Top 10 App Ideas for Healthcare Business Startups

In this post, we discuss the 10 most helpful and innovative healthcare app ideas to bring a trendsetter to the global mHealth...

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Top 10 App Ideas For Healthcare Business Startups

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s priorities worldwide. Now, people are proactive when it comes to health and fitness. They understand that health is the most valueless possession of any other materialistic belonging. 

This realization is a welcome sign, as staying healthy and fit should be the first concern of anyone. Nevertheless, it has opened up many possibilities in the global healthcare industry. 

A recent survey has revealed that 52% of people would love to get health-related information, such as prescription details, diagnosis reports, etc., on their smartphones. 

A post-Covid survey by Mckinsey revealed that 72% of consumers would love to use telehealth services. Telehealth is all about receiving healthcare and medical services through smart electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and others. 

Smartphones can become a powerful medium to help people start their journey towards better health and wellness. 

For businesses and startups, this is a golden opportunity. You can create great innovative healthcare app ideas and instantly capture the market share. 

The global mHealth market will likely surpass $213.6 billion by 2025. If you have a brilliant healthcare app idea, it is time to encase it. 

If you type “Health” on your Google Play Store or Apple Store’s search tab, you will find hundreds of mobile applications. Many medical apps, healthcare apps, and mHealth solutions are available for users for different health and wellness-related topics. 

If you want to develop a medical or healthcare app, this is the right time. Which healthcare sector should you focus on to develop an app? 

This post discusses some of the most helpful and innovative healthcare app ideas to bring a trendsetter to the global mHealth industry. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Online Doctor Consultation App 

You have a big presentation lined up in the evening, but you suddenly developed a stomach issue.

What are your options, especially when you don’t have time to visit a doctor? Or if there is a holiday and no doctors are available in your area. 

In such circumstances, an online doctor consultation app can come to your rescue. 

You need to open an app and book an audio or video call with a doctor.

A doctor will ask you about symptoms and prescribe medicines. 

Not just that, you can also save your previous medical records in the app and share them with the doctor anytime. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • Here, you can ask for a commission from patients and listed doctors by offering a common platform. 
  • You can get a certain commission for each payment transaction between doctors and patients. 
  • You can allow in-app advertising in the app from third parties. 

Hire an agency to develop a custom healthcare app for online doctor consultation with advanced features and functionalities to help patients seeking medical advice and diagnosis. 

2. Medical Record Saving App

Keeping medical files can be lengthy and inconvenient, especially when patients have multiple files with reports, prescriptions, and bills. 

How about a healthcare app that stores all your medical records virtually? 

The app should also allow patients to share these files with their doctors instantly. You can swiftly eliminate paperwork with such apps. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • The app owner can charge a nominal fee for storing medical data from users. 
  • The app can allow in-app advertising from third parties. 
  • The app can charge users for certified content for information. 

3. Health Metrics Tracker App

We all know about Google Fit, Samsung Health, and other health metrics tracker apps. 

These apps don’t just help users to keep track of their health metrics but also allow them to store their medical history logs and reports. 

Globally, the demand for health metrics tracker apps is rising. You can add advanced features and functionalities such as step tracker, doctor consultation, etc., to add value to the users’ lives. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • The app can offer basic and advanced subscription models for revenue generation. 
  • In-app advertising from third parties. 
  • The app can ask for a fee from featured doctors. 

4. AR-Enabled App for Medical Training 

How about developing an AR technology app to train medical practitioners and surgeons? 

Doctors and surgeons don’t have to visit the training center to attend the training sessions. They can visit a local hospital for training purposes. 

The use of AR and VR is increasing in almost all industry verticals. Even medical schools and universities are using these technologies to teach their students.

How does the revenue model work? 

  • In-app advertising from third-parties 
  • The app owner can offer paid medical courses for resident doctors, nurses, and other trainee doctors. 

5. Health Reminder App

Today’s hectic lifestyle and demanding working hours have made people forget important things daily. 

Taking medicines regularly for certain chronic diseases is a vital thing. You can hire a healthcare app development company to develop a health reminder app with simple features and functionalities. 

An ideal health reminder app sends notifications to users about various health-related events. For example, if you have to take medicines three times a day, the app will send you a notification when it is time. 

Not just that, the app also reminds users of doctor appointments, medical checkups, and other health-related events. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • In-app purchases to access advanced features. 
  • In-app advertising from third-parties 
  • One-time fee from users once they sign up. 
  • Disease-related paid content includes blogs, news, updates, and trends for knowledge purposes. 

6. Self-Test App 

The gadget you are holding in your palms is a powerful one. Today, smartphone sensors are capable of using many technologies. Checking body vitals with the help of a mobile app can be one of the best healthcare app ideas for startups. 

The app allows users to check their body vitals, such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight, etc. Users can consult doctors or take other actions based on these findings. 

The best thing about a self-test app is that it saves a lot of time for patients. They don’t have to visit a doctor for regular checkups. They can check at their homes with comfort and convenience. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • In-app subscription models 
  • In-app advertising from third-parties 
  • A doctor consultation feature with a minimum fee structure 

7. Healthcare Networking App 

Networking can bring many benefits to the table. Developing a healthcare networking app can be very helpful for doctors who want to contact other doctors or healthcare professionals to discuss cases and medical situations. 

The app can have a community of doctors in specialized fields. A search bar should allow a cardiologist to find other cardiologists to discuss cases, reports, drugs, and medical conditions. 

In critical situations, such medical advice from other professionals can be life-saving. 

You can incorporate features like 

  • Quick file sharing
  • Chat, video and audio call features 
  • Medical events
  • Access to research papers and journals.

How does the revenue model work? 

  • In-app advertising from third-parties 
  • In-app purchases to unlock features 
  • A fee for a premium subscription 

8. Remote Patient Monitoring App 

Even today, there are remote villages with the unavailability of medical facilities. Developing a remote patient monitoring app can be a great idea to facilitate such remote places with instant medical care and services. 

Many businesses emphasize a home-centered approach where patients don’t need to visit a hospital for regular checkups and consultations. 

Devices such as cardiac resynchronization tools and smart pacemakers can help to save data on a central repository. With such a facility, doctors can reduce the events of heart failures and other cardiac events. 

Doctors can find various cardiac patterns and diagnose issues to keep patients stable until they find proper medical care. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • In-app advertising from third-parties 
  • In-app subscription models 
  • Sign up fees from users 

9. Pharmacy Delivery App 

There are many pharmacy delivery apps in the market. Here, users can easily search and order medicines and other healthcare products. 

The market size is very big, and with an impressive and feature-rich app, you can easily grab a piece of the market share. All you need is a medical app development company to develop an app. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • In-app purchases 
  • In-app advertising from third-parties 
  • Displaying sponsored searches of pharma companies 
  • Delivery charges 

10. Women Well-Being App 

Men and women have different health demands, and developing an app for women’s well-being can be profitable. It is one of the most rewarding healthcare app ideas to make a difference in women’s lives. 

An app can help women to track their menstrual cycles and health issues during cycles for future use. Furthermore, the app can also share valuable information related to women-centric health conditions and diseases such as pregnancy, PCOD, breast cancer, menopause-related issues, etc. 

How does the revenue model work? 

  • In-app purchases 
  • In-app advertising from third-parties 
  • Plus, a subscription for advanced features 

5 Simple Healthcare App Ideas to Launch in 2023

  1. Recovery App for Addiction
  2. Personal Medical Records App
  3. Sleep App
  4. Diet Tracking App
  5. E-prescription App


All healthcare app ideas discussed here cover a specific healthcare sector and can help address pain points. 

Endless opportunities lie for the global healthcare industry to use technology to facilitate patients with advanced medical treatments and services. 

You need a good healthcare app idea and a renowned app development company to start. 
Conduct some research, analyze the market, and check the idea’s feasibility to develop an advanced useful healthcare app that can make a difference to the world. 

How much does it cost to develop a healthcare mobile app?

Developing a healthcare app costs around $40,000 to $70,000.

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