How to Disarm a Criminal With a Gun?

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How to Disarm a Criminal With a Gun


Back against a wall, pistol pointing at your face—a it’s the predicament you never want to be in. It’s too late to flee or hide, and your attacker either doesn’t want anything from you, has already stolen everything from you, or is requesting something that you are unable to provide.

The alternatives available to you are constrained in that situation. A gun disarms, like the one demonstrated by self-defense expert Richard Ryan, could be your best option. Remember that even though the actions appear straightforward, doing them under pressure will be difficult. Therefore, constant practice is required if you intend to use the technique.

Which method of disarming an attacker with a weapon is the most difficult and why?

Steps to disarm someone with a gun

We offer some advice to assist you to disarm your assailant if you’ve evaluated the scenario and concluded that it’s the best course of action. According to Michael Nelson from Peak Firearms, there are a few ways to take a person’s weapon away, but they are all risky and there is a chance that something may go wrong. Never disregard a person who has a weapon on you.

Taking the firearm away from the offender is the first tactic. A gun in this instance. Grab their arm at the wrist and twist the pistol away from you as your initial action. As quickly as you can, turn the gun so it is pointing away from you. They probably have the trigger pulled and are ready to shoot you. As you turn your back on the assailant, keep twisting the arm holding the pistol around you. Make every effort to subdue your assailant and take the pistol away from him, making sure the weapon is never aimed at you. Don’t let go of the attacker since he could attack you even if you have his weapon.

Redirecting the line of fire and making your escape is the second strategy. You must act swiftly, and you must start by making little moves; otherwise, the attacker can open fire as a result of your rapid movements. Make quick, tiny motions away before rerouting with your hand as a final resort. The weapon should be moved to the right, left, or even above. Run as quickly as you can while the assailant is unbalanced.

Remember that the first priority in a circumstance like this is to preserve your life. You have a far higher chance of losing your life if you fight back. The safest course of action when confronted by an attacker brandishing a handgun is to follow their instructions, with the exception of getting into a car with them. This is especially true if you have not received extensive martial arts training or training from the police, military, or military specifically in the area of disarming an opponent. It’s not the movies, you’re playing with your life here, and nearly always, your assailant will be better prepared for this type of circumstance than you are.

The final strategy is to confuse him. Acting passively is the initial step in this process. Put your hands up or do anything else they want you to do instead of getting in a car. Enact your escape strategy right away if they are trying to get you into a driving vehicle since your chances of survival dramatically decrease once you are in a moving vehicle. Waving your hands passively in his general direction. This will aid in deflecting his attention from your next action, which will be to spin around and punch or kick him while seizing the pistol from him and twisting it out of his hands.

Use both hands if required to rip the pistol away from you, but make sure it is pointed away from you. Retrace a few steps while maintaining the gun’s target on the culprit. Scream, create noise, and attract attention so you don’t have to use the weapon. He’s probably going to leave you alone, but let him know that you’re prepared to shoot if necessary. That should be avoided at all costs, yet there are instances when it’s a matter of life or death.

Final verdict

If you ever find yourself in this scenario, be aware of the self-defense laws of your state before using one of these methods to disarm someone with a weapon. Learn at school that working together is the best course of action. You have a better chance of surviving if you can work together and stay calm. Find a strategy that works for you if you have the sensation that you won’t survive this scenario if you don’t fight.

It’s also quite helpful to enroll in self-defense lessons that teach you the right grips and escape mechanisms to get out of this predicament. Hand to hand fighting with someone brandishing a weapon is extremely challenging, and you should avoid it at all costs unless you are especially skilled in that area.

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