Importance of Machine Learning in Daily Life | Why Do We Need Machine Learning

Machine Learning Has Changed The Scenario of The Modern World: Know How?

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machine learning in daily life

In this technologically advanced world, several technologies have been revamped, making life more accessible than before. Amongst all technologies, machine learning has made it a separate space and become a new normal. Machine Learning is one of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) branches, empowering the future potential by offering ample benefits to different industries. In a recent report given by Grand View Research, the machine learning market will reach 96.7 billion dollars in 2025. 

We cannot deny that machine learning is gaining importance, and over the next few years, the companies using machine learning will increase to the peak. It is considered amongst the most significant innovation and paving the way towards a better and modern world. This innovation in technology makes machine learning grow progressively. Recent data reported by GlobeNewswire the value of the global machine learning market was $8 billion in 2019 and is likely to reach USD 117 billion by the end of 2027 at a CAGR of 39%.

For the industries that stand ahead of competitors, it is a must for them to take machine learning into account and opt for it in different segments. Knowing about machine learning is essential for industries to rule the modern world. Keep reading the post to have a brief overview of machine learning, its uses, and how it is changing the future perspective. 

Why do we need machine learning?

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence that allows machines to learn and understand algorithms. This algorithm later learns from real data and generates a model helping us to know what class or type is new data.

It scans the things around and provides a detailed summary of it, helping industries test quality and predict problems within the machine and materials. In short, machine learning is a solution to many challenges that enterprises face within their internal operations. 

Top Industries That Are Using Machine Learning To The Peak

Machine learning has come a long way, helping every segment grow and bring forth their capabilities in the best possible way. Here are a few of the sectors that are leveraging machine learning to the fullest. 

Use of Machine Learning in Healthcare

To understand the importance of machine learning in daily life, the healthcare industry is the best example. Gone are those days when the healthcare industry takes time to look out for the patients, check their bodies and provide them reports after days. With the innovation of machine learning, the proliferation of wearable sensors and devices has made the lives of healthcare professionals and patients more manageable.

Such sensors are best at monitoring the pulse rates, oxygen levels, sugar rate, sleeping patterns helping doctors to understand their patients effectively. The importance of machine learning is not limited to this only. It has more applications in the healthcare industry, such machine learning infused devices make it is possible for them to generate the reports of the patients in real-time. Also, advanced machine learning techniques have tended to identify cancerous tumors on mammograms, analyze retinal images to diagnose diabetic retinopathy and many more other health issues. 

Recently it has been found that machine learning program is accurate 89% of the time in detecting breast cancer as compared to pathologists who are at 74% making machine learning most promising technology in improving healthcare. 

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Machine Learning in Government

Government is also so impressed with machine learning that started adopting the systems within their operations. Nowadays, with the help of machine learning, government officials are able to predict potential future scenarios, adapt to rapidly changing situations. Like machine learning have enhanced cybersecurity, supported counterterrorism efforts, optimized operational preparedness, improved logistics management, and helps in predictive maintenance reducing the failure rates making government operations more effective than before. 

ML in Marketing Industry

Machine learning has left no stone turned in helping the marketing industry to increase their sales and reach to next levels. Machine learning has brought forth the tools and strategies that helped the marketing industry to enhance its customer experience. 

In fact, according to Forbes, 57% of enterprise executives believe that the most important growth benefit of machine learning is that it has improved customer experiences and support to the next levels. This is the reason machine learning is being widely used to increase the sales of businesses. 

Machine Learning for E-commerce 

The importance of machine learning in e-commerce is too vast. E-commerce is not far to leverage machine learning to combat the benefits. E-commerce stores and other social media platforms of businesses use machine learning in analyzing the buying and search history of the customers. With this analysis, they offer recommendations to the customers based on their past searches and improve their exploring experience over their platforms.

There is no doubt the coming business industry cannot imagine their worth without the implementation of machine learning within their operations. Machine learning is a natural language processing used to adapt to capturing, analyzing, and using data to personalize customer shopping experiences and developing customized, targeted marketing campaigns to attract potential customers.

Ecommerce is part of our daily lives so directly machine learning is also a part of our daily life. When searching on online platforms, shoppers use natural language annotation for machine learning which gives business or e-commerce stores clues about the background and native language used by the customers. In this way, they come to know more about the customers, which helps them to satisfy their customers. 

Use of Machine Learning in Transportation

No matter what business you own or looking for, startup transportation is something that one needs to undertake. And efficiency and accuracy within transportation is key to profitability. In that case, machine learning came into power, helping users to mitigate and provide a solution to the problems in advance. 

With machine learning algorithms, one can analyze the data of delivery, public transportation, to freight transport sectors. For e.g., if you are the one dealing within the logistic businesses, machine learning facilitates the ability for a business owner to optimize carrier selection, rating, routing, and QC processes within the transportation, saving them money and improving efficiency to the fullest. 

 In a Forbes news, companies like Amazon are using a machine learning algorithm that automates picking and packing items in a warehouse logistics setting, reducing average ‘click to ship’ time from 225% in 60-75 minutes to 15 minutes. So it is clear that Machine learning algorithms have become a critical component in improving transportation services to the peak.

Role of Machine Learning in Financial sector

The financial sector is not far to visualized machine learning and opting for it to make the finance sector more robust and strong. Be it the stock market or any industry of finance, machine learning helps investors, finances to identify the opportunities and grab them to make profits. In the case of the stock market, the accuracy of the Azure Machine Learning framework is 62%, helping in predicting stock market highs and lows perfectly. 

Similarly, machine learning has bought benefits to other industries in terms of loans and insurance. Such a framework let them calibrate, assess the risk within the loans and insurance in advance. With this, one can make a better and effective decision.

Also, machine learning makes online money transfers more robust by rendering usernames, passwords, and security questions obsolete. In this way, it takes the security to the next level and increases detection by taking facial or voice recognition or other biometric data of the user who is operating. With their benefit in the finance sector, machine learning has proved to increase the profit margin for the world around.

ML for Oil and Gas Industry

The other segment where machine learning has shown its positive impact is the oil and gas industry. In this industry, machine learning help industries to find new energy sources, analyze the hidden mineral deposits in the ground, predict the refinery sensor failure, streamline oil distribution. By making such chores easy and simple, machine learning has made its place in the oil and gas industry a critical component.  

Moreover, the segments where machine learning has revolutionized the industry is case-based reasoning, reservoir modeling, and drill floor automation too. In the end, machine learning is making the industry more acceptable and effective than before. 

Above applications of ML clearly indicate why do we need machine learning

Advantages of Adopting of Machine Learning in 2022

In recent data, it has been analyzed around 65% of companies who are planning to adopt machine learning say the technology is helping their business in better decision making, ultimately bringing success to them. 

Let’s have a closer look at some of the more applications and the areas where the adoption of machine learning has changed the perspective of the modern world. 

  • Process automation
  • Stock prediction 
  • Diagnosis of health problems
  • Hi-tech security
  • Detection of failure
  • Intelligent gaming
  • Self-driving cars
  • Environmental protection
  • Garbage management
  • Home security
  • Personalized banking
  • Smart offices
  • Easy Remote working 
  • Streamlined processes 

Summing Up:

Harnessing the power of machine learning can help you to reach the next level. But for machine learning to be a successful approach for enterprises, it is important for you to know every aspect of it. Be it generating sales, increasing profits, bring growth, improving services, machine learning is working in every segment, making the world more agile and stable than before. 

And from the above blog, it is clear that how machine learning plays a vital role in improving and enhancing the services of different segments. Machine learning is such an innovative technology that has made the life of people easier and simpler with its alluring benefits. 

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