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Apps Like Earnin: 25 Earnin App Alternatives for 2022

Alternative apps like earnin helps to get advance cash in need. Here we have concluded a list of similar apps like Earnin.

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Earnin is a money management software that allows employees to track their working hours and take out loans depending on those hours. It has no membership fees or interest charges. Although Earnin is a great tool for getting quick cash, other Earnin rivals also allow you to acquire cash advances and loans with no excessive interest rates.

When you need money to meet a financial emergency, here are 21 cash advance and loan lending apps like Earnin. So, let’s get started, learn about them, and then vote for your favorite.

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Here is the list of Best Money Apps Similar to Earnin

  1. Cash App
  2. Chime
  3. Dave
  4. Fast Cash Advance
  5. MoneyLion
  6. Possible Finance
  7. Vola
  8. Brigit
  9. DailyPay
  10. Even
  11. FlexWage
  12. PayActiv
  13. SoLo Funds
  14. Zirtue
  15. SpeedyCash
  16. Branch
  17. Rainy Day Lending
  18. PockBox
  19. Check into Cash
  20. Ace Cash Express

Detailed Explanation to Money Apps Like Earnin

1. Cash App – Apps like earnin and dave

Cash App is one of the top money apps like earnin for people who desire more than simply cash advances. Once loaded, the software allows you to send and receive money from other users and give to charities. It also provides its users with Cash App debit cards and handy investing alternatives.

Cash App’s cash advance option allows you to get your salary up to two days early. AItot suitable for usage when you’re short on cash. It levies a fee of up to 3% for some actions. Cash Software is an excellent alternative app that is more adaptable.

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 2. Chime

Chime - apps similar to earnin
Chime – apps similar to earnin

Chime functions more like a bank than anything else. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most convenient other apps like earnin available. How does it function? You may request an advance up to two days before your payday with Chime. Now, we realize it isn’t the best time period and isn’t as useful for financial emergencies. However, Chime has various advantages that can outweigh that drawback.

 For example, newly enrolled customers receive a spending account and a Visa Debit Card. With them, you instantly have the right tools at your disposal to spend money without hesitation. You may also withdraw funds from your Chime account using an ATM. Furthermore, Chime does not collect any processing fees or membership fees, and it does not even ask for tips. 

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3. Dave – Money App Similar to Earnin

If you’re seeking apps similar to earnin, we highly recommend Dave. For example, when you use Earnin, you may acquire a maximum advance of $100 up to two days before payday, with no costs. Dave is free to use with a $1 monthly membership.

That may appear to be a disadvantage, given that Earnin charges nothing but tips. Nonetheless, what makes Dave an excellent choice is how it assists you in earning credit. This is due to Dave’s affiliation with LevelCredit, which allows you to record your rent payments to credit agencies. As a result, your credit rating will increase, and your total score will rise.

4. Fast Cash Advance

Many programs, such as Earnin, do not always give speedy loans and advance approvals. That is the primary reason why people seek alternatives. Check out Fast Cash Advance if speed is your top goal. 

You may apply for payday loans and obtain speedy approvals with Fast Cash Advance. Its approval mechanism is so swift that it may be completed in minutes. The app will even notify you of the status of your request.

5. MoneyLion – Money apps like earnin

We recommend MoneyLion if you seek applications like Earnin that work with Chime. The main distinction between Earnin and MoneyLion is that the latter offers loans rather than advances. Starting with the first year, you may acquire a loan of up to $1,000 using the app. The best aspect is that you can acquire a loan regardless of your credit score. Furthermore,  they know that it improves your credit score by making timely payments. 

Overall, MoneyLion is an excellent choice if your credit score is low. However, there is a catch: a $19.99 monthly membership fee. It also has a hefty interest rate of about 5.99 percent to 29.99.

6. Possible Finance

If you enjoy the notion of borrowing money online but don’t like the conditions of MoneyLion, you might choose Possible Finance. Unlike other loan applications, Possible Finance offers maturities of up to eight weeks. Of course, this implies that the amount of money you may borrow is much lower – around $500 at most.

However, it is still a viable option, particularly if you do not have a large sum to withdraw as an advance. Furthermore, if you make timely payments, Possible Finance might help you enhance your credit score. Even though the APR is fairly high – between 150 and 200 percent – it is still cheaper than payday loans.

7. Vola

Vola is like apps like dave and earnin, a well-known app. It requires only $5 each month to obtain a $300 advance. Sure, that’s not ideal when competing programs like Earnin charge less and provide more. However, you can modify these limits if you achieve higher Vola Scores while using the app. If you earn a high score, you will be able to acquire a bigger advance limit and a lesser membership charge.

8. Brigit – Alternative apps like earnin

Earnin apps often offer a minimal maximum withdrawal amount that most people deem reasonable. In Earnin’s situation, the sum is $100, which is insufficient for emergency auto repairs or hospital bills. As a result, there are alternative programs like Earnin that raise the limit. Brigit is one such app.

You may borrow up to $250 each month with Brigit. It, like Earnin, has no monthly fees and works effectively as a cash advance app. Overdraft protection, fast transfers, financial analytics, and other sophisticated features are available. If you want access to those, you’ll have to pay a $9.99 monthly subscription charge. While handy, the free version has limited capabilities.

9. DailyPay

The correct applications, such as Earnin, are challenging to find if you wish to withdraw your amount sooner in the payroll cycle. Thankfully, there are options, such as DailyPay. How does it function? The DailyPay app works in tandem with your company’s payroll system. This enables the app to compute how much money you’ve already made while working. You can then withdraw your sum at any moment if you’ve previously earned it. Of course, there is a $1.99 transaction charge, but that is reasonable if you don’t withdraw frequently.

The only disadvantage of DailyPay is that it must already be compatible with your organization. As a result, if the app isn’t linked to your company’s payroll system, you won’t be able to utilize it.

10. Even

Even is a better option than Earnin if you want to receive limitless quick advances on your income. Why? Even does not limit its users in terms of when, how frequently, or how much they withdraw. It even will let you withdraw it if you’ve previously earned it. There are, of course, strings linked to the app, and they come in two varieties. The first is a monthly membership fee that customers must pay, and the second is business integration. Let’s start with the former.

It even costs an $8 fee, which must be paid monthly. While this may be a high fee, the app costs a minimal fee if you withdraw frequently. Furthermore, these funds are received immediately.

11. FlexWage

FlexWage, like other programs like Earnin, works best when connected with your employer’s system. Once established, you can obtain a wage advance before payday. Unlike Earnin, however, there will be fees associated with the service, which your company will determine.

Aside from advancements, FlexWage includes more features that you may find appealing. For starters, it features Flex Pay, which allows you to access instant one-time revenue. If you work as a freelancer, your income might come from any place, such as tips, bonuses, or commissions.

Furthermore, FlexWage features a Pay Card option that functions similarly to a prepaid debit card. You may utilize it in conjunction with FlexWage compensation, and once you have money, you can use it whenever you want.

12. PayActiv – Alternative apps like earnin

PayActiv is one of the leading money landing convenient applications, like Earnin, that enables you to withdraw money in advance. What distinguishes it from Earnin is that it raises your withdrawal limit to $500. Furthermore, it does not charge interest or fees unless you make money with PayActiv.

. That card is valid for online and offline transactions, and it also allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs. PayActiv does have a disadvantage, which is business integration. This means it functions similarly to other programs like Earnin, which require an official partnership with your company.  

13. SoLo Funds

Apps that lend you money, such as Earnin, tend to be one-sided. So, if you want not only to borrow but also lend money, SoLo Funds is the way to go. You can borrow or lend money as you see fit using the app to manage earnings. Its lending limit is $1,000, and its periods are typically 14 to 30 days. That’s brief, but it’s also useful if you need significant cash immediately.

It charges no fees to its users. All you have to do is download the app to begin borrowing money. Of course, obtaining a decent offer takes some research. If you need a simple platform, it’s a good choice.

14. Zirtue

Many peer-to-peer lending apps, such as Earnin, appear to be funded by pools of money given by strangers. While this format is convenient, it can be unsettling at times, especially if you are wary about trusting others. This is exactly why Zirtue exists and is featured on this list.

What exactly is Zirtue? Simply explained, it’s a loan software that links you to individuals you know rather than random lenders. Zirtue lets you give or borrow money from friends and family while keeping track of your financial flow. As a result, there is a greater structure and guarantee that you will be paid.

15. SpeedyCash

Earnin’s most adaptable option is Speedy Cash, which provides a variety of loan kinds. First, there are installment loans with a $5,000 maximum limit. The second type of loan is a title loan, which allows you to borrow between $100 and $25,000 by using your automobile as security. In addition, Speedy Cash provides a variety of online loans, including payday loans and lines of credit loans. Although the interest rates for Speedy Cash are somewhat higher, it is the ideal app for individuals who want flexibility in lending possibilities.

16. Branch

Earnin, for example, does not accept applications from hourly workers. The branch offers a platform to help hourly employees achieve financial security, as they are the most sensitive to cash flow issues. There are no fees from membership and no loan interest. Furthermore, it offers services to customers without even verifying their credit scores. It takes three business days for the employee to get the cash after applying. However, for a modest price, you can have the money immediately.

17. Rainy Day Lending

Rainy Day Lending links you with lenders around the country, giving you access to loans of up to $50,000 with varied conditions. Rainy Day Lending is not a lender but a facilitator who connects you with lenders. However, keep in mind that the exact interest rate is impossible to forecast. To find out how much you will have to pay for a loan.

You may obtain a loan regardless of your credit score, but you should expect to pay a higher interest rate if you have a poor credit history. Overall, Rainy Day Lending gives you a lot of versatility, which is ideal if you’re looking for the best deal.

18. PockBox

PockBox functions similarly to Rainy Day Lending. It does, however, allow you to obtain a loan of up to $2500. So, if you want to receive a bigger loan, PockBox is a better alternative than Rainy Day Lending. The prerequisites are the same as for Rainy Day, in that you must have a credit card in order to find personal loans. Apart from offering you a more considerable loan amount, PockBox gives you more options when it comes to choosing a lender.

19. Check into Cash

Check into Cash is one of the greatest mobile banking apps, allowing you to borrow from $50 to $1000. It offers installment loans, title loans, flex loans, and lines of credit in addition to payday loans. You must submit your information via the app and wait for Check into Cash to complete the request to obtain permission. The lender will contact you when you are authorized for a loan, although standard delivery takes 48 hours. Another disadvantage of Cash into Check is the slightly higher APR of 390 percent.

20. Ace Cash Express

ACE Cash Express Mobile Loans is a fantastic business that provides fast payday loans. Furthermore, this quick-working program relieves you of the need to wait for your next paycheck to acquire the products you require. It collaborates with many retailers so you may obtain the products you need without having to pay out of your own pocket since ACE Cash Express pays on your behalf.

Ace Cash Express Mobile Loans assist you in establishing a credit history. Furthermore, it is one of the few payday loan applications allows you to return the cash from a previous loan within 72 hours without penalty.

8 Apps Like Earnin for Advances Money Need in 2022

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