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[Photo Repair Guide] A Handful Guide to Fix Blurry Pictures in Original Quality

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If you are not a skilled photographer, you can encounter many blurred photos in your life, and if you don’t know how to fix blurry pictures, that’s even worse. For this reason, here is a guide for you by which you can fix blurry pictures without any restriction to their format. First of all, what are blurred photos? If your image is out of focus, you can call it a blurred photo. This article will also recommend a photo repair tool to fix any blurry image.

Part 1: Common Ways That You Can Follow to Avoid Blurry Pictures

Blurriness in the photos can lead to irritation and frustration, and if you are a person who lives on photography, it’ll definitely impact that. Here are some of the common ways that you can adopt to fix your blurry photos:

  • Avoid Camera Shake: If you are not a skilled photographer, you are likely to shake the camera while taking photos, resulting in blurriness. That is why it is essential to hold the camera still while taking a picture.
  • Use a Timer: While capturing long exposure photos, try to use a timer because there can be variations in the camera’s shutter speed, which can lead to blurriness. Moreover, timers usually result in the expected results of photos.
  • Use Auto-Focus: If you want your photos to be clicked perfectly, use your camera’s Auto-Focus feature. Because if you lose focus in any part of the image, it’ll result in blurry photos.
  • Clean Your Lens: Unclean lenses lead to unclean and blurry pictures. In order to avoid this, you have to clean your camera lens regularly. Use a microfiber cloth to clean your camera lens, and avoid touching the lens glass directly.

Part 2: Which is the Best Photo Repair Tool for Fixing Blurry Pictures?

As the name indicates, Wondershare Repairit is a photo repair tool that can help you to find solutions for your digital problems. Repairit can assist you in multiple scenarios; for example, if your photos are pixelated, video files get corrupted, or audio files are distorted, it can help you with all.

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Moreover, there is an Advanced Repair feature for the user to fix severely damaged photos. So, fix your digital problems effortlessly with this inclusive tool that is the all-in-one solution.

Try Wondershare Repairit without spending any money, and you download it by accessing the attached link. 

Part 3: How to Repair the Blurry Images in Original Quality and Pixels

As mentioned above, Wondershare Repairit can repair all types of damaged photos, and blurry images are one of them. Read the steps given below and repair photos effortlessly:

Step 1: Add Blurry Photos

First of all, upload your blurry picture by clicking on the “+Add” option or drag and drop them into the tool’s interface. You’ll see details like file name, size, and format of your photo on the screen. Make sure it is the one you wish to repair.

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Step 2: Start Auto Repairing

Once you’ve done uploading a blurry picture, start auto-repairing by clicking on the “Repair” button. In case your photos are severely damaged or you are not satisfied with the results, use the Advance Repair option and repair the image by adding a sample.

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Step 3: Preview and Save Repaired Image

Make sure you have desired results by previewing the repaired photo. Once completely satisfied with the results, you can save the repaired photo on your device into the folder of your choice.

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Part 4: Why Our Recommended Photo Repair App is the Best Available Tool

Wondershare Repairit is an all-inclusive tool that can do more than just repair blurry photos. But as we are discussing fixing blurry pictures, it can repair multiple blurry images together to their original quality without restriction to any format. Moreover, you can access it on several devices like Mac and Windows, and you can also repair photos online if you don’t want to download the tool on your device through its online tool.

Never let your precious pictures go to waste just because they are blurry. It allows you to fix blurry images captured by several leading camera brands like Canon, Sony, Samsung, and GoPro. No matter if your photos get blurred because of shuttering problem, unclean lens, or tripod issue, Repairit can help with all.

Part 5: What Other Features Will You Get With Our Recommended Tool

  • Video Repair: With Wondershare Repairit, you can fix damaged videos in original quality in addition to repairing numerous videos at once with its batch-repairing feature.
  • File Repair: Repair your damaged or corrupted files in the original size and format and manage the data as per your choice with this tool. 
  • Audio Repair: Fix your distorted, inaudible or corrupted audio and make them to your use with the assistance of this excellent tool.
  • Email Repair: Repair your damaged PST and OST files, and secure your precious data without any restriction to file size or numbers with this exceptional repairing tool.


Repair any corrupted data from several storage devices without following any complicated procedure with Wondershare Repairit. There is no restriction to the number of photos, videos, audio, emails, and files you can repair with this tool. The user-friendly interface makes it easier to use, so you don’t need any precise skill in order to fix damaged data.

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