25+ Best New App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

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Building an app can be challenging. But if the idea behind the app succeeds in grabbing the attention of the audience, then it can yield great revenue. 

So, if you want to build an app, the only thing you need to get started is an idea. The idea that can take your app halfway through to success. To help you out, this guide will look at 25 unique ideas that have not been created yet. So, keep reading to find the best idea that you want to choose for your business success. 

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Simple App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made

It’s difficult to predict which app ideas will be successful, as it depends on the needs and preferences of the market at a given time. That being said, some areas that may have the potential for new app ideas include:

  • Health and wellness: With the increasing focus on physical and mental health, apps that help users track and improve their health could be successful. This could include apps for tracking workouts, monitoring sleep, or managing stress.
  • Personal finance: Many apps help users manage their money, but there may still be room for new ideas in this space. For example, an app that helps users create and stick to a budget, or one that offers personalized investment advice, could be successful.
  • Productivity and organization: In an increasingly busy world, apps that help users stay organized and productive could be in demand. Ideas could include a task management app with advanced features, or an app that helps users schedule their time more effectively.
  • Social connections: With more and more people spending time online, there may be an opportunity for apps that help users connect with others and build relationships. This could include apps for networking, finding like-minded individuals, or connecting with old friends.

Again, these are just a few ideas, and there are many other areas where new app ideas could potentially be successful.

These app ideas that haven’t been made in 2022 – 2023

1. Smart Cooking Helper App 

Cooking assistants are unquestionably among the apps that must be developed. Many people want the best assistance in cooking, but sometimes their busy schedule doesn’t let them take cooking classes. So, a smart cooking app can be a great helper for them. The cooking app can provide recipes based on the ingredients that the user has on hand. With such an app, users will no longer have to wonder what to make for dinner after a long day at work.

2. Parking Helper App 

Every time before visiting a pizza shop or a shopping mall, what is the one thing that can get anyone angry in minutes? The parking. Doubtless spending the extra five minutes to find the right parking spot is annoying before watching your favourite movie. So, why don’t you help people and yourself build a parking app? The app can easily analyze the entire parking area to find the perfect parking space in minutes.

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3. Tax Tracker App 

As vitamins are the source of energy, taxes are a source of frustration for many people. That is why to chip away all the difficulties that come ahead before filing a tax return, an app can prove to be useful. Your new app ideas can circulate, making the lives of entrepreneurs easier. Such an app can help users pay taxes based on their location and even create invoices. And you can also embed the app with the features to find the CPAs list nearby and let the user check CPAs records to help the user out. 

4. Brainstorming Helper App 

Due to the busy lifestyle and to keep pace with this busy world, everyone is just missing out on being active and focusing on their physical and mental health. A brainstorming app not only can provide its users with creative tasks and also help them to distract their minds from their regular schedule. Your app can offer people some fun time out of their regular life making them feel energetic. So, when you wonder what apps aren’t created yet? This one comes on the top. 

5. Technology Identifies Apps

Have you ever wondered what technology is working behind this or that device? If it has forced you to scratch your head, this is the right time to take the itch out. Web applications or mobile applications that let the users know the technology on the device by giving the application a simple input like the model number. 

6. Chat-Bots

Not so many people are familiar with Chatbots. However, chatbots have enormous potential. The market value of chatbots will reach $102 billion by 2025, according to some reports. Chatbots can be used in many industries, such as eCommerce, healthcare, travel, finance, and insurance.

7. Order Together Apps 

Most of the food delivery apps deliver the order differently if ordered from separate restaurants. The delivery process not only becomes time-consuming and also costly for the users. it is one of the app ideas that haven’t been made. You can create a platform through the app, where only one delivery agent will pick up the orders from the restaurants and deliver them to users in one delivery attempt. 

8. Individual AR And VR Apps

Until now, only the big stores have used AR and VR technology to provide their users with AR and VR apps to replicate the product into the real environment. Developing an app to help the users try to replicate their household things in different places can become a great idea. 

9. IoT Mobile Applications

Global IoT spending has reached $1.4 trillion by 2021, as more industries begin to use it. However, there is no specific mobile application to control all the users of IoT devices on one single platform. You can consider this to develop the right app for the users. 

10. Wearable App 

The number of wearable devices in use has exceeded over a billion users. If you’re developing an iOS app, you can integrate it with Apple Watch. However, if you want to consider Android app ideas, the number of devices available is even greater because of many companies.

11. NFT Real Estate Apps

Blockchain technology has just begun. So, there are a lot more ideas that you can explore while it is gaining its full potential. You can focus on NFT real estate apps, healthcare apps, fintech apps, and much more. 

12. HealthCare Apps 

Developing apps to target individual users is always a good idea. You can create an app that allows healthcare experts to provide primary care to elderly people easily and more efficiently. 

13. Car Wash Request App

The app can be a milestone in your development career. This simple yet creative idea can help you reach various users. The features like scheduling car wash, comparing the prices from the different car wash companies, requesting a car wash, and batting a price for the car wash. These can be some unique ideas you want to bring into reality. As it relates to everyone. Everyone with a car will like a mobile app to get done with car washing jobs at their fingertips. 

14. Criminal Activity Warning App

The Criminal Alert app keeps users informed of wanted criminals in their neighbourhood if anyone gets arrested, or if any unusual criminal activity happens. You can also provide the app with an alert button to notify the sharif office and a GPS feature to show the police your location.

15. Mart Checkout App

A fast mart checkout app that automatically scans products on your mobile app while shopping in a supermarket and makes payments through integrated e-payment options, can make shopping easy for many people. Many people hate lining up for paying bills, with your app makes it easy for people to pay the bills and checkout easily. And as there are so many supermarkets and it is one of the app ideas that haven t been made yet, so stands a good chance to succeed. 

16. Interior Designer Helper App 

People love to design their homes, but not all have done interior design courses. An app can help the user pick the color for their home, and what kind of decorations they can do in their living room, kitchen room, and master bedroom to give each area its unique touch while creating a common element in the entire house’s design. An app can also help the users to find the best interior designs in their area, their fees, their contact number, and much more. 

17. Language Translation App 

There are a lot of apps available, but not every app can translate every language, so you can target the ingenious language. And try to translate the indigenous languages found in your area. 

The app can help people connect more in work, education, and daily life. 

18. Customize Restaurant Order App

app ideas that haven t been made

Going to dinner and ordering something that everyone likes is not an easy task. You must pick the best family restaurant, the menu, and the food. So, why make everything easy with the help of an app? 

A customized restaurant app allows users to check real-time menus and table availability in a specific restaurant, make reservations and pay bills from within the app. The app can make dining easier and more fun for all of the app users. 

19. Food Donation App 

Restaurants don’t use the food they have cooked in a day. Rather than throwing it out, they can donate it to a charity so that food does not go to waste and someone doesn’t have to go to sleep empty stomach. 

So, think about a food donation system in which restaurants can find suitable charities in their local areas to make donations of their excess food daily.

Not only will this save quite a lot of food that would otherwise go to waste, but it will also benefit a lot of poor people.

20. Social Ranking App

If you have ever had a thought cooking up in your mind of rating one annoying friend or the most caring one, give that idea a life of reality with the help of a social ranking app. 

A social ranking mobile application allows you to anonymously rate your friends for various qualities such as smile, anger, elegance, nature, and much more. Your mates will be able to see the rating but will have no idea it came from you.

21. Civil Construction Contractor Hiring App 

An online contractor hiring app allows users to compare different service suppliers and select the best one for their budget and needs.

Users will be able to post their prerequisites, budget, as well as availability times online using the app. Contractors can view the ads, respond with their curiosity, and find a deal. It will help the contractors find more jobs easily while giving the hiring person an upper hand over time. 

22. Video Album Apps 

Everyone loves the albums. The albums remind people of their beautiful memories. Many digital picture albums are available, but not video album apps. If you think this idea is great it is worth a shot. 

You can create this app to target audiences like content creators, wedding studios, function photographers, and other professionals. An app with good features and less subscription price may yield great revenue within a year. 

23. Lost Or Misplaced Item Tracker App 

Finding a missing item is always a headache. A missing item locator app will assist users in locating their glasses, keys, wallet, tights, and other items that they place somewhere and then overlook where they put them.

One method is to take a photo with your phone each time you put such an item so that you can refer to it later if you forget.

24. Brand Locator 

Copying items is a big problem in the industry. Sometimes when users are paying for the original brand, they are opting for a copy and pay more money than they should have for an original product.

This application can help users identify replicas of well-known brands in clothing, jewellery, watches, and other luxury items. Users would be able to check the authenticity of products and learn further about companies, their regulations, standards, and other information that influences purchasing decisions by scanning a tag.

25. Food Safety Apps 

To maintain health, the first thing that everyone has to maintain is food safety. However, sometimes it is not easy to figure out whether the food in your fridge is healthy. So, what is the best way to know it? Inspection. An app that can check whether the food is healthy can help users easily maintain their and their family’s health. You can also embed the app with an individual health monitor. Is an app for health monitoring and inspection that keeps track of your health records, clinic trips, and illness history. It will also keep track of and notify you of your normal health checkup appointments and provide you with the doctor’s phone number.

You can make an app with features like freshness detection so that one input is given to the app and then the app outputs how fresh and good the food is to eat. 

These were some of the new app ideas that haven’t been made. You can try to base your next development project on one of these ideas. And that’s all in this guide.

Thanks for reading.

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