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Client or Customer Relationship Management Software & Tools 2023

As a fitness or personal trainer, managing your growing client list can be difficult as there will be many clients’ information to...

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As a fitness or personal trainer, managing your growing client list can be difficult as there will be many clients’ information to keep track of and many things to manage efficiently. So, when you find yourself in this situation, the primary question on your mind will be how to manage your fitness center’s growing client list efficiently. 

We live in a digital age where technology has made our lives a lot easier with many advantages. Luckily, the fitness world is not lacking behind in this aspect. Client management software is the best way to manage your growing client list efficiently as fitness or personal trainer. And not just any software, but one that fully satisfies you and your clients’ needs. 

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You must be able to draw new clients while keeping the old ones satisfied; the only way to do this is by managing your client list effectively. You can do many things through client management software, including monitoring client activity easily, handling all bookings and transactions, keeping track of client progress, and managing clients’ detailed profiles efficiently. 

This article shows you the benefits of using client management software to manage your growing client list. So, keep reading for more information. 

What is a Client Management Software? 

A client management software for fitness centers and personal trainers is a fitness management tool that effectively tracks all the aspects of your fitness business. An efficient way to manage your growing client list as a fitness trainer is to ensure that you satisfy all your client’s needs, and the best way to do this is through client management software. 

A client management software is an application that will monitor the individual relationship between your fitness business and each customer. It will grow and foster these relationships, eventually leading to client retention by satisfying every client’s needs. When your client is satisfied with your fitness business’s services, you can be sure that they will stay and even recommend your services. 

One significant benefit of using client management software is communication. Clients love a fitness trainer that communicates, one they can easily share highlights of their day and progress without having to wait many hours for a response. Through this software, you can easily communicate with your clients and even send them automated messages to check their progress or check on them in general. 

Clients can also communicate with you easily and send you pictures of their workout sessions, which is also a great way to track their progress. You can also send automated messages to clients to remind them about their appointments or payments that are yet to be made a day before. With constant and proper communication, every client on your growing client list will be satisfied in the area of communication. 

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How a Client Management Software Helps you to Manage your Growing Client List

Now that we know how client management software can help you manage your growing client list in terms of communication let us look at the other ways it assists. 

Manage Client Payments

As your fitness business grows and your client list increases, attracting clients from far and near places is inevitable. So, how do you manage the payments and purchases made by your growing client list? Another great way you can manage your growing client list through client management software for personal trainers is by effective payment methods.

The best way to make your clients feel connected is by offering them a safe platform (the same one where they receive their services) to make payments and purchase different items. It will be a shame if a client makes payments and the transaction cannot be accounted for. Some management software allows you to connect to a third-party payment system, while others will enable you to include a merchant account and payment gateway.

This software will also provide access to global payment options for clients that live far away. Clients will also choose different payment options (debit card, direct debit, and credit card). It is then up to you to choose the best for your fitness business, which you and your clients will benefit from. 

You can then manage all payments and transactions made by your clients through your client management software. All client management software should provide detailed financial reports on every transaction made; this way, you know who has paid for what and who is lagging in payments. 

Access Client Information

There is no better way to manage your growing client list than by being able to access every client’s information. Gone are the days when everyone’s information would be stored in paperwork and sorted out in different files. Such a method for storing client information cannot be effective when you have a growing client list. 

This is because there will be so many clients to keep track of that you could lose a file or spend hours looking for a particular one. Also, carrying client paperwork wherever you go will be difficult. But through client management software, all client information is stored together in one place where you can easily track them. 

You will be able to access all client information (a detailed client analysis)  that has been documented from their data (age, weight, height), their medical analysis (blood pressure), and their preferences (allergies and so on). You also never have to worry about losing a client’s file as you will be able to access it from your software, wherever you are. 

A client management software helps you track client progress, so you know how far they have come and what they need to achieve. This will help you as a fitness trainer to set realistic goals for them, and it will help them to stay motivated – most of these platforms display client progress on a graph they can access. Through this information, you can also identify struggling clients and look for ways to get them back on track. 

Manage Bookings 

Another great way to manage your fitness business’s growing client list is by efficiently keeping track of all bookings. You should always know when a client books an appointment, in-person or online. As your client list grows, you can no longer use emails, text messages, or social media networks to keep track of bookings.

This is because you will be getting these messages in bulk, and there is a possibility that you might miss something. Also, you may find it challenging to manage your schedule effectively, and timing may eventually overlap. But, when you use client management software, problems like these are the least of your worries because everything has been made easy for you. 

Clients can book their appointments from their end based on the days you have made available, and if your fitness business has more than one personal trainer, they can reserve their timeslots for their favorite workout and instructor. All you need to do from your end is to approve or decline the appointment. 

The software will have an overview of all bookings and appointments, which you can access wherever you are. It can also send automated reminders to clients a day before their scheduled appointment. This completely sets you apart from the competition while giving clients an easy way to book appointments and reducing staff workload. 

How to Choose the Best Client Management Software for your Fitness Business

Now that you know how client management software helps you manage your growing client list let us look at how to choose the best client management software for your fitness business (in no particular order). 

The only way you can achieve the different benefits above is if you choose a client management software that suits your needs, and this brings us to the first point. 

  • Establish what your fitness business needs and choose a client management software that suits those needs. It is essential to consider what your client and fitness business will benefit from. 
  • Now that you know how to manage your growing client list choose a client management software that will be integrated with your social media accounts and fitness center’s website to reach more people. 
  • Choose a client management software that provides real-time reports and analysis of every aspect of your fitness business. This way, you can track your growth and decipher what needs to be worked on. 
  • Choose a client management software that has a streamlined and user-friendly dashboard. 

Here are 12 features to look for in customer relationship management tools

  1. Workflow automation
  2. Contact Management
  3. Sales Opportunity Management
  4. Lead Management
  5. Customization
  6. Reports and Dashboards
  7. Third-party integration
  8. Sales Analytics
  9. Employee tracking
  10. Mobile CRM
  11. Real-time data
  12. Email Client Integration
  13. CRM analytics 
  14. Reporting 
  15. Workflow and Approvals
  16. Chat Integration
  17. Cloud-Based or On-Premise CRM
  18. Role-based Views
  19. Case Management
  20. Quote Management


As a business owner, one major thing that makes you happy is seeing your client list getting longer every day, and fitness trainers are not exempted. With the introduction of technology in our lives, managing a growing client list is made easy through personal training client management software.

This software guarantees client retention while attracting new clients due to its impressive features. Now, this fantastic software allows you to manage your growing client list and satisfy your client needs. 

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