20 Best Blockchain Business App Ideas, Opportunities With Examples to Capitalize 2023

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Blockchain In Finance

Blockchain businesses have gained massive popularity in a few years. More companies are showing keen interest in blockchain, so it is time for blockchain to rise. Because blockchain is a distributed and peer-to-peer technology, its major benefits, and application can be found in almost every sector. You can turn this blockchain use into your business idea if you solely understand the technology.

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Here, in this article, we are about to go through every major blockchain business idea and opportunity for 2023.

The ideas we will discuss fall into almost every popular field like management, finance, healthcare, etc. 

1. NFT Marketplace – Popular Blockchain Business Idea

Best blockchain business ideas 2023
Best blockchain business ideas 2023

NFTs have become one of the hottest cryptocurrency business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs and companies. Not only the business but even celebrities and billionaires also have not left NFT unnoticed. 

NFT digital arts have turned the tables and forced many great brains to cook thoughts. And it’s time for everyone to produce astounding digital art and earn some passive income. NFT marketplace can not only earn your money, but also generate multiple revenues from various source funnels. OpenSea is one such app. It is one of the most successful NFT apps for you to take an example. It is well known for its services where one can search, favorite, and bookmark NETs.

2. Crypto Exchange Apps – Blockchain idea for large business

Few more blockchain business opportunities 2022
Few more blockchain business opportunities 2023

Crypto exchange apps will be the top blockchain business idea in 2023. In a very short time, the exchange app can make the crypto transaction possible from one peer to another. As these apps are built on the blockchain, they are not governed by a set of implications or rules, users can communicate freely as they want.

But, that doesn’t mean these apps are not secure. Blockchain is the backbone of these apps, which deploys a distributed ledger and proficient security choices to ensure that the platform is fully secure and encrypted for everyone.

3. Crypto Currency Management Apps

Management is one of the most critical assets when it comes to cryptocurrency. Also, it plays a huge part in the crypto trading market. If not managed well, users can drain their deposit on the very first day. The cryptocurrency trading market is growing at its crazy pace, increasing the demand for management platforms. 

The Crypto management and trading industry are increasing, and businesses need a secure and reliable multi-cryptocurrency payment platform to grow. And what if you could provide them with precisely that.  

4. Digital Supply Chain Apps – Best blockchain business ideas

Supply chain data is not always trusted, visible, or available. But blockchain platforms help supply chain partners in sharing trusted data. Businesses and brands guarantee product ownership, while participants demand reliable sourcing and better transparency to minimize disputes. 

Blockchain for supply chain platforms can help supply chain leaders sort and use data to handle the present disruptions and build a better resiliency for the future. And have you thought about providing the business with precisely that? 

5. Dapps – Best blockchain business examples

Dapps can keep track of the data on the blockchain and they have emerged as one of the most successful blockchain business opportunities. In a decentralized data model, it helps in identification, creating a well-formed architecture, and in the transaction. Dapps delivers an easy and crossborder financial transfer platform that operators without any third-party intervention.

Dapps are not a new concept, yet it is one of the most trending concepts associated with blockchain. So, your business can yield immense benefits by participating in Dapps creation. Decentralized programs like chainlink, gaming connection, and Blank are the perfect examples of Dapps serving distinct needs. 

6. Blockchain Resources Apps – Blockchain company ideas

Not everyone understands the blockchain as you do. For some, it is like a magic spell that is almost impossible to break. Traders and wanna-be investors spend thousands of dollars just to understand the technology. And by keeping track of the needs and demands of these parties, you can present them with good resources. Your resources not only can guide the traders and investors to make better decisions but can also be a good business idea for you. 

Blockchain resources would alleviate the difficulties for most people and can make the search much more cost-effective. 

7. Crypto Wallet Apps

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Crypto wallet apps are another one of the best blockchain company ideas. The wallets create a safe space for investors to manage their cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and other altcoins. Wallet not only provides safe storage for the coins but all your holdings of cryptography are protected. 

Investors can rely on such wallets for the salary management of their cryptocurrency. 

8. Crypto Trading Apps – Blockchain business ideas 2023

 Just like the management apps, cryptocurrency trading apps can be your idea to shine through and set up your own business. 

The crypto trading apps enable users to do the transaction free from the involvement of third parties.  

The trading app can give users an easy and secure portal to stay up to date on their digital coins and cryptocurrency transfer, thus providing more real-time interaction between peers. 

9. Healthcare Traspressy Apps 

Blockchain has made its presence in nearly every sector, including healthcare. Its applicability in healthcare solves root issues in the healthcare industry. And the pharma companies are using it to improve their processes and build a more sustainable and trustworthy healthcare system, which otherwise would be difficult because of the lack of transparency. Helping those companies to achieve their desired results can be your business idea. Because blockchain can have a significant impact on the healthcare industry. According to an estimate, blockchain can save $0100-$150 billion per year for the healthcare industry because of its transparency. 

10. Microtransaction Apps 

Play-to-earn games have become popular and microtransactions are the staple food of these modern video games so most of the users have just accepted them. This means the microtransaction business still needs to discover its endless possibilities and you can be a part of it. You can provide the microtransaction apps that smooth the transaction and even offer services that can lower the cost of entry for gamers. The microtransaction apps can open a stream of whole new blockchain ideas for business by providing all these benefits.

11. Gaming Apps

Like microtransactions, gaming apps that accept cryptocurrency can create a new revenue line for you. Just like any other field, companies are investing in blockchain based services to improve the user’s experience with their gaming apps.

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12. Blockchain-based E-commerce apps

Cryptocurrencies have just begun to gain more attention among retailers. But the technology still has a long way to go from the general acceptance of digital coins to purchasing anything you desire. Many crypto users want to use digital money for their day-to-day shopping. Which qualifies e-commerce stores and apps as another blockchain business example. 

You can set up an e-commerce store that receives cryptocurrencies. And after that, all you need to do is to set up your e-commerce store online and start providing services.

13. Finance Management Apps 

Some banks want to adopt blockchain technology to organize their finances more transparently than ever before. ING groups have become the first ones to do so. Your business can help the banks or groups like ING to do so. You can further team up with the financial institution to create authenticated digital assets while ensuring to meet global standards against frauds such as money laundering. 

14. Cross-Border Payment apps

The array of extensive blockchain business ideas also has a noticeable mention of cross-border payments. There are 70 million or above nodes of merchants that need better financial solutions for their regular payments across the borders.

Your business can provide the solutions to their merchants and give them better access to run through their daily payments.

15. Insurance Portfolio Apps

Many products focus on building the insurance portfolio for patients suffering from deadly diseases. Healthcare companies continue to focus on the possible utilization of the blockchain in insurance

One of such projects is Vitana. You can take this project as an excellent example for your business. The Healthcare industry focuses on transparency and there are so many healthcare products such as this one that you can take as your business ideas. 

16. Food Chain Traceability Apps 

Discussions on blockchain business project ideas can not be completed without food traceability apps. The idea first became popular because of Walmart. When it employs the blockchain-based food traceability initiative for observing contamination and other issues for food safety. Similarly, your business can offer tracking items such as meat, greens, seafood, and any other edibles.

The idea is backed up by none other than FDA, so you stand a good chance of making success through blockchain-based food traceability. Your business can have the motto of maintaining food quality through technical solutions.

17. Blockchain Browsers

Have you ever thought the blockchain can also transform content management, server responses, and user interactions? Not only can it transform the traditional methods of content management, but also improve to meet the automation criteria. 

Browsers make the core of content management. By offering a safe, fast, and secure blockchain built on the principle of blockchain, your business can help other businesses to help utilize their marketing strategies and content. 

18. Crypto Tax Advisory Apps

Out of all the business ideas, it is the one that starts to yield a good revenue in a short period. In case you own a tax advisory firm or are employed as a tax consultant. In that case, it would not harm if you branch your business towards the cryptocurrencies to capture a whole new business idea. 

However, if you don’t know anything about the tax advisory, it’s good to do some research and gain more knowledge about it. Your business can guide many people and businesses looking to invest in cryptocurrencies. Owning a crypto consultancy firm can be your blockchain-based business idea out there.

19. Cybersecurity Apps 

Your cybersecurity blockchain project can aim to improve the current standards of security for both end-users and businesses trying to secure their crucial data from unauthorized usage. You can also offer services to handle cyber attacks. It will help organizations with critical infrastructure, tech, crypto exchanges, and more. 

Cybersecurity apps take away human intervention fully by automating everything. Your apps can be targeted to protect against certain cyber security attacks such as keylogging, phishing, password reuse attacks, etc. Cybersecurity apps can solve the most common concerns of businesses and users. 

20. Media Apps

Lastly, you can start your business by providing blockchain-based media apps, for example, KODAKCoin. You can enable your apps to run on cryptocurrency fuel so that creators can license their work with security and safety. You can provide the media platforms at a low fee to generate passive income for all the content creators. 

Media apps like KODAK Coin can completely transform the image economy and ensure that ownership is a determinant throughout the lifecycle of the media. Also, just like the KODAKCoin, you can create a licensing platform to protect the rights of creators while providing them with a great marketplace.

Few more blockchain business opportunities 2023

  1. Secure sharing of medical data
  2. NFT marketplaces
  3. Music royalties tracking
  4. Track Shipments in Real-Time
  5. Cross-border payments
  6. Real-time IoT operating systems.
  7. Personal identity security
  8. Anti-money laundering tracking system
  9. Sell Targeted, Single-Source Advertising
  10. Supply chain and logistics monitoring

Top 5 Innovative Blockchain Business Ideas to Start

  1. Transfer Money Internationally
  2. Reduce Insurance Fraud
  3. Allow Fast Borrow & Lend Money
  4. Transfer Digital Wills
  5. Check for Fake Medicine


Let’s make it evident that the best blockchain business ideas for 2023 feature many promising and solid mentions. However, many other ideas could not make it to this list, while others are still going through their development stages. 

The interest in blockchain is gradually increasing, which is one of the reasons for emphasizing and paying attention to blockchain projects. Because of the blockchain’s open-source nature, finding projects that fit your and your business’ transformation goals becomes much easier.

Blockchain projects continue to change the perspective of blockchain applications. So, rather than just providing the platforms for trading, blockchain professionals have turned their attention to the other possible uses of blockchain.

Which blockchain is best for business?

NFT marketplace and Crypto exchange is best blockchian business idea to start these days.

What are examples of a blockchain?

Exchange Loyalty Rewards and E-Commerce Blockchain Businesses Ideas if the best idea if you are looking to invest for 2023.

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