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play to earn crypto nft games

NFT games are changing the trend by achieving success after success. Many people are increasingly shifting to NFTs for digital investments. Whether believe it or not, NFT is the future of assets. They’re safe, encrypted, and reliable. Most significantly, there is no possibility of theft.

Top 50 Metaverse play to earn

Many companies are launching NFT games with the introduction of the NFTs concept. They include games on racing, football league, vinyl toys, clan wars, and other topics. If you are planning to invest in NFT projects, then you must read this blog since we will discuss the Top 10 Play to Earn Crypto Games & Play to Earn NFT Games in 2022.

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What are P2E games in 2022?

Play to earn games allow their customers to earn money in the form of cryptocurrency. Traditional games are being launched on blockchain technology to offer the gaming business a unique twist.

Users will have total control over in-game objects such as lands, characters, weapons, etc. All the in-game objects are NFTs with a market value of millions of dollars.

NFTS is a completely encrypted and secure kind of digital money that is indivisible and holds unique identities. That’s why so many people are trading with crypto these days, particularly NFTs. Users can control in-game things in the following ways:

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  • Earn money in the form of rewards.
  • Purchase in-game from Blockchain market.
  • Create new characters and breed the existing ones.

All in-games objects are completely owned by you and you may sell them anytime at millions of dollars.

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What are play to earn NFT games?

ṆFTs are drawing a lot of attention from all over the world and users are heavily investing in them digitally. But before knowing what nft games are, let us first understand what NFT is.

NFTs are blockchain-based digital assets that can be related to arts, such as paintings, images, music, or tweets. Each NFT has its own uniqueness and is completely secured. Many NFTs are valued over millions of dollars and can be purchased, sold, or traded.

Play to earn NFT games are popular since they provide a source of income for many individuals. NFT may be anything in a game, including in-game goods, characters, weaponry, ad more. As a result, you may make a lot of money just by playing the game.

NFT-based games are the future of the blockchain industry, you must give them a try!

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Top 10 Play to Earn Crypto Game & Play to Earn NFT Games in 2022

The following is the shuffle list of the top play to earn crypto and play to earn nft games:

1. Ethlas Metaverse – Best Play to Earn Games of 2022

Ethlas is a free to play metaverse that allows players to earn as they play. Their aim is to be the bridge that onboards the next one billion users into the blockchain metaverse by enabling anyone and everyone to have fun.

If you are still looking for free to play crypto games to earn, Ethlas’s game portal hosts a multitude of games that are casual and enjoyable. As a player, no initial investments will be needed to start! In fact, you might already have the skills needed for these games. If you love popular games such as Wordle, Candy Crush and Flappy Bird, why not play them on Ethlas to start earning gems–aka money! From puzzles to arcade genres we guarantee you’ll love our games!

Get the highest score on the leaderboard to win more gems. You can even earn additional rewards through creating Tiktoks about Ethlas or your gameplay for the leaderboard. For the competitive ones, you can join the tournaments to play 3v3 against others and win more gems!

Gems are the in-game currency and eventually they can be easily converted to $XGEMs using a Metamask wallet. The $XGEMs can be spent on in-game purchases or used for staking events in Ethlas. By joining staking events or staking $XGEMs in the Tree of Life, players will earn additional rewards or even Ethlas’s Elemental NFTs.

 2. Axie Infinity – NFT Game

Axie Infinity is among the top play-to-earn crypto games in 2022. The game is quite similar to the Pokemon series. Nonetheless, the designers have used unique finishes to create a fantastic final product.

Axies Infinity contains many adorable fantasy animal creatures known as Axis. As a player, you can collect a large number of them, grow them and utilize them as a battler player and the best part is that you can trade them as digital pets.

They have also launched their Defi coin called Kalana, based on the DEx exchange of the same number to help gamers in converting their earned tokens into ethereum. 

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The main goal of Axie Infinity which is Ethereum based is to play-to-earn crypto. This game appreciates its player’s time and work by rewarding them. Each token has its own unique identity that makes them safe to trade. Furthermore, you can exchange these tokens for other ethereum tokens as well.

Free to play:

No, Axies Infinity is not a free play-to-earn game and you will need at least 3 Axis to start playing. The price of each Axis varies depending on the traits they offer.

Total trade:

Axie Infinity is one of the most costly NFT projects in 2022. It expects to make $1 billion in sales this year, with a market worth of roughly $42 million, thus making a new record.

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3. The SandBox 3D – Popular Play to Earn Games in Cryto Category

Experience the next level of excitement with The SandBox 3D. It is among the popular free-to-play nft games that are voxel-based Metaverse NFT games where players can easily buy, own and develop their gaming assets plus engage in visual asset trade. You can build your own games, design them you want to without any restrictions in this game.

The SandBox 3D gives players a major competitive advantage when it comes to manipulating and monetizing voxal based assets. You may purchase a variety of tools here to create visual animals in-game eventually sell them on market. 

Undoubtedly, this game is a blockchain version of Minecraft.


SandBox 3d is supported by the Ethereum blockchain. NFT tokens are also the lands of these games. 

Free to play:

The Sandbox 3D is a completely free game. The NFT marketplace allows you to buy and sell in-game stuff.

Total Traded:

The Sandbox 3D is a wonderful option if you are searching for some digital real estate, as its first land NFT coins were sold for $8.5 million in less than a month. It has a total trade volume of around $700 million in the Metaverse Gaming Environment.

4. Guild of Guardians – play to earn crypto games 2022

Guild of Guardians, like many other NFT games, is based on a fantasy concept with heroes, dungeons, and resources to collect. In this game, there is no concept of PVP (Player Vs Player). You need to concentrate on building the guild and battling monsters in dungeons to gain gems which is eventually the game’s currency. 

The game developers are working hard to make it a play-to-earn game, which means you don’t have to purchase anything in-game and can instead focus on enjoying it at your leisure. A new game is expected to launch in 2022.


Ethereum is the blockchain technology that supports the Guild of Guardians.

Free to play:

Yes, the Guild of Guardians is a completely free-to-play mobile RPG game that primarily focuses more on the skills and strategy of the player rather than requiring them to spend money.

Trade Volume:

We can’t disclose anything about the entire trading value because of the launch’s upcoming date.

5. Sorare – play to earn NFT games

Sorare has proven to be a game-changer in NFT so far. It’s a football-themed fantasy game where real players eventually play on the real pitch. With the use of Player Digital Cards, Sorare allows its players to form a visual team of 5 players. The visual team is then ranked according to the performance of the players who participate in the match. 

Sorare gives rewards to the players in the form of Ethereum, the second most expensive cryptocurrency so far. Players own their rewards which can be sold anytime on the crypto market. The Sorare license presently has a large number of clubs legally linked with it. For instance, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, and other well-known soccer teams are amongst them.


Sorare is a card game that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. To participate in the weekly football tournament on Sorare, players must collect or in any case purchase digital player cards.


Sorare is the best NFT game to earn money, which is entirely free. Sorare has 4 different types of cards:

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Super-rare
  4. Unique

When a person completes a specific job in the game, they will receive a deck of random cards.

Total traded:

Sorare’s digital player cards are nearly about $150 USD and the game’s total transaction in 2021 was estimated to be around $680 million.

6. Revvracing – play to earn crypto & NFT game

Revvracing is among the popular cryptocurrency earning games. This blockchain-based game incorporates the concept of motorsports. Revvracing is a dynamic car game built entirely on blockchain technology to bring new gaming concepts to the table. It is the usual 3D driving game on your pc but it includes lots of new NFT- in token games items. If you win the game, you get Revv plus a variety of other fascinating rewards. 

The game will make you feel a true sense of ownership because there are various in-game items such as cars and drivers.

The game’s NFT tokens can be upgraded in a variety of ways including cars, helmets, suits, drivers, bolts, and more.


Revvracing is introducing motorsports to blockchain games. It is a blockchain-based game that builds games on Polygon blockchain technology that aims to advance the gaming industry. The game also has its own currency- Revv which is backed up by polygons and you can trade them in the market in the form of a Polygon.

Free to play:

All you need is a Metamask wallet to start playing the game.

Total Traded:

So far, Revvracing has a market value of around $87,414,393. One rev is nearly worth $0.316903 in 2021 so far.

7. Illuvium – best play to earn games

Illuvium is among the best play-to-earn games that use blockchain technology. According to the developers of the game, this game features 3D special effects and provides thrilling experiences for its players.

In this game, you play a transport ship that has to go through tough situations like extreme weather, GPS error, ship breakage, and many more. The player will be a member of the ship.

Since it’s a play-to-earn game, players will receive several in-game rewards in the form of ILV tokens. Moreover, you can purchase and sell ILV tokens at an open market or on the NFT marketplace.


Illuvium is a cryptocurrency that is entirely built on Ethereum technology. The ILV tokens in the game are backed by Ethereum and sold on the Ethereum marketplace.

Free to play:

Illuvium is a free-to-play game. Collecting illuvial and tracking them down will earn you rewards.

Total trade:

ILV tokens are now available on the market, thus, having a market value of $838 million. Its value is likely to go up with time. 

8. Metawars – Popular p2e Games of 2022

Meta was introducing the gaming industry’s future since it existed in the 1950s. Meta used to be a science-fiction game set in the universe that supports multiplayer strategies. Players are free to explore the universe’s beautiful galaxies while also facing several challenges.

This play-to-earn game lets users collaborate, discover new galaxies, and complete various tasks. They get a $War token and limited-time robots as NFTs from completing tasks. These $War tokens are in-game rewards that can be converted into cryptocurrencies whenever you want to sell them.


Unlike many other games, Metawars does not rely on Ethereum, on the contrary, it uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. Meta was a decentralized program that allowed players to use a standard web browser to access this gaming feature.

Free to play:

Yes, however, in order to play this game, you must first link your Metamask cryptocurrency wallet.

Total Trade:

The $War token now has a maximum of $4.4 million, however, this will change as the game gets popular.

9. StarAtlas – free to play NFT games

Let us discuss the future since StarAtlas has already bought 2620 for us. Its trailer is quite exciting, with an amazing cinematic vision of the game that promises a lot of space with great strategies. This play-to-earn game has a space theme and employs the unreal 5 engines which are well known and groundbreaking.

In the coming years, this game is expected to be a huge hit. Its format indicates that space ships will be scattered across space, hence, exploring and discovering several galaxies. You can have complete control over terrestrial and celestial assets plus on other mines which you can trade.


Solana Blockchain supports StarAtlas. Solana supports 2 different currencies in this game one of which is ATLAS and the other one POLIS. In-game currencies can be sold in the form of Solana on the crypto market.

Free to play:

To begin this game, you must first set up a Solana wallet. No, this is not a free-to-play game and actually costs you nearly 0.0006 ATLAS to begin.

Total trade:

The present StarAtlas price is $0.3148 with a trading volume of $8,164,068.38.

10. Aurora Project – Best cryptocurrency earning games

Aurora Project is one of the best play-to-earn games which is another hit for Solana in the year 2022. Aurora Project is a fantasy-themed game that focuses on education as a vital component. The creatures in the Aurora Universe are known as Lefties which are features in this play-to-earn game. This game has both PVE and PVP elements. In order to gain rewards, players can team up to fight many battles.

The game has its official currency named AURY tokens. By simply playing the game in PvE mode, and completing adventures players can easily collect AURY tokens. The company is therefore working hard to launch its smartphone version for this game.


The Solana blockchain is used by the Aurora projects and Solana backs up all AURY tokens to preserve their unique identity. Under Solana, you are free to sell, purchase, and trade AURY tokens on the native marketplace.

Free to play:

Yes, you may play Aurora Projects for free and you can also buy in-game items to enhance the power of your gaming attacks.

Total traded:

Aurora Project has made a $108 million trade with an AURY worth $1.55 billion. 

11. DragonsGet cryptocurrencies by playing in NFT blockchain game!

Crypto Dragons - Earn NFT
Crypto Dragons – Earn NFT

Dragon is among the leading cryptocurrency earning games which is a  fantasy-themed game where you can train, level up, and evolve dragons into high-quality traits. The game’s major theme is Dragons, and you will many of them, each with its own set of traits and characteristics. In this game, NFT tokens represent dragons with excellent traits and qualities. You must raise them to a legendary level prior to sending them to the war.


In this game, the economy is based on the players. Dragon features blockchain-based CYT coins that you can easily sell on the NFT marketplace since CYT employs BEP-20 technology.

Free to play:

Dragon is a completely free game and moreover, it can be installed without the use of a crypto wallet account or a third party. You just need to simply download this game to get the most out of it.

Total trade:

Dragon, as we all know employs CYT tokens which cost nearly 0.02811 USD each.

Which is Best 5 Play to Earn Crypto Games to play in 2022?

1. Plant VS Undead
2. Gods Unchained
3. Axie Infinity
4. Gala Games
5. Illuvium

Which is most popular NFT P2E game?

Axie Infinity is most popular P2E NFT game of 2022.

Blockchain technology enables real-world trade of non-fungible tokens sector in billions of dollars (NFTs). There are even digital economies where you may get paid to play!

Play-to-earn games are those that allow players to engage in gaming activities such as battling, breeding their in-game characters, performing quests, or accomplishing other tasks in order to earn money.

  1. Plant VS Undead
top play to earn crypto games
top play to earn crypto games

2. Gods Unchained

top nft games play to earn
top nft games play to earn

3. Axie Infinity

best nft games to earn money

4. Gala Games

free to play nft games
free to play nft games

5. Illuvium


Now that you have reached the conclusion of the blog, you should now have a better understanding of NFT games and how blockchain technology is helping in the transformation of traditional games into learn-to-play games.
We have spent a lot of time comprising the list of the Top 10 Play to Earn Crypto Games & Play to Earn NFT Games in 2022. We hope that the list will help you make a wise decision while choosing any one game among them.

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