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3D Printed Dice Towers

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3d printing dice tower
3d printed dice towers
3d printed dice towers

3D Printed Dice Tower: Image Source:

While playing the game, children throw dice to get the perfect number of dice. They often need to improve at handling the dice; they tend to go everywhere, across the table, on the floor, and in the field area. So dice tower is needed in such situations to help to keep your dice together. 

A 3D-printed dice tower is a tool used by gamers for rolling the dice fairly. From the top area of the dice, tower dice are dropped, and then it bounces off various hidden places inside the tower before coming out from the bottom area. This helps to eliminate cheating while rolling the dice by hand. There are many forms of dice tower variables in construction and design.

Using a dice tower in a 3D printing game is a more advanced way to up the level of your game. You can design, download, print, and paint, the 3D-printed tower for your choice of play. There are categories of towers, such as castles, fandoms, mechanical, portable, and atmospheric. 

Since the fourth century, dice towers have been used to ensure the random outcomes of the rolling dice. The Vettweiss-Froitxheim Dice Tower is the oldest surviving dice tower used by the Romans of Germany. Modern dice towers have the same design for rolling the dice randomly many times. Dungeons and Dragons are the most popular games for rolling dice.

There are a lot of different cool designs for 3D-printed dice towers. Here we are going to see some incredible 3D-printed dice towers.

3D Printed Dice Towers

1. Simple Dice Tower

Simple Dice Tower
Simple Dice Tower

Simple Dice Tower: Image Source:

There is fun in making your tower, but you don’t need to attach much importance to creating a dice tower for a simple game. Just take a modest design and add some creative spin to make your dice tower workable for your game.  

The Simple Tower is easy to print if you want it immediately for playing games. They can be fitted into a neat box and is a great way to keep both tower and dice safe. 

Dice Garden is the simplest 3D-printed dice tower. It is a cool design having a courtyard for rolling dice and a tower that looks like an actual tower.

2. Complex 3D Printed Dice Tower

Complex 3D Printed Dice Tower
Complex 3D Printed Dice Tower

Complex 3D printed Dice Tower: Image Source:

Many intricate dice towers are available from Complex 3D Printed Dice Tower that suits you and your gaming style. Some of them are explained here.

3. Three-Path Dice Tower

Three-Path Dice Tower
Three-Path Dice Tower

Three-Path Dice Tower: Image Source:

The 3D-printed Three-Path Dice Tower increases the randomization of your rolling dice by giving different paths to travel down the dice tower. This tower can be designed with many floors and decorations. The dice tower can be adorned with stone like the exterior, dragons, knights, and skulls to give the impression of a living castle. The stone exterior is usually painted in grey color.

4. Double Ledge Dice Tower

Double Ledge Dice Tower
Double Ledge Dice Tower

Double ledge Dice Tower: Image Source:

Double Ledge Dice Tower is useful in games of pathfinder. This can be incorporated as a church or castle in the play area. It has a window in the center which can be lit from behind. Various characters and monsters are used in this tower, which is held by the ledges.

It is designed by Aenthralled and can be found at Thingiverse. 

5. Spiral Staircase Dice Tower

Spiral Staircase Dice Tower
Spiral Staircase Dice Tower

Spiral staircase Dice Tower: Image Source:

Players can see their dice rolling down from the stairs before spilling out into the courtyard of the dice tower. The Spiral Staircase Tower is helpful for the games of politics and others like Vampire the Masquerade. The look of the tower is very commanding and imposing. A smart water bottle or 1.5 liter of soda bottle is used by the creator for making the clear panel. Lau85 designs this tower.

6. Quartered Dice Tower

Quartered Dice Tower
Quartered Dice Tower

Quartered Dice Tower: Image Source:

You can use this Quartered Dice Tower when you have a group of four players. This 3D-printed dice tower is designed with four players in mind. This dice tower can be placed at the center of the table, and you can effectively create an active place for your game. A quartered dice tower is a great idea for experimenting bonding of players. 

7. 3D Printed Pop Culture Dice Tower

3D Printed Pop Culture Dice Tower

3D Printed Pop Culture Dice Tower: Image Source:

You can 3D print dice towers according to your fantasy. No rules say you cannot create a dice tower that reflects your favorite characters. Finding a dice tower according to your niche area is difficult, so you can design it with your hand or do it from your favorite design. If you are stuck on an idea of which dice tower should be printed, you can use the Pop Culture 3D Towers.

8. Darth Vader Dice Tower

Darth Vader Dice Tower
Darth Vader Dice Tower

Darth Vader Dice Tower: Image Source:

Many payers like this head and shoulders Darth Vader Dice Tower. It has a cool design. This dice works well with the 17mm dice or smaller than that. To 3D print this dice tower, you need to tweak your support settings. Set your minimum support angle at 70 degrees. 

9. Dragon Ball Dice Tower

Dragon Ball Dice Tower
Dragon Ball Dice Tower

Dragon Ball Dice Tower: Image Source:

Dragon Ball Dice Tower is designed out of love for anime and dragons. A crawling dragon is used in its design. In this way, there are many impressive designs you can go for your dice tower. Here you can paint your dragon red or green color. 

10. Fine Detail Dice Tower

Fine Detail Dice Tower
Fine Detail Dice Tower

Fine Detail Dice Tower: Image Source:

Fine Detail Dice Tower is made for an Elegoo Mars-sized resin printer. The fine details of every stone and balustrade are only possible through the resin printer. There is a way to print separate courtyards and two different tower tops. Here supports are not required. 

11. Tardis Dice Tower

Tardis Dice Tower
Tardis Dice Tower

Tardis Dice Tower: Image Source:

Tardis Dice Tower is a three-piece structure. This tower might not be bigger from the inside. It does not require support, and the top can be glued onto the base. 

Walkerstudioworks designed this 3D-printed dice tower. 

Painting the 3D Printed Dice Tower

After finalizing the texture of the print, it’s time to paint your dice tower. Many different tower designs are present, so you have to choose the color accordingly.  

If the tower is in a stone look, choose the multimedia approach because the texture of the print is smooth, so for carving out the details of the stone structure or drawing the mortar lines, you can use this approach. You will need many stones for the Gothic and Medieval look towers. Basic acrylic paints can be used for stone towers. Little nooks with the depth of the stone structure can look best in the grey color. When coloring the building, use lighter layers with light brush strokes to emphasize the tower’s highlights.

You can use earthy and woody grey or brown colors for the doorway and the stairs. Also, for fine details, you can use light green to highlight the ‘moss’ and ‘algae’ on the stairs or show vegetation growing on the tower’s base.

In this way, any type of texture can be designed for your dice tower. Imagine how you want your tower to be, and you can print and paint them by using various ideas. 

Overall Best 3D Modeling Software – “SelfCAD”

3D Modeling Software SelfCAD: Image source:

To construct a 3D model of a tower, building, bridge, road, etc., you need a unique 3D model maker. A useful tool for creating digital files is 3D modeling software. It is well known that many kinds of 3D software are available on the market. Choosing the best 3D software for your specific need is the difficult part.

SelfCAD is the one 3D CAD software you should always have on your desktop, whether a beginner or an expert. SelfCAD is a free 3D modeling software that may be used for modeling, lighting, rendering, and many other things. It can accommodate users of any skill level, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

The SelfCAD program is easy to use thanks to its simple user interface. SelfCAD is a 3D modeling software that speeds up the creation of objects, scenarios, and 3D designs compared to conventional CAD software. With a rudimentary understanding of 3D design, you may make a remarkable design that solves problems with user experience.

SelfCAD’s comprehensive learning resources are helpful for beginners. Anyone, regardless of expertise, may quickly start with 3D modeling thanks to the interactive lessons, YouTube videos, and introductory courses available on Udemy.


In this article, we discussed various types of dice towers. A dice tower can be designed, 3D printed and then colored according to your wish. You can print it in many designs, and various colors can be used to paint the dice tower. This can improve the look of your gaming platform and helps in increasing your interest in playing different games. 

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