Short Form Content Vs Long Form Content: What is Best for SEO?

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In this digital era, we are hyper-connected. Having access to a global audience has never been this easy.  However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. To be able to capture consumer attention and retain it, one needs to steadily provide consumers with relevant and high-quality content – that is in tandem with what they have been searching for. 

This means that as digital marketers, it is our responsibility to empathize with our readers and produce amazing content that caters to their needs. The top SEO agencies in India consider this point when creating content for their clients. 

Therefore, factors such as how educated the customer is, their intent, and the pathways they took to arrive at your website are to be considered. These, in turn, will help determine the length of content you should be putting on your webpage. 

Let us first explain the difference between short-form and long-form content. 

Short Form Content Vs Long Form Content
Short Form Content Vs Long Form Content

Long-Form Content

This content is usually 2000 words or more. However, content with more than 1000 words can also be considered long-form content. They are usually in the form of e-books, whitepapers, guides and tutorials, webinars, etc. 

Short-Form Content

Blog posts, news articles, infographics, social media posts and emails usually have content less than 1000 words and are referred to as short-form content.

What Length of Content is the Best?

Both long-form content and short-form content are just tools that businesses can use. If you ask the top SEO Agencies in India, they will tell you neither tool is necessarily better than the other. 

Each should only be used in situations suited to the consumer of the content. Whether you are looking to produce relevant content for an e-book or you want to write content for pages on your website, you need to consider the purpose, interests, education, and intent of your customers. 

Short Form Content Vs Long Form Content
Short Form Content Vs Long Form Content

Following are the situations when a long-form copy is best for a marketing strategy:

  • Expensive products and services that are on the higher end of the price scale
  • Goods and services involving more commitment to purchase
  • Business-to-business sales often require a thorough knowledge of the product/service being sold because the purchasing cycle is usually sophisticated.
  • Products that need to display quality and need information-based marketing.
  • When you have a new product in the market about which your audience has little to no knowledge, long-form content is effective in educating potential customers
  • Sophisticated products involving complex technology require long-form content to explain important aspects for a proper pitch.

On the other hand, short-form content is best suited for the following scenarios:

  • When readers are familiar with your business and trust your products and services.
  • Less expensive or commonly used products, which often don’t require lengthy explanation
  • If your customers are already prone to purchase from you
  • Some forms of content are not required at length (PPC ads, email subject lines, etc.)

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What Form of Content is Best Suited for My Business?

To answer this question, you can consider the following questions:

  1. How educated your customer is regarding your product/service?
  2. How interested your customer is – If a person approaches your website through organic searches, it is likely that he/she is interested and is willing to give time to read about it. On the other hand, if your readers are not interested in your product yet, short-form content might be best to incite purchasing behavior.
  3. What resources do you have in your arsenal to create content?

And now, if you are still doubtful about what type of content you should put on your webpage, you might want to consider approaching an SEO agency to help you optimize your content. 

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