20 Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2023

Looking for penny stocks that are set to explode in 2023? Look no further! In this article, I'm sharing with you 7...

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Market Cap: $369.98M YTD: -73.11% Public Float: 47.53M Rev. per Employee: $52.09K

In recent years, penny stocks have witnessed a steady rise in popularity. And the reason behind it is the low investment power it gives to the traders. 

Some penny stocks are traded on significant exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange, the majority are traded through over-the-counter transactions on the OTC bulletin board or through the privately held OTC markets group.  

The OTC market doesn’t have a trading floor. Additionally, all quotations are created electronically. Stocks that were traded for less than $1 per share were historically referred to as penny stocks.  All shares trading for under $5 are now included in the definition, according to a revision made by the US. Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC is an independent federal body tasked with preserving the proper and orderly operation of the securities markets. 

In order to safeguard investors, small businesses with little liquidity are typically connected with penny stocks. As a result, investors can have trouble selling stock. Because there might not be enough interested parties.  Investors can have a hard time locating a price that truly reflects the market.

Due to the limited liquidity, penny stocks are typically viewed as being very speculative due to the lack of liquidity and small company sizes.  In other words, investors run the risk of losing their entire investment or a large portion of it. Penny stocks frequently reflect developing businesses with little money and resources.

They are best suited for investors with a high tolerance for risk. Since these are primarily small businesses, smaller, more established company stocks tend to be far more liquid than penny stocks. Additionally, penny stocks are typically far more erratic than larger stocks. This implies that they are subject to substantially wider price fluctuations both up and down. Investors may decide to invest in penny stocks for a variety of reasons. Despite the hazards, investors get the chance to learn about a firm very early on with penny stocks. 

If the business is successful, there may be the possibility for large rewards. Additionally, because penny stocks are often far less expensive than larger equities if the value can be discovered in the universe of tiny stocks, investors may be able to earn many times their initial investment. Penny stock investing carries a high level of risk. Therefore, prospective investors should always consider their risk tolerance and exercise due diligence before investing in this unstable asset class. 

In order to identify the top penny stocks to buy. Right now, we search for thriving businesses that, as of October were trading for under $5. We have listed each stock’s key characteristics that make it a good investment choice.  These stocks are also not ranked in any particular order. Before we begin, if you like our research work, please donate 1 USD.

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List of Best Penny Stocks to Buy for 2023

1. Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc

With a market cap of 397.2 and a price per share of $2.15, Aveanna Healthcare Holdings came first on the list because it offers the best penny stocks for 2023. The company provides rehabilitation, relations therapy, home health, and other related services in 33 states in the United States. 

Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc
Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc

The company has many services like case management and other related services. During the initial quarters of 2022, the company reported a massive surge in revenue with 8% annual growth. The company has opened its shares to investors after its Accredited Nursing Services, and Comfort Care Home Health Service drove the growth. 

  • Market Cap: $369.98M
  • YTD: -73.11%
  • Public Float: 47.53M
  • Rev. per Employee: $52.09K

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2. Red Cat Holdings, Inc

penny stocks to buy 2023
penny stocks to buy 2023

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. is a drone firm established in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The company is proud to have both commercial and government clients. This e-commerce business will soon become a major end market for the drone market.

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On May 24, this year the company announced the completion of the construction of four drones plus multi-vehicle systems. These drones allow pilots to manage approximately four drones simultaneously. The company also intends to release a 1080p digital first-person viewer drone headgear. The proof of the company is its market cap of 125.911M. You can buy a penny share from the company by investing 2.3400. 

Mkt cap12.21Cr
P/E ratio
Div yield

3. Uranium Energy Corp

It is a pure-play uranium company focused on In-Situ recovery mining Uranium projects. The company has been one of the few companies that have seen the most momentum in their penny stocks.

One share can cost up to 3.70 dollars, and its calculated market cap is 1,059 million as of 2022. Because of being a pioneer in the uranium industry, the company has become one of the favorite companies for penny investors and also the one to provide the best penny stocks 2023. Majorly it is open to working in Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Paraguay.

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4. Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Offering a share of $2.6500, Smith Micro Software, Inc provides enterprise and consumer-level software and services. The company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and working towards a greater future. 

The company has recently released the “SafePath 7” project in conjunction with T-Mobile US, Inc. which has largely contributed to the company’s revenue in the second quarter of 2022. With the recent score in its yearly revenue of 51.3 million dollars, Smith Micro Software, Inc. may soon become profitable within a short period of time as sales improve.

5. Camber Energy, Inc.

Camber Energy, Inc. has an average daily volume of roughly 56 million shares. The stock’s 52-week low and high have been $0.33 & $4.85, respectively. It is a Houston-based energy firm that buys and sells natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids in Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas. Not only that, but the corporation also holds a significant stake in Viking Energy Group, Inc. In Canada, the company has an exclusive license for carbon capture technology.

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6. Geron Corp

Based in the United States, Geron is a clinical biopharmaceutical company. 

It produces drugs to treat syndromes like myelodysplastic and high-risk myelofibrosis and cancers affecting the bone marrow and blood cells. Investors can invest in the company’s penny stock with the bare minimum price of $1.94. Just to mention, the company has seen incredible growth during the first and second quarters of 2022 and has increased its market cap to 732.3. 

7. Vizsla Silver Corp

Vizsla Silver Corp. is a gold and silver exploration company based in Vancouver, Canada, with operations in the Panuco region in southern Sinaloa, Mexico. Vizsla Silver Corp. has a 100% hold on these regions and with that, it has become one of the world’s highest-grade silver finding locations. Vizsla Silver Corp. stock has a Buy rating and a $1.60 price target. The target price represents more than 22% potential gain over the August 16 closing price. According to the analyst, Vizsla Silver Corp. is progressing rapidly on its wholly owned Panuco gold-silver project.

8. Wrap Technologies, Inc.

It is a Tempe, Arizona-based company. Wrap Technologies, Inc. manufactures body cameras, public safety training tools, and fully patented remote restraint systems. The company helps stop mass shooting incidents in the United States. The company aims to de-escalate real-world situations using the simulator preventing any serious damage. Because of the company’s continuous efforts in the security field, the law enforcement agency has signed a multi-year bond with the company to work together.

9. TETRA Technologies Inc.

Tetra Technologies in one of the major sectors in the world: oil and gas. It provides services like completing fluids, water management, well testing, and other similar services. Anyone can buy this share at a minimum of $4.09.Due to the industry in which this company works, it has a market cap of 522.3, making it worth investing in. The investors can look to the list of the services like clear brine fluids, liquid calcium chloride, and other related products to be sure about their investment with the company. 

10. Eos Energy Enterprises Inc.

Investors can buy one share in 2.94 with Eos Energy Enterprise Inc. It is one of the few standup clean energy companies in the United States. It produces aqueous zinc batteries for utility, residential, industrial, and commercial customers. In the first quarter of 2022, the company noted a surge in review, making its annual revenue equal to 3.3M. 

According to the company, four customer projects drove the bulk of revenue performance for the company. 

11. Quoin Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

It is an Israeli specialty pharmaceutical company, which focuses on the treatments of orphan diseases. It offers penny stock with a Buy rating and a $2 price target. According to the analyst, Quoin Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. possesses a topical serine protease for the treatment of Netherton syndrome (NS), a rare pediatric condition with no licensed medication. The treatment has a streamlined regulatory process for eventual FDA clearance. Huseynov calculated the target price based on a 50% chance of FDA clearance. If it receives clearance from the FDA, no one can stop the company, a great source of attraction for investors. 

12. RF Industries, Ltd.

RF Industries have recently released its second-quarter earnings. Net sales were reported to be $11.1 million, with a net profit of $4.8 million. The company has secured a significant order for its Optiflex hybrid fiber system. In addition, the company anticipates increased sales from their industrial OEM customers & distribution partners. For the ones who don’t know the company, broad range of interconnect products across diversified, growing markets consisting of wireline telecom, data communications, and industrial

RF Industries’ stock has been performing exceptionally well in the stock market. The stock is currently trading at $9.16 and are some of the penny stocks to buy 2022, having rebounded from a low of $3.79 during COVID-19.

13. Mullen Automotive, Inc. 

Founded in 2014, Mullen Automotive, Inc is gaining mainstream popularity as it is about to become part of the Russel 2000 and 3000 Indices. 

As a result, the stock will be included in the appropriate mutual funds and value indexes. Mullen Automotive, Inc. claims a potential breakthrough in battery technology in addition to supplying electric vehicles. Interested investors can buy its penny stocks at 0.68 dollars. The popularity of this company is about to gain massive pace as Tesla motors soon will be one of its partners. 

14. Resonant Inc.

By enabling clients and partners to deliver 5G filters, Resonant is revolutionizing the market. They are creating the most advanced surface acoustic wave filters in the world and have a design platform that allows technologists to produce what was previously thought to be impossible. Revenues were $0.6 million in the quarterly results report, compared to $0.5 million in the same quarter last year. The net loss was $8.8 million, up to $8.0 million in the same quarter last year.

Resonant Inc has a market valuation of more than 176 million dollars. Its stock is currently worth $2.835 a share. Since the beginning of the year, the company’s stock has performed exceptionally well. It peaked at $7.4 at the end of January and is presently trading at lower levels.

15. BGC Partners Inc

The company’s shares are open at 3.74 dollars, with a market cap of 1402 million dollars. In accordance with the services, BGC Partners is a financial technology company. It also offers government bonds, equities, energy, corporate bonds, and commodities brokerage services. The company has its headquarters in both London and New York. It has emerged as one of the most useful brokerage and financial technology companies in a very short time, making it a great investment.  

16. Cielo Waste Solutions Corp

The company’s earnings per share are increasing, and Reddit experts believe this stock is currently inexpensive. Cielo Garbage Solutions Corp. refines landfill, municipal, and commercial waste into sustainable diesel in Canada. It generates renewable Kerosene, highway diesel, and naphtha from landfill debris, tires, plastics, wood shavings, and paper goods.

It has announced its first big sale of renewable fuels, committing to buy 900,000 liters of renewable diesel. The total price of this transaction is CAD 1,500,000. The company has begun to expand its operations by entering into contracts with a variety of parties. Cielo intends to employ the world’s most readily available and inexpensive feedstock, which will reduce production costs.

17. Exela Technologies Inc.

Exela Technologies is off to a strong start to the year, with a market value of more than $140 million. The stock is presently worth $2.39. Since the beginning of the year 2022, the stock has remained rather optimistic, yet a bit violating. The figure below depicts the stock performance over the last two years. Exela is a market leader in BPA, employing a global footprint and patented technology to provide digital transformation solutions that improve quality, productivity, and end-user experience. It presently serves approximately 4000 consumers from 50 countries. Exela’s clients include more than 60 Fortune 100 firms.

18. LiqTech International, Inc.

Liqt is a Danish company that mainly provides filtering systems for water, ceramic membranes, and diesel particle filters. The company has been in the industry for more than two decades during its time in the industry the company has provided knowledge and has converted over 2.5 million vehicles with DPF. Furthermore, LiqTech International, Inc. owns and operates over 300 water treatment systems worldwide and recently has joined the list of companies to provide penny stocks to its investors. Its stock has a targeted price of $3. According to the data and analysis, the company will hype its revenue with a margin of $17 by 2023. 

19. Clovis Oncology, Inc.

It is a commercial biotech company that offers commercial cancer treatments. Compared to placebo, Clovis Oncology‘s Rubraca dramatically enhanced the likelihood of progression-free survival in women with advanced-stage ovarian cancer. The studies have shown that the company has met the primary stage of surgery. The research has played a huge part in creating the company’s profile so far as its stocks. As a result, it has seen good revenue growth and you can buy its share now at $0.6716.

20. Boxlight Corporation

A global leader in technology, Boxlight Corporation creates, sells, and supports its integrated, interactive solution package, which includes software, professional development, classroom technologies, and support services. It reported $9.5 million in revenue and $0.09 in earnings per share in the preceding quarter. Boxlight’s stock has increased dramatically since last year when COVID became a pandemic. It has more than doubled since then, making it one of the greatest penny stocks to purchase. Learn about the Fibonacci retracement, extension, and trading strategies.

The firm Boxlight Corp aims to improve student learning experiences and increase classroom engagement to boost student output.

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It is expected that Coinbase and Testla will be most popular penny stock in 2023.

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These were the 20 best penny stocks to buy. The guide has provided you with all the necessary information regarding the stocks.

Fastest-Growing Penny StocksPrice ($)Market Cap ($M)EPS Growth (%)Revenue Growth (%)
Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (AVAH)2.15397.2335.08.0
Eos Energy Enterprises Inc. (EOSE) 2.94160.1N/A (see company description below)1,910
Coeur Mining Inc. (CDE)2.80786.3200.0-6.8
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