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Top 20 Web3 Ecommerce Website Development Companies In 2023

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Web3-based eCommerce setup is the newest development in the market. It’s a big transformation that is getting exciting and becoming a matter of interest for many who are moving forward to eliminate problems within the current e-commerce structure. 

So, what are we looking at with web3? No centralized control. Complete transparency and an immersive e-commerce experience for users. It already sounds like an industry holding the potential to change the way businesses operate and users consume services. 

There’s more to web3 than we can explain here. But the fact that web3 developer activity spiked by 453% in Q2 of 2022 despite the volatility of the crypto market is enough proof of the potential this technology holds. So, shifting your e-commerce business to the web3 space may in fact be a wise move. 

If you are holding onto a web3 project or convinced to start one, we have a list of the top 20 web3 e-commerce development companies that can help you realize your vision.

#Web3 Company NameManpower:Funded InHourly Rate
1Suffescom Solutions Inc250 – 9992013$25 – $49 / hr
2RisingMax Inc251-5002011< $25/h
3Best Web3 Development Company200+2013$27 – $50 / hr
4Uruit50 – 2492007$50 – $99 / hr
5Syndicode50-2492014$50 – $99 / hr
6The Nine Hertz50-2492008< $25 / hr
7WebClues Infotech50-2492014< $25 / hr
8Innowise Group1000-99992007$50 – $99 / hr
9Fire Blocks251-5002018NA
10Program- Ace50-2491992$25 – $49 / hr
11Leeway Hertz50-2492007$50 – $99 / hr
12Tech Alchemy50-2492016$25 – $49 / hr
13Cubix50-2492008$25 – $49 / hr
14Consensys250 – 9992014NA
15Maticz50 – 2492020< $25 / hr
16Labrys10 – 492017$150 – $199 / hr
17Queppelin250 – 9992010< $25 / hr
18Interexy50 – 2492017$50 – $99 / hr
19PixelPlex50 – 2492007$50 – $99 / hr
20Viron IT50 – 2492004$50 – $99/hr

Web3 Ecommerce Website Development Companies

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc

notes. Join our forward-thinking doers to shape new values in your industry.

Having 13+ years of experience in the tech industry, Suffescom Solutions Inc. combines advanced technologies of AI, blockchain, AR and VR to create a multi-channel worldwide e-commerce platform for their clients. The company delivers end-to-solutions including consultation, cart development, integration of multiple payment gateways, maintenance and support. 

The company’s team of 750+ web3 developers hold expertise in building customized designs, functionalities, and advanced APIs to create a ready-to-launch e-commerce marketplace.

2. RisingMax Inc

RisingMax is the top web3 eCommerce development company with more than 11 years of experience in the blockchain web3 and metaverse. They are known for providing  360 Degree blockchain solutions to their clients. They have a dedicated team of developers that have completed about 80+ web3 projects. This company specializes in emerging technologies like AR/VR, machine learning, AI, and blockchain. They have received excellent ratings on reputed platforms like Clutch and Goodfirms.

3. Best Web3 Development Company

Best Web3 Development Company is a top-notch web3 platform development firm offering services worldwide. This company has about 200+ blockchain developers that will help you successfully complete your project. This company provides quality web3 development services that make online shopping more social and interactive. They are known for providing exceptional customer service to their customers. Their employees have in-depth knowledge about their work and cater to industries like e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, etc.

4. Uruit

Uruit has been transforming bold ideas into exceptional products since 2007. With over 15 years of experience as a digital product agency, it has united a team of strategists, product managers, designers, and developers to transform existing products or build them from the ground up. Driven to make a difference, it assists companies in realizing their boldest ideas, delighting their users, and exceeding their business goals. They have delivered 20+ blockchain development projects in multiple industries like SaaS, healthcare, and education.

5. Syndicode

Syndicode takes care of every aspect of your business – from product development to delivery, maintenance, and marketing. It focuses on establishing long-term relationships with its clients.  They help their clients in developing scalable applications for their customers. Their expert knows how to implement ML/AI, blockchain, and web3 technologies. This company helps businesses enhance their workflows by improving customer experience and providing transparency.        

6. The Nine Hertz

Since 2008, NineHertz has been developing immeasurable web, game, and mobile app solutions for the world’s most inventive brands. This company is headquartered in Jaipur, India. It has offices in USA, UK, Australia, and Dubai with industry experts from all domains. They provide services in mobile application, web development, Game Development, cloud computing, sales, and marketing. Apart from providing development services, they also offer consulting services globally.

7. WebClues Infotech

WebClues InfoTech is a one-stop IT solutions provider that specializes in creating wonderful websites and applications for various industries.  They are well-versed in merging advanced technologies to deliver efficient, robust, and flexible development platforms. They have a team of marketing experts involving SEO specialists, brand managers, and content writers that helps build their online presence through various marketing activities. This company deploys innovative tools and technologies for building top-quality web3 ecommerce websites.

8. Innowise Group

Innowise Group has its key delivery centers in Europe and offices worldwide. Its team has over 1400 top-notch IT professionals who leverage their expertise to make your businesses more innovative and successful. They deliver a full spectrum of IT services, including IT Outsourcing, Custom web3 e-commerce website development, IT Audit & Consulting, Quality Assurance & Software Testing, and more.. In addition, Innowise Group has been delivering projects since 2007 in FinTech, eCommerce, eLearning, Logistics, Real Estate, Tourism, Telecommunications, and others.

9. Fire Blocks

Fireblocks is the best web3 ecommerce company that creates new blockchain-based products and manages day-to-day digital asset operations. Fireblocks has about 150 to 800 customers and has a target to double its customer count to 1,800 by 2023. The company made $60 million in revenue in 2021. The employees of Fireblocks call themselves the SWIFT of crypto. The unique thing is that it only charges subscription fees, not any kind of transaction fees, from its clients.

10. Program- Ace

Since 1992, the team of experienced developers and artists of Program-Ace, an international service provider, has completed several web3 projects based on modern technologies. They develop customized web3 e-commerce website development services that are suited for a broad range of business verticals. Their development team has expertise in Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and others

 11. Leeway Hertz

Headquartered in San Francisco, Leeway Hertz is one of the prominent companies to build and launch a web3 e-commerce website. LeewayHertz has developed many digital solutions for Fortune 500 companies and startups to ease their business functions with emerging technologies. Some of the reputed clients of this company include ESPN, NASCAR, Hershey’s, McKinsey, P&G, Siemens, 3M, Pearson, and more.

12. Tech Alchemy

Tech Alchemy is a software development partner of startups, an award-winning design and development agency based in Shoreditch, London. It builds products characterized by Apple, AWS, BBC, Forbes, Product Hunt, Red Dot, and Yahoo Finance. They are a team of web3 and blockchain specialists that constantly remain involved in your product design and development process. Moreover, this company also provides technical experience to startups and medium scale firms at all phases.

13. Cubix

With over 12 years of experience, Cubix has worked for clients, including individuals, and big tech firms. It is a leading blockchain, metaverse, and web3 development company. It also specializes in  software, mobile app, and games development. This company has a qualified development team with hands-on experience in developing, customizing, and integrating complex enterprise-level solutions. They have built an advanced shopping platform with a flawless experience for the end user. 

14. Consensys

ConsenSys is a blockchain venture production studio that has a  global team for building an ecosystem of consumer-centric products and enterprise solutions using blockchain technologies, primarily Ethereum. It is a global company of technologists and entrepreneurs that are popular in building infrastructure, applications, and platforms in the decentralized world.

Some of the unique services offered by them include- advertising, marketing, IT services & solutions, business services, and web & software development. This company focuses on various industries including-Healthcare & Medical, Insurance, Real Estate, Transportation & Logistics, Financial & Payments,etc.

15. Maticz

Maticz is a proven Blockchain Development Company that provides an end-to-end business solution to their clients. As an experienced blockchain development company, it has in-depth knowledge of AI, IoT, Blockchain, and cloud services. It has experience in developing multiple business solutions like Blockchain, Fintech, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, AR/VR, Big Data, BI, and cloud computing.

The well-trained Software Professionals of Maticz deliver high-quality software solutions that add value to your business. These solutions include Blockchain Development Services, NFT Development Services, DeFi Development Services White Label Crypto Exchange, and many more. The key products of this company are NFT MarketPlace Software, Binance Smart Chain MLM Software, Smart Contract MLM Software, etc.

16. Labrys

100% based in Australia, Labrys is a global leader in Web3 & Blockchain Product Development. It has a team of expert engineers that are the brightest minds in the industry and develops Web/Mobile Apps, Custom Enterprise Software, Tokens, and NFTs. Labrys helps startups, enterprises, governments, and a few of the world’s largest blockchain organizations to reform existing processes and become industry innovators. It designs, develops, and launches products using blockchain infrastructure & Web3 technologies. 

17. Queppelin

Queppelin, a “Red Herring Asia Award Winner” IT company, unlocks end-to-end solutions that enable your business to participate in the landscape of today and the future. It has 30+ full-time developers with more than 11+ years of experience building metaverse, developing AR and VR Applications, offering immersive experiences for advertisers, and integrating AI into AR & VR applications. The tech platforms of Queppelin impact millions of users and clients worldwide, including Google, Facebook, Snapdeal, Times of India, MakeMyTrip, Homeshop18, and more.

18. Interexy

Headquartered in Miami, Interexy is a custom software development consulting & web3 team augmentation company. It works with clients like- SAP, tech product companies,  and many more. The core focus of Interexy is on providing clients with consultation services and developing applications- namely iOS, Android, and Web, from scratch. It has also made a huge contribution to Blockchain development, Metaverse development, healthcare development, and the development of UI/UX design.

Interexy offers flexible cooperation models that cover every sort of  unique requirement of its clients. It always delivers quality above the industry’s standards. From the first call till the product launch, the skilled specialists of this company make it easy and fast for you to digitize your business and kick off your projects just within 5-10 days.

19. PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a trustworthy technology partner with more than 15 years of experience in building custom web3 solutions. It designs and engineers advanced digital products and infrastructures. It can do all of these things very perfectly, as it specializes in  making a digital transformation in Blockchain technology and big data. This company has over 100 bright minds & qualified specialists who can handle tech challenges for Microsoft, Oracle, BMW, Kakao, QTUM, and other companies in more than 25 countries.

20. Viron IT

VironIT is an IT company that provides comprehensive professional web3 development services, and top-class business software solutions. The dedicated team of this company focuses on meeting the specific customer’s requirements and choosing optimal solutions. 

This company encompasses 120+ full-time professionals including software developers, engineers, and scientists, and it offers services to large companies, SMEs, startups, and even individuals who are looking to develop platforms. It offers customers a complete range of software development services, including mobile applications, web3 -based products, and software solutions for businesses.


Categorically, this list will enable you to select the best and most reliable partner for your company’s web3 eCommerce website development. These companies will offer you a comprehensive bouquet of website development services to assist you in building a world-class, robust, scalable, and SEO-friendly eCommerce website.

Altogether, these companies create endless opportunities that enable you to link your business with the targeted markets. If you want to build a mesmerizing and immersive shopping platform then these Web3 eCommerce website development companies will help you achieve your target.

Written by Ashok Kumar
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