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Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo for Pet Hair in 2023

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Written by Niel Patel · 5 min read >
automatic floor clear with self empty

Who doesn’t want to housekeep, especially mopping, to be automated? Before you go out and buy the best robot cleaner on the market, read our review of yeedi vac 2 pro. Not that all mopping robots are the same, especially this one. Robotic mops have advanced dramatically in recent years, with features such as self-emptying docks, the capacity to clean themselves, mop and clean the floor with a 3,000PA suction power vacuum, and scrub off all the dried stains from the wood or tile, or laminate.

Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum
Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

I’ll love to confess that the part of this best cleaning robot quest was personal and I was trying to find the one to send my family and I got this need vac 2 pros, which I will review for you here and eventually let you decide if this one is the one for you home. So, let’s start. 


Yeedi vac 2 pro is an awesome self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner. Its features like unique oscillating mopping can let you rest on the couch while it is effectively doing its job. If your kids always leave crumbs behind, don’t worry, its 3000PA strong suction is not going to leave anything behind, whether it’s crumbs or dirt.

In recent years cleaning robots have come a long way, now they are not inferior to the robot cleaners that only do a single task like vacuuming. Yeedi vac 2 pro has left every other floor cleaning system behind, with the help of its carpet detection sensor. So, if you are tired of dealing with the automatic vacuum robots stopping and constantly trying to sneak into the carpet, you do want to try yeedi vac 2 pro. It has excellent carpet detection sonic intelligently identifying your carpet. Its technology features don’t drench your carpet, and its complete air filtration system locks the dust and dirt away from the air.

On top of that, it works with the self-emptying stations for auto dustbin cleaning leaving you all stress-free. For an employer like me who does not have time to mop the floor manually, the vac 2 pro does a really excellent job. 

How Much is it?

When it comes to price, I totally found it economical Under $349 now, and until end of this year.. This is all the bucks you have to spend to buy a single vac 2 pro, however, it comes in the bundle version, where you can get this under $499 now on yeedi official website,, but with the addition of a self-emptying station. 

The overall features of this robot cleaner do the total justification for the price. It offers much more effective cost and smart technology at compact prices compared to its competitors in the market “iRobot Roomba J7”. You can buy this best robot vacuum and mop from Amazon or Yeedi’s official websites.

If you wish to check this on Amazon, check here

To get it from the Yeedi official website click here,

The Major Features That Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Offers

As the customer only weighed in a product only with their option after using it for some time, I just want to make sure that there was no disagreement between the features of the yeedi vac 2 pro and its company’s claims and the results for me were even satisfying.

The Consummation of Robot Vacuum And Mop Combo with Self Emptying station.

Once all my observations were in, one feature that particularly stood out for me is how the company beautifully integrated the vacuum, mob, and self-emptying station. It doesn’t flub its job and largely preserves all the dirt and grime picked up from the carpet or the floor in the bin, which is further employed with a self-emptying station. 

I couldn’t stress more, its unique oscillation mopping system is just wow, its 3000 PA can simultaneously rub off all the messy stains that otherwise do not come off easily. it goes smooth over both carpet and hard floor, chucking up all the dirt, grime, and crumbs. 

Why Did The Yeedi Oscillating Mopping Over The Sonic Mopping? 

One other feature of it that also earned praise was oscillation mopping. But why did Yeedi decide to go with Oscillating mopping when the sonic mopping has all the buzz? 

And for me, it turns out to be a really smart idea. While on a big scale sonic mopping is undoubtedly a great idea, it might not produce the intended results. As sonic mopping is the same technology used on the sonic toothbrush. It goes left and right vibrating while cleaning the teeth. However, the technology is not as efficient as it’s with teeth when it comes to floor cleaning. 

Cleaning the floor only covers a small portion of the floor. And you will often see that the cleaning result doesn’t look too much different from the manual mopping. I had the sonic mopping cleaner once, and after using the oscillation mopping, it doesn’t make sense for me to go back to the old technology. 

Oscillating mopping is simply effective because this feels like manual mopping. The robot does a wonderful technique to clean the floor. It goes back and forth on the floor which often I do when they ask me to mop the floor. Jokes apart, it comes with a special motor and driving system enabling the mopping plate to go all over the floor with a speed of 480 times per minute, which is almost 5x times more than me or you mopping the floor. You don’t have to worry about the floor as it does well on the wooden, laminate, and tiles. You don’t have to worry about the annoying “ Yeeeeehhhnnnnn,…………………Yeeeeeehhnnnnnnnn” sound as it is clean your floor with the bare minimum noise level. 

Intelligent 3D Obstacle Avoidance

Making my tilt on the favorable side of this yeedi robot vacuum. I can’t generalize it to other floor cleaner robots as its potential performance is one the best with a “3D structured light sensor” which detects the 3D objects only actively in real-time and takes the action. It is the same technology that tech giants like Apple have used. Counting on its features 10x obstacle avoidance than yeedi vac, you no need to pick it up before it cleans the entire floor.

After using it I learned that it can sense the space between and under furniture. But, you know what is really smart about this robot? It also detects the cliff to avoid falling, so you don’t have to worry about it cleaning upstairs.

Intelligent Carpet Detection

Another thing that about the need for vac vac 2 pro stood out for me was the direct mopping mode instead of the mop lift. There is no donut that mop lifts have always been a genius idea to handle the carpet like nothing else, but they can sometimes also wet the carpet like nothing else. And yeedi smartly did a different approach, using sonic carpet sensors instead of the mop life. It precisely detects the carpet to mop and steers away from its normal mopping mode to automatically crack up suction power in vacuuming mode to get the best clean.

However, yes it is difficult to move for it when the carpet is blocking its way to another room, in that case, you might have to move it with your hand and steer away. 

Visual Mapping 

Breaking all the norms, yeedi ends up using the visual mapping technology instead of the LDS technology. You can find it replicating the Tesla pure vision-based approach for auto driving. So no accidents and no dirt!

Its visual mapping technology helps it clean better and more effectively than the LDS models, as they need an LDS component that makes the robot thicker making it able to clean the tiny spaces. To provide its worth the yeedi has made the vac 2 pro 20% slimmer making it easy for it to sneak under your sofa or bed to clean the hidden parts.

Also, you don’t have to worry about its damaging itself, it is 20% sleek design helps it get damned from being bumped. Also, if you have used the LDS model before you know they can clean and break the lid easily with dust and water, which stays fully secure in the vac 2 pro. 

You can expect all the features from the Vac2 pro like virtual boundary and zoom clean, found in the LDS models. Yet, the truth is that LDS models do not provide the same customer experience compared to the vac 2 pro. With it, you can have the entire covering without missing any spots. 

You can control all the operations smartly on your vac 2 pro using the intuitive yeedi app, which lets you control everything from vacuuming to water flow. I have used the app to clean the different areas in my house effortlessly. So, I guess my review goes into the side of yeedi vac 2 pro. 


With all of these features, I think you will really enjoy cleaning your house with it. In my overall experience with the device, I realized that I might not shift to another cleaner after using this one. You can decide on the basis of this review whether you want to buy the floor mopper or not. However, trying it is also worthwhile as it comes with a warranty of one year so you have a lot of time to be sure about the yeedi vac 2 pro. 

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