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Top 10 Odysee Alternative & Competitors | Decentralized Youtube like Apps on Blockchain

Odysee like apps and sites. See the list of top 10 decentralized video sharing websites on the blockchain. Odysee similar alternative on...

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Odysee is an online decentralized content community to enhance the experience with web3 for everyone. It is an amazing platform for everyone who is looking forward to excelling in the web3 platform. 

While Odysee has its own unique identity among web3 enthusiasts, other websites also work towards the same aim. And, this guide is going to look at those platforms. Without making any more details, here are the 10 decentralized apps and websites like the Odysee. 

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See The List of Odysee Alternative and Competitors

  1. NewPipe
  2. Hive Blog
  3. Minds
  4. BitChute
  5. LBRY
  6. Peertube
  7. Dtube
  8. Verasity
  9. DLive
  10. LivePeer 

1. NewPipe – A free YouTube client

NewPipe - A free YouTube client
NewPipe – A free YouTube client

Just like the Odysee the NewPipe is an open source, decentralized and free project. The platform is one of the best Odysee alternatives not just because it lets you deliver your content, but also because of its fast customer support. 

Hundreds of people contribute to the development of NewPipe to provide translated content in up to 98 languages. You can also view the source code and decide if you want to contribute to NewPipe on GitHub. So, there is nothing bad in trying. 

2. Hive Blog

Hive Blog Odysee Alternative
Odysee Alternative

Like the Odysee, the hive is another decentralized social media website that offers free content platforms to everyone interested in the web3. Powered by steam, Hive Blog is powered by and uses its Hive cryptocurrency.

It uses the core code of the Steem chain but with an addition of a new cryptocurrency to fuel the network. As a result, users can earn Hive cryptocurrency by upvoting on the platform and upvoting others. The platform is also free to use, but you must create an account to do so.

3. Minds

Minds Odysee Alternative
Odysee Alternative

It is one of the closest alternatives to the Odysee. It is a blockchain-based social platform where users can deliver not only videos but also status updates, pictures, and blogs in exchange for crypto tokens. Due to its functionality, Minds is popular with the general public. Rather than being largely on cryptocurrencies, its main idea revolves around a variety of ordinary everyday stuff.

wbe3 users on the site can earn tokens for their daily contributions to the web3 and use them to enrich their channel while also increasing the reach of their content and supporting other artists. And the best thing to mind is that content creation is free, you can do direct payments in the USD, Ethereum, and bitcoin. 

4. BitChute

Odysee Alternative

BitChute follows the same path as any other decentralized platform does, ending the monopoly of the single users, organization, or infrastructure on the users’ content.

For every new content creator, BitChute has become a great platform to share video content. The platform takes care of everything well. The only thing you have to do is to create an account and start uploading your videos. You can organize your videos into categories such as anime, arts, auto, beauty, business, gastronomy, DIY, entertainment, health, education, music, news, family, and so on. If you wish to improve the visibility of your content, the platform also allows you to include articles. 


 LBRY Odysee alternatives and competitors
Odysee alternatives and competitors

LBRY is a blockchain-based decentralization mechanism where every user receives a digital marketplace powered by its own money.

Though LBRY allows producers to sell a variety of digital material such as movies, books, and games to make it a worthy Oydsee alternative. As expected from a website like odysee, it provides access to the video-sharing platform. Before you go and join the LBRY, you can read everything about it. It is a simple platform to use with simple terms. However, your due diligence will only help you know more about the platform. 

6. Peertube


Yet another Odysee-like platform, the users of the Peertube have marked it as one of the best alternatives for Odysee. 

For users like you, PeerTube is a decentralized video streaming network created by the French business Framasoft. To distribute bandwidth between users, PeerTube employs the BitTorrent protocol. PeerTube strives to challenge corporate monopolies by not using costly advertisements. But you have to remember about your IP address, which is not anonymous in this environment.

Don’t worry, there are other PeerTube instances accessible where you can post your videos or host them without any interruption. Some instances may charge a fee, while the majority are free.

7. Dtube

Dtube Odysee Alternatives
Odysee Alternatives

Decentralized, easy to use, and has the benefits of being one of the similar sites Like Odysee, it is a clone powered by the blockchain. Dtube, like most other blockchain-based social networks, is governed by DTube Coins (DTC), which any creator can earn when someone watches or interacts with their video. Further, creators can use the coins to promote the content or withdraw from partner cryptocurrency exchanges. So, if you are looking for an alternative for the Odysee, Dtube makes a worthy choice. 

8. Verasity


VERASITY offers in-video awards, as well as a multitude of loyalty systems based on four components. For the content creators, the platform has an HTML5 and full HD video player that is compatible with the majority of devices. In addition, it also incorporates an SDK reward module into the market’s most prominent video streaming platform. It compensates users with VRA tokens depending on their behaviors without interfering with publishers’ workflows or the way viewers engage with online video The third thing that platforms offer is VeraWallet. It is a software that operates in-video, allowing content consumers to spend, earn, and stake the VRA token as they see fit. Finally, blockchain technology will verify and analyze video interactions and ad efficacy.

9. DLive


The content creators themselves started the platform. Among every other platform on the list, it is also one of the best alternatives to Odysyee. Dlive is a blockchain-based and decentralized live streaming platform built around three groundbreaking features: LINO, Lemon, and LINO Stake.

With this in mind, Dlive works on top of a blockchain network, with Lemon serving as a token. The creator can trade inside the platform to give to and subscribe to content creators. You can provide your video content on the Dlive just like you did on the Odysee if you did! However, no matter what it is a great platform to start decentralized content.

10. LivePeer


Last but not least, LivePeer offers a source video infrastructure solution built directly on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It provides video engineers with dependable and cost-effective video encoding.

The platform takes advantage of blockchain characteristics such as decentralization to develop unique video streaming business models that are extremely scalable and low-cost. To put things into context, LivePeer is now developing a ‘platform as a service for project developers that need on again and live video capabilities. So, what are you waiting for? 

Wrapping Up

To wrap up this guide, this is the list of 10 Odysee Competitors, including all the services content creators and readers have enjoyed so far on Odysee. 

Lastly, relying on what this guide has talked about so far, it seems the present and future of video streaming services look promising, no matter where the viewers are watching their favorite content, whether Odysee or any of these platforms. 

Integration of blockchain, decentralization and user incentive protocols will power better, quicker, censorship-resistant, and more profitable video streaming services. The services established platforms that users and content creators will enjoy without the monopoly of the centralized industries. 

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