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Mobile applications can make things very convenient as they require less loading time than a website and are easy to access. This perk makes mobile applications a preferable choice over web applications. The same concept is genuine for writing assistant applications.

Today I’ll show you how to get the unique, fresh and rich content that Google loves and which allows you to achieve excellent organic traffic values, natural backlinks, 100% page indexing, and of course high values of the main web ratings, maz ahrefs SEMrush, similar web, etc. 

White writing a unique blog duplicate content checker can efficiently identify duplicated content from your written content. Once you have learned about the sections with similarities, you can rewrite or rephrase the area to make it unique.

This article will guide you on how to write unique content using a plagiarism checker mobile app. We will share step-by-step methods for evaluating content quality using your handheld device, like a smartphone or tablet.

12 Tips To Write Unique Content

  1. Be Independent, generate your own idea and start writing. I know being a writer, its in our habit to check internet even if we are familiar with topic.
  2. Get Personal while writing, it will make it unique. Add your own life experience with reference. It will make it more guniene.
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Don’t give up on an idea for a blog post just because it doesn’t work out right away. Look at the other ideas you’ve written down and see if you can put them together to make a better article.
  5. Give Yourself Some Freedom– Do you put up posts at regular times? I think that posting often is a good idea in general, but it can sometimes make you less creative. If you don’t have anything interesting to say, give yourself a little more time than usual to think of something.

Why Should You use an App for Plagiarism Checking?

Many users may be familiar with content uniqueness checkers as they are easy to access through a web browser. However, a plagiarism app has various benefits compared to online versions, which are mentioned below.

  • A plagiarism checker app is quicker and more efficient than an online tools.
  • Free to access for many users.
  • Does not rely on the compatibility of a web browser.
  • Provides a detailed downloadable report.
  • It makes the report-sharing process more convenient.

How to Check Uniqueness of Content

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At first, we need to find the flaws in the content, which refers to plagiarism in our case. Here we have mentioned a few easy steps to check plagiarism with a mobile application. By following these steps, you’ll recognize the plagiarized sentences along with the source links having similarities with your content.

  1. The first step is to provide the input text to the application. You can either type the content directly, paste it into the interface, or choose to upload a document file containing text by selecting the option shown in the figure.
  1. Once the text is uploaded, tap the ‘Plagiarism’ button, and it will start processing to check similarities of the content from billions of web pages.
  2. After the scan is complete, the percentage ratio between plagiarized and unique content will be presented in the report. For a better comparison, the tool will provide you with a plagiarism report filtering sentence-wise and matched URL results. You can choose either of the options to see the results. 
  1. Furthermore, you can download this report to identify the plagiarized sentences so you can remove duplicated sections. If the content is 100% unique, you can use it as supporting evidence with your content document to ensure work credibility.

Removing Duplicated Content and Make It Unique

Once you have generated the report using a mobile application, the next step is to remove plagiarism. Paraphrasing is the best remedy to remove plagiarism from your content. You can manually paraphrase with sufficient vocabulary knowledge and a firm grip on grammar. Or you can choose to rephrase content with the help of an online tool.

The recommended option for writing unique content would be due to the following features of this online tool.

  • Free to access without registration or login.
  • Allows to rewrite and rephrase with extensive word count support.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Option to upload document files.
  • Allows you to download uniquely paraphrased text as a text file.


Plagiarism checking and removing require a lot of time and effort. With the help of a plagiarism-checking application, this process can be carried out efficiently. Writers and marketers can utilize these tools by evaluating their content for duplication. Furthermore, they can use the results to improve the quality of content.

This article featured some guidelines on how to check and remove plagiarism using online tools. We mentioned the working and features of the plagiarism checker tool so you can identify the duplicated content in the palm of your hand. We also suggested an online tool to remove plagiarism which can be accessed for free. We hope this article guided you well on how to evaluate and improve the quality of content.

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