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How To Track Child’s Location Without GPS

In these dangerous times of social media, parents always want kids to be safe. There are situations in which kids can stray...

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How To Track Child’s Location Without GPS

In these dangerous times of social media, parents always want kids to be safe. There are situations in which kids can stray away into unsafe locations as they walk off from home. There are many probable locations where kids can suffer an injury or other dangers. A person can also track their location without GPS. 16% of parents with children between 13 – 17 years track their kid’s location. Phones have built-in location services which reveal the owner’s location and other details. Devices and apps can endanger your child’s safety. Is it possible to track location without GPS?

Ways Someone Can Track Your Child’s Location Without GPS

1. Public Wi-Fi network

location tracking without gps
location tracking without gps

There are public Wi-Fi networks everywhere. If a kid connects their phone to one of these, they can use the internet freely. Public Wi-Fi networks can easily track a device’s location even when their location services are off. Free Wi-Fi systems can easily collect your device data in exchange for a connection. These providers can use the MAC address of a phone and keep a log of the places visited. If you connect with a hotspot from these providers, then it might be dangerous.

2. Cell Carrier Towers

location tracking using Cell Phone carrier
location tracking using Cell Phone carrier

Every location has many cell phone towers. They help track the location of a phone. The tracker must identify towers to that your mobile phone is connected. By calculating the time delay for the signals, signals get converted to specific distances and ranges. It works well because when the phone is on, it connects with the cell towers. This will return the phone’s accurate location to the tracker device. How to track distance using cell phone towers?

3. StingRays

StingRays or cell-site simulators and function like cell towers. They track a phone instead of providing a network connection. StingRays simulate the cell tower to get the nearby devices to connect. StingRays are useful. Law enforcement track devices in an area using them. They broadcast signals stronger than cell towers. This forces mobile phones to get disconnected from legitimate cell towers. Thus, they can connect to these simulators. Their distance gets traced by this method.

4. Malware Or Virus

location tracking using malware and virus
location tracking using malware and virus

A pre-installed virus or malware can track a device with your GPS turned off. The easiest way for this malware to access your device is using a Trojan horse. Malware can help to access your system through the backdoor. There is malware that tracks the location of the device on which they get installed. It disguises as an update that can improve internet speed and instead track your device.

Ways To Stop Predators To Track Your Child’s Location

1. Parental Control App

location tracking without gps using Parental Control App
location tracking without gps using Parental Control App

Users can use third-party Android apps with location-tracking features. TiSPY is the best Geofencing app that lets the received alert when the device leaves a safe area. Geofence is a powerful feature for child safety. Setting Geofence helps to track the exact location time with the time. It monitors time and place and allows tracking of real-time locations. It also provides location-related information and location history. TiSPY is one of the most trusted and downloaded parental control apps for android users.

2. Browse Internet content Without GPS

A practical solution to stop your device from being tracked is turning off GPS. You can turn off the device location and save it from being tracked. After turning off location services, you get additional security from trackers and bugs. Turning off the phone’s location services device provides a layer of security. This helps against the common location trackers and any other threats. Can I browse the internet on the phone without GPS?

3. Turn Off Wi-Fi

turn off wi-fi to protect child from predator
turn off wi-fi to protect child from predator

Smartphones usually have a connection preference for Wi-Fi networks. When a Wi-Fi network is available, the phone automatically gets connected. Mobile data gets switched off. Thus, the phone is working with the Wi-Fi network. This often always happens if the device’s Wi-Fi stays switched on. Disabling the Wi-Fi connection of a phone in public places can eliminate the risk of a device automatically connecting to a Wi-Fi network. This will prevent someone from getting your location data.

4. Check App Permissions

All mobile apps need certain permissions for functioning properly. It is important to stay away from dubious requests for permission. When the app that doesn’t need location data to function requests location permission, then this app can be dangerous. So, you should uninstall such an app if it requests more permissions than reasonable. You can also find the replacements on the app store if you need to use such a function. How to track mobile location without GPS?

5. Use VPN

location tracking without GPS Using VPN
location tracking without GPS Using VPN

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN can enable browsing the internet anonymously. It works by creating a private network from any type of public internet connection. While using a VPN while browsing, results in encryption of the internet data. Thus, it hides your IP address and physical location. This way, you can be safe if you visit any site that collects the data of the visitor location.

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6. Download Apps And media from a trusted source

It is wise to install apps only from the official stores. There are other ways in which malware could be distributed. You can stay safe if you disable the installation of such apps from third-party sources. It is also suggested to mind your download sites if they seem unsafe you should keep them away.

Summing Up On Tracking Child’s Mobile Location Without GPS

The tips that are shared here can protect phones from getting tracked. You can watch them from the service provider and any dangerous activity. This will ensure that your location doesn’t get into the hand of dangerous people. Parents can keep their kids safe by using tracking apps. The best way to stop a device from being tracked is by using one or more of the above measures.

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