What VPN Types Are Supported By Azure?

People of all different ages play video games for many reasons. But Millennials are beating all age groups when it comes to...

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types of vpns are supported by azure

People of all different ages play video games for many reasons. But Millennials are beating all age groups when it comes to showing love for video games. It is pretty shocking, but according to an ExpressVPN’s study, it was found that Millennials are more likely to spend time gaming than Gez. Most Millennials spend almost 24 hours playing video games in a single session. In fact, the study also shows that Millennials feel more addicted to video games than Gen Z. 

Just as with video games, they have access to the latest technology, but unsurprisingly they are the most vulnerable generation to cyber attacks than any other generation. Millennials have defeated the GenZ in spending time on games, but they can’t beat GenZ when it comes to utilizing different technologies to protect themselves. 

Why Do Millennials Need To Use VPNs More Than Any Other Age Group? 

An another study found in 2013 that almost 66% of millennials access the public internet without any internet protection like a VPN. With increasing their significant online presence, most put themselves at risk of cyber attacks. It applies to everything, no matter what they do, from gaming and surfing the internet to making an online purchase. 

That’s why cyber-attacks have become significantly frequent in the past few years. Gaming platforms are much more prone to cyber attacks as hackers can track the nature of a person’s online presence and can find loopholes to put them under attack. 

Also, the study conducted by ExpressVPN reveals that most Millennials have an addiction to the game. Many of them spend 24 hours thinking about the games, if not playing, which means they are vulnerable, and hackers can easily consider them their potential next target. 

Millennials Men Are More At The Danger Of Cyber Attacks Than Millennials Women 

The same study from  ExpressVPN shows that men are more emotionally invested in online games than women, so they spend significantly more time online playing games than women. 

Also, Millennial men will continue to stay in danger because they research no sign of men changing when compared to women. Men have reported that they encounter feelings of sadness, anxiousness, and boredom when they don’t play their favorite games for any reason. It clearly indicates that no one is stopping them from gaming. 

In this scenario, these users need a more secure and better way to connect with the gaming world, and VPN is the gateway to the way. 

Not only is the VPN the right cap to protect them while they are on the internet, but they can access games that might not be available in their country but are available in others. VPN provides a secure way to experience the next level of gaming by connecting a device to another network through a virtual tunnel. 

This tunnel helps bypass the network and connects to another network of the user’s desired location. Azure VPN is the best to do this job for Millennials because it’s easy to use and provides robust encryption technology. 

How Azure VPN Can Help The Millennials To Stay Safe Online While Exploring Their Favorite Games

Azure VPN is the technology that can safeguard Millennials users while exploring, playing, and enjoying their favorite games online. Azure VPNs offer strongly encrypted networks that connect to a foreign network using a bypass virtual tunnel. In the VPN settings, the user’s identity remains anonymous, which makes it almost impossible for cyber criminals to threaten an online user. 

Azure has become famous for the virtual private network gateway, which users can create using the Azure virtual machine. Then users use their developed virtual network to bypass their local network. According to technology experts, the Azure VPN network can take 45 minutes to complete setup. 

However, the actual period can vary according to the experience of the person setting up this VPN. There are several studies on the internet available today providing that Millennials can pick up the latest technology faster than any other generation, so anyone between 35-45 can easily pick up this technology and enjoy its benefits. 

What Benefits Do The Millennials Can Expect From Azure VPN 

Here are the notable advantages of the Azure VPN 


Millennials no longer need to worry about tracking new releases of the VPN. Also, with this VPN technology, they are relieved from installing security patches. Azure VPN automatically fetches security updates meaning it will stay up to date constantly. 

Seamless To Connect:-

Users can create a VPN connection from different locations. Having the ultimate freedom to access the network remotely, Millennials can connect to their favorite gaming server in any corner of the world. 

Flexible Charges:-

Users will pay an equal amount of time. They will use the VPN but not the fixed chargers. Yes, the price can vary depending on the settings of the VPN. For example, if a user sets the VPN for more robust performance, it will charge more. 

What Types Of VPNs are supported by Azure?

After knowing what the Azure VPN is and how it will help Millennials save themselves online. It’s time to know the types of VPNs supported by Azure VPN. Choosing the right Azure VPN not only provides you with seamless services but can also save expenses. So, what VPN types are supported by Azure? Microsoft Azure offers three types of the VPNs:-

  • Site-to-Site VPN connections-  A connection from one or more networks to another.
  • Point-to-Site VPN connections- A connection from an individual client computer to a virtual network. 
  • VNet-to-VNet VPN connections-A connection from one virtual network to another virtual network. 

Site-to-site and VNet-to-Vnet connection makes up the perfect choice for bigger corporate agencies that want their employees to connect to them remotely. While a point-to-site network can also be used for the same purpose, it is the most useful option for gamers as they can connect their device to the more extensive network to access the games.  

Azure Supported VPN Devices

Azure has validated standard VPN devices after their partnership with the device vendors. It means that a user must have to have a supported device. Otherwise, they can’t access the VPN. Millennials interested in the Azure VPN can check here to know more about the Azure supported VPN Devices. 

There are various devices listed on this Azure support page, which users can check. Once a network has been created using the VPN-supported device, Millennials can connect their favorite gaming device to that network. But what is the Millennial’s favorite device? Is it a phone, laptop, personal computer, or what?

According to ExpressVPN study on gaming habits of different generations to find which one spends most of their time gaming, the favorite Millennials device is a smartphone. 70% of gamers preferred smartphones over any other device, like a laptop. Consoles and PCs are still in the race but far behind smartphones. 

Wrapping Up: So Azure VPN Is The Gateway Millennials Need!

Millennials should start considering the safety of the internet and possible uses of the VPN. Not using VPN on the internet equals handing your bank details with own signature. We all know the possible danger of doing this act, then why would we put ourselves on the radar of hackers? VPNs are a great way for Millennials to protect themselves and also enjoy a wide assortment of games available on the internet. 

So, Millennials! Install an Azure VPN and shield yourself on the internet now. Don’t think that it will not happen to you because anyone playing video games or even surfing the internet with a VPN is on the courtesy of the thousands of masked hackers out there, always trying to get their next target. 

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