Top Ways Strategies to Promote a Mobile Application

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If the headline caught your attention, you’re probably considering your first app promotion in the highly competitive market. Despite claims to the contrary, the mobile app economy was predicted to reach $6.3 trillion in 2021, which it did. Over 5 million apps were available on Google Play and the App Store in 2017. 

This fact means that app developers now need to stand out from the crowd of hundreds of other similar apps in addition to creating an excellent product or making people’s lives easier.

Even the most well-known apps with millions of daily users didn’t suddenly become popular. Making an app and adding it to the platforms for distribution is just a promising beginning for your app-related story. The truth is that there is still a lot of work to be done after the app is released, so let’s discuss how you can make your app successful.

What is mobile application marketing?

Most people assume that mobile app marketing consists of several marketing or advertising campaigns to raise awareness of a mobile app. Mobile app marketing is more than that, though, in reality. Mobile app marketing involves interacting with your audience and following them through the buying process instead of merely raising awareness.

Launching your mobile app is the first step, followed by customer engagement and performance improvement via ongoing customer feedback. There are three main stages:

  1. Awareness: The customer becomes aware of the application.
  2. First purchase: After downloading the app, the customer purchases their first item.
  3. Customer retention: The customer is satisfied with the service and prefers to purchase through the app.

Eight ways to promote your mobile application

Below are the top 8 ways that can help you promote your mobile application. 

  1. Choose the correct app store:

Add your app to the various app stores as soon as your promotion strategy is complete. Typically, Google Play and Apple stores are where app developers start. 

Your monthly cost for distribution via the App Store will be $ 90. Developers must only pay a $25 registration fee to Google Play, and all sales are subject to a 30% list price cut. 

Be aware that you will need to stand out from the 3.3 million apps in Google Play and the more than 2.2 million apps in the App Store and gain access to millions of Android and Apple devices.

  1. Attractive profile:

The app description is crucial for user experience and app store optimization. Inform app store users about your app’s purpose and emphasize its key features. The icon design should follow the same methodology. Keep it straightforward, memorable, and fashionable. 

Think about the straightforward yet eye-catching icons for Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. Additionally, snappy screenshots will work well for your profile. Users are more likely to install an app when they know what to expect from the interface and design.

Your logo is the main description of your app, so make it catchy. Choose a good information technology logo from the various templates available on PosterMyWall, and you’re good to go.

  1. Optimization of keywords:

If you want to make your app simple to find after the most pertinent search requests, keywords are essential. Give your app profile enough time to add the most relevant and well-targeted keywords. 

Imagine the search terms you would enter to find applications similar to yours. Tagging dozens of tangentially associated words is unnecessary work. So, avoid that to save time and be efficient with your methods.

  1. Mobile advertising agencies:

Mobile advertising agencies are yet another effective and tested channel for user acquisition and promoting app downloads. Using mobile devices, you can promote your products and increase brand awareness. The best part of working with such businesses is that they handle all the promotion hassles while giving you time to work on your app.

Think about your ads before contacting any mobile advertising agencies. The creatives are a key component of your marketing strategy and the public face of your company. If you don’t want to think about it, ask your mobile advertising company for advice or to make specific, effective ads for your ad campaign.

  1. App reviews:

Platforms for app reviews are effective at generating leads. They feature new apps’ main features and advantages and publish in-depth and entertaining reviews. The two most typical methods of working with such media are both common. 

You first ask them to write a review by sending them an overview of your product along with links to app stores. In another scenario, they might add your name to separate lists or rankings of related apps. Media representatives will probably request payment for the reviews. If this occurs, check the platform’s monthly visits, geographic reach, and audience interests using Google and Similar Web.

  1. Business cards:

Another excellent way to promote a mobile app, or anything at all, is to distribute business cards to every person likely to use said application. They are effective in promotion and cost little to nothing.

They also add a professional touch to your work and create a reliable image. Hundreds of templates are available for business cards online, and you can choose one that represents you and your app as the most accurate for effective and time-saving promotion.

  1. Promo video:

Allow users to explore your app with a quick 30-second video. The world will be anxiously awaiting the release of your product if you can dynamically demonstrate its key features, design, and user value. 

Put your video on the website, distribute it via social media, or give it to mobile advertising companies to promote. A strong promotional video will raise your profile and pique interest in your offering.

  1. Social media:

Social media promotion of an app release will aid in attracting the first potential users. Don’t ruin everything with mindless copy-pasting; entertain subscribers with informative content, trending topics, and thematic infographics. 

Social media is a fantastic tool for connecting with your audience, getting feedback, and distributing critical updates.

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Summing it up

The work required to make an excellent app is only a portion of what must be done to achieve its greatness. Even though there are numerous channels for promoting apps, not all are effective for each product. Build your custom ecosystem using a particular set of platforms, tools, and services for app promotion.

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