Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross Platform Development

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programming language for desktop applications

Modernization leads to the rapid growth in the business world and attracts the customers, for the expansion of the business in this technological world one has to choose the specific applications and development tools that can make their job handy, cost-effective and efficient at the same time which can be only possible with the help of cross-platform applications development frameworks. The cross-platform app development framework is a collection of tools that helps you to develop the in-built applications for the platforms such as Windows, web with a single codebase, macOS, Android, Linux etc.

 The core benefit of using the cross-platform app is that they are easy to maintain and categorize which automatically saves a lot of time and money. They are designed uniformly by maintaining platform-oriented standards. Programming languages help the system to create the graphical programs into visual programs which collectively work to create the machine code output. Programming languages are specially designed to work with a particular syntax. Programming language is further distinguished into 2 parts which are semantics and syntax known as meaning and structure. 

A good programming language is simple and easy to read and write. They provide an easy framework for algorithms with efficient executable code. Programming languages should be easy to translate. They should be easy to maintain as well. Good programming languages are approachable. This leads to the growth of your business by targeting the number of audiences on various platforms that too with optimum time and cost-saving criteria.

Top 10 Best Programming Languages for Desktop Applications

The best programming languages for app development in 2022
Top 10 best programming languages for Desktop Apps

Here is a list of the top 10 best programming languages for Desktop Software Development in 2022.

  1. JavaScript
  3. SQL
  4. Python
  5. TypeScript
  6. Node.js
  7. Java
  8. C#
  9. Bash/Shell
  10. PHP

Here are The Top 10 Desktop Application Development Languages.

desktop application development languages
desktop application development languages

1. JAVA – Cross Platform Programming Languages

JAVA is a class and object-based programming language which mainly focus on the least dependency. Programs written in JAVA are later compiled by javac resulting in class files and bytecode. Java requires JVM or Java Virtual Machine to interpret the code for further compilation. The main work of JVM is to interpret the byte code into machine language. They come in different versions and are used as per the need and requirements of the different operating systems. JAVA helps in developing effective and platform-independent applications. There are some tools that will be required to create a desktop app with JAVA including JDK, Netbeans, IDE, SQL, Java FX along with some frameworks like JFoenix, Tornado FX, GWT, RCP, Hadloop, JMF, Kafka, Eclipse, Log4j, Grails as per your demands. It is the most used application among the Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross-Platform Development.

2. Python – A programming language for ddesktop application development languagesesktop applications

Python is the highly extensive language among the Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross-Platform Development. Being a high-level language doesn’t require long codes for the execution of the programme because it is object-oriented. This is the most customizable language which a person can use to make desktop and cross-platform applications. Python has a wide range of GUI frameworks that not only allow the user to work on Windows applications but one can also use in macOS. You need to write the code single time and it will be used to execute on different platforms. You can also use PyQT which helps the developers to create a programme with the help of code and try using it with different platforms such as Tkinter, WxPython, PyGUI

3. Red Lang – Desktop application development languages

The next on the list of Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross-Platform Development is Red Lang. The Red Lang language was specially designed to eliminate the issue of relative expression based object language. 

This language is indispensable and receptive in nature hence providing a wide range for work to the developers. It favors garbage amalgamation as it has low memory roots. Developers need to use some features like cross compilation, cross platform supportive GUI, support for prototype based object, visual studio plugin etc to use desktop application development on the platforms like Windows and macOS. 

4. C++ – Best language for desktop applications

C++ is the widely used best language for cross platform desktop apps in the list ofTop 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross Platform Development. It is also known to be the extension of the C language. C++ is an Object-based language and being low-level it provides high-level access to the system’s memory and the resources which help the developer to create the best programmes. The codes of this language can be reused which helps in lowering the development cost. C++ not only helps the developers to create applications for the desktops but one can also use it to develop games, browsers, and systems. Developers can use Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to debug and edit the source code of C++. Some of the IDEs are QT Creator, XCode, NetBeans, Eclipse, and Visual Studio. There is a list of other applications which are developed by using the C++ language, they are Google Chrome, Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office etc. 

5. JAVAScript – Cross platform development desktop

JAVAScript is one of the Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross Platform Development. It is a high-level language that follows the ECMAScript standard. JAVAScript, also known as JS, favors functional as well as object-oriented programming. It is dynamic in nature. The other attribute of JAVAScript is that it is a high-performance single-threaded programming language. It is used by various non browser environments which means it can be used with or without browsers by executing the JAVAScript code using node.js technology. JAVAScript is an extensively used programming language to create desktop applications and cross-platform applications with the help of frameworks including Electron, AppJs, Proton Natives, NW.js, Buildfire.js, and Meteor. 

6. GO – Cross platform software development

One of the Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross Platform Development is GO which is supported by Google itself. It is an open source programming language that works on multiple standards.It was developed in 2007. With the help of Go it is very convenient and handy to create a reliable and efficient desktop application that can be run on operating systems like Mac and Windows. There are some of the frameworks which are supported by Go, some of them are Gin, Echo, Gonic, Martini, Iris, Beego, and GoCraft. Go is somehow similar to C language in lexical terms but provides optimum access on system memory, garbage collection, security, and syntactical typing. This is what makes it the  top cross platform app development language among the developers

7. Swift – Cross platform app development languages

Swift is among the Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross Platform Development which is created by Apple Inc and an open source group. The nature of the language is that it is multi-prototype in nature. Swift works well with the other operating systems invented by Apple such as iPadOS, iOS, Darwin, macOS, watchOS, tvOS etc. The code written in Swift language is bilateral as it is known to be user friendly and easy to use. There are several tools that help in the development of the Visual Studio Code, Flexihub, iTerm2, and NetBeans.IDE, HomeBrew, XCode, Tower2, Dash, etc. It is the most trending cross platform mobile programming language worldwide.

8. Object Pascal – Cross platform app development language

Object pascal bagged its position in the list of Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross Platform Development also known to be the extended version of code language “Pascal”. It is a class and method based programming language. The codes compiled are fast as compared to Pascal. Object Pascal can be used to create apps that are supported by other operating systems such as macOS, Windows, and Linux at a single time. Code compilation and implementation in Object Pascal take place with the help of Free Pascal and Delphi. Free Pascal is like an open source compiler and runtime library. To develop desktop applications with Object Pascal one must need the tools and frameworks including Oxygene, Firemonkey, and Lazarus. 

9. C# – Cross platform coding

C# or C Sharp is an object oriented programming language created by Microsoft. It is somehow similar to C language and has some similarities of JAVA as well as JAVAScript programmes. It is easy to create a window based desktop application with C#. It helps the developers to create a number of different applications which are secure and powerful and supported by the .NET ecosystem. There are several tools and frameworks which are used to create the applications with C# are NET WPF which works on XAML to provide an informative application syntax model), Blazor, Avalonia, WinForms, UWP, Xamarian, .NET MAUI, and Uno Platform Etc. 

10. PHP – Cross platform mobile programming language

PHP is also known as the hypertext programming language and is one of the Top 10 Programming Languages for Desktop Applications & Cross Platform Development. It is a service oriented and general-purpose programming language PHP helps to create dynamic composition and databases. It controls the largest blogging platform known as WordPress and Facebook. To develop the cross platform applications with PHP you need some tools and frameworks like Nighttrain which is responsible to host the application. On the other hand TideSDK, WXPHP, PHP Desktop are also used to create the apps. PHP Desktop is an open source project which is specially modelled to create desktop GUI applications.

Which language is best for cross-platform app development?

Java is a popular programming language for developing a desktop applications, mobile apps, and online applications.

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