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The 9 Best Digital Apps to Help With Growing Cannabis

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Top 5 Cannabis or Weed Delivery Apps in UK


  1. GrowBuddy
  2. BudLabs
  3. Grow with Jane
  4. TRYM
  5. Canix
  6. Growtronix
  7. Leafly
  8. SuperGreenLab – Grow Assistant
  9. EZGrow

Download an App to Enhance Your Cultivation Journey

Are you still scribbling illegible notes on stained scraps of paper to stay up-to-date with your marijuana plants’ progress? Get with the times and use weed-growing apps to combine cultivation with technology. 

Some mobile programs track crop development, while others provide unique tips to get the most out of your Skunk strain seeds. There’s also software that controls your garden’s environment and helps you make informed decisions about your plants.

Read on for our list of nine valuable apps that provide a treasure trove of information and connections with fellow cannabis connoisseurs.

Let’s get harvesting.

1. GrowBuddy – Get Advance Tips To Grow Cannabis

GrowBuddy is a popular cannabis app bringing commercial technology into the hands of home and hobby cultivators. Plan your operations and troubleshoot problems using the program’s valuable features.

It’s a complete gardening journal that helps you organize important tasks like watering and feeding. The software manages the details of your environment, stores notes on daily developments, and logs data on mother plants and their clones.

Use the information to analyze your progress, track accomplishments, and set reminders for other tasks like pruning and bud curing. 

GrowBuddy boasts an online forum to share your knowledge with fellow enthusiasts and find setup-specific information. Users can also access Grower’s Marketplace to research and shop the latest equipment, mediums, and pesticides.

2. BudLabs

BudLabs is a weed-growing app designed with hydroponic cultivators in mind and calculates the correct nutrient quantities for your crops. It transforms feeding into a simple, time-saving process by providing a tailored schedule distributed over a designated time frame.

BudLabs - Hydroponics Grow App
BudLabs – Hydroponics Grow App

Choose your plants’ life phase, select your base and experience level, and enter your precise reservoir size. The program does all the work and tells you the optimal amounts of food to provide. 

Obtain perfect nutrition using BudLabs and say goodbye to burns, deficiencies, and mistakes. Users can also seek advice from the specialists standing by to assist with achieving the perfect flowers.

3. Grow with Jane

This intuitive app makes cultivation easier by guiding and helping newbie growers from seed to harvest. It combines a customizable calendar and journal to track life cycles and set dates for pruning, trimming, feeding, and watering.

Grow with Jane - Cannabis plan
Grow with Jane – Cannabis plan

Grow with Jane offers access to hundreds of logs for an exclusive insight into how other farmers train and solve problems with certain strains. The software values privacy, and users can work offline or under an anonymous account.

It includes handy tools such as unit converters, calculators, and a cannabis blog filled with tutorials. Take advantage of these precious resources to push your plants into producing better harvests.


TRYM is a marijuana-growing app for commercial use in large spaces and helps introduce automation in your business. This mobile platform boosts efficiency in producing and selling weed products by facilitating organization and tracking advanced workflows and tasks.

The program also records climatic and root zone conditions alongside temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 through optional environmental sensors. Farmers can use this data to track crops through their growth cycles and obtain complete visibility into each harvest.

The app has Metrc integration that helps companies in California and Oregon stay current with US cannabis regulations. Businesses in other states can use TRYM alongside their area’s compliance software.

5. Canix

Canix seed-to-sale software and ERP helps cultivators stay compliant with government regulations.
Canix seed-to-sale software and ERP helps cultivators stay compliant with government regulations. 

Professional growers can also try Canix for seed-to-sale software to increase profit margins and avoid issues with the government. This app’s powerful features include barcode scanning, inventory management, and yield reporting.

These tools allow for robust reporting with all data in one place. 

6. Growtronix

Growtronix is far from just a simulation or cannabis online delivery app. It’s an all-out cultivation room automation system comprising various pieces of hardware and software to monitor immediate environments.

The program consolidates all essential stats into easy-to-analyze datasets that help users understand their plants’ development. Growers can also override mechanisms to fine-tune their cultivation space.

7. Leafly

Download Leafly if you’re searching for a new strain for your next harvest. This cannabis-growing app provides in-depth information on almost every known cultivar, including lineage, smell profiles, expected yields, and ideal conditions.

Access a massive library of articles and user reviews describing the tastes and traits of different flowers. Its pages also detail cannabinoid values and anecdotal accounts of recreational and medicinal uses.

The software lets users explore nearby marijuana dispensaries and shows their menus and the best buds in stock. It has a clean design, operates smoothly, and displays crisp, bright images.

8. SuperGreenLab – Grow Assistant

SuperGreenLab’s Grow Assistant is a weed grower app designed to help you streamline your methods from start to finish. Use it to schedule feedings, track measurements, and monitor specific strains in your setup.

The program is a favorite amongst cultivators because it minimizes risks and guesswork, changing the growing process into a science. It also offers a diary function to compare your current crops to previous harvests.

Enthusiasts who want to go big can purchase SuperGreenLab’s sensors to get alerts during changes in temperature or humidity. This equipment prevents issues before they happen to ensure excellent yields every time.

9. EZGrow

EZGrow is a daily log that assists in gathering data to help users improve their cultivation cycles. This app is unique as it works for single or multiple gardens, offering learners and commercial farmers gardening solutions.

The software photo and video monitors crops, creates nutrient plans, and tracks environmental measurements. Professionals may authorize additional users and assign them tasks.

EZGrow also features a treatment tool to assess and treat pest problems.

Best Digital Apps to Help With Growing Cannabis

  1. Ac Infinity
  2. Grow Buddy
  3. Growtronix
  4. Trym
  5. Budlabs
  6. Leafly
  7. Higrade
  8. Grow Journal
  9. Growdairies

Download an App to Enhance Your Cultivation Journey

These nine wonderful weed-growing apps allow cultivators to access everything they know about their crops in one place. Innovative software provides reference data from fellow farmers and instant access to libraries of information.

Reap the rewards of applying these high-tech advances to your next harvest. Download an application today to change the way you grow marijuana forever.

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