Why Is Plagiarized Content Bad for SEO

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Google’s main priority is its users; the search engine always ranks content that is of good quality, unique and informative for its readers. 

There is no value in plagiarized content in the eyes of the search engine. 

This is why duplication in your content is going to harm your SEO performance and score in different ways. 

Here in this article, we have discussed why plagiarized content is considered to be bad for search engine optimization. 

7 Reasons Why Plagiarized content is Bad for a Website

There are many reasons why plagiarized content is considered to be bad for a website. A few notable ones have been discussed below for your knowledge:

  1. Plagiarism Can Get Your Site Penalized

The worst thing that can happen to your site is that it can get penalized by the search engine. 

According to the recent policies announced by Google, it penalizes content that has over 10% similarities in it. 

Once your site gets a penalty for plagiarism, it is going to be hard for you to get a high position in SERPs. 

  1. Less Organic Traffic & Revenue

Organic traffic is important for a website as it builds authority and increases the conversion rate. 

More organic traffic means more revenue for a website, if your site has plagiarized content on it, then it is going to sulk in the lower search results where users can’t reach it. 

So having duplication means lesser traffic and lesser revenue. 

  1. Poor Experience for Readers

Unique and good quality content is the most desirable feature of a website, the more high-quality content you produce the more visitors you will get. 

Unique content intrigues and engages a reader and can easily get loyal users for your site. 

But in case your site has duplicate text or images on it, then it is going to be a poor experience for readers. 

A reader won’t stay on your site in case they find similar content on your site with another one. This damages ranking and conversion rate.

  1. Plagiarism Damages Reputation 

Another reason why plagiarism is considered to be bad for a site is that it damages credibility and reputation. 

If your target audience finds duplicate content on your site, they will lose trust in it and will bounce off it. 

No matter how much unique content you create afterward, readers will not trust you, to build authority in a certain niche; you must always create unique and research-backed content.

  1. Plagiarism Increases Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a term that refers to the number of people clicking on your site in the search results and leaving it within seconds. 

One of the common reasons behind the increased bounce rate is plagiarized content. Having an increased bounce rate would make it tougher for you to achieve higher SERPs. 

  1. Your Site Would Not Get Backlinks

Backlinks are very important for a website which is why they are considered to be an integral part of search engine optimization. 

Having quality backlinks helps you build authority in the eyes of the search engine but knowing that high-authority sites would only connect with you if your site has unique content. 

Plagiarism in your content can ruin any chances of you building authoritative backlinks.

  1. Plagiarism Can Result in Legal Trouble

Plagiarism is also bad for a site because it can expose you to legal trouble, if you are copying content from another site, then there is a big chance that they are going to find it. 

If you get caught, then you can end up facing copyright infringement cases

You would lose a lot of money and your reputation because of it, you can also get reported to DMCA and thrown from Google’s index.

How Sentence Rephraser Helps You Beat Plagiarism?

If you think that you can get away with plagiarism, and then you are hugely mistaken, there are many well-reputed online plagiarism checker tools that can find even the smallest traces of similarities in the website content. 

If you want to beat plagiarism, then the best option you have is to use an online sentence rephraser. The sentence rephraser goes by many names, including paraphraser, rewriter, rewording tool, etc.

The Sentence rephraser allows you to rewrite already written content in a unique way for your website.

The main function of the sentence rephrase is to rewrite duplicate content in a unique style, tone, and structure. 

If you don’t have time to create unique content for your site, you can copy content from your competitors and rewrite it with the online paraphraser. 

The content created by the online rephraser is free of plagiarism and human errors.

You can check the content quality with an online grammar checker and can test it for originality with a plagiarism scanner.

Here you must know that you can use the online paraphrasing tool to create new content, or you can also use it to remove plagiarism from the draft you have created yourself. 

How to Use the Online Paraphraser? Four Steps to Get Unique Content

If you are new to the concept of paraphrasing tools, then don’t worry; they are quite easy to use. 

You can rephrase the content in three to four steps. 

  • First, you have to navigate to the best sentence rephraser on your browser. 
  • Copy relevant content from sites/blogs/libraries that fits perfectly with the niche of your site.
  • Input the copied content in the input box of the rephraser.
  • Click on the ‘Rephrase’ button.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and that’s it your content is paraphrased; you can either copy the paraphrased content or simply export the file in your device.

A modern AI-powered paraphraser can rewrite input content in less than five to six seconds. 

The tool would first analyze the main idea of the input content and would then restate it in a unique way. 

You should rest assured that using the online paraphraser would help you beat any plagiarism-checking tool or software. 

So you don’t have to worry about any penalties or adverse consequences related to plagiarism.


Plagiarism is bad for a website which is why you need to avoid it at all costs.

Understand that plagiarism isn’t always intentional; your unique work can match that of another writer working on the same topic. 

So to avoid plagiarism in your site’s content, you must always check it with a plagiarism checker. 

In case you find plagiarism, you can rephrase duplicate content with the help of a reliable paraphrase tool

Using a paraphrasing tool would remove plagiarism and would create more understandable content for readers.

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