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10 Reasons Why Microsoft Edge is Better Than Chrome in Windows 11 | Chrome vs Edge

Today we'll be discussing Microsoft Edge versus Google Chrome. And why microsoft edge is better than chrome specially in Windows 11

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is microsoft edge better than google chrome

Today we’ll be discussing Microsoft Edge versus Google Chrome. And why Microsoft edge is better than chrome, especially in Windows 11

Hey guys, It’s me Rose at MakeAnApp. So lets me know in detail is Microsoft edge is better than google chrome with me.

Microsoft has been trying to win the browser wars since they began back in the mid-1990s. Their newest attempt Microsoft Edge, Windows 11 version has the potential to get them closer to that goal. Of course, they had to use the same foundation or coding as Google Chrome.  To do this chrome and the new edge are both built from the open source Chromium project. And that makes them very similar on the surface.

Microsoft Edge isn’t a new browser, but many Windows users are only now becoming aware of the current version, which was recently handed out to everyone in a Windows Update. You might be tempted to dismiss Microsoft’s latest web browser, but the Edge offers several really smart features that should put it in the running for your main online browser.

Edge is based on Chromium, the same operating system that drives Google Chrome, and it positively feels like Chrome. It even works with all of your Chrome browser addons. This fast, modern browser makes it easier to manage information, protect your personal information, and avoid hackers.

Let’s start now!

Indeed, Edge is so good that it may be time to abandon Chrome or Firefox.

These top 10 important facts put light on the question of why Microsoft edge is better than chrome?

1. Vertical Tabs

 It can arrange the browser tabs on the left side of the screen than on top with a single click. This will probably seem awkward at first, and you may chafe at the fact that it takes up no space above the address bar, but stick with it for a little time, and you will not want to go back to any other browser. When you arrange tabs vertically, you can fit more of them on display without losing sight of page titles. You can temporarily disable the sidebar by pressing the left button at the top if you need more space to navigate.

2. Turn Websites into Apps

The number of digital applications has increased by the day, and they are even better than the actual programs in certain ways, such as eating up less space while still functioning as a normal application. Websites may be simply transformed into applications on Edge Chromium, allowing you to conveniently access them. Simply open the three-dot menu and select Applications -> Install This Site as an Application. The currently active tab will be turned into an application.

How to Turn a Website into a Mobile App

You can turn any site into an app, but apps like Google Docs, Twitter, and Feedly, among others, are one of the best websites that are always useful. In Chrome, you have a similar feature, but it only helps in creation.

3. Startup Boost

Startup Boost is a new function that was just included in the Microsoft Edge Browser. It seeks to shorten the browser’s startup time by keeping its process running in the background. As a result, the next time you use the Edge browser, it will be faster. If your process necessitates frequent internet access, utilizing the Startup Boost option will be preferable to having browser instances active at all times. Because keeping the browser open consumes far more RAM than its process. Enabling the ‘Startup Boost’ option is as simple as going to Settings > System and clicking on the toggle next to the ‘Startup Boost’ settings. A small amount of RAM will be reserved for the Edge Browser’s process by enabling this option.

4. Collections For Organizing Ideas

Consider Collections to be your web basket, where you may keep and organize everything you find online. Assume you liked a quote from a web article and saved it to your ‘Quotes collection.’ Going on a shopping spree? Add those items from various online stores to your ‘Shopping list’ collection. Collections can preserve links, web pages, images, text, or even a quick note in various formats. Furthermore, whatever you save as a Collection is accessible across synced devices. The collection is a feature of Microsoft Edge that distinguishes it from other browsers. Simply right-click on the item, text, or web page to add something to a collection and select ‘Add to collection.’

5. Minimal Reading Experience

The internet is distracting, and reading demands concentration. Microsoft Edge has a capable immersive reading option that allows you to focus entirely on the words while reading an article. It removes all visual clutter from the page, including adverts and other components, leaving only the text and article images.

Simply hit the ‘F9’ key on your keyboard to enter reading mode. The entire web page will reload in reading mode using your normal reading mode settings. Edge Browser’s Reading mode has several options for customizing your reading experience. To fit your reading preferences, you can alter themes, and text size, enable grammatical upgrades, etc. There is also a ‘Read aloud’ mode for individuals who prefer to read aloud.

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6. Advanced Privacy; Say ‘No’ To Targeted Ads

It’s no surprise that all websites utilize trackers to follow their users to deliver targeted adverts or customized recommendations. And, as a privacy-obsessed individual, seeing all advertising for a product I recently Googled is somewhat grating. In contrast, you may prefer to use a privacy-focused web browser only for this purpose. The Edge browser’s privacy settings are as simple as flipping a switch and letting it do its thing without any frills. Tracking protection is available in three tiers. You must select the one which is best suitable to satisfy your needs. Most of us will be content with the ‘Balanced’ level; however if you wish to level up,

7. Family Safety Features to Keep Track Of Your Family

Family Safety Features in microsoft edge
Family Safety Features in microsoft edge

With the new Microsoft Edge Browser in Windows 11, Microsoft is attempting to make the internet a safe and enjoyable place for children and everyone else. You can now create a safer environment for everyone in the family when they browse the internet by implementing content filters and managing the screen time of content they view on the web, thanks to yet another safety-oriented Microsoft Edge feature.

You must first create a family group and add members using their Microsoft accounts before you can use this feature. After that, you may monitor your family member by imposing screen time limits, blocking problematic information, and even obtaining internet activity records to provide them with a safer atmosphere to explore the web.

8. Capture, Annotate And Share Web 

Have you discovered anything fantastic on the internet? Do you want to share a screenshot of a website with your team along with notes for feedback, or do you want to download the entire web page for offline use? In this instance, you’ll most likely be looking for a browser plugin/extension to do the job for you.

If you’re using the Edge browser, you may capture, annotate, and share online content directly from the browser window by utilizing the Web Capture function. Microsoft Edge includes a web screenshot tool, which you may activate by clicking the ‘Camera’ button in the toolbar. You can capture a piece of the webpage using the ‘Free Select’ option, or you can capture the entire web page and save it as a JPEG file on your PC.

9. Access Your Browser History Without Leaving the Current Tab

Most browsers make it difficult to access history. Every time you want to search through your browsing history to find a website you’ve visited. Your browser will open your surfing history in a new tab, which isn’t really productive.

It addresses this issue by allowing you to retrieve your browser’s history from the toolbar without leaving your current tab. To access the browser history view from the taskbar, press ‘ctrl + h’; look for the page you want to reopen within the current tab. And, if you want to keep an eye on the browser history at all times, you may pin it to the side for fast access. The history view displays all of your device’s browsing history.

10. Improved Copy/ Paste Of URLs

When you copy and paste a link, it is usually pasted as a hyperlink to the copied web address. However, if you are sharing a long link, it becomes cluttered, or if you are writing a long thesis and mentioning sources with links, you must ensure that they are clear to the reader. In that situation, you’ll have to manually alter the hyperlinked content to keep it brief but meaningful.

You don’t have to manually redo all hyperlinked text with the new copy/paste formatting option. It is pasted as a hyperlinked title rather than the site URL when you paste a copied link. Microsoft accomplishes this by reloading the copied link in the background in order to obtain its title.

Most Important Reason Why Microsoft edge is better than chrome in Windows 11

There are some differences between the two browsers that make them unique in some ways, or superior and others. 

Here are some of the functions you often find in browsers, and how Chrome and edge utilize these options.

Save Some Ram Using Sleeping Tabs

While utilizing ‘The Great Suspender Chrome Extension’ to reclaim RAM space utilized by many browser tabs even if you aren’t working on them. This browser plugin eliminates inactive tabs in order to conserve computer resources.

Inside Edge Browser, Microsoft implemented a similar function called ‘Sleeping Tabs,’ which performs the same thing. When you enable the Sleeping Tabs option, your tabs will sleep after a specified amount of inactivity. Inactive tabs consume fewer resources than active tabs, and switching to an inactive tab causes it to become active automatically.

Microsoft vs Edge – Comparision of Advance Features

Seeing all the advantages of using Microsoft Edge must have enabled you to figure out the right answer to” is Microsoft Edge better than google chrome”?

  • The user interface on the new edge is very similar to what you would expect when using Chrome.
  • They both have rounded corners and drop shadow effects.
  • When it comes to the bookmarks bar, both Chrome and edge show the bar only on new tabs edge gives you three choices for your new tab options focus theme shows your most frequently visited sites.
  • There are extensions specifically designed to work with an edge in the Microsoft Store. But it seems like an extra step to go out of the browser to download these when you can do it all in one place with Google’s extension. While Google Chrome allows you to sync your browser history and extensions between devices, Microsoft Edge does not.
  • In many tests, Edge seems to be faster using only 70 to 80% of the ram. If you don’t have large amounts of RAM. Edge will give you faster and smoother browsing edges less taxing on your CPU to make freeze up less common.
  • You can turn almost any web page into a standalone app (PWA) using Microsoft edges. PWA gives you a desktop shortcut that leads to the site.
  • In Microsoft Edge, you can customize which permissions you want to give on a site-by-site basis. In Chrome, you can only either allow or block all sites or none.
  • The new Microsoft Edge reads to you both on mobile and desktop. Chrome requires an extension on the desktop and mobile versions to do this. You can even download more languages and voices in your window settings edge has an immersive reading view that removes all the extra distractions from the page.

Wrapping Up: Is Microsoft Edge Better than Chrome?

Microsoft Edge has progressed from the despised HTML Edge to one of the fastest-growing browsers, trailing only the popular Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge browser has witnessed a huge gain in performance after switching to chromium basis, with equally outstanding compatibility with Windows 10. And with all of the features that Microsoft Edge provides, people are unlikely to return to any other browser very soon.

People who use Microsoft Edge have no reason to switch back to Chrome. Considering all of this and the advantages Microsoft Edge has over Chrome, it is an easy recommendation for anyone who is tired of Chrome’s RAM hunger and wants an equally good browser with less RAM consumption.

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