How Do I Promote My NFT on Instagram?

How to promote my NFT on Instagram? Can you sell your NFT on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Snapchat.

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Artists around the world have made crazy money through the NFT market. After the massive popularity of the NFTs, social media platforms are stepping into the NFT game to provide the NFTs artists with an easy to post and promote the platform. Among all the social media apps,, the one specifically stands out is Instagram. 

How to promote NFT art on Instagram? Full tutorial to Sell NFTs with Instagram!

Promoting your NFT art is among the most important strategies to gain success in the marketplace. If you are an artist. But there’s no fixed path that you can follow to obtain this success. Instagram has already announced that it plans to integrate its platform with NFTs, so that is a great sign for creators.

Instagram Algorithm to Boost your post in NFT Audiance

You should start posting sample art you do not plan to sell. This will create an interest in your brand and people will start following you. You should also comment and engage with popular NFT accounts.

This will place you on the NFT algorithm. I suggest you start with this at least a month before your drop goes live. Keep doing this till a week before your drop and then make the announcement. Your announcement post should be creative if you want all your followers to see it, so keep that in mind. 

  • Instagram also pushes impressive NFT visuals on its algorithm, which is another reason to create high-quality art. Remember that visuals are the key to any piece of NFT artwork, so you must do your best to impress.
  • The next step is to use the right hashtags. This should be a basic tip if you are familiar with Instagram, but when it comes to NFTs. You need to be more careful about the usage of these hashtags. You should not use more than ten or twelve hashtags, so your choice of words needs to be perfect.
  • You can use general hashtags like NFT and Art, but use specific hashtags too. For example, if you post about your spiderman artwork, use hashtags like Peter Parker and Marvel Studios. These hashtags will push your post to Instagram users and follow these topics.
  • You will reach your target market more efficiently. Some other recommended hashtags you can use are NFT Community, NFT Collector Digital Art, NFT Future Online Art and Crypto hustle. You should also switch up your hashtags with every post.

In May 2022, Meta announced the launch of digital collectibles on Instagram in the United States. Another 100 countries from the Americas, Asia, & Africa have joined the rhythm as of August.

However, European users may need some more time before fully integrating their wallets, and utilizing this capability; they can still discover NFTs on Instagram. Now, if you belong to any American, Asia, and African country and are looking for a way to promote your NFT on Instagram, this guide is for you. Here you will know everything about posting and promoting an NFT. 

How to Make Money on Instagram : 10 Tips for 2022

How to post NFT on Instagram- Explained.

Instagram helps NFT artists to symbolize their identity. It’s hardly surprising, however, that many NFT artists and collectors value the chance to share their digital art with their followers.

Because of its copy-proof blockchain uniqueness, you can share your NFT on Instagram – not just the image or video representation, but the NFT itself. With that in mind, let’s know precisely how to post NFT on Instagram. 

Before you post your NFTs on Instagram, include the popular hashtag for your NFT to make it more discoverable, and choose an NFT identity. 

11 Ways To Established Presence on Instagram

To post an NFT on Instagram, here are some things to consider. 

  • First, give an impressive name to your NFT collection. 
  • Also, include the link or address of your NFT collection. 
  • Then, conclude with an attractive teaser or picture of your NFT. 
  • Lastly, if you like, include the price of your NFT, and don’t forget to add a brief introduction about your NFT collection. Try to explain the collection in a way that interests the users.  

Rember, you don’t necessarily have to share a picture or the teaser of your NFT. Instagram allows a specific group of digital collectibles to be shared on Instagram. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, took Instagram to break this news to users. 

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">NFTs on Instagram 🎉<br><br>This week we’re beginning to test digital collectibles with a handful of US creators and collectors who will be able to share NFTs on Instagram. There will be no fees associated with posting or sharing a digital collectible on IG.<br><br>See you next week! ✌🏼 <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) <a href="">May 9, 2022</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Mosseri specifically provided the notice on the fees associated with posting or sharing NFTs on Instagram. The supported blockchain on Instagram to showcase the NFTs is Ethereum and Polygon. Adam also disclosed that Instagram would soon support Flow and Soana too. The wallets that are compatible with the platforms are Rainbow, Trustwallet, and the non-custodial wallet Metamask. Along with these three wallets, you will soon be able to use Coinbase, Phantom, and Dapper. 

Instagram has already become a friendly platform for NFTs collectors and artists, with more improvements coming soon. Hopefully, you have found a credible answer to “Can I post my NFT on Instagram.” 

How Instagram Works For Business in 2022

How do I promote my NFT on Instagram?

If you have been asking, “How do I promote my NFT on Instagram?” The answer is: like you do with any other of your Instagram posts. You must have an impressive Instagram page that drives more and more collectors to your page. 

Here are some famous approaches that you can use to promote your NFTs on Instagram. 

Build Your Account 

Including keywords in your username and bio increases your chances of appearing in search results and suggested posts. However, don’t add more than you need to avoid appearing like a bot.

Captions that explain what NFTs are for new users and descriptions of what your project is about or why it’s essential are all strategies to maximize your captions.

Daily Posting

To stay on the top of the Instagram searches and for your NFTs to appear in the searches, you must post daily. However, it doesn’t mean you have to post NFTs daily. Instead, you can post related posts regarding your NFTs. Posting daily content improves your accounts and your image as an NFT artist. 

Use Stories And Reels

Instagram provides you with specific engagement programs like Reels and stories, which you can use to create any type of content relevant to your accounts, portfolio, or your NFT collection. Featuring stories and creating regular content can help you enhance the ranking of your page. Reels and stories are two of the key attributes to performing NFTs or any other content on Instagram. 

Reach Out To Influencers

Instagram has a specific influencer market that brands use to promote their product. Similarly, you can use it for your NFTs. You can find thousands of Insta pages with millions of your users. Collaborating with an influencer will help you to reach out to a wide spectrum of audiences and your possible NFT collectors. 

Engage Your Audience

Staying active in organizing events here and there will help you to engage your audience. By that time, online users lost interest in a specific platform if there is nothing for them. So, make sure this won’t happen with you too. Collaborating and organizing giveaways are just the traditional ways to engage your audience; however, don’t forget to be creative, as discovering ways to stay in touch with your audience will set you one step ahead of other NFT collectors. 

Stick To The Code

When your account is all about your NFTs, you don’t want to create content for movies or music videos. Creating relevant content for your users is one of the most fundamental tasks in promoting NFTs. Relevant content will be shown to people with similar interests, so, if you started creating content on movies, you will more likely host the users looking to know more about the movies, not the NFTs. Similar content will increase your visibility on the platforms and if you do it correctly, it will enhance your sales too. 

Embed Correct Hashtags

Instagram algorithms are contagious to hashtags. Using the proper hashtags fuel your appearance in the searches. Also, finding the relevant hashtags on Instagram is quite easy, go to the search bar and know what other people are looking for, and you’re good to go. Include more than one interconnected hashtag to open the large spectrum for post clicks. 

Deploying these techniques brings more visitors to your accounts and, subsequently, to your NFTs. After the promotion, the next step is to sell the NFTs, of course, that is what you are promoting your NFTs for. But, what is the best way to sell NFTs on Instagram? Let’s find out. 

I know that popular celebrities do this all the time, but they already have a huge fan base, so it does not make any difference to them. Try to keep some mystery in your posts and tease your followers so that they look forward to your drop. 

How to sell NFTs on Instagram?

Selling NFTs depends on various factors. In fact, driving your sales to the highest point also takes different factors to come together and form a co-joint result. Out of all of the elements, “Drops” are the ones to create the most purchasing enthusiasm. 

To deliver an effective drop, start posting images of your NFT collection and share some teaser information about the release of your collection. Building engagement in your audience is the perfect way to sell your NFTs. Teasers, posters, progress pictures, and section pieces of your NFTs are something that you can use to sell your NFTs effectively. Also, useful sentiment and dynamic content are equally important in NFT sales. 

As your accounts gain viability on the platform, you stand more chances to sell your NFTs. Keeping all the do’s in mind, here is something that you should not do when you are about to release your collection. 

  • Never stop building your account. 
  • Never opt for the low permission. 
  • Don’t reply negatively in the comments. 

All of these don’ts impact your account’s popularity. And that’s all about “How to sell NFTs on Instagram.” 

Benefits of Promoting and Selling NFTs on Instagram

The first step of promoting the NFT is to target your audience and know their preferences. There is no better social media platform than Instagram to do that. It hosts millions of users regularly. So, you can sort out your audience using different methods like hashtags or collaborating with influences or tagging people, very easily. Promoting your NFTs on Instagram is cheap compared to doing it on any other platform. 

Another benefit of using this platform is that you can either directly post the link to your NFT or NFT collection in your bio or if you have more than 10,000 followers, you can share the link directly in your posts. 

Meta has framed the platform as a visual medium so that people can use it to see images and videos, which is easier to grasp the information than to read. So, it is always good to showcase your NFTs easily on Instagram.

Wrapping UP!

These strategies will help you out on your promotional journey, but remember to keep mixing it up to get the best results. The NFT space is becoming very crowded, so you need to think on your feet to stay stand out from the others. 

The creator economy is critical to Instagram. So, it is dedicated to providing a suitable social media platform for digital collectibles. It continuously eliminates the challenges on the platform so that creators can generate more money. Many of the changes on Instagram came unexpectedly and changed frequently. As in the word of Mosseri, the new launches on the platform will provide an exciting chance for a select group of creators to post, promote, and sell their digital collectible collection more efficiently. 

In the future, you may also connect Instagram with Facebook as Meta is exploring the important aspect of the economic potential of the metaverse. Meta is investigating a wide spectrum of metaverse technology because the company believes these technologies will lower costs, broaden access, and accelerate innovation for creators and people worldwide.

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