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50+ Most Popular NFT Metaverse Coins & Best Price to Buy | Metaverse Coin Price

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Top 10 Metaverse Coins to Buy Today

  1. Decentraland
  2. ENJIN
  4. SAND
  6. ALICE
  7. AURY
  8. GHOST
  9. UFO
  10. YGG.

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Top Three Metaverse Coin To Watch and Buy at Best Price

  1. Axie Infinity (AXS)
  2. Enjin Coin (ENJ)
  3. Sandbox (SAND)

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Welcome to Make An App Like where we dominate the NFT Metaverse markets. So the world is changing at an ever-growing pace. And that is largely due to the fact of content illogical advancements being put forth in society. And recently Mark Zuckerberg did come out and announce that Facebook is rebranding from Facebook to meta, and they will be building out their own Metaverse, and this set the prices of Metaverse cryptocurrency assets such as Mana decentral and sand through the roof among others.

Because I do believe that Metaverse tokens and Metaverse coin price will be the trend going forward to 2022. So in this article, I’ll be sharing with you my top five Metaverse tokens to have your eyes on its prices.

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So if that does interest you be sure to stick with me until the very end. And if you are new to the Make An App Like, bookmark us keep visiting daily don’t miss any future updates on top metaverse coins updates.

So the metaverse coin price is the talk of the town. And currently, Metaverse tokens or coins are a hot commodity as more and more investors have their eyes on them because they do believe they will appreciate greatly in value going forward.

So at the moment, you can see that the market is mostly red or almost down in Nov2021. We have bitcoin trading at about $60,000. We have eath trading at around $4,200. But what I want to take your attention to at this moment in time is the metaverse sector of cryptocurrencies. As you can see, despite the market being overall down, a lot of these Metaverse coins are actually pumping today.

Top Popular NFT Metaverse Coins and Its Price

So without further ado, let’s get right into my NFT Metaverse coin picks

  1. Netwrk (NTVRK)

Sarting with number one, and number one is going to be NETVRK. So the NETVRK is building out their own Metaverse using the Unreal Engine, and it will be completely 3d and it will offer virtual reality and augmented reality gameplay. So we can see that the all-time high of NETVRK is $6.09 with the all-time low at 5.2 cents, just four months ago in July. So it can be the best NTVRK nft metaverse coin price. So that would put it at right around number 180 in the market cap if it was listed on coin Gecko, so it is a bigger project, we’ll be focusing mostly on smaller market cap projects. Of course, there are the giants like Mana decentral and sandbox, but in this article, we’ll be focusing on smaller market cap cryptocurrencies, which are a bit riskier.

We’re only about 45 less than 45 days away until 2022. And I can say with a large degree of certainty that the metaverse will be the hot trend in 2022. It’s taking up a lot of attention, a lot of market share. Right, a lot of the money is going into these projects at the moment all the attention is on them.

Now, if we look at the price of NETVRK , let me expand this. So the price of NETVRK nft metaverse coin has exploded since the summertime, right, it’s up 1000s of percent.
When are 50 300% Currently it’s trading 3,000% above the summertime low. Now you can see it is consolidating at the moment. Right now too much is happening with the current price. And that doesn’t really surprise me because I can go ahead and draw some horizontal lines in the chart. And you can see the previous all-time highs are now acting as resistance, right?

This is just a very simple analysis of the daily timeframe to give you areas to look at on the chart where you may want to consider placing a bit. But anyway, I expect this project to do very well. In regards to the price prediction. Like it really depends on the delivery of the game. When people actually start playing how the economy is developed in the game. There are too many factors to consider that you really can’t discuss a price prediction because the game’s not even out yet. It’s well too early for that. But anyway, it’s trading at about $4.79 right now look into NETVRK . It’s a massive Metaverse project.

2. RedFox Labs (FROX)

red fox lab metaverse coin price

So now moving on to my Metaverse token. Number two, that is RedFox labs are Fox ticker symbol. So you can see red fox is having a good day today of 27%. We can see red fox is building the metaverse for everyone. All right, so red fox. His vision is to be the global leader in immersive Metaverse experiences focused on retail media gaming and rewards. They are building out their own Metaverse, and their goal is actually to connect creators’ big brands with audience members and users of the metaverse.

Okay, so red fox is a big project, we can see their market cap at the moment is $250 million sitting at rank 299. So it is a smaller cap, but I do believe it does have a lot of potential going forward. Its all-time high is 37 cents down about 54%. So you’re not gonna enter at the top right now, which of course is very good, right? You never want to be buying anything necessarily when it pumps you don’t want to be buying any tops, we can take a look at where red fox is being traded at the moment.

3. Merit Circle (MC)

Merit Circle metaverse coin price

Now let’s move on to my third metaverse coin with its best price, and this one isn’t actually a metaverse. It’s not building a Metaverse, but it has a lot to do with the metaverse space and that one is a merit circle. So merit circles ticker symbol is MC currently trading at $7.11 with a $303 million market cap now merit circle did just launch only a few weeks ago, we can see they currently have a circulating supply of 42 point 5 million tokens with a total supply of 1 billion, we can scroll down and see the all-time high is $9.99. Down about 30% At the moment to its all-time high.

Let’s talk about what a merit circle actually is. So you have a better idea. So we can scroll down over here we can see merit circle is a game guild decentralized autonomous organization focusing on maximizing yield across Play to earn games and the metaverse.

They have some very big investors as well and basically think of this as a huge treasure huge fund that invests in all of these different Plater earn games and they want to earn yield and they basically reward their investors for investing in the project. Okay, so merit circle, have your eyes on this one. I do currently hold this in my portfolio. Alright, so this is my third Metaverse token.

4. Binemon Bin

metaverse token price binemon-icon

Now let’s move on to my fourth. It is much riskier, but riskier was more reward, not financial advice. So my fourth pick is Binemon Bin, we can see bin Amman is trading for 2.4 cents, and it doesn’t show its market cap right here in coin Gecko. But again, we can use Dex tools and see that the current market cap is $23 million. Okay, so that’s quite small. And if we look at this game, we can go to their Twitter very quickly. And we can see that they do tweet out some stats about the project they do have at this moment in time, over 100,000 installs for their game on the Google Play Store.

You can see when the token first launched pumped up based for two candles that it had an explosive move out. We mark this as a rally base rally demand zone. Okay, so I marked that top wick to make it very simple. Next price retraced bounce right off of that top wick. Then again it use it as support broke down through it came back up, use that same area as resistance before another move down, back up, got slammed back down again at the seen demand zone. Right. Then again, back down slammed down. And then we had a nice, higher low here and then we broke through this blue line at 20 cents. I have my eyes on this one. I am bullish on it. And it’s a micro cap. So do your own research, not financial advice. It’s only $23 million market cap so we can move very quickly look into this one.

5. UFO gaming (UFA)

Now moving on to my fifth Metaverse token, it’s going to be UFO UFO gaming. So UFO gaming is currently trading for fractions of a penny. You can see that as because of the circulating supply. All coins are currently in circulation out of the total supply, which is very bullish. And the founder did actually burn 50% of his tokens at the launch. Okay, so that what does that tell me as an investor it tells me that the founder wants to see the project succeed. He’s not being greedy. He’s not hoarding all of his tokens. So that is a good sign. We can see that the all time high we were down 33% from the all time high.

That did happen at the end of October with that announcement of Mark Zuckerberg announcing Facebook rebranding to meta and then building out their own metaverse. So UFO is currently being traded on MEMC uniswap would be your best bet to go ahead and gate if you do use gate. But those are your best bets to get your hands it’s not widely accessible yet on major exchanges. And if you do use uniswap Keep in mind you’re going to have to face those heavy gas fees at the moment.

#Metaverse Coin Coin PriceLowest Price (Nov18)1H1D24H7D
1Axie InfinityAXS$126.97 -1.80%-5.90%-10.80%$544,323,918 $8,420,962,265
2DecentralandMANA$3.61 0.70%13.50%45.60%$4,035,087,127 $4,840,067,713
3The SandboxSAND$4.08 1.30%25.70%77.90%$4,096,923,249 $3,652,004,341
4Enjin CoinENJ$3.01 -2.20%5.50%6.20%$664,653,270 $2,831,823,884
5Render TokenRNDR$5.68 -1.10%17.10%164.50%$94,624,573 $883,162,628
6StarLinkSTARL$0.00 -4.90%-9.60%94.60%$61,879,374 $688,498,581
7Yield Guild GamesYGG$7.63 -3.10%6.10%28.20%$426,712,239 $679,160,580
8IlluviumILV########-1.10%-1.80%-12.60%$31,579,057 $643,318,365
9UFO GamingUFO$0.00 -6.00%-0.20%8.70%$10,066,503 $579,487,906
10Vulcan ForgedPYR$22.84 -3.20%-0.70%27.80%$21,438,426 $433,893,628

Top 12 Metaverse Tokens at it best price:

  1. MANA
  2. SAND
  3. AXIS
  4. ENJ
  5. HERO
  6. VRA
  7. RFOX
  8. NTVRK
  9. EFI
  10. UFO
  11. BLOK
  12. ATLAS

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Above are my top Metaverse coins with the price. Let me know what you think. Leave a comment down below I want to hear from you because I did enough talking in this article. And if you did enjoy this article on popular NFT metaverse tokens or coins and the best metaverse coin price, make sure you let me know by leaving a comment.

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