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Top 20 Fraud Management, Detection & Software Prevention Companies WorldWide

Due to the explosive growth of the fraud prevention industry we’ve updated this post to include additional companies.

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top fraud prevention companies

Most businesses uncover fraud only after it has occurred. Following that, steps for future prevention and protection are put in place. With the advancement of technology and increased digitalization, fraud identification and prevention before it occurs have become critical. Several businesses think that detecting fraud is the greatest method to eliminate it from the environment and prevent it from happening again. All this has increased the demand for fraud detection companies.

The fraud management software companies in this list are solely based on customer feedback (placement is random). There is no paid compensation for placement. We made every effort to ensure that the information on our site is accurate, informative, and trustworthy.

Here is the list of Management, Prevention, and Fraud Detection Software Companies WorldWide

  1. Iovation
  2. ClearSale 
  3. IPQualityScore
  4. Markmonitor
  5. Signifyd
  6. FraudLabs Pro
  7. ScoutCMS
  8. Agnovi
  9. FRISS
  10. Xanalys
  11. IBM
  12. Column Case Management
  13. LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  14. Sift
  15. Riskified
  16. Kount
  17. i-sight
  18. SAS
  19. Forter
  20. Treasury Intelligence Solutions
  21. Rulioo

The 20 major fraud detection software companies listed and well explained below provide a secure environment for organizations to work and function. You can choose the one from all the best fraud detection companies mentioned here that can satisfy your business needs. 

1. Iovation

 TransUnion startup, Iovation was formed with a simple purpose in mind: to make the Internet a safer environment for individuals to do business. For the past 10 years, the company has been assisting the big brands in safeguarding and engaging their customers while offering them full security in the complicated digital environment. Every day, tens of millions of digital transactions are protected by the world’s largest and most exact database of reputational insight and cryptographically secure multi-factor authentication mechanisms. With years of experience, the company becomes one of the top fraud prevention companies worldwide.

2. ClearSale 

The next name on the list of top fraud detection companies is ClearSale. It is an international company aiming to prevent fraud while at the same time maintaining a positive customer experience. ClearSale’s flagship product is an end-to-end fraud management system that combines cutting-edge technological software, artificial intelligence algorithms, and manual inspection if needed. Unlike other fraud prevention systems, ClearSale, one of the leading eCommerce fraud prevention companies simply accepts or denies each sale, and if necessary, backs each order with a cash guarantee.

3. IPQualityScore

IPQualityScore (IPQS) is a global provider of fraud detection with enterprise-grade fraud detection that can find bots, high-risk accounts, and suspicious payments.

Fraud Prevention Solutions
Fraud Prevention Solutions

Protect your business from everything, including ATO, chargebacks, bots, fake accounts, scraping, and more. Use phone validation, email reputation scoring, and the best source on the internet for IP reputation data to accurately verify users and payments.

This is a networked way to fight fraud that uses the millions of transactions that happen every day in different industries to learn. It’s easier to figure out which accounts are high-risk.
It finds VPN and proxy connections to do its job. But it can also use techniques like a device’s fingerprint and email verification to figure out if a user is being abusive.

3. Markmonitor

MarkMonitor, a Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science company, employs a SaaS delivery model to provide sophisticated technology and knowledge that safeguards the revenues and reputations of the world’s largest brands. Customers pick MarkMonitor for its one-of-a-kind mix of industry-leading knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and vast industry ties to protect their marketing investments, revenues, and consumer confidence.

4. Signifyd

Signifyd, the world’s leading supplier of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, was formed on the conviction that e-commerce enterprises should be able to expand without fear of fraud. Signifyd addresses the ongoing difficulties that rising e-commerce enterprises face: billions of dollars in chargebacks, consumer unhappiness, and operational costs. Signifyd Guaranteed Payments secure online retailers by utilizing a full-service machine-learning engine that automates fraud detection, allowing businesses to focus on their core competencies.

5. FraudLabs Pro

FraudLabs Pro is a fraud detection program that assists organizations in protecting their online operations from hostile fraudsters. To accurately detect fraud orders, it performs thorough fraud validation on components such as geolocation, proxy, email, credit card, transaction velocity, and so on. This program may also be configured with over 40 validation rules for effective fraud protection. In a fraction of a second, the FraudLabs Pro analytic engine examines transaction characteristics and delivers fraud analysis. Merchants can take prompt action based on the fraud distribution score or specific rules based on situations. Further transaction analysis is also available quickly in the merchant area.

6. ScoutCMS

ScoutCMS provides a few services, including brand protection, insurance fraud, workplace health and safety, government fraud, and financial fraud. This case management system automates claims procedures to boost profitability, identifies, corrects, and eliminates fraud, waste, and abuse evaluates government fraud cases in a collaborative and structured setting and helps investigators to evaluate complicated financial fraud information.

7. Agnovi

Investigators may successfully track tips, complaints, and investigations for internal and external fraud using Agnovi’s fraud case management software. For investigations including insurance fraud, tax fraud, identity theft, and large-scale banking fraud, agencies can handle fraudulent event data, record keeping, evidence, and compliance. It provides configurable automated download of fraud reports with the e-mail confirmation, name capture of all involved parties to create cases, capacity to form all the documents in a single, and repetitive information removal.


FRISS Fraud Detection at Claims facilitates claim segmentation, improves the customer experience by paying real claims faster, and identifies insurance fraud before claims are paid. The company’s AI-powered fraud detection software analyses questionable claims instantly, reveals networks and hidden trends, and reliably automates business operations. They are a worldwide and rapidly expanding organization of outstanding individuals united in their determination to combat insurance fraud. People at FRISS are at ease being themselves, and they are confident in their knowledge and competence. Our company’s budget is always being invested in people, technology, procedures, and spectacular office parties. This enables them to expand, sustain, and reinvent their business.

9. Xanalys

Xanalys is a software company that specializes in threat assessment, investigative case management, and sophisticated crime and fraud analytics. These solutions aid in the management of multi-jurisdictional big crime investigations, the assessment and analysis of suspicious financial transactions, the production of intelligence reports, and the disclosure of evidence in a court-ready manner for successful outcomes.

10. IBM

IBM Security Trusteer, a fraud detection resource from IBM, assists businesses in detecting fraud and authenticating users across all channels of the customer experience. Trusteer delivers a 360-degree detecting fraud platform for enhanced customer service while protecting against fraudulent users using cloud-based intelligence based on AI and machine learning.

11. Column Case Management

Column Case Management is a privately held company that specializes in case management software. With software that allows consolidated evidence collecting and simplifies search operations, the organization has built a comprehensive approach to investigating fraud. Column Case Management procedures have use cases including as risk management, vendor audits, tracing and recovering losses, web, security, and digital identity, IP infringement and theft, money laundering, scams, and so on.

12. LexisNexis Risk Solutions

ThreatMetrix—now LexisNexis® Risk Solutions uses complete digital and physical identity intelligence, machine learning, and sophisticated big data analytics to help global enterprises in over 100 countries expedite risk management decisions and strengthen fraud defenses. Its solutions combine new technology and straightforward analytics with over 78 billion data records, reinforced by the ThreatMetrix® Digital Identity Network’s digital identity coverage which can offer a 360-degree risk view at any particular time in the customer cycle.

13. Sift

Sift is the industry leader in digital trust and safety, enabling businesses of all sizes to unleash income without risk. Sift eliminates fraud with industry-leading technology and experience, an unequaled global data network, and a dedication to long-term customer partnerships. Sift is used by Twitter, Airbnb, and Twilio to stay competitive and secure. It offers the robust capacity to catch the whole ring of the fraud once a single entity of fraud is caught. The company knows what is the best solution for your business. They have teams of world-class engineers who are experts at the fraud detecting mechanisms to catch digital criminals.

14. Riskified

Riskified is a one-stop shop for eCommerce fraud prevention and chargeback protection for high-volume and corporate retailers. Riskified guarantees 100 percent chargeback protection on all orders. Riskified approves, giving its merchants the confidence to sell. It is the world’s premier eCommerce fraud-prevention firm, with hundreds of worldwide companies ranging from luxury fashion brands, retail chains, gift card and ticket markets believing it. They have created an eCommerce risk management technology that enables online merchants to build trusting connections with their customers. The platform gathers data from several of the world’s major online retailers and develops network effects that promote increased sales and cost savings for the merchants by leveraging machine learning.

15. Kount

Kount was conceived on the back of a sushi napkin in 2006. Kount’s solutions serve over 9,000 businesses worldwide, and their powerful AI and machine learning models are informed by over a decade of data. Over 6,500 businesses worldwide rely on Kount’s best-in-class fraud protection solutions to secure their digital innovations. The company has made its reputation in the market as a leading digital fraud prevention services provider in the last 12 years of data driving its superior ML/AI models. This patented technology reduces digital payments fraud, new account fraud, and account takeovers in order to boost income for digital enterprises, acquiring banks, and payment service providers.

16. i-sight

i-sight is a robust case management tool that organizes and controls a company’s investigative process while also providing data to assess findings, avert incidents and losses, and safeguard personnel. To mention a few, i-Sight offers solutions for human resources, ethics and compliance, fraud, health and safety, and corporate security. It centralizes all case information to enable secure cooperation, increasing efficiency and saving time and money. EA Sports, Red Bull, Twitter, and the United States Olympic Committee are among i-famous Sight’s clients. To increase productivity and save time and money, i-Sight centralizes all case information and facilitates secure communication. Insightful reports assist you in managing risk, identifying patterns, and protecting your people and business by averting incidents, fraud, and misconduct, as well as compliance failures, penalties, and reputation harm.

17. SAS

SAS Fraud Control is a comprehensive corporate fraud management solution that includes real-time integration of multiple systems, on-demand scoring, sophisticated analytics, rule creation, stimulation capabilities, alert management, and reporting. The modern analytical tools used by the organization limit the probability of false positives and enhance the fraud detection rates resulting in efficient customer service. The technology covers different channels and lines of business, allowing enterprise-wide monitoring from a single platform. The solution streamlines data integration by allowing you to incorporate all internal, external, and third-party data to produce a better predictive model tailored to the needs of your company.

18. Forter

Forter’s comprehensive fraud protection software safeguards online businesses against fraud and abuse at both the account and transaction levels. Forter secures over US$130 billion in online commerce transactions for over 500 million global clients. The company’s identity-based fraud protection solution is built on cutting-edge machine learning technology that has been refined by continuous expert prediction research and insights. Enterprise customers are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for everyone who visits their websites.

19. Treasury Intelligence Solutions

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS), launched in 2010 in Walldorf, Germany, is a global leader in corporate payment management. TIS was designated one of “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” by the Financial Times for 2019, 2020, and 2021. The TIS solution, available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), is a complete, highly scalable cloud platform for company-wide payments and cash management. TIS builds a community of trust and helps clients to make smarter decisions by providing 100 percent real-time cashflow insight. Lower costs, risk mitigation, more transparency, and rapid global roll-outs are key benefits. TIS creates growth and income possibilities for banks and partners via continual innovation for a better payment experience.

20. Trulioo

Trulioo provides the market’s most rigorous and complete worldwide identity verification system. Trulioo can help you with all of your AML/KYC identity verification needs by offering safe access to over 4 billion identities globally through a single portal/API. Trulioo’s objective is to develop technologies that address online identity verification difficulties for both SME and big corporate customers. The Trulioo mission of faith, privacy, and inclusion aims to recreate village trust on a global scale. They are on a mission to ensure nobody has left aside and that everyone fully participates in the new digital economy. With a digital footprint, the 1 billion people who do not have an identification record are no longer invisible. Because everyone is someone, they can take part.

2022 – Top eCommerce Fraud Prevention Companies

2022 - Top eCommerce Fraud Prevention Companies
2022 – Top eCommerce Fraud Prevention Companies

Below is a list of companies we profiled in this post

  1. Kount
  2. Forter
  3. Signifyd
  4. ClearSale
  5. Feedzai
  6. Ravelin
  8. Nethone
  9. Precognitive
  10. SEON

Few more firms that handle and manage fraud detection worldWide

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What are some ways companies can prevent fraud?

The companies can hire best fraud management and prevention companies for their business. After all, prevention is better than cure.

What are the benefits of using Fraud Detection Software & Companies?

Financial management and prevention software protects against revenue loss, It prevents access to sensitive customer and company data, by identifying fraudulent transactions and minimizing false declines.

How much does Fraud Detection Software cost in 2022?

The volume of transactions, validation criteria supported, functionality given, and level of customer assistance all influence pricing. The cost of a basic plan ranges from $25 to $1,000 per month. A quote is required by many businesses for their products and services.

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