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How Much Does It Cost To Develop App In Philippines?

Detailed analyses on how much to create an app in Phillippines? The minimal budget for app development in Phillippines is ₱40,000 –...

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Despite network infrastructure restrictions, in recent years, the Philippines has seen a significant increase in smartphone ownership and mobile internet connectivity. 

Filipino internet users stayed among the most active mobile internet users in the Asia Pacific, spending approximately 347 minutes per day engaging in a variety of online activities such as watching online videos & listening to streaming music services. 

The massive amount of internet users has surged in mobile app development. Mobile apps have significantly helped Filipinos utilize their handsets to access social networking, shopping, gaming, or digital banking apps. As mobile apps play a big role in a Filipino person’s life, some can think of mobile app development in the Philippines as a good business approach. Which brings this guide to its core topic — how much does it cost to develop an app in the Philippines?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in the Philippines?
How much does it cost to develop a mobile app in the Philippines?

This guide will break down all the factors that play a role in deciding the price of an app. So stay tuned and keep reading.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App in the Philippines?

Portfolio / Corporate Website₱40,000 – ₱80,000 ($800 – $1,700)
E-Commerce / Online Store Website₱70,000 – ₱150,000 ($1,500 – $3,000)
Portfolio / Corporate Website Maintenance₱5,000 – ₱20,000 /mo. ($100 – $400 /mo.)
Low End Rates for Web Designers / Developers₱150 – ₱300 /hr. ($3 – $6 /hr.)
E-Commerce / Online Store Website Maintenance₱10,000 – ₱50,000 /mo. ($200 – $1,000 /mo.)
High Rates for Web Designers / Developers₱1,000 – ₱3,000+ /hr. ($20 – $60+ /hr.)

Various factors decide the cost of app development cost the Philippines. However, for a rough overview, you should keep a minimal budget for app development is $5,000 to $10,000 per app.

While the real cost of developing an app is likely to be more, the cost of a simple app depends on the storage capacity, if you decide to use cloud storage for your app. Also, when you compute the total number of hours required to construct an app, you may use the preceding calculations as an app cost calculator.

In the Philippines, the estimated cost of developing a simple application that includes design, frontend, backend, APIs, and QA ranges from approximately PHP 45,608 to PHP 131,347. 

App Development Cost Breakdown Philippines

To understand the overall cost of the app, let’s break it down into factors and know the app development cost breakdown Philippines. 

Application Design

To put it simply, there are three types of application design. 

  • Desktop application. 
  • Web application.
  • Mobile application.

Desktop Application 

Desktop applications are user-friendly, efficient, and personalized desktop applications that can function independently of the web browser. These apps assist organizations in meeting their specific needs while also providing a competitive advantage in a developing and intensely competitive sector.

Web Applications

Web applications run on remote computers and are distributed to users via the Internet. These apps contrast with native apps created particularly for a platform or device and then loaded on it.

Mobile Applications

A mobile application to run on various mobile platforms is known as mobile application development. A mobile platform is a mobile operating system. Android is Google’s mobile platform, whereas iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system. RIM has Blackberry, while Windows has Windows Mobile.

Front End

The front-end technology stack contains both programming languages and frameworks, each with unique characteristics that might impact the final operation of a web product. It is important to remember that when designing a web application, you can’t discuss front-end technologies without including back-end technologies. They should get along swimmingly. 

Different types of apps require different front ends. For example, if you are thinking of a driver app, you may need more interactive applications. While, if you want to develop an eCommerce app, you may need more user-oriented features. Depending on the technology selected, it pays for the overall cost of the app. 


You will need one of the PHP, Java, Node.JS, and .NET frameworks. For developing an app, you want to choose a framework that provides more functionality to develop an app.

Applications also need a database to store their data, therefore you will have to choose between NoSQL and relational databases. A NoSQL database, such as Mongo, has become preferable due to the various benefits they provide. When working with financial transactions and wanting to run reports, a relational database comes in handy.

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You can also use the cloud databases, however, it can increase the cost of the app. 

Services that App Provides 

The cost of the app also varies depending upon the services that an app can provide. Some of the app services are chatbots, customer services, chatting options, location checks, interaction with other users, online data storage, and much more. Each of these services can increase the hours that a developer has to spend on creating the app, which further increases the cost of the app. 

So, it is suggested to include the services that are in line with the app. Access services not only increase the cost of the app but also often fail to impress the users. 

Hiring A Developer

To develop your application, you can hire a professional company, or freelancer, or hire your team to create an app. Each of the options has its benefits. For example, if you hire a professional company, they stand more chances to develop an application because they have all the resources that are needed to develop an app. 

Hiring a freelancer can cost you more than hiring a company as the working hours will be increased. While hiring your own team, is the most costly option as you have to gather all the resources and recruiters to find the professionals for you. 

Remember, the prices to hire a developer can also vary according to the country. 

Maintenance and After Support

You can’t expect people to utilize a mobile app for very long. The significance of mobile app maintenance stems from the fact that app users enjoy seeing new features over time. As a result, developers must formalize a roadmap outlining the additions they intend to incorporate into the app at regular intervals.

When adding new features, you must consider scalability, efficiency, and performance all at the same time. Users also believe that the brand is still alive and well, and that the app is being managed by an experienced crew. This will raise the cost of the mobile app, but maintenance is one thing that retains your customers. If your app didn’t come with the new features, you are more likely to lose your users. Plus, the maintenance is responsible for the proper functionality of the app. If it receives no update, it will start to lag with time. 

Customer Support 

Customer support is essential for your app as this is how you are going to help your clients if they have inquiries. Including this feature also adds up to the cost of the app. But, it will provide you with these types of benefits. 

  • Ability to respond to clients rapidly.
  • You will be able to leave negative consumer feedback.
  • You may learn what your users want through the app.
  • Your application’s ability to communicate with customers will improve.

Deployment On The Different Platforms 

By adding each service to your app, you can add a little to the overall cost of the app. Providing access to the app on different platforms is almost essential when you are developing the app for the business. Business apps work across the platforms as your clients might be attending meetings and they can’t do it on the phone. So, sometimes cross-platform access becomes essential. 

Nothing drives clients more insane than a program that promises to solve all of my productivity issues yet is only available on someone’s laptop. Why not just use the phone? Why not do it online? The ability of an app to offer cross-platform functionality becomes important for those who are professionals in several areas, much like people who do general business. If a PC is one option, but a phone is another, your users don’t have to rely on them to supply a program that will run on both. To be honest, it’s easier to locate an app that runs on any smartphone, regardless of hardware. 

Overall Mobile App Development Cost Estimate Philippines

Till now you are fully well versed about what technologies are included in the app and what services, and you also have a rough estimate of the cost.

To begin with the overall mobile app development cost estimate philippine, first, you have to seek a front-end developer. Your developers must have been well-versed in Android/iOS development, as well as Ionic and AngularJS. If the programmer has design talents, you can consider it a plus. Consider rejecting candidates with insufficient experience. Hiring a developer that is inexperienced can cost you much more than the overall cost. 

“Experience developing mobile and web applications with AngularJS (Ionic Framework and MEAN Stack), iOS App Development, Android App Development, ReactJS, and React Native.” can cost up to $9.95. Per hour.”

And if you want to look for an individual back-end developer you can go to Java developers, you must identify a candidate with Python and Ruby experience.

What Is The Significance Of The Mobile Development In the Philippines For A Company? 

The significance of mobile app development in the Philippines is that it allows top app development companies in the Philippines to gain international exposure by creating high-quality apps. In comparison to the rest of the globe, the Philippines’ mobile app economy has risen at a rate of around 77 percent. The achievement is attributed to mobile app developers in the Philippines.

Improvements in the IoT augmented reality instead of virtual reality, and expanded use of chatbots in various mobile apps. Plus an increase in the use of artificial intelligence as well as related machine learning can help the company to set better future goals. 

Also remember, app creation in the Philippines Mobile apps in the Philippines may have NFC payment mechanisms for the convenience of their users.

Hiring a Developer In the Philippines 

Here are a few methods for finding freelancers or finding a company. First, you must decide if you want to engage someone for a short-term project (days) or for a long-term position (months).

Proposals for Short-Term Projects

Developers who undertake tiny, mostly freelancers, side gigs, or even earn a living off of doing modest projects. However, they usually don’t devote their full attention to your project for months.

You can find the team, company, or freelancer on websites such as Upwork. This can become your best bet if you have a tiny little. You can post a job and have several individuals bid on it. You can also read reviews. They can probably benefit you.

Long-Term Initiatives

Hiring full-time freelance engineers is more difficult than simply scouring online marketplaces. When you want to hire an individual for long-term requirements, it becomes even more crucial to ensure their capabilities of working in a variety of settings. This includes strong technical capabilities, effective communication, and so forth. It’s the same as employing a full-time employee.

Another thing to remember is that the top software developers are rarely accessible as freelancers. So, you may find it a little difficult to find one. Being a freelancer entails always hunting for the next project, and there is undoubtedly a lot of unpredictability involved. As a result, most top software specialists work full-time and at businesses like Full Scale. Sometimes, therefore, it is beneficial to hire a company. As they already will have the developers you are actually looking for. 

How Much Does a Website Cost in the Philippines?

The minimum cost to develop a website is
₱15,000 – ₱50,000 /yr. ($300 – $1,000 /yr.)

Wrapping Up!

You can find software developers from all over the world. However, they are in short supply in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other parts of the world. There can be many reasons for that, such as a flourishing economy, lack of skills, or already a good pay scale. 

If you have a little quick assignment, freelancing makes an excellent option. Full Scale can assist you in building a long-term development team!
For most developers in the world, the Philippines is an ideal location for establishing an offshore development team or hiring one. That’s all about the mobile app development costs the Philippines. Depending on your requirements and the size of your company, you can hire anyone. But ensure one thing you can put your trust in that person. Hiring a person you don’t trust can cause you not only financial damage but also professional damage.

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