15 Proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Try in 2023

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Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Have you just dipped your foot in the pool of the eCommerce industry?   

Or have you acquired a successful position in this industry?  

It hardly matters; the only thing that is imperative for you now is to always remain up-to-date with the latest eCommerce marketing strategies and trends.   

Due to the digital revolution, the eCommerce sector is booming. Business owners running their business online eagerly want to raise their website traffic. More traffic means there are more chances for sales.   

Even though online sales are touching the sky, businesses without clear E-commerce solutions and marketing strategies continue to face the loss. However, despite having so many promotional plans in the market, picking the correct technique to benefit your business is no longer an easier task.

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What is eCommerce Marketing? 

Electronics Commerce marketing, commonly known as eCommerce marketing, is the way to apply promotional tactics to draw traffic to your online store, converting the prospects into a loyal customer base and keep retaining those customers post-purchase. A sound and straightforward marketing strategy assists you in building brand awareness, thus driving traffic to your business that eventually results in increased sales.

Let’s have a look at a few mind-blowing statistics of eCommerce marketing:  

  • According to Nasdaq, “It is anticipated that by the year 2040, 95% of total purchases will be made through eCommerce.” 
  • As per Statista, “retail eCommerce sales are approximately 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars globally. This count is forecasted to grow by 50% over the next four years and will reach 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025.” 
  • Statista revealed that the online marketplace vertical in 2021 had seen a rise in total revenue by 44% compared to 2019.

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With the aforementioned jaw-dropping statistics, it is pretty clear how the eCommerce sector is booming.   

Types of eCommerce 

There are six significant types of eCommerce businesses: 

  • Business to Business (B2B) 
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C) 
  • Business to Consumer (B2C) 
  • Consumer to Business (C2B) 
  • Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) 
  • Business to Government (B2G)

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15 Proven eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Try in 2023

Using tools like Shopify makes designing and running your online store easier than ever before. Now anyone can quickly start selling their product online within no time. However, simply activating your online store won’t guarantee success.   

So, here we go with a list of the best marketing strategies for your business. Let’s dive into the pool of the eCommerce industry.

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Include Cross-Selling 

Cross-selling is one of the most used tactics to influence customers to add more and more items to your cart. For instance, if we are placing an order for buying pizza from Domino, it gives us suggestions for buying “garlic bread” or “coke” as add-ons.   

One way to use a cross-selling strategy for your business is to include the suggested products on your website. This is a great way to encourage people to buy more products. For example, if you are running a business of skincare products, it would be a tremendous advantage if the customers would purchase multiple products of your brand, such as sunscreen, moisturizer, and many more.

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Attention to Abandoned Carts 

The average count of abandoned carts in the eCommerce sector is approximately 79.17%. It means about 8 out of 10 chances that people put an item in their carts and won’t purchase it. It is a prevalent issue for eCommerce business owners these days.  

Here’s the good news for you. With the card abandonment strategies, you will get another chance to convert this particular set of people. Concentrating on card abandonment campaigns assists you in reaching out to those clients who are all aware of your products and services; you have to convince them to purchase those products which are kept in their cart.

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Consider Social Proof 

The most common reason behind abandoned carts is lack of trust. If your customer is relatively new to your brand, they are concerned about the quality of the product. And it is not wrong. Before starting or purchasing something new and expensive, we all feel it is worth spending bucks on.  

Social proof assists you in removing this concern. Social proofs include testimonials on your websites. Although it is not as effective as other types of social proof, it still helps in convincing customers to purchase your product. The best kind of social proof is organic social proof, in which your customers post about your products and share their love for your brand on their social media accounts.  

Try Your Hands in Upselling 

If you have successfully drawn traffic to your website and convinced the customers to add the products to their carts, you are moving on a good path towards your conversion. Your customer is almost there to purchase from your website. Now, you need to do a little more by offering them higher-end products so that they will spend more. This tactic of convincing customers to purchase more expensive products than what they are looking for is known as upselling. This is an art to gain more profits for your business.  

Offer Personalized Suggestions 

We all love cookies not just as food but as business owners. You can gather valuable information about your target customers from the website’s cookies. And after that, by using this information, you can tailor the best eCommerce marketing strategies that suit them.  

For example, when we visit again to any website, we generally see suggestions based on our previous purchases and our recently viewed items. These things are possible just due to the cookies on customers’ browsers.   

Amazon applies this tactic to increase its sales by helping customers with what products they want to include in their carts based on their previous searches.    

A Countdown Sales Timer 

A countdown sales timer is a widget you have already seen on different websites when they are offering some deals.   

When customers are unsure about buying something, they spend more time on a page. These uncertain moments can sometimes result in no purchase. An excellent sales strategy is to push your customers to purchase by convincing them that they are missing a fantastic deal.   

The countdown timer technique entices consumers to take advantage of the deal by making a purchase straight away and avoiding that particular feeling of regret later.    

Drive Social Media Contests 

Don’t just stop yourself to one or two social media platforms. In today’s digital era, billions of customers use different social media platforms. So, if you have an idea about where your target audience is spending their time, go ahead and take advantage of that particular social media platform.   

The best way to engage your audience is by running social media contests because they have a wide range of benefits. These contests can engage shoppers as they are excited about the probability of winning something. It also encourages consumers to tag their friends for this contest, eventually increasing your website’s traffic.  

Instagram Integration 

If you are in a business with visually appealing products like a makeup product selling company, what’s more, beneficial than our current favorite social media platform- Instagram?   

One remarkable thing about Instagram is that your target audience is already present there, looking for similar products and services like yours. As per studies, most Instagram users follow at least one brand. When you have many followers, it is straightforward for you to launch your product, letting them know about your products and leading to better conversions down the lane.  

Establish your Facebook Shops 

As we have mentioned earlier, marketing on Instagram. Another effective way to spread the wings of your eCommerce marketing is to establish an online store on the world’s largest social media platform- Facebook. Most teenagers and adults to senior citizens have an account on Facebook. Now, Imagine the total count of global Facebook users.   

Facebook offers an added feature where the buyers can buy your products without even leaving their favorite social media platform. Although Facebook shops are relatively new compared to other social media selling shops, they are still trendy, and you can benefit from them.  

Seek Paid Ads 

Pay ads are suitable to improve your online existence and acquire a lot of attention from customers. Paid ads work best and deliver outstanding results when accompanied by online ranking techniques like organic SEO. By using tools like Google AdWords, you can pay to rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Google offers you some good tutorials on crafting and publishing your ad campaign. Once you are all with your paid ad campaign, you will be required to spare some time to analyze the results of your ad campaign, make some changes, and then evaluate the results.  

Use and Rank for Right Keywords 

You can get the benefits of paid ads to enhance your position on the Search Engine Result Page. But, wait! Once you have the list of your target keywords to rank for, you need to start using them in your blogs and website content. It is not the only way to do so. An amazing way to get goodies is to invest your capital and time in creating effective SEO strategies.   

Invest in Live Chats 

Most marketers use the Live Chats tool for customer support and service. However, you can also utilize it as an eCommerce marketing plan. Live Chats can boost conversion rates. Firstly, it offers a reliable way for shoppers to ask questions before buying a particular product. Secondly, a chatbot helps send messages to the buyers based on the page they are scrolling and about any offers that may result in a lead.   

Offer Incentives 

Who doesn’t love offers and discounts?  

While buying something, everybody wants to save their money. We suggest that you frequently give huge discounts and freebies on your products. However, you can occasionally offer sales and discounts on your products to boost sales.  

Implement Gamification Feature 

An incredible user experience is what today’s customer wants. Gamification acts as a fantastic way to elevate user engagement. A unique gamification way gives shoppers reward points whenever they purchase something. Starbucks is using this strategy through its membership and loyalty program.   

Create Product-Related Videos 

ECommerce customers have a drawback: they can’t touch and feel the product physically. In the buying process, it becomes a significant reason for uncertainty. Creating and including product-related videos is a powerful tool to fill that gap and drive online sales.  

These eCommerce marketing strategies are the recipes to make a dish of “success.” It all depends on how you add ingredients to these recipes to get the best out of them.

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