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Top 20 Apps To Earn Money By Watching Videos and Ads

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Its 2022 and money earning apps have taken over the market. There are various apps and websites that allow users to watch videos and ads and earn a decent amount of money. 

Wondering how to make your free time productive? Have to ever think about earning Paypal money by watching videos? However, be cautious about which websites you join. With the top 10 recommendations for the most real alternatives, here’s how you can increase your earnings.

And, businesses are also stepping into this idea by sharing half of their revenue with the users. So, it is high time to learn about these apps and collect some cash. 

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To help the users like you, this guide will look into the 20 amazing apps that offer money through the simple tasks of watching videos and ads. Let’s start. 

Top 15 websites to get paid to watch videos online:

1. Swagbucks 

It is one of the most popular rewards sites, with over $450 million in payouts. You can earn money watching new videos online on this website (which are called SBs). Gift cards from well-known retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart, as well as real money deposited into your PayPal account, are available as payment alternatives.

You can choose from a wide range of video categories, such as entertainment, travel, and more. You may also earn money by participating in online surveys, buying with cash back, and much more on the site.

Signing up earns you a $10 bonus, but you can only get it after spending $25 at a store through Swagbucks Shop. Only watching videos will not earn you a sign-up bonus.

2. InboxDollars 

It has handed out more than $59 million in cash to its members. InboxDollars is a reputable site that will pay you to watch films online, with a BBB rating and numerous positive Trustpilot reviews.

On InboxDollars’ video channel, you could watch quite a number of motion pictures in numerous genres. You’ll be able to see how much you can make before you start watching (anything from a few cents to a few dollars), and you’ll be able to watch as many videos as you like. InboxDollars earns cash from massive agencies who need you to peer their material, and it splits the income with you.

As you view more videos, you’ll be able to earn virtual scratch-off cards with cash prizes hidden inside. You can cash out by PayPal, select gift cards, or request a check once you’ve earned $30 in your account.

3. WeAre8

The app allows you to make money by watching videos. However, there is a minor difference. You have the option of contributing to charity in addition to making money.

You can earn money from each video after seeing adverts on this platform and answering a few brief questions.

There are three ways to get your money once you’ve reached the minimum payout amount (£1) from watching brand video advertisements:

  • It could be deposited into your PayPal account 
  • It could be set up to automatically pay your EE mobile bill
  • Or it could be given to a charity of your choice.

An added perk is that sponsors opt for charity every time you watch a video on the app.

4. Kashkick

Kashkick, like the other tried-and-true applications on our list, works with firms who are eager to hear from consumers like you. While Kashkick does not have a dedicated website with the Better Business Bureau, it is a legal service that makes you get paid to watch videos Paypal in a variety of ways.

Users of Kashkick can earn money by watching short films, taking surveys, downloading and playing games, and so on. The reward for each activity varies, and customers who have $10 in their Kashkick account can choose to cash out their profits using PayPal.

You may also earn incentives by referring your friends to Kashkick. You’ll gain a referral bonus if a buddy signs up using your link and completes tasks on Kashkick you will earn 25% commission. This percentage is on complete earnings. 

5. Prize Rebel

It’s a pay-per-click service where users may earn money by watching movies. You can request cash out via PayPal or as gift cards, with a minimum payout of £2. This online membership reward programme pays for watching movies and also offers surveys, online shopping, and bonuses for introducing friends.

Their pay rate is roughly $7 to $10 per hour, which is quite reasonable, and it is available on both iOS and Android, as well as on their website. This platform also provides you with a referral bonus and 20% off your referral’s profits, raffle entries, paid competitions, and extra paid incentives.

6. Vindale Research

It is one of the most popular online survey platforms. Vindale Video allows people to watch a brief video and then answer an associated survey.

However, because there are only a few of these types of surveys available, it’s a fantastic site to sign up for and then keep an eye on for high-paying possibilities.

To put it another way, they don’t have the same large inventory as a site like Swagbucks. This implies you won’t be able to watch videos on a daily basis. Video surveys, on the other hand, are usually among the higher-paying alternatives on this list when they are available.

Furthermore, Vindale is well-known for its long-form surveys, some of which pay up to $50 when completed. Vindale doesn’t have a standalone app, but it’s mobile-friendly website lets you watch movies on both your PC and smartphone.

7. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is a review site where you can earn points for accomplishing a variety of simple tasks. It entails watching intriguing films, listening to music, and participating in surveys.

You can watch google ads and earn money, which include commercials and clips similar to trailers for movies and TV shows.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10 (about £8.15), which is deposited into your PayPal account. You may have to wait up to five working days for your withdrawal request to be executed because they read all of the reviews before issuing payouts.

8. Netflix

Keep an eye out for job vacancies at Netflix if you’re seeking for a full-time job and have categorization abilities as well as a passion for movies and television. Netflix employs a tiny number of (fortunate) editorial analysts (also known as taggers) to tag their material. It shows up in the appropriate categories and is dragged into the appropriate rows on your home screen. That means viewing movies and television for hours on end could be a part of your employment.

For instance, the company recently advertised a position for someone who speaks Spanish and is interested in Latin American content. For film and television content, you can watch, research, rate, tag, annotate, and write analysis reports. For someone who enjoys binge-watching new shows, this seems like a dream come true.

9. Appnana

This is a fantastic site that’s simple to use and completely legitimate. It’s a simple way to get money simply by viewing videos. However, it is not the same as the old “push play” style of forum. The first step is to download and play free apps in order to gain points known as Nana credits.

You can exchange your earned points for cash, gift cards, and affiliate points. Their payment rate varies depending on the activity you choose, such as viewing videos, taking surveys, browsing the internet, and other services they provide. It has a $1 minimum payout and is available on iOS and Android. Referral bonuses and other paid incentives are among Appnana’s supplementary features.

10. My Points 

Watching films, taking surveys, printing coupons, and playing games earn you points.

You can change your points with PayPal money, free gift cards, or even travel points. The site’s minimum withdrawal varies depending on the option you select, but with the multitude of methods to earn on the platform, most users will be able to meet it.

It’s worth mentioning that MyPoints has two distinct mobile apps: the regular MyPoints app and “Daily Scoop,” which is solely dedicated to video content.

Unfortunately, Daily Scoop is only available for Android smartphones, and some users have complained that the video library isn’t always complete.

Spend at least $20 using the MyPoints cash-back shopping gateway to receive a $10 sign-up bonus.

11. Fusion Cash

It makes money from advertising income when you use their site to accomplish things like watch movies. It’s similar to a profit-sharing arrangement for ad money generated by your activity. The more you work, the more money you’ll make. While it is quite simple, the negative is that it might take a long time to make a significant amount of money, and their minimum payout is fairly high at $25.

On the plus side, they provide a $5 welcome bonus to get you started, and you are paid in real money with no withdrawal fees, which is a huge advantage. So, if you’re looking for a means to supplement your income, this could be a fantastic option.

12. InstaGC

It is a well-known online platform for making extra money in your spare time. You can make money with movies, games, surveys, online shopping, and more, in addition to offering films. InstaGC is a gift card-based service, whereas the most of the sites on our list have sought to focus on sites that offer actual money. The site’s redemption mechanism, on the other hand, is really effective. There are over 330 different gift card selections available, with a $1 minimum payment.

13. GrabPoints

GrabPoints, as the name implies, rewards your efforts with points that can be redeemed for prizes. While sites that offer points are less popular than those that offer actual money, one advantage of GrabPoints is that prizes like gift cards and PayPal are often handled within 48 hours, making it one of the fastest platforms for redeeming your points. Unlike many other sites, GrabPoints also allows you to select the channel you want to watch, ensuring that you see more content that you are interested in.

14. iRazoo

It’s an online survey site that also pays for things like watching videos, installing apps, and playing online games. Signing up is completely free. In addition, the company has handed out over $145 million in gift cards and cash to users. Each activity you select gives you points. As a result, you can earn a few dollars at a time and immediately pay out.

15. Viggle

This watch video and earn money app for Android devices allows users to make money by watching TV programmes or listening to music. More than 7 million people have downloaded the app, with more than $19 million in prizes redeemed. Simply by checking in with the Viggle app, you can earn points for viewing TV series and movies on your favourite streaming platforms as well as TV.

Watching shows or listening to music on the Viggle app earns users one point each minute, plus any bonuses (featured shows can earn up to 15X the points). You may exchange your points for PayPal cash, a prepaid debit card, or free gift cards from over 200 different stores.

Keep in mind that Viggle has mixed reviews on Google Play, with many users noting bugs, but it is a legitimate app worth trying out.

Top 20 Apps To Earn Money By Watching Videos and Ads

  1. Acorn Hunt
  2. Creations Rewards
  3. Swagbucks
  4. Rewardia
  5. InboxDollars
  6. GrabPoints
  7. SuccessBux
  8. MakeDhan
  9. FusionCash
  10. Task Bucks
  11. iRazoo
  12. PocketCharge
  13. AppNana
  14. KashKick
  15. Likee Lite
  16. OneAd
  17. ClipClaps
  18. App Trailers
  19. MyPoints
  20. Earnably

1. Acorn Hunt

Acorn Hunt is an amazing app for both powerful platforms like iOS and Android devices. It helps the average consumer earn valuable money by completing simple and quick tasks. It is the easiest for users to watch video and earn money app. Because of these benefits, the app made its entry into popular media outlets such as WSJ, ABC, CNET, and NBC.

Each time the customer completes a task, the app awards them in the form of Acronis. The earning amount ultimately depends on the job. A customer requires a minimum of $10 before the cash-out. And the app mandates all payments through PayPal directly. 

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2. Creations Rewards

Users of Creation Rewards receive a $5 bonus after earning their first $5 within the first 5 days, and their referral program awards users 10% of all friends’ earnings.

When compared to the other options on this list, watching videos with Creations Rewards has a fairly decent payout rate. The fact that this site only requires a minimum of $5 to cash out is something that users appreciate.

If users try the site for a short period and decide they don’t like it, they can easily leave with redeemed points for gift cards or PayPal money.

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3. Swagbucks

Another popular choice among users is Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a popular watch video and earning money app. One of the best things about the app is that it only asks the customers to watch short-term or long-term videos based on their preference. The app offers videos in the categories like fashion, politics, health, food, parenting, and news. 

Along with watching videos, Swagbucks pays for answering surveys, reading emails, playing games, and shopping via their portal.

Once a customer hits 160 points, referred to as SBs, they can request a $1 Amazon gift card. And to earn the cash, the total need limit of the Sbs is 500, which is $5 in PayPal.

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4. Rewardia

The next gem on the list is Rewardia. Rewardia can turn daily activities like games, surveys, referral plans, and more into legitimate money. The money can reach from a few dollars to hundred dollars in a concise time. For many customers, the app is one of the most trustworthy and reliable platforms to watch google ads and earn money.

It uses a point system to mandate the earnings by various activities and reward money. With this app, an online survey has the highest earning potential. The app makes a really good option for people looking to start online earning in less time through simple activities. 

5. InboxDollars

Another legitimate get-paid-to site is InboxDollars, which offers money to watch videos and other activities. Its customers like InboxDollars’ steadiness. Every day, It delivers a new set of short videos to view.

Besides the videos, other options consist of taking surveys, playing games, exploring the web, participating in advertising, and more. On top of that, customers earn $5 just by signing up for the app. 

Customers must have a total of $25 to request a gift card. And to pay with cash, customers must wait until they have $30. The app delivers the money through PayPal, a mail-in check, or a prepaid Visa card.

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6. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is one of the most reliable rewards sites in the world among its users. The app rewards its users for participating in online tasks such as completing surveys, offers, watching videos, and other activities. Some of its users have successfully earned up to $400 per month. On average, all its users can usually earn around $50 per month by spending 1 hour daily on GrabPoints and completing offers. Users can earn an average of up to $1 per survey, which takes almost 10 to 15 minutes on average. The app provides 9 different options to its users to cash out with PayPal or via gift cards at websites like amazon and steam.

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7. SuccessBux

Another legitimate software for watching films for money is SuccessBux. This software allows users to engage in contests, do surveys, and complete easy activities in addition to seeing advertisements. These extra options can help its users earn more money on this site, so take advantage of them as soon as users sign up.

The payout threshold for SuccessBux is $1. Once complete, the few essential tasks users can cash out and do not require waiting to get the cash. 

8. MakeDhan

Users prefer this platform because it is free to use, in addition to its safety and reliability. Users can earn PayPal money by watching videos and playing small quizzes.

It’s also easy to get started with the app. Just download it and go to the “watch videos and win coins options” and everything is good to go. Users can select any video of their choice without any issues. The app mandates the user to inform them of coins, which later convert into PayPal cash.

9. FusionCash

FusionCash provides an excellent incentive right away by providing a $5 sign-up bonus.

To cash out, users must have a minimum balance of $25 in the account, which should not take long. In addition to paying to watch videos, FusionCash pays users to take surveys, refer best friends, listen to music, click ads, and do other things.

New users have a multitude of offers to choose from, and it’s not difficult to earn $25 in their first 30 minutes.FusionCash has an excellent referral program as well. Earn $1 on successful referral confirmation of their email, $2 when referrals complete the Pay-To-Sign-Up offer, and an extra $5 when they cash out.

10. Task Bucks

TaskBucks is a fantastic app that helps users to earn $500 per day by doing things like recollecting and watching videos and taking quizzes and surveys. Hundreds of users trust this app to earn money watching new videos online. It is owned by Times Internet Ltd., which owns the majority of the stake. So there is no doubt about integrity and authenticity. Times Internet Ltd is a brand in and of itself, and TaskBucks is yet another app under their framework that is completely controlled and managed by them.

11. iRazoo

iRazoo pays users to complete surveys, offers, and games. They act as a go-between for users and the marketing firm making them watch videos and earn money from the app. The app presents completing offers, which can pay up to 3000 points or a $5 gift card is the quickest way to make money on iRazoo.Ensure to read the terms and conditions first, especially if the offer requires the user to enter their credit card information. As with competing sites, videos are one of the lower-paying tasks, but they are worthwhile due to their passive nature.

12. PocketCharge

Users can manage personal expenses with PocketCharge. And as the name suggests, PocketCharge is a fantastic app to do so. Users can earn money for daily expenses such as recharges, going out to eat, paying bills, and so on. Users can earn up to $10,000 per month by playing games, taking surveys, referring friends, and doing other activities in this app. Users don’t have to pay anything; all they have to do is sign up and start earning. On signup, PocketCharge offers $10 in the PocketCharge wallet and $15 for the first referral code.

13. AppNana

AppNana provides users money for playing games that pay via PayPal. Unlike many paid mobile game apps users can download the app on IOS. 

Another unique feature of this gaming app is the ability to watch videos in exchange for cash bonuses

However, the videos are large advertisements and only pay between 5 and 10 Nanas whereas the average game pays a few thousand Nanas. So, users can decide what they prefer and want. It is one of the apps for users, who love to play games and watch some here and there. 

14. KashKick

The app pays users to complete surveys, watch videos, and even browse the internet. Users can choose from a variety of simple tasks and complete as many as they want.

Users’ feedback from completing each task assists companies in improving their products, and users are compensated for their participation.

The best part about KashKick is that users are paid to watch videos via PayPal – no gift cards or points are required.

15. Likee Lite

The app is a creation of Bigo technologies and has gained immense popularity. Its users can make income by watching videos, as well as the unique content they upload on the app. Users can own videos to Likee Lite and get paid when others watch them.

Earning money with the app is simple and easy because all users have to do is watch any video they want. Other ways to earn Paytm cash with Likee Lite include sharing videos on Whatsapp with friends, daily check-ins, and referring the app to other friends.

16. OneAd

OneAd offers users the ability to watch videos and earn Paytm cash. Users can earn decent Paytm cash using this app because there are numerous ways to earn money aside from watching videos.

Play some enjoyable and satisfying Paytm earning games and all a user have to do is watch videos to earn Paytm cash.

This app, too, has a decent rating on the Play Store, with 1,91,979 reviews. This is excellent evidence of One Ad’s dependability. Users can redeem the cash they have earned with the help of bank withdrawal, Paytm, DTH, and mobile recharge. 

17. ClipClaps

ClipClaps is a relatively new app that has quickly gained popularity. Users get paid to watch videos PayPal. At the time of signing up, users can receive $1 and more automatically. Otherwise, upon registration, all new users receive a Diamond Chest. There are numerous prizes in this Diamond Chest.

For example, users can win a reward containing 500 points and raffle tickets for free Amazon gift cards. Earn even more money by referring friends. A user will get $1 if they sign up using the user’s promo code or link.

Once a user has earned a certain number of points, they can exchange them for direct deposits to their PayPal account.

18. App Trailers

App Trailers is a mobile advertising platform where members get paid to watch movie trailers and app-related videos. The platform also includes videos of games, music, and TMZ. Through a 2015 acquisition, now owns the platform. Users only need to download the free mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices in the iTunes App Store. A user gets 5 points for watching a video and 50 points for signing up. Once a user has 500 points, they will be able to cash out via PayPal. Otherwise, the user must earn 5,000 points to obtain the available $5 gift cards.

19. MyPoints

MyPoints is best known as a shopping portal that offers cash back.They’ve collaborated with numerous online retailers from around the world and have included all of their affiliate links on their page.

They earn a commission every time users click a link and shop at a retailer of one’s choice. Instead of keeping this money for themselves, they return it to the user in the form of cash. Every time a user shop, users can expect to earn between 1% and 10% in cash back. users not only earn points for shopping online. MyPoints also allows users to earn free money by watching videos on their mobile app.

20. Earnably

Earnably is yet another micro-tasking website that pays users to play online games, take paid surveys, watch videos, and refer friends.

This is not a passive income generator because users must click “Next” to watch the next videos. Most users discover that they can earn a good amount of money simply by referring their friends. till now it is one of the best apps to earn money by watching ads PayPal. A user gets a 10% bonus on whatever they earn for the rest of their lives. To cash out for PayPal cash or gift cards, users must have a minimum of $5.

The quantity users can earn from watching a video on this app isn’t as high as the other items on this list, but it’s still a good source of income.

These are the apps that offer a great amount of money without any heavy previous investment. So, download any of the apps and start earning now. 

The Best Websites To Get Paid To Watch Videos Online 2022

#App/WebSite NameGoogle Play RatingiOS Rating
1Swagbucks Video4.0 with ‎15,186 votes4.4 with ‎39,188 reviews
2InboxDollars3.9 with 102,119 votes4.5 with ‎136,118 reviews
3MyPoints4.0 with ‎3,105 votes4.3 with ‎2,858 reviews
5Vindale ResearchNANA
How do you get money on Paypal from watching videos?

There are many apps that pay directly to Paypal by watching videos. Here are the top 3 apps to earn money by watching videos.
1. Acorn Hunt
2. Creations Rewards
3. Swagbucks

How much money can you make watching videos?

You can earn up to $500 by watching videos.

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