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Cost of AI Apps | How Much Does Artificial Intelligence App Development Cost?

AI Mobile application development cost a little higher than traditional apps. The average artificial intelligence app cost between $50,000 and $150,000.

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how much does artificial intelligence cost

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two emerging technologies in today’s generation. Many organizations are working on these two techniques to update themselves with the present transformations. 

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Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are related, but they are not the same.

In this blog, we will discuss how to calculate the factors defining the cost of an Artificial Intelligence app for your business.

The cost of an artificial intelligence app developer per hour can also be very different from $18 per to $24 per hour. In India the average cost of AI App developer is 15 USD per hour.

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Why Do You Need to Create an AI App?

artificial intelligence app development cost
artificial intelligence app development cost

As the global technology space tends towards a democratized, robust, and secure internet, the demands for personalized and user-friendly AI apps become more evident.

Artificial Intelligence had a massive impact on many industries in the current market, and it will continue to benefit them in the future.  

In the last few years, we have seen how Artificial Intelligence has innovated some latest technologies like IoT, analytics, robotics, and voice assistants.

Reports say that AI has secured many patents in the last few years. 

During the pandemic last year, AI had a significant impact on the healthcare sector. Technologies like robotics, machine learning, and AI played a vital role in drug and vaccine development. 

Other industries like education, finance, customer services, media services, etc., had also a huge impact on AI. 

On the other hand, AI has the capabilities to merge with the transportation and manufacturing sectors. In the coming years, we can come to see self-driven cars with the help of AI. Manufacturing units may use AI technology to get things automated. 

In upcoming years, AI is going to replace daily routine work and similar tasks like packing items, separating materials from warehouses, and responding to customer queries. In today’s world, some of these tasks are performed by humans, but it is for sure that AI will replace all these in the future. 

Hence, seeing the market demand and competing with the future, every business should implement an AI-based app that helps them to manage their work effectively and efficiently. 

From small-scale to large-scale, every business should build its AI app by the development companies available in the market. Implementing an AI-based app in your business will help your business to grow in the long term and grab a good customer base. 

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How to Calculate The Cost of Artificial Intelligence App?

How to Calculate The Cost of Artificial Intelligence App?

It is tough to calculate the cost of developing an AI app for your business. The cost can be calculated by analyzing and determining various factors you want to implement in your app. 

The cost of your AI app is calculated based on these factors:

  1. Data Cost: Data is the primary aspect of your AI development app. The bigger your application, the more data will be fed into the app. As a result, managing more data in an app can increase the cost of your AI app development. 
  1. Research Cost: Research is essential before starting any app development. Developers need to research the app they want to develop to build an app beyond your expectations. 
  1. Resource Cost: As you want to develop an AI-based app, many resources are required. This may increase your app development cost. Collecting resources from multiple sources becomes time-consuming; as a result, most AI mobile app development companies charge a considerable amount from their client to develop an app. 

If you are a business owner and want to develop an app based on Artificial Intelligence, you can hire an Artificial Intelligence app development company.

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Factors Determine The Cost Of AI Applications

Before you develop an Artificial Intelligence app, many factors determine the cost of AI. 

1) Getting The Right Business Goal

It is essential to understand your business goals and requirements before developing an app. Your market research and planning will help you plan for your future app.  

AI apps are different from normal mobile apps and thus need to be developed with planning. 

Thus it is recommended to frame your business plans and their requirements, and accordingly, you should plan for the development phase with the AI mobile app development company

2) Calculation of Variable

There can be multiple variables when developing an AI app for your business. These variables depend on business to business. These variable consists of:

  • Number of Features in the app

When a user uses an app, the first thing that hits their mind is a list of features. 

Whenever you want to develop an app, the first thing is that you should know the requirements of the business and frame features according to your business. An app with multiple features is always appreciated. 

Suppose you are developing an app for an online food business. The app should have a login, a list of food with price, add to cart options, offer sections, multiple payment options, and a customer support section. 

An app loaded with tons of features is always liked by the customers and used most. 

  • Types Of AI

Different industries have different processes. Some businesses deal in products and some of them deal in services. It is crucial to understand your business requirements. Here are some business applications of AI that you need to implement in your apps:

  1. Process Automation: It is used to automate the whole business process like assembly lines, app testing, etc. 
  1. Machine Learning: The main work of Machine Learning is to create accurate results by learning from previous experiences. These types of apps are mostly used in service-related businesses. 
  1. Voice Recognition: It is used to recognize the voice of users to perform different tasks. In today’s market, there are numerous gadgets that are available with voice recognition like Alexa, Echo dot, smartphones, and Android TV

           They work by the command we give them through our voice. 

  1. Chatbots: It is one of the advanced features that is implemented in various apps nowadays. It is used to manage customer queries and handle the whole operations of any business.
  • Selecting a Platform  

When selecting a platform, there are two users: Android and iOS. It is important to select a platform when it comes to building an app for your business. 

You have to understand the market demand and your potential customers and according to that, you can choose a platform on which you want to build your app. 

3) Development Phase

It is one of the initial phases, and it should only start when you are sure about the variable factors. Thus the changes can be done during the development process. Here are a few essential components of the process that helps to deliver AI-based apps. 

  •  Software Requirement Specifications

It is essential to check for the application or software that is being developed. Software Requirement Specifications or SRS is a written piece of document in which every minute detail of the development of an app or software is described. 

  •   Design

When the requirement of the app is finalized, the development team moves toward the design of the app. 

  •  API

It is one of the most essential and integral parts of app development. 

  •  UI

The User Interface helps to frame the layout and design of the app. 

  •  Development

After all the variables are discussed and finalized by the client, the experienced developer starts working on the app. 

When the final development is done by the developers, the app is forwarded to the quality analysis team for quality check.  

  •  QA

Quality Analysis tests the app in different environments to identify errors and bugs. The team directs the process onto the right path. 

  •  Project Management

Project management is important when dealing with big projects. There is an experienced project management team that ensures all the process goes efficiently. The team keeps every development process with monitoring and supervision by experienced experts. 

  •  R&D

To meet client requirements, Research & Development is important to step in any app development process. 

4) Application Complexity 

Every developer has a unique thinking process; in the same way, every app is developed, fulfilling the business requirements. 

There are different levels of complexity when it comes to the artificial intelligence app development process. 

  • Simple Apps: The AI-based apps with generic features will take around 350-450* hours to complete. These apps have fewer features and are simple. The majority of these apps are used by small-scale businesses. 
  • Moderate Apps: These AI-based apps are developed according to the client’s requirement with some additional features. These apps usually take between 500-800* hours to complete. The features and design is implemented in the app according to the client. Moderate industries used these types of apps. 
  • Complex Apps: These AI-based apps are highly-featured with animation and designs. They take around 800-1500 hours to complete. With multiple features and exclusive user experience, these apps are used by multinational companies or big industries dealing with heavy products and services.  

5) Team Requirements

The requirement of the app will decide the size of the team. Any mobile application based on AI requires a lot of work and implementation. In order to develop a flawless app, you need to hire a team according to that. 


The Minimum Hourly Cost Breakdown for Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development

AI Development Team memberAI Developer/HoursCost
AI Mobile App Developer$19170 h
AI Backend Developer$22150 h
Frontend Developer$15120 h
AI QA Specialist$15120 h
AI Project Manager$2550 h
Total610 h

The above-mentioned factors clearly show that if a business owner wants to develop an AI-based app, it takes time, effort, and money. It varies from business to business and depends upon the project’s size and complexity.

The basic AI app with lower-level complexity and small features list will cost you around $45,000 for a single-use platform. 


#AI App Cost
Machine Learning (M) and Artificial Intelligence AppArtificial intelligence applications are becoming more affordable, yet this is still a very expensive technology. 50,000 USD to $1,00,000 USD is the normal cost to develop AI based app in USA

Artificial intelligence app cost you around $50,000 to $1,00,000 with medium complexity and decent functionality. 

If you need to develop a highly complex app with full-fledged features, it will cost you around $1,50,000 or even more than that. 

Seeing the range of costs, we can say that the app we want to develop is not in our hands. We have to match our business requirements and see whether the app we create matches our criteria. 

So, if you are a business owner and owning your business and want to develop an AI-based app. In that case, you can avail AI app development services from many service providers available in the market that guarantee to provide a top-quality app for our business. 

I hope this blog has helped you to gain in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact your business in the future. It does not matter how big your business is, 2022 is a good year to build an AI-based app for your business.

How much do artificial intelligence-powered apps cost in the USA?

AI Mobile application development costs a little higher than traditional apps. The average artificial intelligence app cost between $50,000 and $150,000.

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Custom AI Solutions – $50000 to $150,000 / App. And te minimum time required to make AI app is 4 months.

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