Why Do You Need an Email Warmup? Explained in 5 Steps

Email warmup is necessary to ensure that your emails won’t go into the spam folder. Find out how to do it with...

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Do You Need an Email Warmup

Knowing About Email WarmUp

Email deliverability has become the main concern for people trying to do cold email outreach. Since it has become harder to send cold emails, methods to optimize email warmup are highly sought after. In reality, almost 20% of the email outreach is highly likely to be included as spam. They hardly reach the receivers and even get blocked right after. That’s why it’s better to start using an email address spam checkers for an effective campaign.

The thing is, Google’s new algorithm doesn’t seem to help increase the chances of reaching others through cold emails. Instead, without the proper techniques, it’s near impossible even to exclude cold emails as non-spam messages.

If you haven’t warmed the emails up, your emails will always be included as spam. They will be left in the spam folder to rot for a long. Trying to send emails repeatedly doesn’t help to get you noticed; you’ll be blocked instead.

So, when trying to start an email outreach, it’s best for you to learn how to do an email warm-up by using the email spam checker on the fresh, new email. In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • The advantages of doing email warm-up
  • Methods to increase the email deliverability
  • What to expect before, during, and after the process

The Importance of Email Warmup

Indeed, some of you might be wondering what’s good about the warm-up process for emails. Since you’ve been dealing with cold emails, have you ever heard about this term before?

Many people tried their best, pouring all their resources to spread their cold emails, resulting in no feedback due to the undeniably low level of deliverability. As we mentioned, many factors may affect this, including the search engine’s algorithm.

Since it’s getting harder to send and spread cold emails, surely many people feel confused about what the methods could be. Email warmup is unlike the traditional email-sharing methods many have known for long.

It’s about building a good reputation instead of sending emails in bulk. People always hate spam, so doing it is not recommendable. Sending more and more emails could be seen as a very ineffective method; even the best marketing campaigns would find it hard to get high reply rates. 

Email warm-up and email checker create a good reputation by offering a better user experience. With a good reputation, ESPs will allow more emails to be directly sent from you. So, in these modern days, the way you deliver emails is essential.

Sending one email with the best quality possible is much better than sending tons of generic emails, which will result in spam messages rather than being mean. By sending spam emails, it looks like you don’t care about the users. Plus, your reputation can be lower and lower if you’re still doing it without testing email deliverability.

So, it’s always better for you to send an email naturally using tools like Folderly and having no problem whatsoever.

Write Better Emails with Email Address Spam Checker

Besides doing an email deliverability test, you may also use a spam checker tool. This tool will help you to create a less spammy email. It’ll detect spammy words and replace them with more appropriate phrases. Using the tool will make your email has the possibility to land in the receiver’s inbox.

Email Warmup Best Practices

Usually, people have two main options to do email warmups. First, the manual warm-up, and second, the automatic one. Surely, people will always refer to the automatic methods since it’s easier and requires less work.

Warming an email is considered the most approachable method to increase deliverability since you will always gain full control over everything. Now, let us start by creating a new email.

It’s always better to start fresh rather than recover from an account with a bad reputation. You can create the new email by using Google, Hotmail, or any other options you have in mind. Send your emails to some people you know. Friends or family usually won’t mind receiving an email from you. Rather than using one ESP, you may try to create some so you may reach a broader range of markets.

The user may create a dedicated email warm-up tool to automate the process. The process is as easy as connecting your email to the service. All you need is to monitor the process and watch your reputation grow. 

Know The Numbers  of Email Deliverability Strategies

Before you start the warmup process and do the email deliverability test, it’s always better to know the numbers first. On day 1, you may start with 1,000 emails first. The number will gradually increase as time goes on.

The first day is 1,000, 2,000 on the second day, and another thousand or more on the next day, and so on. On the 15th day, it’s estimated that you can work on around a hundred thousand emails. 

However, always focus on any spam notifications, especially the ones sent from Google postmaster.

Focus On Your Mailing List

Doing the test email deliverability is important to ensure that the emails will always be sent to the most engaged audiences. This will prevent your emails from being included as spam since the email service providers will see your emails as valuable pieces of information that are relevant to the users.

If your emails are well-received by them, your reputation may gradually increase. When you’re seen to be reputable, the users will trust the emails sent from you even more.

Make The Best, Quality Content

Aside from email inbox testers, the most crucial method is creating the best quality content for the users. Content is everything. A less impactful piece will leave a bad impression on you. 

So, start researching the best content for your users, information that’s actually useful and engaging. That way, they will read your emails and share them with others, effectively broadening your influence and boosting your reputation.

Knowing The Email Warmup Progress

Before the warm-up process even begins, you may expect your reputation to be zero if you start fresh. This is when you may send a considerable amount of emails that are not too spammy. Try to balance the number by about 50% or lower if you can. You can also ask for help from the email warmup service if you need some guidance.

You may notice that your email inboxing may go lower during the process. Don’t worry; it normally happens. The algorithms from ESPs will try to understand your content and see how engaged they are with the users. They will detect both good and bad emails. So hopefully, you’ve already sent the best content at this point.

After the email warm-up process, you may expect your inbox to improve gradually. You may expect up to 75% of improvement depending on how great your content was and how the users responded to your emails. 

As your emails will reach more customer inboxes, you’ll also have a higher degree of conversion. 


To make excellent and powerful email campaigns, the warm-up process should always be the main thing you need to do. See the method as building trust in your customers. When people trust you more, they’re more than willing to share and deliver your emails to more audiences.

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