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Best Vocal Remover Tool for Removing Vocals from Video and Audio Files

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Best Vocal Remover Tool

Karaoke is a fun activity where you can sing your favorite song along with its instrumental music. Finding the instrumental versions of your favorite songs could be tiring and time-consuming. So, it is better to have a great vocals remover tool in your system that can be used to create instrumental versions of your favorite songs.

This article will help you find a great tool to remove vocals Audacity from your video and audio files. By reading this article, you can learn more about our recommended video toolbox and the process of removing vocals from video and audio files.

Part 1: What Does Vocal Remover Do?

Vocal removers are a type of utility tool that you can use to remove vocals from your music files. They use an AI algorithm to extract and separate the vocals from music sounds in a file. The music track is divided into two files, one containing the vocals and the other containing music sounds. The process of separating vocals from music is automatic and doesn’t require any manual inputs. This is how a vocal remover works for you.

Part 2: The Best Free Vocal Remover Tool Available in Market

Many tools available in the market claim to be the best in vocal removal, but most provide disappointing results. After testing and trying different tools, we recommend using Wondershare UniConverter as a vocal remover for your video and audio files. The vocal remover feature of UniConverter supports M4A, MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, MKV, OGG, and WAV formats for video and audio files. There is no size limitation on files when trying to remove vocals using UniConverter. This makes it an excellent option for removing vocals.

Aside from removing the vocals from music files, it can remove unwanted vocal tracks from your audio and video recordings, such as humming, whispering, and other background noises. 

Download the Wondershare UniConverter for free and follow the process given below to remove vocals from your files.

Part 3: The Step-by-Step Process of Removing Vocals

The vocals remover tool of UniConverter is an excellent choice when you want to remove vocals from a song. The process of separating vocals is short and straightforward. You can follow these steps to remove vocals from your video and audio files using UniConverter:

Step 1: Upload your Media File

Open the UniConverter video toolbox and navigate to the “AI Lab” module. Select “Vocal Remover” in the module and upload the targeted media file. 

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Step 2: Wait for AI Analyzing to Finish

When the file has been uploaded, the vocal remover tool will automatically start AI analyzing. Please wait for it to finish, as it will take a few moments to separate the vocals and music.

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Step 3: Download your Required File

Once the process is completed, you will get two tracks for vocals and music. You can check both files by using the “Play” button. When satisfied, you can download the file you want by tapping “Export.”

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Part 4: What Makes Our Recommended Tool the Best in the Market

UniConverter’s vocal removal tool is the best in the market because it edges out its competitors in almost all aspects. This tool is desktop-based, meaning the internet is not required when removing vocals from your media files. It is especially helpful if your file is large and you don’t have fast internet. The processing speed of removing vocals from media files is fast, and the interface is dynamic and user-friendly. You will not find it difficult to understand the function of this tool.

The vocals remover tool of UniConverter is free for a limited time, and there are no annoying ads. It maintains the quality of media files when removing vocals. The formats it supports are also more than others, allowing you to remove vocals from a wide range of media files.

Part 5: Extra Impressive Features of Our Recommended Tool

  • Voice Changer: When creating video or audio files, if you don’t want to use your natural voice for some reason, UniConverter allows you to change the voice in media files. You can choose between 5 different male, female, baby, robot, or transformer sound effects to modify voices in media files.
  • Noise Remover: UniConverter allows you to remove background noises from your video and audio files. You can remove static, wind, echo, background talking, and other types of noises from your media files.
  • Merge Multiple Videos: If you have video series in multiple parts, like wedding movies, TV dramas, films, etc., you can merge them into one file using UniConverter. It greatly enhances your viewing experience and saves you from the trouble of opening and closing multiple video files.
  • Smart Video Trimer: You can let the Smart Trimer tool automatically trim your videos. It will detect and remove low-quality scenes, noisy backgrounds, low-voicing, and specified portraits of people from your videos using AI.


You can use the vocals remover tool of Wondershare UniConverter to create instrumental versions of your favorite tracks. It means you no longer need to look for instrumental versions of songs when you need to go karaoke with your friends or hold a karaoke party. UniConverter provides the best quality instrumental music tracks with its vocals remover tool.

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