25 Car Dealers That Accept Cryptocurrency | Car Companies Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

Many car dealerships offer their clients an option of paying in crypto. Today, crypto investors can purchase practically any luxury car using...

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Most of our activities have been drastically altered by the rapid evolution of technology over the past few decades. Or, if some of these behaviors have not yet altered, they will almost definitely do so in the coming years. One of these habits is the manner in which we pay for goods, owing to a major new component: cryptocurrency. There are a variety of names and values for these virtual, decentralized currencies, but Bitcoin has become the most accepted. Many car firms have started to accept Bitcoin as payment for their goods and services, as they are beginning to recognize the power and profitability of this money as it gains in prominence.

Top Online Stores Accepting Cryptocurrency as Payment Method

10 Car Companies That Accept Bitcoin / Crypto

  1. Luxury Car Dealers
  2. Bob Moore Auto Dealers
  3. Tesla
  4. BMW
  5. Classic Recreations
  6. Bernie Moreno dealerships
  7. Post Oak Motor Cars
  8. Carriage Nissan
  9. Post Oak Motor Cars Accept Bitcoin
  10. Bitcar

The leading car dealers that accept cryptocurrency or bitcoin are as follows:

1. Lamborghini Dealership Accepts Bitcoin for Car Purchase

Since September 2017, when a Lamborghini dealer in Costa Mesa, California began accepting Cryptocurrency payments, other makers of luxury cars have already accepted cryptocurrencies as a payment method. These may be spotted in Atlanta and Albany, New York, where retailers now take Bitcoin. 

“Michael’s Auto Plaza in Albany, New York, began accepting cryptocurrency payments using BitPay in December.

2. Bob Moore Auto Dealers Accepting Bitcoin Now

Bob Moore Auto Dealers accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency
Bob Moore Auto Dealers accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency

This Oklahoma-based vehicle company has started taking Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at each of its 18 dealerships. After launching the payment method firstly at its Oklahoma City Subaru dealership, the organization is spreading the service to all of its stores, that offer Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, KIA, Land Rover, Maserati, Nissan, Porsche, and Ram. It is one of the reputed car dealerships that accept crypto for increasing their business. 

Bob Moore has teamed with Aliant Payments, which will allow Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin reimbursements, to render this feasible.

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3. Tesla

The electric car business just recently began receiving Bitcoin payments, but in 2013 a Florida man acquired a Tesla S from a California store for 91.4 Bitcoins, equating to $103,000 at the moment.

This was a rare occurrence for the Elon Musk company, which often does not sell its automobiles through conventional dealerships and favors e – commerce transactions between the producer and the customer. There are various car dealerships that accept cryptocurrency but here we have mentioned a few among them.

4. BMW – Dealers Accepting Crypto

You can now use Bitcoin to purchase a brand-new BMW since a few of the automaker’s showrooms officially embrace the cryptocurrency.

Numerous vendors in the United States and the United Kingdom accept this means of payment, and the shift appears profitable since most Bitcoin users tend to purchase deluxe products and services with digital currencies, opening the way for far more consumers to purchase automobiles with Bitcoins in the future. BMW appears to be on the right track by permitting its retailers to take the currency of the future in dealings with its consumers.

5. Classic Recreations To Accept Crypto Payments

This Yukon, Oklahoma-based company specializes in the repair and maintenance of Ford Mustangs, with the approval of Ford Motor Company and Shelby American. In an attempt to advance its wide customer base, Classic Recreations now accepts numerous cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. If you are looking for top car dealers accepting crypto go through the entire article.

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6. Bernie Moreno’s Car dealerships Now Accept Bitcoin

Luxury automobile buyers in the Cleveland, Ohio area now have an additional payment option.

From 2018, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche dealer Bernie Moreno accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as deposits for cars and services. Customers of the dealer can buy cars with a simple tap on their smartphones, sending Bitcoin from a digital wallet to the dealer at no additional cost.

7. Post Oak Motor Cars Accept Bitcoin

This Texas-based dealership was also the first to accept Cryptocurrencies in September 2018 for the sale of Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Bugatti luxury autos. The company has teamed with the payment service BitPay to allow its clients to buy cars using cryptocurrency. This initiative will broaden the retailer’s consumer base well beyond Texas, since the Bitcoin option will enable the dealership to take orders from customers across the globe. Customers can purchase autos far more swiftly and easily than at the majority of dealerships.

8. E-Z Rent A Car

By accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment from its customers, this automobile rental firm aims to make renting a vehicle much simpler and quicker. The company’s website commended the swiftness of cryptocurrencies.

“A bank may block your account if it detects a credit transaction in a new place while you’re far from house, getting off an aircraft in a different place, and preparing to pick up a rental car. A peer-to-peer bitcoin transaction is processed immediately. You have paid the amount and are prepared to drive  E-Z website said.

9. Carriage Nissan – Buy a Car Using Bitcoin

This Atlanta Nissan dealer currently accepts Bitcoin as a form of outlay of cash of new Nissan vehicles.Carriage also teamed up with BitPay to allow its customers to purchase automobiles with Bitcoins, nevertheless, there is a catch: the owner’s website warns that “only Bitcoin payouts which can completely cover the vehicle’s worth, including tax, tag, and title can be acknowledged at this time” and also that “financial services and lease options are currently unavailable.”

10. Porsche cars now available for sale using crypto as payment

Porsche cars now available for sale using crypto as payment. Using only a blockchain-based infrastructure, the website enables the sale of automobiles with “utility tokens,” which are transferable assets on BitCar’s live peer-to-peer auction market.

Bitcar dealerships accept cryptocurrency
Bitcar dealerships accept cryptocurrency

Several users have access to this system’s network, and you can purchase a car from a dealership that used a token depending on the vehicle’s price. People can indeed acquire ownership through peer-to-peer “asset token” trading, which let customers “trade their route up to full ownership of an exotic, attempting to take the exotic for themselves,” according to the BitCar website.

11. Autocoincars 

AutoCoinCars is not your average automobile dealership. Instead, this is an intermediary that enables the purchase of autos in the United Kingdom with Cryptocurrencies. AutoCoinCars has a database of both pre-owned vehicles from a variety of British dealerships. On the business’s website, every model’s price is displayed both in British Pounds and Bitcoin. AutoCoinCars’ benefit over conventional dealerships is, of course, the outstanding assortment of vehicles. 

One can find any type of automobile in various price ranges. Clients of AutoCoinCars have access to everything from a basic Volkswagen Polo to a Rolls-Royce Phantom, as well as everything in between. 

12. BitCars

BitCars became one of the first automobile dealers to accept bitcoins as the foundation of online transactions. Before establishing BitCars, the company’s founders sold Bitcoin-based watches. Currently, they efficiently handle two companies that allow Bitcoin users to expend their cash on luxurious goods. BitCars focuses in luxury and collectible cars, especially those with a high-profit prospective. The company’s first car was a Rolls Royce Dawn, which quickly reached a new level. 

BitCars customers can purchase exotic and pricey automobiles from a range of manufacturers. Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Audi, Rolls-Royce, and Tesla are present. BitCars states clearly on its main site that it started selling Teslas for Bitcoin much earlier than Elon Musk. BitCars is your best alternative if you have acquired virtual currency and are no longer bothered with Bitcoin volatility.

13. Prestige Cars kent

Prestige Cars Kent is a name that talks for its own. It is indeed a Kent-based dealership that offers luxury vehicles suitable for traveling the country’s scenic landscapes. In contrast to the previous two dealers, Prestige Cars Kent specializes in offering exclusively reconditioned cars in pristine condition. Every vehicle posted on the dealer’s website undergoes a 175-point quality check. Additionally, every customer receives a free 12-month warranty and AA maintenance protection. 

The store offers a wide variety of automobiles, from BMWs and Ford Mustangs to Maseratis and Land Rovers. The company maintains a stock of over 200 vehicles and adjusts the prices daily to remain competitive. Prestige Cars Kent offers next-day delivery on 98% of its inventory, and if a customer doesn’t really like their new car, they may return it and receive a full refund, no questions are asked.

14. Motorcars of Atlanta

MotorCars of Atlanta is an additional Georgia-based premium car dealership that accepts Bitcoin. On the dealer’s online webpage, customers may examine various vehicles and obtain comprehensive information about every model. MotorCars of Atlanta offers both new and pre-owned vehicles, so customers wishing to save money on a luxury vehicle purchase may do so with confidence.

The dealership offers vehicles from numerous manufacturers, but its specialty is exotic vehicles. In the dealership, one may discover Aston Martin, Lotus, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and sometimes even Koenigsegg, a Swedish automaker whose vehicles are designed for speed. MotorCars of Atlanta not only offers automobiles but also offers to lease to customers who are unwilling to keep the very same vehicle for an extended period of time and desire a newer car in the coming years. Additionally, the business has its own repair department and accepts orders for vehicle parts.

15. Stephen James

Stephen James is a well-known destination in the United Kingdom for BMW and MINI aficionados. In the United Kingdom, the dealership currently operates BMW facilities and three MINI locations. In 1973, whenever it began selling used autos, the company has been operating. In 1985, the organization had become an authorized BMW and MINI dealer. This puts Stephen James one of the country’s greatest sellers. Nowadays, customers of Stephen James can still purchase used and modern automobiles at competitive costs. The business offers all models of the two brands, giving buyers a wide selection of automobiles. Stephen James accepts Bitcoin as a means of providing its customers with greater flexibility when purchasing a vehicle. 

16. Ferris

South African dealer Ferris is a paradise for Ferrari fans. Because although Ferrari automobiles are the owner’s expertise, Porsche vehicles are indeed offered. The company offers both historic and contemporary cars, including the Ferrari Testarossa and the Ferrari 488 Spider, resulting in a rather extensive selection. Ferris Automobiles is mainly the destination for ardent admirers of the renowned red automobiles. Ferrari owners can take their automobiles to the dealer’s repair center for fixes or regular maintenance. Grandprix Store is the name of Ferris’ Ferrari retail store, where customers may purchase T-shirts, coats, and a variety of other Ferrari-themed things. Ferris is one of the few companies in South Africa that takes bitcoins as payments.

17. Lamborghini NewPort Beach

If you are kind of a Lambo fan than a Ferrari person, you also might want to browse out Lamborghini Newport Beach’s range of vehicles. This is one of California’s major dealerships. The choice of Lamborghinis owned by the owners is truly astounding. It is possible to buy the Gallardo, the Huracan, as well as the Urus, the finest luxury SUV. However, in addition to Lamborghinis, there seem to be cars from other companies. Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Porsche, and now even Ferrari are also included in the Lamborghini Newport Beach price list. Comparable to the majority of the companies, Lamborghini Newport Beach provides both faultless new and used vehicles. The dealership allows customers to arrange test drives at any time. Lamborghini Newport Beach accepts Bitcoin, removing the requirement for cryptocurrency investors to convert their coins to normal cash before to completing a purchase.

18. Armormax

There are numerous car dealerships that take Bitcoin, but only Armormax sells cars that have been modified to become armored vehicles. Armormax armors vehicles without altering their appearance. Consequently, it is unlikely that you will be capable of distinguishing between an original Tesla and an armoured Tesla. Armormax’s parent company, Global Armoring Corporation, produces the most technologically advanced armoured vehicles in the world. Armormax’s compact ballistic armoring materials can reduce a vehicle’s load by up to 60 percent. Armormax provides an extensive assortment of autos from a variety of manufacturers. Armormax also provides bulletproof Chevrolet vans in addition to expensive automobiles like the Lexus LX 570 and Mercedes-Benz G 63.

19. Hgregoire

HGregoire (sometimes spelled HGreg) is the most well-known automotive business that is credited as being among the first ones in the globe to permit the buying of automobiles with online currency. The dealer currently operates 30 outlets in Canada and the United States, comprising licenses for new vehicles and also used vehicle lots. Customers can also utilize their online purchasing platform to accomplish their Web shopping. In addition, the business is renowned for its commission-free sales staff and fixed prices.

20. S.A.S.S Autogroup

Bitcoin enthusiasts in Ontario, Canada can now purchase from S.A.S.S. Auto Group. Additionally, the dealership provides financial services that allow a bitcoin down payment. Owing to the company’s ties with individuals in the cryptocurrency business, it is capable of conducting these transactions and simplifying straightforward transfers. Every time a customer conducts a purchase, the dealership can change bitcoin to Canadian dollars on the spot. Buyers just do a wallet-to-wallet transaction based on a predetermined price. To compensate for the fluctuation of virtual money, S.A.S.S. will collaborate with buyers to establish a Canadian dollar range for the value of your currency at the time of the transaction.

Do auto dealers accept Bitcoin?

Yes, big car dealers like BMW, Tesla, and Audi accepting bitcoin now.

Can I Downpayment for a car with cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can downpayment with crypto for buying a car.

How to Buy a Car with Bitcoin?

Buying a car with bitcoin is not a different process. All the formalities will be the same. The difference is the payment process, instead of a cheque or cash, you have to log in to your crypto wallet and transfer the token.

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