internet today. But before we dive into all of the goodness or crypto domains, let’s take a step back to discuss what traditional domains are.

That way you can truly understand the superpowers behind NFT, Blockchain or Crypto domains. So typically, you interact with a traditional domain. When you go and type into your browser. For eg. is a traditional domain. You are reading this blog even on a traditional domain.

But did you know that traditional domains were built to do so much? They were also built to accept payments and send emails. They had a lot of functionality. As you can see, traditional domains haven’t peaked much more than displaying websites. Yes, we tend to see digital domains on the end and email addresses, but they don’t have much more functionality in context with crypto or blockchain worlds. This is where blockchain or decentralized comes into action.

This might be because centralized servers have controlled traditional domains since the Internet was created. This made a much more difficult for developers to innovate on top of that technology. Luckily for us to check their powers of blockchain and crypto domain opens up a world of opportunities and possibilities if you are a hold one.

OKAY, so you may be wondering, what does blockchain technology do, which makes the crypto domain so special and unique? Well, crypto domains are a suite of spark contracts, a fancy term to describe the software written on a public blockchain.

This means that instead of 1 company controlling your data online, the power is transferred back to you as a user. And by being built with Blockchains, anyone can look of a data stored there, creating a level of ultimate openness and transparency.

On top of that, there is a benefit of enhancing security. Only you hold power to make updates to your NFT domain, which minimizes worries about servers getting hacked or domains getting stolen.

Blockchain give everyone a safe way to surf the Internet and a much more compact way of storing all of your crypto data in one’s face. Recently, domain and digital identity platform unstoppable domains teamed up with major crypto company to launch .blockchain, .NFT domains. Now, 83 million blockchains users can afford a free dot blockchain domain or their wallet under their plan. Now under their plan, 83 million of users will be able to redeem their own free domain.

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So what are the perks involved in having a blockchain domain?

  1. Firstly, it simplifies cryptocurrency transactions by simplifying your wallet address. No longer will you see these jumbled letters. You will now have the option to pick the domain name, which you can use as your wallet address.
  2. Secondly, you can use your domain to receive 275 plus coins and tokens across multiple blockchain networks.
  3. Thirdly, you can log into apps with your domain username, which will act as a universal username for all things on web 3.
  4. Unlike traditional domains, once you purchase this NFT domain, you’re the sole owner of this, and you purchase it for life.
  5. And lastly, you can easily create and host websites, from personal websites to anarchy galleries. The cheap business officer at

Users can only send or receive Crypto as easily as they send an email but own their identity in web3. Unstoppable domains offered NFT domains minting on the polygon blockchain, which are not subject to minting or renewal fees.

Users can also buy new blockchain domains through unstoppable domains and customize them.

There is also the opportunity for users to send Crypto to various other domain extensions like

  1. .x
  2. .NFT
  3. .wallet
  4. .Blockchain
  5. .Crypto
  6. .888
  7. .bitcoin

The partnership of unstoppable domains marks the first custom top-level domain. It gives a unique way to share the dot blockchain name with millions of users of a wallet by offering free blockchain domain NFTS to the users. is trying to support the growth of a web-free space further and give users a sense of identity and involvement in this new, exciting online world.

4 Easy Steps to Buy Blockchain Domains

  1. Visit Unstoppable Website and Signup
  2. Find your desirable domain.
  3. Buy now, using card or crypto payment.
  4. Once you have completed the payment, mint your domain on Polygon for free.
how to mint domain
How to mint domain

Once you complete the minting process, you can directly list it to opensea as an NFT from your dashboard.

How to Sell NFT Domains on Opensea
How to Sell NFT Domains on Opensea

So what do you reckon? Will you purchase your own NFT domain, or will you go after a dot blockchain one? There’s such a wide variety of different options you can choose from. And I like its simplicity and how it removes that jumbled letter Crypto will address and simplifies it into an organized format.

ENS – Buy Eth, Crypto or NFT Domains

The decentralized domain is available at ENS too. Use the search box on the Ethereum Name Service to find the domain of your choice, register it by specifying the number of years, and start using it for transfers.

The dashboard makes it simple to manage your domain. When you have the advantage of utilising your own username, there is no longer any reason to use sandboxed usernames. ENS enables you to choose your own login, save a favourite avatar, preserve personal information, and use the same information across other services.

PeerName – Buy Decentralized Blockchain-Based Domains

Decentralized Blockchain-Based Domains
Decentralized Blockchain-Based Domains

Solana Domains – Buy Domain on Solana Blockchain

The future of domain names is decentralized. Blockchain technology is a mainstay of Bitcoin. We will now assist you in registering your domain names. Follow easy steps mentioned above to register blockchain domains.

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More websites to buy crypto domains

  1. Proton Chain
  3. RIF
  4. Emercoin
How to Buy a Blockchain Domain Extension

Go to an unstoppable website and buy a blockchain domain as a normal domain.

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