How to Change Font Style in FB Post

10 ways to change Facebook font style on posts and messages for Facebook app on Android & iOS. Easy and Free Method

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You are here because you have seen So many people on your Facebook posting messages or post with different fonts. The FB post looks totally different than the standard Facebook interface. Well, in this article, I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this.

Facebook does not provide you with font style options. You have one font style and you will work with this font style through your posts. Needless to say, sometimes this same text code looks dull, especially when you want to post something absolutely fun. But, how to change font on FB post? Well, Facebook provides you with no way directly to change the font.

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This method can work on your Facebook profile, your Facebook group, aiming on your Facebook business page.

However, Facebook allows you to use third-party fonts on the site, so you can ultimately change the font. There are a lot of websites that can deliver you with the facebook font, but here the guide will list some of the most amazing font providers to charm your Facebook posts. So, without making any delay let’s get you started. 

How to change Facebook font style on posts and messages for Facebook app
How to change Facebook font style on posts and messages for Facebook app

How to change Facebook font style on posts and messages

1. Unicode Text Converter  

Unicode is one of the best and easiest options to include fun fonts in your posts. The best part about working with this is that it gives you no drama. All you just need to do is to go on a good search about it and click on the very first link. You will find all the text listed on its home page. 

You can simply copy the text and code you like and paste it on your Facebook feed after editing it. It is so easy to use. However, it has some limitations too. For example, you convert the text for your entire code, rather you can include some portion in the text. 

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2. TextFX

Yet another free tax generator, TextFX is a free font generator. You can create customized text for your Facebook post. You can also use a font maker to spice up your page such that your audience can connect with your services and products more easily.

TextFx uses the font psychology many people overlook while building their Facebook and website pages. Along with a Facebook converter, you can also use this website to learn how different typefaces can help you acquire a firmer foothold inside the online world.

3. Font Meme

Font meme is a popular Facebook font generator also functions as a website font generator. With its many massive collections, you will be exhausted just browsing through them! 

It contains typefaces inspired by popular businesses, so if you want to buy a font you like from, say, a TV series or a viral brand, this is the place for you. They feature three sections, one of which is “Fonts in Use,” which contains all of the well-known fonts for logos and taglines. So, in total it is an all-in-one place. 

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4. Font Generator 

You may copy and paste fancy font styles from the greatest selection of unique, cool fancy font generators for your Instagram profile, Facebook post/comments, Twitter tweets, text or word documents, and anywhere else you can input text.

Font generator’s simple, elegant, and lightning-fast user interface makes it one of the best fancy font generators appreciated by people all over the world. There are numerous font and text generator websites on the internet that use the same standard fonts/text styles but nothing can beat the font generator when it comes to style and sophistication. 

5. Exotic Text

Another free service, exotic test, provides you with the font generator. It is the best free online service and answer for “how to change font in fb post.” It can create cool and attractive fancy fonts without the use of any third-party software.

You can use the exotic text’s Facebook font changer to modify the appearance of your text in comments, bios, posts, and all other text you publish on Facebook. When interacting with others online, might help your comments stick out and appear unique. You may even modify the font on particular emojis.

6. LingoJam

A little bit different from the other text generators, you will find this tool quite easy compared to other tools. It is just as easy to use as any other tool. With it, you can turn text into a collection of fonts for Facebook. It can provide you with attractive fonts that are easy to copy and paste, whether you want cursive writing, emojis, or something in between.

Also, you don’t need to download any program to use this free online font changer. All you have to do is simply input or paste some text into the top box, and create font styles in the area below that you can copy and paste into your Facebook.

7. GlowText 

If you want a glowing answer to your previous question “how to change FB post font,” you might want to check out the Glow Text. It allows you to create stunning text as GIF or PNG files. You can utilize it to improve the beauty of not only your Facebook page but also other websites.

You can create luminous text using this website and then use it on your main website. Also, you may apply movement effects or a special light effect to the text characters to check how the text looks in different typefaces. You can download the text as a PNG file or a GIF file.

9. Graff Writer 

You can utilize the Graffwriter graffiti & graphics studio as your Facebook font convertor. This online web app allows users to create customized artwork for any purpose by using graffiti-style alphabets, graphics, effects, and concepts from the official Graffiti Fonts® collection.

You can freely use it as you are not required to join or register. Also, you don’t have to give up any email information so stay free. Once inside, you can make an endless amount of graphics for banners, buttons, logos, flyers, and other non-commercial uses.

9. Cool Text 

Last, but not least this list has cool text on it. Cool text is online for a free Facebook font generator that can create a unique and eye-catching logo for your company.

You can choose the tone of the text, add a shadow effect, add an image, and do other things to make a great logo for your brand. This text generator isn’t just for words; it can also be used to create fantastic logos for free. To get started, you only need to type in the text, look at the font results, and download the one that appeals to you.

Many aspiring designers may choose to play with this tool to refine their talents before serving clients.

Wrapping Up!

Create and enjoy your posts as now you know how to change font style in FB post. You can turn the boring posts now into exciting ones for facebook using these font converters. You need not be concerned about money because all of the sites featured below are entirely free.

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