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“Content is king,” the phrase alone itself says everything. But, most people forget the most important driving force behind content marketing, which is the content writers. Whether it is web 3.0 or web 2.0, nothing can work without an experienced web3 content writer team, as they are the ones who provide information to power all of these technologies. 

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Hiring a Web3 content writer means multiplying the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with 2X. So, if you want to hire the best web3 content writer for your company, here are some tips from a content writer itself. These tips will help you to know more about hiring content writers and content writing in general, so stay tuned and keep reading.

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What Types Of Content Do Web3 Content Writers Write?

There are various types of content that a writer can write. Writers can have various skills to deliver specific pieces of information. According to what you write about your web3 digital products, you can choose your writer. Just to know more about the basic underline of content writers, here is what you can expect from a content writer to deliver you.


Writers curate blogs around your business market. A web3 writer focuses more on the technology domain you are working in and exhibits your leadership in the industry through the content. Blogs can be web around any topic from your company’s services to the reviews or how a client feels about using your products- meaning absolutely anything. 

Dedicated Articles

Informative content like how-to articles ticks all the basic boxes required to be an effective piece of information. A detailed article works on solving the problems for your audience by strengthening the image of your company in your customer’s minds. 

Guest Post 

Not much different from the blog posts when it comes to delivering guidance to your audience, but the guest posts work more on gravitating the traffic to your website eventually increasing your visibility. The articles are the best when it comes to uplifting brand awareness among your potential customers. 

Website Content 

Guest posts bring traffic to your website, but website content is what turns the traffic into leads. If your official website doesn’t give you the first impression of your potential clients, losing that traffic is inevitable. A web3 content writer can build the content around the niche of your business, so your clients get the answer to the same questions they have been coming to your website to find the answers for. 

Landing Pages 

Being in a web3 business, you already know the importance of a good landing page. The landing pages sell and expert content writers know how to fit the content into the selling criteria. 

Contrast Pages

A content writer can present effective and comprehensive comparisons of your products to let your audience know why your products are better than others available in the market. 

Product Descriptions

To sell the products, first, you have to let your customers have their thoughts about the products and a web 3 content writer knows actually how to do it. They can write an engaging product description explaining the item, its features, and how it benefits the customer.

What is The Process To Hire a Web3 Writer? 

When you are hiring the web3 technical writer you are ordering content that is tailored according to your specific needs. You can freely choose the content you want the writer to write based on your requirements and goals. Before you dive into the process of hiring a web3 content writer, you have to understand the types of writers based on the services. So, let’s get you started.

Freelancer Content Writers 

Many individuals do not work with a company or a firm in an official bond, they can provide you with independent services. Hiring a freelancer can turn out beneficial if you don’t have a lengthy project. 

Otherwise, it can cost you much more than it would have if you hired a company. Also, freelancers often take gigs from more than one project, they might not work as dedicated as you expect. Hiring less costly freelancers can sometimes mean compromising the quality. 

Hiring A Content Marketing Organization 

Content marketing organizations often have an entire dedicated team that works on the content of specific or sometimes different niches. Employing a marketing organization helps if you have lengthy projects with time limits. 

Suppose you have a hundred products on your website. And you want to write the description for all of them in one week. In these types of cases, a content marketing organization is fully capable of delivering the content on time compared to a freelancer content writer. 

Now, let’s get back and know how the hiring process works.

Hiring a storyteller is the most critical aspect of hiring a web3 writer. Storytellers create worlds, groups, and experiences. Yes, understanding copywriting is vital. It is much more important to locate someone with a technical background who can develop a universe from the ground up.

Post Your Requirement

Start the hiring process by posting your requirements. You can post your requirements on professional hiring websites like Upwork. Or, if you have any references for the company or an individual writer, you can go with that. 

Ensure to specify what you need as clearly as possible. Don’t forget to mention that you want to hire a technical writer that has specific knowledge of web3 and the terms associated with it. 

Decide On The budget

Most writers have a different budget depending on the knowledge and experience they have. But having your budget can help you narrow down and focus on your needs. When posting your requirements, specifying your budget will save a lot of time for you and the writer as well. 

Request For a Meeting & Discuss About The Project

You will find most about the writer in their bio portfolio. But scheduling a meeting will eventually help you to build trust with the writer. Also, it will help you discuss the project and how you expect the writer to interpret your project.

Review The Drafts

Once the writer has done initial work on the project, they will usually send a draft to you. And after that, you will suggest any changes you like in the draft. Then you can send it back for the final change. 

Why Choose a Web3 Writer? 

Writers can not only assist in the creation of a large amount of high-quality content for initiatives that require a lot of brainpower to get started but also help you make it marketing friendly. Along with this, there are a lot of other reasons, why you should choose a writer and some of them are as follows: 

Delivering The Projects Timely

You can place 2, 3, or even 4 project orders. You can even order a hundred pieces of content and can expect it to be delivered timely. 

Have A Specific Sets Of Skills 

Web3 writers usually have specific sets of skills to meet their client’s needs. They have profound knowledge of web3 phenomena like crypto, and blockchain, which cuts the research work for you. 

Authentic Content 

If you want to have 100% original content, a web3 writer can deliver that. Plagiarism checking is one of the services that you can expect from most writers. 

Managing The SEO

In order to create marketing content, writers can embed SEO strategies in it. SEO-friendly content will help your brand to be more visible and authentic to your audience. 

Professional Editing

You will receive polished content easily readable to everyone. Your web3 writer ensures that the content fits every criterion of web3 content. 

Error Free 

After hiring a writer, you can expect any grammatical-error-free content, so that it looks good to everyone– from professionals to beginners.

What Should You Know Before Hiring a Content Writer?

Authoritative content creation for a crypto or blockchain firm requires time, expertise, and cutting-edge industry knowledge to appeal to your target audience. 

Hiring a web3 writing team or an individual writer can help you improve your SEO. They can generate new leads, and position your company as a thought leader. You must find and hire web3 technical writer that has extensive knowledge and an exceptional ability to create content relevant to your target audience.

Writers for crypto content should have experience writing blog posts, news pieces, and product descriptions. Along with that, you can also expect the writer to deliver ICO white papers, case studies, guest posts, press releases, and academic papers in the blockchain field. Crypto content writers have to be able to write in a style that will affect their audience.

They should write in the simplest language that your readers can understand. A professional crypto writer should continually strive to practice and learn more about content writing.

Also, remember your requirements are your priority when you are hiring a writer as with them you can easily determine whom you want to hire. Hiring both a freelancer and a company has its benefits. Make sure to take your time before encasing any deal. 

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