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Is Autocheck As Good As Carfax | Difference Between Carfax and Autocheck

Which is better carfax or autocheck? In Detailed autocheck vs carfax explained. And also is autocheck the same as carfax. Carfax or...

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Is Autocheck As Good As Carfax

When buying a used car, it’s critical to find a thorough vehicle history record. It is usually essential to know the worth and detailed history of car before purchasing it. Vehicles can have hidden difficulties and problems that you may be forced to deal with down the road. The best way to estimate how your car will perform in the future is to go with car history check. That’s why getting a vehicle history report is such a crucial part of buying a secondhand car.

Vehicle history reports from Carfax and AutoCheck contain critical information about a vehicle’s background that can help you find potential issues with the old cars. The cost and amount of information supplied about the car are two major distinctions between the two reports. AutoCheck also offers a one-of-a-kind vehicle-scoring system. The report that is best for you is determined by your budget and the level of detail you require.

Two major companies provide detailed vehicle history reports: AutoCheck and Carfax. 

Vehicle history reports from CarFax and AutoCheck are two of the most popular options, but customers may find it difficult to understand the distinctions between the two. Although both reports can provide valuable information about a used automobile’s history, AutoCheck reports have a stronger reputation among used car dealers due to their ability to follow vehicles sold at auctions.

Carfax and auto check are both vehicle history reports that you can pull for a fee on the Internet they can range from maybe 20 bucks up to $40 and the price just came to save to keep climbing.

Here, I wanted to talk in detail about CarFax & Auto Check, and difference between carfax and auto check

I remember one time checking out a used BMW 545, It was a terrible car (the old one). It was so clean, the miles were low. And it just looked perfect from outside. It looked too good for the price. I was just like to buy it instantly. But when I checked the CarFax repot, there was hardly any information there. The last service was at 65,000 miles. I pop the hood. There’s like three or four different oil leaks right there. I opened the tank, and he carries around like extra quarts of oil. And I’m like, What’s this about?

Is Autocheck the Same as Carfax

So to start as a consumer, if you’re shopping for a used car, you have two options out there, when it comes to the vehicle history report.

  1. The first option is Carfax it is very well known.
  2. Second brand out there Auto Check.

So these two companies, they provide history reports, as far as you know, if the vehicle has been in an accident, how many owners it’s had, and things like you know, service history. And so as a used car buyer, you gotta look at which which option is best for you.

Let’s Talk About AutoCheck First

  1. AutoCheck has been in business since 1996.
  2. And auto check all costs only $25 per report.
  3. AutoCheck vehicle history reports use a numerical score similar to a credit score that is between 70 and 90 to tell you about a vehicle’s history.
  4. Type in your VIN number, and it will spit out all the history for that vehicle.
  5. They allow their subscribers to run up to 300 reports using VIN numbers.
  6. They gather data from all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia.
  7. In my opinion, it offer lacks of information and it doesn’t share the full picture.
  8. As of 2021, a single report costs $24.99, a package of 25 reports over 21 days is $49.99, and the limit of 300 reports plan is $99.99.

You know, that’s, that’s not a good thing when you’re buying a car because you’re you know, you’re putting all this money down, you’re making potentially huge investment or a huge purchase. And you don’t have the full story.

which is better carfax or autocheck

Let’s Talk About Carfax

Let’s get into CarFax. And Carfax is a more expensive it’s $40 per report. And the cost alone makes people pull auto check instead. But I’ll tell you why.

Your money is better spent with Carfax when you spend that $40 With Carfax you’re getting a complete look at the vehicle you’re buying.

  • As of 2021, one Carfax report costs $39.99. If you want three of them, it will be $59.99 and six of them cost $99.99. 
  • You’re getting a full history. Not only are you checking if it’s branded or salvage.
  • You know, Carfax is ahead of the competition here, Carfax will tell you that there was damage, and will even tell you where the damage was reported.
  • It’ll even tell you if the airbags deployed.
  • Carfax gathers their data from over 100,000 sources for their reports

Not all damage is alike, you know, so you shouldn’t treat damage reported or all accidents alike. And Carfax will really distinguish the difference between, a small minor accident versus, a major accident that you didn’t quite total the car. And so you can make an informed decision.

Carfax vs. AutoCheck

Price$39.99 for one report$59.99 for three reports$99.99 for six reports$24.99 for one report$49.99 for 25 reports$99.99 for 300 reports
Buyback protectionYesYes
Scoring systemNoYes
Report includes maintenance recordsYesNo
difference between carfax and autocheck

Which is better carfax or autocheck?

Vehicle Data Feature
The patented AutoCheck Score®to help you assess a vehicle’s predicted reliability at a glance and compare it to similar cars in its class
Access to title and registration data from ALL 50 states and the District of Columbia
Exclusive auction-announced datafrom the two largest US auctions
Event data reported from insurance carriers and salvage yards
Buyback Protectionfor qualified, registered vehicles that helps protect you against unreported title brands
is autocheck the same as carfax?

If you’re buying a car from a dealership, most dealers actually, almost all dealers have a subscription to either auto check or Carfax or both.

And you can just request the report, they will give it to you for free. So if you’re wondering if you’re a dealer, and you’re wondering how much it costs, or if you’re wondering how much dealers pay for these subscription services, auto check starts at around $200. This is 2020. And that’s how much they charge for a subscription of unlimited auto check reports is $200 a month. And so you can run as many bins as you would like.

And for a CARFAX, it’s about $400 This was like double the price. But it’s definitely worth it’s definitely money well spent. Again, auto check. I mean, they have this thing, it’s kind of cool that the scoring system, they have an auto check score.


It’s crucial to understand, however, that neither car history report can guarantee a vehicle’s history. Only information that has been recorded or reported can be provided by both providers. Regardless of the report’s findings, it’s critical to confirm that the car has been thoroughly inspected before to purchase.

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