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Top 10 Paid & Free AI Tools for Content Writing – 2023

If you are looking a free content writing softwares. Here I share you the top 10 AI content generation tools that allows...

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Hi. In this article, I want to show you the top 10 AI content writing tools in each category. And let’s get started. So real quick, let me show you what the top categories are. 

They’re going to be free. The top free AI Content Writer, the best value AI Content Writer, the most useful AI content writer, and the best output AI Content writer. And lastly, the best lifetime AI content generator. 

The more the digital marketing arena changes, the more it remains the same. Online content is probably the best example of this interesting relationship. Because as long as people look for online content to learn new things, research products, solve problems, or simply get some fun this asset will make the backbone of digital marketing.

What changes then?

Well, for example, these materials are no longer produced by the sheer labor of their creators. This time, writers benefit from greater automation and tools to make production easier.

Let us take a look at some of the best AI content to human content converter

1. HyperWrite

All right, so let’s get started. The very first one is the best free AI. Content writer. And for that category, Hyperwrite is the best free AI content writer available right now. When you go into the dashboard, you can go ahead and pick whatever you like. It has a very nice interface, a very good tutorial, and very easy to use. So you just go in here, you type what you want AI. Writing tools, and then from here, you can just go ahead and give an example are the best. 

And then just click on Write for me and it will go ahead and generate the content from you. You don’t really have to do much, and it’s not like a fake free account. You simply just choose what you like, and you can go ahead and add it. 

2. Ryter

In its nature, Ryter is very similar to Jasper, but its streamlined interface, simple controls, and a bit more limited options make it more suitable for beginners. What’s most important is that Ryter can produce written content on various topics like business, sports, and technology while still being very good and hitting the right tone and grammar. Production usually lasts less than an hour.

3. WriteSonic

If Ryter was considered a pick for beginners, Writesonic presents a budget option. This tool is designed to create simpler marketing texts, product descriptions, and blog articles, and if you are ready to deal with some locked-away functionalities, you can use the app for free. Even if you decide to upgrade, the package with all features and languages is more than reasonably priced.

4. PromptPal

PromptPal is a platform where users can share and discover the best AI prompts. Currently, it focuses on ChatGPT and Google Bard. However, it plans to expand into many more AI platforms in the near future. PromptPal is only 2 weeks old but has been growing rapidly since its inception through word-of-mouth. The founder of PromptPal strongly believes these AI systems are only as good as what you put into them. If you prompt them well and provide high-quality, well-structured data, you will get the most optimal results, and that’s where platforms like PromptPal are really helpful.

5. Grammarly

You have probably heard about this one. Everyone did. So, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that these days Grammarly makes an essential part of all professional link-building services. And even better, a basic Grammar check that will uncover small mistakes you make is entirely free. On the other hand, the full subscription provides you with a robust and nuanced analytic that brushes your texts into excellence.

6. AI Writer

The overall value of AI writing tools must go to Writer Writer AI. And I’ve been using this for quite, maybe, I’d say, a year. So it’s really good. You can see I’ve been using this for quite a while. 

It covers anything from blog outlines, blog posts, business idea pitches, and calls-to-action copywriting frameworks. You can do anything from posts to bio profiles, and it goes song lyrics, story plots, there’s a whole bunch of stuff, and you can even create your own use case. 

I did a demo just for fun. And that’s the amazing thing about it. And the great thing about it is the price. When it comes down to it, it has a very generous unlimited plan. So when you go ahead and purchase it for around, I think, let me check the price to double check to make sure. 

Okay, here it is. It’s about $30 a month, but $30 a month you get unlimited. Okay? So you can generate as many articles as you need, any blog posts and video scripts, YouTube descriptions, and so forth, without worrying about and counting the credits. 

7. QuillBot

The best AI content to human content converter is Quill Bot. This has come a long way, and I have to say that this was originally just a paraphraser. It was an AI paraphraser. But since then, it’s added a grammar and plagiarism checker. You can write with the AI, and you can summarize with the AI. You can do citations with this AI. It works for Word Docs, and it’s a Chrome extension. Plus the price is quite affordable. The free version is limited, but the price is decent. Let me go over the price real quick. And if you go to premium, it gives you several different options. 

You can go either annually, which will break it down to maybe about $4.17 a month. You can go semi-annually for around six months, which is only 666 per month, or you can simply go monthly and try it out for a month to see if you like it. 

8. CopySmith

Unlike other mentions on this list, CopySmith’s main purpose is to produce longer pieces of content. Sure, you can still roll out social media posts and product descriptions. Still, the Article Builder tools seem like a match made in heaven for building longer articles and blog posts from scratch – even more so, keeping in mind that this tool can very effectively copy your personal writing style.

9. Scalenut

This simple tool presents a cross between Surfer and Jasper, combining the technical aspects of SEO with looser, more creative writing requirements. And the application is more than reasonably priced. Just enter the keyword you need to roll out and Scalenut will produce fully optimized content that will not always be ready for publishing but will give you a great outline and eliminate that writer’s blockade.

10. Chibi AI

Chibi AI is a very neat power tool that is still affordable and streamlined enough to be considered a budget option. This option won’t simply throw content in your lap – at least not something noteworthy. Getting the best results with Chibi AI will require giving AI something to work with. And the more time you spend writing, the better the results are. So, consider this an AI assistant.

11. Frase

Frase is a very versatile and punchy AI platform that covers all the major bases, like content analytics, content writing, and content optimization. The tool is not capable of building the material from scratch but even if you spend some limited time writing the basic outline, you will get excellent output. On the other hand, Fraser is paid only, and credits tend to be rather expensive, which is a small bummer.

12. Wordtune

Last but not least, Wordtune can be best described as a more than welcome alternative to Grammarly. You also get similar features in tone analysis, semantics check, sentence rephrasing, and wordiness reduction. What makes it special? Well, by using different algorithms than its peer, Wordtune also presents different suggestions so it’s good to use it for later drafts and double-checking.

13. Jasper

This tool was formerly known as Jarvis, so you have probably heard a thing or two about it. If not, this is one very useful and capable AI tool that allows you to enter a set of parameters like subject and form and the Jasper will simply produce content instead of you. That being said you will not always get pristine results, but even such exceptions can get you started and save you a lot of time.

14. Surfer

This is yet another tool that quickly becomes a part of the arsenal of any experienced SEO copywriter. And what’s not to like? Taking a more technical look at the intended SEO content, Surfer offers great help with content planning by laying down the basic writing requirements like the number of words and keywords you need to use. This way, content production becomes more structured, efficient, and faster.

So, there you have it – the top 10 tools that should make your future content creation tools simpler, faster, and far more streamlined. Sure, all these things still require you to invest time and creativity. But any tool that can make your job even marginally easier should, by all means, be used.

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