Top Real Daily Life Machine Learning Case Study | Case Study of Machine Learning 2022

Top 10 Real Life Machine Learning Case Study of 2022. Application of Machine Learning in Sciences and Biotechnology

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machine learning in daily life

Machine Learning is a subset of Algorithms that can enable computers to perform tasks without explicit programming or Algorithms to learn without precise programming. Practical learning is related to machine learning in the form of AI programs with the ability to read and think as human beings. Deep learning is related to Deep Mind. It is a small set of machine learning where neural networks become accustomed and learn from big data.

Scope of Machine Learning:- 

From the past, we can still see that technology influences our way of life making our work easier. As we see technology is almost universal. If you think machine learning has a better future then it could be the best job you can choose from many opportunities you will pay a higher salary. Well, you can contribute to the growth of the Earth through machine learning. This field grows day by day, Learn the basics of Machine Learning to understand it better.

Machine learning is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence. It helps to build automated systems that can read on their own. Then, the system improves their performance through experiential learning without human intervention. This enables machines to make data-driven choices.

Machine learning is a great way to work. According to a 2021 Annual Report, Machine Learning Engineer is a leader in terms of salary, post-growth, and general demand.

The global e-learning market is projected to grow from $ 8.43 billion in 2019 to $ 117.19 billion by 2027. … Machine learning has the potential to bring about dynamic change in all industries. With machine learning so prevalent in our lives today, it is hard to imagine a future without it.

Top 10 Machine Learning Algorithms for Beginners

Top 10 Real Life Machine Learning Case Study of 2022

1) Uber: –

When there is something simpler, a more complex concept hides inside. It is very easy to save time with Uber. Therefore, we owe the machine learning algorithms used by Uber to determine arrival time and destination. The technology analyzes previous trips and uses this data to measure the effectiveness of your trip.

Machine Learning and AI at Uber
Machine Learning and AI at Uber

The Uber ML platform is named after Michelangelo. It covers all ML workflow: Uber engineers can benefit from automated data management, training, analysis, and forecasting. The forum is used in UberEATS to estimate how long it will take to cook and deliver.

2) Spotify: –

Among all the music resources Spotify has become the first company to compile a few song analysis models. If you are one of those 100 million users who have just opened a new playlist to check out what Spotify has in store for you, you may want to know what machine learning algorithms are behind it. This is a mix of each of the 30 songs you’ve never heard of, but you’ll love it. This is called Discover Weekly, and it works like magic.

Spotify Home with Machine Learning
Spotify Home with Machine Learning

Spotify knows your favorite music better than anyone else. Every week you can find a selection of the best tracks you could find on your own.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO): –

Search engines like Google use machine learning algorithms to improve search results. Algorithms track our response to the results we are shown. For example, if the generated results are effective and useful to the user, the user will stay on the web page longer, and this can help search engines learn that the generated results are relevant to the query. Conversely, if the results are not helpful and the user goes to page 4 or 5 of the search results without opening any webpage in the middle, the search algorithm will detect that the results were not working properly and did not serve the purpose.

4) Recommendations for Online Shopping: –

There is no doubt that online shopping has taken over the retail market over the last few years. Online shopping offers great information on many product options, competitive discounts and comes with a local delivery location. These days, you may notice that when a user searches for or buys a product from a website or app, the same or similar products are recommended to the user on his or her next visit to the app. Product recommendations are made based on website or application behavior, previous purchases, favorites or wish lists, and finally, purchased items. This enhancement for purchases is due to ML running behind the app or websites.

5) Translation: –

One of the most common machine learning tools is language translation. Machine learning plays a vital role in the translation of one language into another. We wonder how websites can translate from one language to another easily and provide context as well. The technology that supports the translation tool is called ‘machine translation.’ It has enabled people to communicate with others from all over the world; without it, life could not have been as simple as it is now. It has given confidence to travelers and business partners to safely enter foreign lands with the assurance that language will no longer be a barrier.

6) Netflix: –

The power of Netflix is ​​found in the search engine. And machine learning is part of the process of finding the most appropriate TV programs based on user data and preferences.

Machine Learning Algorithm Boosting Entertainment Sector

Machine Learning Algorithm Boosting Entertainment Sector

Netflix was one of the first companies to use a combined filter to create a recommendation model that uses user ratings. By analyzing ratings Netflix can understand which movies can recommend to other “similar” users.

Recently, to improve user experience, Netflix has even begun to select covers for content that is particularly appealing to a particular viewer. The Netflix development department has explained how the personal algorithm works. It may indicate a character or an amazing time depending on the user’s taste acquired by machine learning algorithms.

7) Google Maps: –

No wonder the search engine uses machine learning to help us quickly find things online. The newly acquired machine learning technology in Google Maps improves service utilization.

Smart algorithms detect street and object names in images taken by Street View vehicles and increase the accuracy of search results.

In early February 2017, Google introduced a new feature in the Google Maps service, which allows you to determine the amount of parking activity. To teach the algorithm, engineers from Google learned the details of how easy it is for drivers to “find” a parking space and measure the time spent in the process. After that, the company cleared unimportant data: drivers living in private parking lots, and taxi drivers. Google has determined that when drivers drive in circles the same way, finding a parking space is quite difficult.

Traffic Alerts

So, how do you know that the route you take is the fastest route despite the traffic being high?

With the help of machine learning algorithms and with the combination of multiple factors like historic data of that route, and some real-time techniques you can check  the following aspects:

  • Your location
  • Your average travelling speed
  • Answers to the questions like ‘does the route still have traffic’?
  • Day, time, and any specific occasion

8) PayPal

Neural networks and machine learning algorithms allow you to collect and analyze large data sets – dates and exact time of purchase, location, customer information, and customer behavior. In-depth training technology is used in the PayPal online payment system: to protect customers, the company has developed a large system for collecting and analyzing ethical patterns.

machine-learning algorithms are used by PayPal to detect and combat fraud. Using in-depth learning strategies, PayPal analyzes customer data and assesses risk more effectively.

9) Yelp’s Photo Classifier

We all know Yelp as your destination for finding a comfortable place to hang out with your friends. Ratings, reviews, photos, addresses, working hours – all listed there. With more than 2.8 million local businesses registered on Yelp – you have a choice. What do we all consider when choosing a location? That’s right, good pictures. That’s why Yelp needs to keep up with millions of photos every day. How do they do it?

Yelp uses machine learning algorithms to automatically automate image processing and improve user experience. By using a photo classification service that recognizes and sorts images according to their types and classes, the company can easily process millions of photos every day. It also displays the most relevant images based on user preferences.

10. Stock Market Signals Using Machine Learning

Predicting stock market prices was a tough job earlier, but with the help of machine learning algorithms traders can now make steady decisions and it also helps in identifying social sentiment scores, analyzing technical indicators, and giving meaningful outcomes to stock traders.

Importance of Machine Learning in Daily Life

Real World Case Studies For Machine Learning in 2022

  1. Retail Store Sales Prediction
  2. Telecom Network Disruption Challenge
  3. Restaurant Sales Prediction
  4. Credit Card Fraud Detection
  5. Inventory Prediction
  6. Diabetes Prediction
  7. Caterpillar Tuber Pricing
  8. Breast Cancer Prediction
  9. Coal Production Estimate
  10. Heart Diseases Prediction
  11. Player Salary Prediction

Major Big Companies Using Machine Learning Technology in their Applications.

  1. Machine Learning Case Study on Harley Davidson
  2. Machine Learning Case Study on Sky
  3. Machine Learning Case Study on Yelp
  4. Machine Learning Case Study on Trendyol
  5. Machine Learning Case Study on Dell

Daily Life application of ML in Yelp

While Yelp may not appear to be a tech firm at first appearance, Still it is utilizing machine learning to enhance the user experience.

Yelp’s machine learning algorithms make it easier for the company’s human employees to gather, categorize, and label photographs. Because photos are almost as important to Yelp as user ratings, the company is constantly working to improve its image processing. The company is now serving millions of users as a result of this.

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Application of Machine Learning in Sciences and Biotechnology

  1. Supply chain optimization
  2. Development of microbiome therapeutics
  3. Personalized therapy in ovarian cancer treatment
  4. 3D Bioprinting
  5. Research publication and database scanning for biomarkers of stroke
  6. Mental illness prediction, diagnosis, and treatment
  7. Predicting heart failure in mobile health
  8. Precision medicine for a rheumatoid arthritis blockbuster

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Machine Learning Use Cases in eCommerce Industry Right Now

#eCommerce Machine learning Case Study | ML in e commerce
1 Smart Search to find the right ecommerce product using ML
2 Recommendation Engine that Increases Your Revenue
3 Price Optimization with ML in ecommerce
4 Customer Lifetime Value Estimation
5 Churn Prediction to Prevent Them Going to Competitors
6 Inventory Management or stock management with ML
7 Returns that Do Not Steal Your Money
8Machine Learning-based Chatbots in the ecommerce industry
9 AI-Driven CRM for Less Routine and Better Sales Processes
10 Fraud Detection for Eliminating Cheats with ML
11 Making Logistics Cost-Effective


Machine Learning can be Supervised or Unchecked. If you have a small amount of data and data with a clear label, select Supervised Reading. Unattended reading can often provide better performance and results for larger data sets.

Machine learning is part of practical wisdom. Instead of relying on transparent systems, a system in which computers use a larger set of data and use “training” algorithms – self-training – and make predictions.

The field grows, and the sooner you understand the scope of machine learning tools, the more you will be able to provide solutions to complex job problems.

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